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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: You Can Laugh Only Once !

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you're adopted wait,

hey Alexa pour me one cup of water Steve I want to say I don't want any of his

testicles in my sandwich Siri your virtual assistant I'm Seri your virtual

assistant honestly love why the fuck are you clicking on me like brah it's not

even funny Zak stop exact stop you even get in

trouble yeah their new president of 2017 you guys

this is Shiva I roll her in today because I'm telling you she's a better

fuck this shit I'm mouth boodle flip oh my god

I didn't say that was there fuck niggas make beats out of anything please

oh I'm vegan so it can't really oh my god no soy Squidward yeah this for me to

store my wife's oh jeez

the little sodium chloride absolutely dude it's so dude you said sodium

chloride yes it's the same as Sol but you could have just said salt instead

everyone in this town knows you're a boy genius dude you don't need to say overly

large words to sound more intelligent the fact of the matter is that nobody

cares how smart you are if anything calling simplistic objects by their

scientific name ironically makes you seem less intelligent more pompous I

know you're smart enough to be better than this

I'm not walking under that only rock you could find me under it's Dwayne the rock

Johnson to me little boy oh my what's wrong with you Oh Margo Abby said so you

nasty oh my go ahead girl cool see this they

got a ramen noodle exhibit you know that's your favorite

be careful children that's a lot of sodium Hey Oh party time we got to do

like this bitch the fuck up y'all let me know well that a selfie stick mm-hmm

that looks fake ain't nobody gonna read any of them books oh ah girls somebody

put this in my Honda yeah I really fucked that up now I'm never being the

new Friday movie wow I am dumb did you know if you drank a glass of water today

there's a 100% chance that a molecule from that water once passed through a

dinosaur condensation sip occasions operation and don't forget transfer


you can't touch pickle nigga whoa fuck dude you're so big and stupid

give to my fuckin there we go oh my god oh my god LeBron tell me that he stoled

your pop-tart okay what kind of pop-tart was okay where did he take you


what is I am doctor I shall help you thank you doctor lady nice

pull this thingy point the nozzle suchly and calmly squeeze this metal

oh oh oh oh no he's got the mama Jean's

no traveler to a North car if you could be cautious cross with murder

we're just friends I would never love

okay so explain to me why this one can open who the fuck are you but this one

well not

money money money money money good

tell me one joke you're so cute baby I have a girlfriend

I want French

my wallet is always empty

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