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- I don't think it's gonna be a bad outcome, so I'll say close call.

- (man) Do some parkour. - Oh, no. No, Billy, no!

♪ (rock intro) ♪

- (FBE) How can you tell when something is a bad idea?

- (chuckles) Usually, I'm the one that pitches it.

- Most of my ideas are bad ideas. - (FBE) I've noticed there are

a lot of compilations dedicated to close call videos.

- Tsk. Don't like that.

I don't understand people's weird obsession

with getting hurt or almost dying.

- (FBE) We're gonna be showing you a series of these close calls

and pausing them right before the payoff.

- (gasps) - (FBE) And then you'll have to guess

if it's a close call or if it's a complete fail.

- Okay. This sounds fun.

- (FBE) To make this a little bit more on brand for our college kids,

all of these videos are gonna have to do with college,

many of them coming from college comedy Instagram accounts.

- Oh, okay. You mean like, you know, those frat-y party

Instagram accounts? - With college kids,

there's a lot of variety with the amount of

I guess collective stupidity we have, and I guess anything could happen.

♪ (upbeat dance music) ♪

- I knew it! A frat boy, the first one.

- What's going on?

- What? Why did he decide to do that there?

- (FBE) Do you think this is a fail where he collapses

or is it a close call where somehow catches himself?

- I think it's a fail. He seems pretty gone.

- It just looks too put together for it to be a fail.

I think this is gonna be a "close call."

- I don't think it's gonna be a bad outcome, so I'll say close call.

- This is gonna be a fail, completely.

- There's no way he can catch himself.

He's literally so out of it. I'm gonna just say fail.

- It's gonna be a close call. - Yeah, it's a fail.

- Close call. - I think it's gonna be a close call.

I think he's gonna do the urrrp.

- (gasps) What?! No! (buzzer)

- Ayyy! - Not actually drunk!

He got you! - I was not expecting that at all.

(ding) - And I will say I'm impressed,

because I've tried to do the worm once and busted my chin,

so I've never done it again.

(people yelling) - Whoa.

- What is he trying to do? (chuckles) - That's a bad outcome.

He's just way too confident. You can just feel when someone

just thinks they're good, you know? They think they're safe.

That's when the universe likes to punish those people the most.

- (FBE) So, do you think this will be a fail,

where he falls off the table, or a close call,

where he actually breaks the table? - I think it's gonna be a fail.

I think he's gonna bounce off. - There's no way he missed

the table, man. It was right there.

I'm rooting for him. He's gonna hit the table.

- I think it's gonna be a fail just because look how far out he is.

- It looks like a plastic buffet-style table,

which are actually pretty hardy. I think he's gonna fail.

- I feel like it's gonna be a fail. - I'ma just say fail.

- I think it's a fail. - Close call.

- He looks like he's gonna smash the table,

but I have a feeling that he's not going to,

so I feel like it's gonna be a fail.

- (gasps) Oh my god. I knew it! (ding)

I hope he's okay. - (gasps and screams)

Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! - He did the whole ridiculousness,

like, scorpion pose. - That looked real bad.

That was so bad. - Holy crap. Whoa.

That hurt me, dude. - That literally looked

like he broke his back or his neck or something.

- People are just so stupid. Why?!

- Skiing on the roof. Okay. - Oh, let's go, baby.

- This is so hard. - (FBE) Do you think that this

will be a close call and he lands his jump?

Or do you think it will be a fail?

- Close call. - I think it's a close call.

He'll stick the landing. - I feel like he didn't go--

he wasn't fast enough, so I feel like he's just

gonna kinda stop there. - I think this is gonna be

a close call. I think he barely made

the backflip or whatever trick he's trying to do right now.

- I think it's a close call. Based on that setup,

it was really good. - I'm just gonna say

that it was a close call and he made it.

- I want it to be a close call. I want him to succeed.

It's also very rare to see anybody do anything on skis

and do it properly, so I think this one's gonna be a fail.

- I really want him to make it. I'm gonna say close call.

- He looks like he has good form.

He looks like he knows what he's doing.

I would say this is a close call. (ding)

- Ay! Sent it. I knew it. - Perfect! (claps) Perfect.

I knew he was gonna do a backflip too.

(buzzer) - I was definitely proven wrong.

Wow! - That was pretty cool.

That was like a homemade backflip too. - Yes! I got it!

Wow. He's good! I am impressed!

- (man) This one's for Patrick Mahomes, but also...

- Mahomes! The Chiefs.

- (man) Yeah, no. I know how gas works, Brandon.

- He knows how gas works. - I feel like any time

somebody drunkenly says, "I know how 'blank' works,"

they do not know how it works. - He's authentically drunk.

- So, what's the whole plan here? - This guy's such a typical

stereotypical frat guy. - (man 2) Hey, that's my shirt!

- I'm so scared. What's gonna happen?

- (chuckles) It's taking so long! The suspense!

- This is why they say that women live longer than men do,

because we're-- as a species, we're dumb!

- (FBE) So, do you think this is a close call

and he won't get burned? Or do you think that this is a fail?

- Like, why? I honestly want this to be such a fail,

because it's such a dumb idea. - I think it's gonna be a fail.

He's just way overly confident. - Mom always told me,

"Stupid ideas lead to stupid outcomes."

This one is a fail for sure. - I think he's gonna get burned.

I think he's gonna fail. - I'm just gonna hope

that it's a close call. - I guess close call.

Nobody's gonna get hurt here.

- I feel like this is gonna be a fail.

- I think it's a fail. He said, "Yeah, I know how fire works."

I think that just doomed him. - This is gonna be a fail for sure,

and I hope Patrick and Linda saw this so they could understand, like,

yeah, he's dumb, but we appreciate him

for "dedicating" it to us.

(flame whooshes) - (people exclaim)

- Ooh! Hot feet! Hot feet!

- (people exclaim) (buzzer)

- Oh my god! Oh my god! No! - That's what you get.

That's what happens. - (man off-screen) Holy [censored].

Holy [censored]. - Dang. His whole body caught on fire

for a sec and then it just went to his feet luckily.

- I did not think his shoes would catch fire.

That was crazy. That definitely was not a good idea.

- Now, granted, it was good, because it was only his feet.

That makes me wonder, like, how much gasoline did you just

have dripping off of that onto your feet

and you weren't paying attention to it before?

- (man) Come on! Let's go! - Oh my god.

- (man) Let's go! - Ohh. He's supposed

to chug that all at once? - (FBE) Mm-hmm.

- Wow. An engineering major. Elon Musk is quaking.

- (FBE) Do you think this is going to be a close call and he will finish

all of the drinks, or do you think it'll be a fail?

- Frat guys have such high tolerances.

I would be so shocked if he couldn't do this,

'cause he looks very confident going in.

So, I think it's gonna be a close call.

- I feel like he could do it. - I don't know.

I kind of have faith in him. I feel like this is gonna be

a close call. - Looks like he could handle

all four, so close call. - For them to put

that contraption together, they do this often.

I think this is a close call. - I don't think they

thought this through. I'm gonna say fail.

- Just because I think it's humanly impossible,

I'm gonna say it's a fail. - I'm continuously surprised

at how good people are at drinking. Not what they do after they drink,

but the drinking part. I'm gonna go with a close call.

I think he's gonna finish them. - Sorry, Mom. I've done this before.

(laughs) I think just to appease me and my failure, I want this

to be a close call, and he actually does this.

- My god. - Oh, it's coming out a little.

But look at that! - (man off-screen) OH MY GOD!

- He's a monster! How do you do that?

(buzzer) - That does not seem

like a fun thing at all. - This video just had

all the elements of success. Like, he had his homies

in the back cheering him on. They made the perfect contraption

for it. He knew that he got it.

He didn't have no kind of setbacks, no sort of, like,

"Oh, can I do it?" I had total faith in that guy.

- (man) Billy, I don't want you to get injured.

Do some parkour. - Oh, no. No, Billy, no!

(gasps) - It's literally a be--

It's so short! That guy looks like--

he's like six-something. If he can't jump this bench,

I'm honestly disappointed. - This never ends well.

Any time I've seen someone just walk and go, "Parkour,"

it doesn't end very well. I feel like this is gonna be a fail.

- The setup to that jump makes me think it's gonna be a fail.

- I guess I have just really low standards

for everyone in this video, so I keep just assuming

everything's gonna be a fail.

While I'm on it, I think this is a fail.

- They're gonna fail. - Fail. It's gonna--

his left foot is gonna clip the bench, and he's gonna fall face first.

- I think it's gonna go bad. I don't have any faith in Billy.

- So, this is just like taking an SAT, you know?

That was like, what? Three close calls or two close calls?

It's time for a fail. - It's a fail.

He's about to hit this ground so hard, though,

and I'm not ready for that.

- I knew it! - Ohh!

- (man 2 off-screen) Oh my god! - He did not look prepared enough

to do what he did. (chuckles) I could tell by his polo.

- He did not have a good jumping foundation.

- I feel like it could've been worse, though.

I was kind of expecting him to land on his balls,

like on the bench. - Sir, you didn't have to do it!

That's the thing. We just do stuff,

because people cheer us on. We don't have to.

Again, the male species, we're really dumb.

- Whoa!

- I love how it's in slow motion. - What's happening?

They trying to save it? - I think he can get this.

- What is happening? Is this four corners?

- (FBE) Will this be a close call and he catches it?

Or will it be a fail, where he falls into the group of people?

- I think close call. - Close call.

- I think it's a close call. I think he's got it.

He's already diving in. - This is a fail.

Nothing good happens from playing any games on sand

if it's not volleyball. And even then, that's dangerous too.

- I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt,

and I think he's gonna do it. - Fail.

- It's gonna be a fail. - It's a fail.

- I feel like this guy might hit the corner of the table.

It's gonna be a fail.

- Wait, did he catch it? (buzzer)

- There we go, baby! - Oh my gosh.

(ding) - Did he get it?

- I'm sorely underestimating some of these people's talents.

(buzzer) - Whoa! I was not expecting that.

- So, it was a close call. Ayy! Dang, I think I'm gonna get 100%.

I think I got this. I think I got this.

♪ (upbeat music) ♪ - Oh, dear. (gasps)

These never go well. - Throw it back.

- What's gonna happen? - I think she hurts herself.

I think that's a fail, but I hope I'm wrong.

- Oh, she's gonna fail. - I feel like the pole

is just gonna collapse on her right now.

- I think it's gonna be a close call. I believe in her.

- I don't even know what's gonna happen,

so I'm just gonna say close call. - I'm gonna say it's a fail

just 'cause I low-key kinda hope it is. (chuckles)

- Think it's gonna be a close call. - This is a fail.

I've never seen these go right. What good is gonna come from this?

What's a close call, you know? - I think you're supposed to think

she's a white girl and she's really bad at dancing,

but she's about to go full FKA twigs and [censored] slice someone's neck,

Hustlers mode!

- (gasps)

(gasps louder) (buzzer)

- Wow! That was a fall.

(ding) - He went-- oh, the dog!

(buzzer) - The dog, just vibing!

He didn't want no part of the mess. He said, "Get me out of this video.

I would like to be excluded from the narrative."

- This is like the true definition of chaos, like, personified

into a single video. Gosh, how many times

have I been every specific person, item, and puppy in that video?

God, college is... something.

- I'm not surprised that I did pretty well.

I think as I've gotten older, I've developed a pretty good intuition

when it comes to being in situations that I know won't end well.

- I feel like you assume a video's gonna go one way,

but then ends up not going the way that you think.

- This is definitely fun to watch, 'cause it's unexpected.

- You could kind of guess what happens from the different situations

that they're in. You're able to know

if they're gonna fail or not, but how-- I'm still shocked

from the first one. That was a good one.

- I think my new favorite thing to do is watch frat boys fail.

I think it's just so satisfying.

- (FBE) To end this episode, after watching all these,

what was your biggest fail or close call in college?

- Oh, god. You ever wake up with a whole lot of bruises? (laughs)

I've had many of those moments, where you're like...

Who was she? - Showing up to three

of my classes late. And I'm not talking 10 minutes late.

I'm talking late-late. I only call that a failure,

'cause I live, like, not even 10 minutes away. (laughs)

- There was an English class I took, and I remember trying to recite

the "O Captain! My Captain!" poem. And my teacher told me,

"Don't get up there. You're gonna hurt yourself,

and I'm gonna laugh at you." I get up there. I start.

I put my weight a little bit too forward than I would've liked to,

and I flipped through the desk into the other one.

But it was three desks in front of me, so I kinda slide on the two

and then landed on his table up front and then slid off.

It was a mess. And I packed up my stuff and I left,

and I didn't go back to that classroom after that week.

All I heard was camera clicks and people laughing in the background,

and I just took my stuff and made a beeline

for that door. Did not look back.

- Thanks for watching this episode of College Kids React.

Shoutout to Eva. - What was your biggest fail

in college? Let us know in the comments.

- Bye, guys. Thanks for watching! - Hey, everyone.

Lauren, producer here at FBE. Thank you so much for watching

this episode. If you wanna check out

more episodes like these across all the generations,

we have plenty. So, check 'em out.

Links are gonna be down in the description. Bye, everyone!

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