Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Would, Would Have, Would Have Had ? [Advanced English Grammar Lesson]

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Rafael would like to know what is the difference between would would have would have had and have had woo Rafael you

Have a great question, and I've got my work cut out for me

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Let's talk about the difference between would would have would have had and have had this is all

Really quite simple. Let me explain to you

I'm gonna share how you use each of these and in what situation try not to worry too much about the grammar rules

I want you to focus more on how you would actually use these verbs in real-life situations now

I want to invite you as you watch this video to try your own examples in the comments

It really helps if you put into practice what we're learning today

Would it would is used to talk about any time?

It could be in the future or could be in the past. So don't think of wood as a particular time

We use it to express our preferences


Opinion to make a polite request or the past tense of will so for example a polite request

I would like a coffee a polite preference

I would prefer black coffee another polite preference. I would like to go to the beach today a

Desire, I would like to speak English fluently and an opinion you would think that people would be

more considerate

I'd say

now let's talk about contractions because I plus would equals I'd so we don't often say I

would like or I

Would think it sounds quite drawn-out and stilted and unnatural

so if you'd like to speak more like a native more naturally, please say I'd

like or I'd

Prefer or I'd recommend or I would think it sounds great

now let's talk about

Would have would have is a type 3 conditional that talks about something in the past that did not happen

It is unreal, but if another condition had happened

But it didn't then this other thing would have happened

So this is when you're creating situations in your mind about the past

Sometimes we use it to express regret or maybe we're just thinking about a situation

That in our dreams in an unreal situation

could have been true but it wasn't use would have plus the past participle or would have plus the

continuous ing form

Let me share some examples a hundred years ago when everyone was a little bit shorter high would have been

Pretty tall clearly. This is an unreal situation because it's not 100 years ago, and I'm not that tall

I would have liked to have gone to the beach yesterday, but I didn't it's not true

I didn't go to the beach yesterday. So I would have liked to but instead I was working I


Not have eaten the crab if I had known it would have made me sick

Okay now continuous I would have been

Doing better in school if I had been sleeping better and I would have been sleeping better if I hadn't been

Worrying so much about school, but the truth is I have not been sleeping well

And I have not been doing well in school. You might have noticed that we can also

Contract wood and have into wouldve

So we keep the subject the same I would have

You would have she would have they would have we would have

But it sounds really nice and natural

if you say would of instead of would have this might seem like the most complicated but it's really quite simple would have

Is simply another way to make a type three conditional I would have had more money if I had invested it


We would have had a chance to go to the beach yesterday if I didn't have to work so much or we would have had

More time at the beach last time we went if it hadn't started raining the contraction for this is again

Would've had I would have had

We don't usually say I would have had simply would have had have had no, this is one of my favorite structures

I know I get excited about weird things, but I love this structure because we use it so much to talk about

Experience or to talk about past actions that are relevant to the present topic

So if you're talking about experience

You might say I have had a lot of experience. This tense is simply formed by have or has depending on the person

So I have you have he has

We have they have

Plus the past participle in this case it is had so I've had a lot of experience

I've had a wonderful time. We've learned so much in this video

Hey, I've been here before I've loved

Doing this video for you now pay attention again to the contraction

We don't usually say I have loved or I have had I would say I've I've had a great time

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So I know if I should continue it or not. I'll be looking for your comments. Thanks so much and have an amazing day

Bye for now

The Description of Would, Would Have, Would Have Had ? [Advanced English Grammar Lesson]