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>> TODD PIERCE: Genentech is a regulated company. We're in the biotech... we created the biotech

industry and really working on discovering, developing, manufacturing, and delivering

therapeutics to patients. So quality, reliability, that's core to our

business. And so, when we look for partners to work

with, we really want people that are going to be reliable, safe, secure and available,

and really provide the kinds of functions and features that we need to do or business.

It was time for us to do a replacement on our e-mail calendar, kind of our collaboration

suite. And so, we really asked ourselves what's possible,

and we looked across the industry and really looked at all the products.

And so, when Google came out with the Premier product in 2007, that's when we started looking

at it and were really excited about... it really is the only suite of products that

is 100% online. It's fully integrated across all the different

functionality, and it's lower cost. We were looking into having to expand and

make a significant investment in a new data center, which would be tens of millions of

dollars of capital, plus what it takes to operate.

With cloud computing not only from Google, but from other providers where we've... do

other applications, we're no longer looking at building another data center.

So that saves that capital investment, which we can put back into therapeutics and into

really working on research and innovation in medical practice, which is what we really

care about. Obviously, we want reliability; it's very

important that these tools be reliable. And one of the advantages of Google being

online is you have built in disaster recovery. So Google has multiple data centers, and no

single failure is going take you out from that standpoint.

So we saw that as a huge advantage for business. It saves us millions of dollars over five

years over any of the alternatives that we looked at, and provides-- again, as I said-with,

kind of, worldwide disaster recovery, unprecedented integration and ease of use and, kind of,

device independence. The product doesn't require a lot of training.

We offer training for the G Apps implementation, and very, very few people took training.

They either were already familiar with the product or didn't feel the need that training

was necessary. And when we implemented it, we found out that

was true. There wasn't a lot of training required.

The training that was required was really related to things that are unique to our environment.

We tested it at a very small scale, and we tested at 14,000, 15,000 people.

You can go from one to 15,000 instantly. Just imagine if you try to do that in your

own data center. You know, it would take weeks just to order

the equipment, get it installed, get it, you know.

Here we can very, very rapidly, you know, access.

I mean, this is one of the advantages of cloud computing, is you don't need all of that capacity

365 days a year; you may only need that capacity at peaks.

And, you know, that's possible with Google Apps.

One of the advantages of cloud computing is I can get out of the upgrade business.

I don't need to focus on managing versions of software, deployment of the software.

All of that just get taken care of. Preventing capital investments in large infrastructure,

reducing the cost of ownership, those are all possible with cloud computing.

And, again, it lets us focus on what we need to focus on, which is supporting the scientists,

the doctors, really understanding what's specific to our business, and really letting Google,

that is very innovative and creative, work on what they do best.

You know, reliability of e-mail and calendar is critical to a business.

If those things are down, then the business is down.

So, we very much care about Google's commitment to uptime, and they're committed to that and

are performing well in that regard. There are a lot of advantages at being with

one largest e-mail providers in the world. They really understand how to make that work

great. And as the threats in the external environment

change, they're at the forefront of preventing, responding, anticipating.

So that's one of the great things about partnering with Google, is you have some of the best

minds in the world working on those problems, which really free me up to work on the problems

that are unique to me and that I can really specialize in.

We now have a device independent, online, available anywhere, easy-to-use set of collaboration

tools that allow us to share information in a way that works best for the employee.

They can choose how they want to work, how they want to share.

The technology doesn't dictate that, it enables it.

And it does it at a price that can't be beat because of the scale at which Google operates,

and my ability to just buy what I need.

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