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Hi, my name is Rebecca from Sometimes the most basic questions can cause

us confusion. Why? Because when you have a question like: "Where do you live?" you need

to know which preposition to use to answer the question correctly. So let's look at the

board so that you can learn to answer this question correctly and confidently.

So, suppose you need to give your address, the actual number where you live, the number

of the house, then you say: "I live at 35 Hill St." Okay? -"Where do you live?" -"I

live at 35 Hill St." So when you're giving the number with the street name, remember

to say: "at".

If you're just asked: "Which street do you live on?" Then you can say: "I live on Hill

St." So when you're only giving the name of the street, use the preposition: "on". Now,

just for you to know and remember: there are many words which basically represent the word:

"street". You could have something like: "Street, Road, Avenue, Drive, Boulevard". Okay? "I

live on Hill St.", "I live on San Fernando Rd.", "I live on Fairfax Ave.", "I live on

Riverside Dr.", "I live on Hollywood Blvd." Okay? I don't, but hypothetically. All right?

Next, if you're asked: "Where do you live?" as in the city or the country, then you have

to use a different proposition. Then you have to use the preposition: "in". So: "Where do

you live?" -"I live in Los Angeles.", "I live in California.", "I live in the U.S." Okay?

So if you're mentioning the city, the state or the country then you want to make sure

you use: "in".

So: "I live at 35 Hill St. I live on Hill St. I live in Los Angeles." Okay? "At", "on",

"in". Here are a few other points that sometimes

you need to mention some more detailed information. There also, you need to know which preposition

to use. So: "I live at the intersection of Pine and Maple Streets." So you have two streets,

and you live close by so you can say: "I live at the intersection of Pine and Maple Streets."

Okay? Or if somebody asks you: "Which floor do you

live on?" You can say: "I live on the 15th floor.", "I live on the 6th floor." All right?

And last, you might also sometimes need to give this information and you can say: "I

live in an apartment." If you're in England, you might say: "I live in a flat." You could

also say: "I live in a house." All right? So these are the three basic prepositions:

"at", "on", and "in" that you need to answer the fundamental question: "Where do you live?"

Now, to review that, next I'll be giving you a little exercise so you can practice what

you've learned. All right, so we have two people here, Lucas

and Sarah and we're going to ask them: "Where do you live?" And you help me to figure...

fill in the blanks and to know how to answer the question.

"So Lucas, where do you live?" So he says: "I live in Miami." Okay?

Next one is: "the 6th floor" so what does he say? "I live on the 6th floor."

"Where do you live?" "92 Bird St." So what does he say? "I live at 92 Bird St."

-"Where do you live?" -"I live in Florida." "Kendall Dr.": -"Where do you live?" -"I live

on Kendall Dr." "Where do you live?" "An apt": "I live in

an apt." Okay? Now we know all about Lucas. Let's go to Sarah. "Sarah, where do you live?"

"65 Oxford St." So she says: "I live at 65 Oxford St."

"Where do you live?" "London": "I live in London."

"Regent St.": "I live on Regent St." "A rented flat": "I live in a rented flat."

"The 10th floor": "I live on the 10th floor." And: "Where do you live?" She wants to answer:

"England" so she says: "I live in England." All right?

The only way to learn these is to practice them a lot. Put down information like this

and try to see if you can put in the right answers. All right? If you want some more

practice, you can also go to our website: and there you'll have a chance

to do a quiz on this topic. So good luck with your English. Thanks for watching.

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