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what's up Audi universe welcome back after  our summer break. i hope you all have enjoyed

your holidays have recharged your batteries, we  are going to bring you a couple of highlights.

plenty of electric performance in form of a brand  new Audi e-tron S and we have talked to audi

sport formula e driver lucas di grassi how audi  technologies find their way into our daily lives.

let's get started with what's up audi. but we're  kicking off our show with the updated audi q2.

before checking out the highlights  let's have a look at it together.

now that looks appealing. appealing. i would  have never thought that i would say something

like that about the q2 because to be fair when  it originally came out i was not sure if it

could find its place within the audi product  range because it had the connectivity it had

great interior, but design wise it was just like  not there for me. but apparently i was wrong,

because the q2 turned out to be quite a  success. and i'm sure with this update it's

going to take things to another level. let's  start with the obvious: the exterior design.

first of all we have the most prominent  element which is the single frame grille.

it got a bit shorter which gives it a  wider appearance and then the bumper

sharp and striking something  i would not expect on the q2.

and of course audi's signature feature  the light design the led headlights are

now standard but you can also go for matrix  leds and of course it has lots of inner values

just have a look at these infotainment screens  connectivity and audi connect services then

you have the driver assist systems that you  usually would expect on larger audi models

those provide additional safety and comfort it  has so many cool features and we can talk about

them for hours if you want to know all of them  check out the link in the video description i

really like this car but you know me if i had one  wish i would ask for a little bit more performance

and talking of performance this beauty  has plenty of it the new audi etreal ass

i already had the honor of driving  the regular etron in the desert of

namibia the performance was already amazing

now audi is giving the e-tron  even more of it and i already

had the opportunity to experience the  audi e-tron s and all i can say is wow

as you could have seen i also managed to  go a little bit sideways with it and let me

explain you why 370 kilowatts which is around 500  horsepower three electric motors one in the front

two in the rear you would probably ask why the  keyword here is torque vectoring this means that

you can transfer the power to each wheel in the  back independently whether to the left one or to

the right one and ultimately this means that you  have optimal control at any given time and optimal

traction not only the performance has grown  also its appearance the etron s is whole five

centimeters wider than the regular each one and in  car world it is a lot it gives its extra muscular

look but more importantly it allows you to mount  wider tires more traction more fun more awesome

and all of that awesomeness will be available from  autumn 2020 in two shapes the suv and sportback

i love performance it gets me very excited  and it doesn't matter where it's coming from

an internal combustion engine or electric motor  and as you know audi is putting lots of effort

in developing its e-tron technology but let's not  forget that it all happens for a reason to reduce

the co2 emissions and create a sustainable future  performance and sustainability i know someone

who knows about these two topics more than i do  it's audi sport formula e driver lucas degrassi

i'm lucas degrassi for my e-racing driver

electric mobility entrepreneur and  uh climate ambassador hong kong

oh new delhi is the most polluted  capital city in the world

the air quality is so bad that living here  is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes a day

i want to understand why things are so bad  what is being done to improve the situation

and what lessons can be learned from those  fighting air pollution on the front line

well everyone can contribute  everyone can do their own

research that everybody can pay attention on what  they do how much plastic they consume try to eat

a bit less meat also it's very impactful  for the environment just by the fact of

paying attention and trying to understand  how they can reduce their carbon footprint

will already have a positive impact in the in the  planet and of course if you can you drive electric

share your commute use micro mobility and i  strongly believe that if you don't want people to

be breathing polluted there in cities you have to  change to electric i've been saying that for now

almost 10 years the future is electric that's why  formulae was created and that's why the technical

regulations has evolved electric motors have more  power than combustion motors batteries they are

heavier than com than fuel uh so the combination  um is much more efficient much more clean a lot of

the technology that we developed for the race car  in three to five years time they go back to the

commercial car as improvement of the product we  don't have four-wheel drive every single electric

vehicle will be four-wheel drive so the future of  this car will also follow drive so we have a motor

in the front to harness the energy on the front  if we do that we don't need brakes anymore so we

don't need to produce brakes and actually we don't  have the brake dust what a lot of people don't

understand is that with electric cars you take  all that energy from the car moving and if you

are not in an emergency braking all the  brakes take that energy back to the battery

so that you don't produce the fine particles that  brakes normally produce as always our youtube chat

is the place to find the hottest new videos made  by content creators from all around the world here

are some of our favorites that's it from my site  i hope you enjoyed the show see you next time bye


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