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Hello everyone and welcome to TOPFIT.

Before we start we want to highlight the importance of getting healthy in a responsible manner.

So if you have doubts about whether you can participate or not, please ask your physiotherapist or your doctor.

If you are ready, then let's start. We will train our mobility, agility, strength and our balance, amongst others.

Let's start!

An exercise to warm up: the upper body, abdominal muscles and lower back.

We do it as follows: arms at 90 degrees and from there you turn with your upper body to the side.

Look at the side you are turning towards.

We do the same on the other side.

So turn.

You should feel your abdominal muscles stretching and your back.

You can do this exercise perfectly while sitting down.

And if you are in a wheelchair, make sure your wheelchair is on the brakes.

Yes and this is an example of how we stretch the abdomen and back.

Okay, let's start.

Make sure you are in the right position.

Arms at 90 degrees and then we first turn to this side.

Yes, so we turn.

Hold it for a moment.

And then we go from there to the other side.

Hold it for a bit.

You feel your lower back and your abdomen stretching.

Turn as far as possible for you.

Let's turn to the other side.

Hold on for a moment, very good!

And we do both sides one more time.

So we turn to the left.

Hold it just a bit.

And the final one.

Yes, very well done.

An exercise in order to warm up our shoulders.

Position your feet on shoulder width.

Let's keep our arms alongside our bodies and from that position we roll forward with our shoulders.

For people in a wheelchair this must be a very familiar movement.

We then do the same with the movement backwards.

And like this we can loosen up the shoulders and the neck.

Okay let's start rolling our shoulders forward.

So roll forward.

If it is difficult for you to roll your shoulders, then just raise and drop them.

Let's do the same but then backwards.

This exercise is meant to avoid neck- and shoulder pains.

We do both sides one more time, so roll forward once more.

You will feel that the muscles in your neck and your shoulders are getting activated.

One final time backwards.

Yes, and that's how we perform this exercise.

Well done!

The front raises, this is an exercise for the shoulders.

Make sure you are in a firm stance.

Bring your arms forward.

And lower them alongside your body.

The same, so go upward.

And downward alongside your body.

You can alter the training by taking weights or by performing the exercise more slowly.

That looks like this.

Hold on a bit and then slowly down.

We'll show it one more time.


And slowly down.

These are the variations that you can choose from yourself.

Let's perform the exercise together, so please join us.

Take on a firm stance.

Arms alongside our bodies and from there we lift our hands upward.

Bring them down again.

And upward.

If you perform this exercise while seated, make sure that your back is against the backrest.

Very good, just a couple more.

Make sure that you do not raise your hands above your shoulders.

If you want you can use weights just as Pim does.

This is up to you.

You could also do this exercise one more time after this training.

Let's do 3 more.


1 and the last one.

Yes, well done all.

The tricep extension: make sure you are standing or sitting up straight.

You could use a bottle to increase the weight.

Bring your arms over your head.

With your elbows besides your ears.

Lower the bottle and raise it again.

If you do not have a bottle of water at home, that's no problem, just grab a bottle of cola or something else.

But make sure that the cap is on tightly.

Yes and that's how we train the triceps.

Okay there we go: the tricep extension. Everyone has a bottle?

So let's lift it above our heads.

Lower the bottle and bring it back up again.

Hold the bottle at the top, so you can get all your strength out of your triceps.

Very well, keep going. Keep your back straight and contract your abdomen.

If you can only use one arm, use that arm.

Okay, let's do 5 more.




And the final one.

Yes very well done.

Yes way to go, nice!

The lunges, an exercise to strengthen the muscles in our thighs.

The exercise is as follows: step forward, keep your back straight and bend your front knee.

If you can not bend it in a 90 degree angle, do not! Just raise your body a bit higher.

From that position you step back afterwards.

And then you do the same with the other leg.

Back straight and bend your knee.

This exercise might not be possible for you, since you are in a wheelchair or lacking the strength in your legs.

In that case we do the leg extension.

This exercise goes as follows: you stretch out your leg as far as possible.

Put it back and do the same with the other leg.

If this exercise is difficult for you, then just try to lift your knees.

Try to do this exercise with both legs as well.

And that is how we train our legs.

And you can choose from these are the exercises .

Let's get started with the exercise.

Take on a firm stance.

We will start with this side first and afterwards we go over to the other side.

Here we go, step forwards.

Step back and do the same with the other leg.

Bent you knee.

And step back.

Let's do a few more repetitions.

If you are in a wheelchair or you perform this exercise sitting down, then of course do the leg extension.

If you can only use one leg, that's no problem at all.

People who do the lunges, ensure that you keep your back straight and your abdominal muscles contracted.

If you do this sitting down, lean against the backrest.

That way you can use all the strength out of your legs.

Let's do both sides one more time.

Yes, very good.

For this exercise we will step forwards and backwards. So from our starting position we take a step forwards.

And we go back again.

The same.

Hold it for a bit while your are standing on your front foot.

And go back again.

The same applies to the other leg.

Step forward, tighten your abdomen.

And step back.

If you are unable to stand up, we also have an exercise for people sitting down.

We will do an exercise for the back of our shoulders.

Extend your arms forward, shoulders low, contract your abs and stretch your arms backwards.

Make sure you keep your chest up straight.

You can choose yourself what exercise you want to do.

Okay, the people who are standing up can join me and let's start.

From our starting position, we take a step forward.

Hold on for a moment and we step back.

We go back and forth with our arms at the same pace.

Make sure you keep your shoulders low and abdomen contracted.

When this exercise is too heavy, you can also balance on heels and toes.

That looks like this.

Okay, well done and let's switch to the other side.

So we step forward.

And back again.

We take a short break and have a look if you want to change the position of your hands on the resistance band.

If you place them further apart, you will make it lighter. If you place them closer together, you will make it heavier.

Let's continue.

5 more.





Yes, very well done.

This is a stretch for the abdominal muscles and the lower back.

Let's sit in the front of our chairs and refrain from leaning against the backrest.

Grab a hold of the chair.

And we turn the upper body and look over the shoulder.

When you are in your wheelchair, grab one of the hoops for that extra stretch.

We'll demonstrate the exercise once more on the other side.

Turn you upper body to the side.

You should feel your lower back stretch, just as your abdominal muscles.

And let's go back to the starting position.

That is how we perform this exercise.

Okay then we start with the exercise, so we go to the tip of the chair.

Do not rest your back at the backrest.

From this position we start turning.

We watch over our shoulders.

Hold on to your chair.

This stretches your upper body.

Very well, we do the same on the other side.

Turn your upper body and grab the chair.

Look backward over your shoulder.

If you have troubles with your balance due to paraplegia, make sure that your back is against the backrest.

Okay, let's turn to the other side.

If you can only turn to one side, then that is fine.

But make sure you always go back to the starting position.

Let's do the final switch.

Try to turn your body as far as possible.

Ensure a good stretch of your abdomen and your lower back.

Let's go back to the starting position.

An exercise to stretch the triceps.

Make sure we're standing up straight, chest forward and chin up.

Bring one arm up and behind your head. With the other hand grab on to the elbow.

With the other hand at our elbow, we pull it down a bit so that we stretch the tricep.

If you are sitting down than lean against your backrest.

Let's do the same on the other side.

This was a short explanation of this exercise.

Okay here we go, get ready.

Chest forward, one arm up and over your head.

And the other hand to the elbow.

Make sure that you pull down your elbow without hurting yourself.

Hold on for a moment.

Let's switch to the other side.

I always perform this exercise during or after a workout for my arms.

It keeps the triceps supple.

Let's change again to the other side.

Yes, grab your elbow again.

Hold on for a moment.






Yes, well done.

Keep up the good work.

Unfortunately this was it for now. Good that you watched and let's become TOPFIT together.

If you want, feel free to repeat this training.

Please share your experiences with TOPFIT underneath this video.

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