Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Play YouTube Music in Background with Screen Off on Android & iPhone (2021)

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If you are a music fan, you must have tried playing music on YouTube and turning the screen

off, but as soon as you do that, the music stops playing because YouTube doesnt allow

you to play music in the background. But thankfully, listening to Music on YouTube with your phones

screen off is possible. Ill show you how in a moment.

Hey everyone, Rahul here from TechReviewPro and Im back with another tutorial. In this

video, youll learn how to listen to music on YouTube with your phone off.

In order to play music on YouTube with screen off, you need YouTube Music app. I dont

know whether you know it or not, but YouTube has a dedicated music app, named YouTube Music

where you can play YouTube music in the background.

Simply download YouTube music app on your iPhone or Android device - this works for

both. And once downloaded, login with your user credentials. Now proceed to setup everything

by telling artists of your choice and this will create your mixtape of personalized music.

Now play any song of your choice and if you minimize the app, the music will stop by default.

However, instead, you need to tap on your profile icon in the top right corner and then

tap on get premium.

Next, tap on this blue button that says, Try it for free. Itll start your free-trial

of YouTube Music premium. Confirm it and now you are ready to play YouTube music with screen

off for one-month. Its completely free for a month and you wont be billed until

your free trial ends.

Now you can minimize the app and music will keep playing in the background. Youll get

ad-free unlimited high-quality music downloads as well. If you like YouTube premium features,

you can continue your subscription even after the free-trial ends and if you dont want

to pay for subscription, you can cancel anytime before 30 days and that way you can enjoy

listening to music on YouTube with screen off - completely free.

So that is how you can play YouTube music in the background with screen off. I hope

you enjoyed watching this video. Please hit the like button to let me know. And if you

have any questions, let me know in the comments below, I reply to every comment and l will

try my best to help everyone.

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