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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Teaching Tips for Cambridge English: Starters 2

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in starters reading and writing part for

candidates coffee missing words into a

factual text no longer a riddle okay

let's imagine that we're looking at the

story which we read with our class last

time can your students remember the

girl's name from the story where are

they what are they doing here

ask your students a few questions like

this to help them remember the story and

to review the vocabulary now let's

practice that vocabulary through a game

on the whiteboard put your class into

two teams ask your students to look at

the pictures from the story

can they remember the vocabulary let's

check team number one chooses pen team

number two

chooses chip back to team one again they

choose juice the game continues until

one team has named three objects in a

row you can play that game as many times

as you like and when you think your

students are ready they complete the

text in reading and writing part four

remind your students that there are

eight pictures but only five gaps for

this part of the test encourage your

students to read the vocabulary first

before reading the text




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