Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Avete ALEXA o GOOGLE HOME in CASA? ATTENTI POTREBBERO SPIARVI!

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12345678 microphones guys today I want to talk to you about something that happened to me

a few days ago is that it made me really reflect

I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories and

very conspiracy to be I really find

spans in the air

but telling you that we all come

constantly spied on I think I tell you nothing new or anything that you

know that it is not a fantastic thing to know that you are constantly

spied but now we have learned to

no one will ever tell you directly but I can give you simple examples we all know that we are spied on when

we surf online from smartphones from our pc and maybe we are looking for some product that would interest us

buy and here you contract c stern nuts

tens of thousands of advertisements appear on that particular category of product that we would be interested in

to buy I think it happened to everyone at least once we are spied on even when we go to the supermarket

and we purchase using our credit card and we also give ourselves consent to be

spied on when we register for online services or make a subscription, for example, to a telephone company

how many times it will surely have happened that as soon as you made the switch to a new telephone operator

dozens of calls came to your smartphone

maybe even to your new telephone number from all telephone operators

present in our country and not only all our information

they flow directly and very often

indirectly in a huge database

now, being a simple citizen, I cannot tell you with certainty

what use is made of our data of our information

I guess though they are sold to some you are or

companies for market purposes to perhaps know which ones are in a certain area

geographic area

tastes and preferences on a given

product category and so far I think I told you about the things you know for better or for worse

we all know what left me very much

perplexed upset that it has given me so much to think over the past few days and that has led me to make this video

today was last week

I state that at home or these two devices

alexa now I don't know if they have anything to do with all this but I tell you

well what happened while we were at the table sitting and eating and chatting and my father pulled out suddenly

the tesla topic you know the electric car he is getting a bit informed because he is interested but personally

I never searched for it I never searched it on google or other search engines


tesla fact is that after two hours and I go back to my pc that I only use for

work and what advertising I find myself in I take my youtube channel my last exact video guys an advertisement

concerning the tesla without me having ever searched for at least the past two or three months

arguments regarding this firm now i don't know if this is just a case since

tesla has had enough fashions in the last period or one of these gadgets has picked up

a few words in the air I don't know but the fact is that this thing has left me very, very, very

puzzled therefore I ask you something like this has never happened what do you think which are yours

experiences in this regard

do you think privacy still exists or is it just a word that no longer has any

meaning well I'd like to talk about it discuss it with you below in the comments

go wild and hopefully we won't find some

in black and outside the door of our house

ok guys i'm really curious to know what network writes me below but let us specify that this is not a video to go against

certain voice assistants such as

alex at google home i know that apple also makes one but it is only a video in which i tell you what i am

happened without blaming anyone because it could all have been a coincidence

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