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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Conjuring maze at Warner Bros. Studio Tour Horror Made Here A Festival of Frights

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Hey guys, we're about to go to the conjuring maze

So have you experienced me

Definitely I didn't have any wine so you can't just hearing a lot of reports

We are gonna head into the relic room, which is much safer a

Lot of these relics

Welcome to the relic room of renowned

demonologists Edie and Lorraine Warren

My name is Lavinia and I am an expert in the field of demonology

Please welcome you to the round, but do not touch anything

Everything you see here are either haunted

Past or has been used in some kind of ritualistic practice

Nothing is a toy not even the toy

I'm sure you're all interested in seeing our most malevolent item. So if you can all gather round up here, please

Do you come around that's it right here we have our infamous Annabelle doll

We all go into the next room please no go anywhere wait a mess

a fee to remain in this house while Annabelle

Did that candle just live

Down this route straight to the left stick together stick together

It was so intense demonic

But it's better we got a decent group not too large I like that so we'll keep tight

Just follow me don't touch anything we'll be safe. I do this for a living

Don't touch anything we don't want to upset

Come on in let's feel it drop in temperature

Yeah, it's demonic presence in this room. Oh, and I should tell you do not look at Annabelle Trekkies

She'll infest your lives

You don't want anything close to

I don't

So here's the deal I'm so hot ever her

But good for us cuz usually when she gets what she wants. We're safe to go through but you go first

Thanks, I'll follow you

It's totally changed like I told you like 10 15 minutes ago, none of this stuff is all crazy like this come on in

Hurry up by the stairs guys

Come on in my name is Ryan. Like I said, I will be your guide

For the rest of the festivities. I've been doing this a long time. I look very good for my age

I'm not scared of much. However, I am scared of the second floor of this house. So

Obviously, we're gonna go if you see anything weird

Let me know good high five. Thank you

Don't worry. It's just a shadow. I can't do anything. Okay, good. I don't know why it's still moving. That's

More than a shadow. All right, uh change of plans no second floor


That wood was definitely like being in the movie. Oh my goodness like all of the beats

It was so scary

in them in the night newsletter or the nothing done with them the night into the night was terrified if I made like

Luke would she be - I was like all the way I need to get out of this house

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