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- This is London Real.

I am Brian Rose, my guest today is Paleta CalmQuality,

recent graduate of Business Accelerator, welcome.

- Thank you for having me.

- [Brian] Tell us a bit about you.

Where are you from, what do you do?

- My name is Paleta.

I am from Switzerland originally.

I moved to London three years ago, pretty exact,

in November, 2014.

I'm a movement artist, I'm a choreographer,

and I came up with a fancy name for what I do as well,

is personal creative movement coaching.

I work with artists, performers, singers,

yeah, who want to kind of get in touch

with their own movement when they perform,

be more comfortable on stage,

and feel like they're not performing something

that doesn't represent them or what they're about,

but really to be connected and to be authentic and,

within the performance.

- And, I've seen you

in some pretty high-level marketing campaigns,

what's some of the work that you've done in the past?

- Well, this year, quite a big campaign came out

that was with Nike, Nike Women,

where I was involved, it came out early this year,

and, yeah it was quite big.

My face was kind of like, (laughs) everywhere,

around London, Oxford Street, around the world actually,

it was a worldwide campaign in New York,

in the Nike stores everywhere.

It was the campaign that FKA Twigs did

in collaboration with Nike.

Super grateful until this day for her to put,

to involve me in this project,

because I believe a lot of work

that I've been able to do this year came

through the exposure I got from this project.

- [Brian] And you were in music videos

as well as the pictures and all of that.

- Yeah, yeah, it was a commercial as well,

a campaign and video and pictures and, yeah.

- [Brian] Okay.

- Quite big.

- And, talk to me about, professionally and personally,

before you joined the accelerator, what was going on,

what were the kind of things that you were thinking about,

conversations with yourself that led you to us?

- Mm-hm.

Well before the Business Accelerator, I was,

this year was really busy for me, with amazing things,

I believe, like I said before,

coming from this campaign that I was involved in,

from the exposure, I continued to collaborate with Nike

on different projects.

I was able to travel around for,

to different places for workshops,

people got really interested in me, and teaching classes,

more movement and dance-based, but also really for the yoga.

Yeah, and then I wanted to join the Business Accelerator

for a while, literally when I had discovered you

and when I discovered the Business Accelerator,

I was like okay, this is, this is what I need to do,

this is what I want to do, but, I, number one,

(laughs) I didn't have the financial resources at the time,

and two, I was, yeah, this year was really busy

and I felt like, I need to be in the right space

within myself to, to say yes and to go for it,

to commit my time and to really be fully present with,

with the Business Accelerator.

- Okay, and why London Real?

- Why London Real, because, I mean I connected with you

when I found you.

And I was just like yeah, I really,

I really connect with the way,

the first time I saw you was when you were interviewing Ido,

because I was doing research on Ido

and then I found the interview, and I was like wow,

obviously I love what Ido is talking about,

feel really connected, but then I was like, but hold on.

This guy is so good in interviewing,

and the way you were bringing yourself into the interview

and not just as a listener and then you talk

and give me everything, you involve yourself

in the conversation, you were like,

this is, oh yeah, I experience this, or I have, you know,

I have come across this, what do you think,

it's a conversation, like you were in there.

And I was like,

I really like the way you're going about your stuff,

so I'd done more research.

You know, I came to the Super Focus Group,

this is when we first met.

That was in September, 2016, yeah, early September,

and we met and I just was like okay, I really,

I really feel you. (laughs)

And then it was, yeah, at the time

I was already kind of looking into some business stuff,

I was like, I wanna create something of my own,

but I looked into weird things like affiliate marketing,

you know, this kind of like passive

and the income just goes in the background

as you do whatever you do, and, yeah,

and I just didn't feel connected, and when,

then I found out about your Business Accelerator,

and I was like, okay.

This is more of my lineage,

this is more of what I believe in, definitely.

- Okay.

Talk to me about the first two weeks in the accelerator,

the videos, the two live calls, the Facebook group,

all of the people around the world that're in your class.

Tell me about that.

- Yeah.

Well, for me, for example the vlogs,

the videos that we had to post up, 10 vlogs in 10 days,

I have done that already, a year ago,

before I met you in person,

before I met you at Super Focus Group,

because I saw you put that out as a challenge.

You said that it's part of the Business Accelerator,

but as a challenge, put up 10 vlogs in 10 days.

And I was like, okay. (laughs)

Let me put myself into this challenge,

because I knew I had to get over myself

in order to put my message out there,

to just be myself and to stop thinking so much

about what other people think of, think about me

and what I do, so I was like okay,

challenge accepted, let me do it.

And then, I did that for 10 days, and then I left it,

I didn't really do any more videos talking on camera,

and then, yeah, I started doing something

that's called Sunday ritual, where I literally just, yeah,

talk to the camera for things that are on my mind,

things that I, you know, that I experience,

that I believe in, that help me in my life,

and I started to put these up as a Sunday ritual,

like five minutes.

So I kind of prepared myself (laughs) for these vlogs

that come up in the Business Accelerator,

and, it's not, still not like it's easy

and it's just, (snaps) but,

it made the process a bit more comfortable

to just put up the camera and talk,

and to also find my way of being natural

in front of the camera.

I think it takes some times,

like you look back at your videos and you're like,

oh I'm stiff, you know like, I'm not even being me,

and, yeah.

I feel like it prepared me well.

I enjoyed the process of the videos,

and the first two weeks,

you know that, (laughs) I think for me,

was really difficult, because I was like,

what is my business? (laughs)

What is my business, like I'm just being me and like,

how can I put CalmQuality into a business, you know?

I didn't really see it, and even though I had ideas

of what products can be,

of, you know, all of this stuff,

but I didn't really come around

with what is the business behind it.

Meeting all the classmates

in the Facebook group that we have was amazing,

it was really weird for me as well to like,

I had to push myself a bit (snapping)

to be more interactive, because I'm not naturally someone

that goes on Facebook and really just reaches out

and being like hey, hey, you know,

I love what you do, hey how are you.

I'm not naturally like that,

but I learned through the course definitely as well

that this is good to do also to start a conversation,

and to, to find out how many like-minded people are around,

and, yeah, even if you do different things,

that you still kind of pull on the same string.

You wanna get things done, let's get, let's get this moving.

I'm done with being on the seat,

the sit back and just watch, I'm ready to do,

I'm ready to create, I wanna do things.

- Hm.

When did it start to become clear

what your business was gonna be,

or what your product was gonna be?

- I believe, I'm not gonna lie, it is still in the process.

I can say that, but it became much more clearer,

as I started to, to reach out to my audience,

and to start understand,

what do they want more to hear from me?

What is it that they need in their lives at the moment?

So I started to ask questions on,

on Instagram mainly, because I believe

that this is where I have the most following,

and I started to ask, what are they going through,

single biggest challenge

as our teacher taught us, (laughs) you know, in life.

In my personal,

my personal case,

I, I see my audience as creatives, you know,

young creatives who kind of wanna create something

of their own, who wanna stay true to themselves,

who don't wanna sell out to the industry,

because it happens very easily, so I started to understand,

this is kind of what people want more of,

to get to know me and what I do to stay grounded

within myself, to stay true to who I am,

and with what I do and with what I create.

- And how was the webinar

when you had to actually sell that product?

- The webinar. (laughs)

To be fair,

at first I was a bit like, (blows out)

the week building up to it, it was a bit stressful,

but then on the day itself or two days before,

I started to calm down, because I was like,

it doesn't, it doesn't bring me anywhere

if I'm nervous about it, if I'm gonna freak out about it,

but let me just reconnect, be me, and do what I like to do.

Talk to these people, talk about what I'm passionate about,

talk about the things that I experienced

and that I believe is gonna support them on their journey.

That's kind of what I focused on.

So, it was,

it was a really really cool experience

to be honest, and I feel like it's,

it almost probably will be the same,

the same process as with the vlogs.

The more you do it, the more you get comfortable.

And, I mean I had an incredible turnout on my webinar,

I had 25 people joining me, who will show interest

in what I do, in what I have to offer, and,

I made 17 sales on this first webinar, so I feel like,

it was not even about the sales for me, to be honest,

or how much money that, whatever, you know, what it was,

but it was really about kind of this confirmation that yes,

I'm on the right path.

I'm on the path of sharing what I believe in,

and it resonates with people,

and they believe that it will support them on their journey.

That to me was like, wow, okay.

Everything that has been building up over years of what I,

what I, you know, prepared, or understand as CalmQuality,

is coming to its fruition.

- [Brian] How does that feel?

- It feels great.

It feels, it feels very,

overwhelming as well to be like okay, now it's actually,

you know, it's there. (laughs)

And at the same time also, I'm very aware still

that I'm in the beginning, (laughs) you know?

I'm in the beginning of, of creating something big.

I'm still learning, I'm still understanding,

but, I have already come a long way.

And, it's kind of that feeling of yeah, I,

the universe is giving me signs I'm doing the right thing,

in a lot of ways.

- And you went on to do another webinar,

or you went on to just do more sales?

- Yeah, I did not do a second webinar because I felt like,

I had a, not that I was, you know, that's enough,

I don't need to do more, but I just felt like,

okay, I'm aware that in this course,

we do things like a first experience,

and then we have it as a tool

to come back to it, and do it again and again and again,

so I wasn't gonna spend, because my webinar went well,

I was like okay, let me leave the webinar,

but I did two more Facebook Lives,

which was a cool experience as well, I've never done it,

and, amazing that I get so much good feedback

from my classmates as well

that they really enjoy my Facebook Live,

and I also reached out to people specifically

who have been supporting my work,

who have been asking me about,

can you come and teach classes, can you come here

and do that, can you come there, how do you do this,

I reached out to these people

and offered them the course as I,

this is what I've been working on for the past six weeks,

and I now have something to present you, to offer you,

which I believe will be beneficial on your own journey

and take you, you know, if I can't be there in person

to teach you a class or you can come, you know,

we can have a conversation like that,

then I have this course, and you will be,

you will get more of me, you will be,

we will be interacting, so, I reached out to people.

- Okay, and how many courses did you end up selling?

- I ended up selling 38 courses.

- 38.

- Yeah.

- That's quite a lot.

So, and you won the prize in the group

for the most revenue, right?

- I think so, yeah. (laughs)

- [Brian] You think so, okay.

And so now you've got 38 students

you're taking through your course as we speak.

- Yes.

- [Brian] What's that like?

- Great, really cool.

I feel like it's now, because we've been,

in the process we're like, seven weeks full-on,

of learning, of creating,

of doing things we're uncomfortable with of like,

fighting resistance and you know,

just doing things I had no clue about, learning about stuff,

which I enjoyed, but it was not always easy.

And now, I get to do what I really enjoy,

I get to interact with these people.

I created a Facebook group as well, people are posting up,

you know, their introduction videos,

their weekly tasks to hold them accountable,

and it's amazing to see, you know,

and I'm interacting and, they are asking me questions,

I had my 15 minutes, one-on-one calls with them,

most of my people who are in the course,

and I'm really enjoying it.

And I really feel like, okay now, it, I can finally give.

I can finally give what I've been building up,

and it's, yeah.

I understand why you are so passionate about what you do

and the way you share it.

- Nice.

Tell me about your classmates on this course,

you're meetin' like 70 of 'em this weekend.

What's it like to go through the course with Team Rose,

but just with the whole class

of 150 people around the world,

all working on different businesses?

- Yeah.

Yeah, even when you say it, it's kind of crazy,

150 people around the world, working on their businesses,

going through the same thing as you.

You know, facing the same stuff as you do.

So to think about it is crazy, but,

at the same time, so powerful.

Really really powerful.

And again, I'm not naturally a person who is like,

I wanna be part of this community,

I wanna be part of this community, and you know,

and, fully engage myself.

I'm always kind of like taking a step back, observe,

and just kind of go my own route,

it's been, that's kind of my life,

but it is really, really amazing for me to understand

and to see how important and how beneficial this community,

this support of everyone, has been through this process,

to really have people, you know like, the people around you,

they support you in what you do,

but they don't necessarily understand,

if you have a question about something,

or can you quickly help me out, how you did that,

or can you help me with this, they would be like oh,

I don't, you know, I have to do my own research,

but the classmates that you are on,

that you are on the course with,

they immediately know what you're talking about,

can respond immediately.

I had that like three times where I reached out to people,

asked a specific question, because I saw it how they did it,

on their website or, you know, on their,

yeah, mainly on the website, actually, (laughs)

to quickly help me out with a little thing that I was,

just didn't figure out how to do.

Immediately response, I mean, so, you know, so giving,

everyone is very giving, everyone is very supportive

of each other, and it also pushed me to give more, you know,

to be more on point with responding immediately,

because I know, it's,

sometimes it's just that little answer you need

to move on in the progress.

And I really feel that this was beneficial for me

in the process now of having my own course,

to really let them know that this group that we create,

and the community that we create,

the people who go through the same process as you

are very very precious.

And you build a connection that you don't necessarily build

with someone else.

Doesn't mean it's better or worse,

but it's just very unique, and, yeah, very supportive.

And meeting them in person, (snaps) yes.


Was cool, I love, I love meeting people in person.

Again, I'm bit, I'm a bit overwhelmed

because we are so many, and, yeah, I get like, oh.

But, amazing, and Team Rose,

I mean, (laughs) taking it to the next level, yeah?

Very, I mean, all of us, and some individuals specifically,

really pushed that we were on top of our game,

you know? (laughs)

Yeah, yeah.

I don't think without, without like,

kind of the Olympics and like the kind of,

you know the group, you would be so much on,

getting your stuff done,

as I was in this process.

- You guys won gold, congratulations.

- Thank you,

go team. (laughs) - What's,

what's the biggest lesson,

or takeaway from this whole course for you?

Just, you know, overall lesson that you think you can use?

- Mm-hm.

Is it, there's a lot, there's a lot to be honest,

and I think for me, on the personal level,

it definitely has to do with what I've talked about before,

to be more, to be more outgoing also, in general,

not just, not just with the business now,

but using for example social media, as, as a platform

to spread your message.

And to not hold back, because I believe in my message,

I believe in CalmQuality.

So why wouldn't I share it with everyone, you know?

Kind of like,

get over myself. (snaps)

This is definitely a big takeaway.

Yeah, the importance of the community, to,

to really cherish the people you have in this course,

and also in the course that I create,

like I said, to, to pass that on, is powerful.

- Okay.

What about you, if we walked down the street

and bumped into Paleta that didn't take this course,

what is she like?

How is she different than you right now?

- If she didn't take the course,

she would still figure out a way to make the money

to get on this course.

I can say that.

- So she was gonna make it happen either way.

- Yeah.

- And, but how, how are you different

now that you've taken this course?

- How am I different?

I think,

I'm gonna take it a little bit further,

how am I different

since I really first came across London Real, to be honest,

because it's a bit deeper for me.

I was in a, in, when I first moved to London,

it was a bit of a struggle for me to kind of find,

what am I gonna do and who am I as an artist,

who am I as a person, and, what do I want to create,

what is my intention, you know?

I didn't really have a clear vision of that.

I started to put myself in a box

so people would know what to hire me for and, you know,

and I didn't feel like this is me as a,

this doesn't represent me.

This doesn't represent my creative potential,

it doesn't represent what I'm about in life.

You know, so I was, when I came across London Real

and watched a lot of episode with amazing,

of your guests, some,

amazing guests that you had on the show,

here we go, (laughs) it just kinda like was a push

for me a little bit to, you know what,

you need to stop pretending, and you need to start being.

You know? (laughs)

I think this is quite a powerful thing

that I keep saying to myself all the time,

like stop pretending.

Stop chasing something that you're not,

stop chasing opportunities

just because this is what other people do,

this is what you do as that.

What do I want?

How can I be me and still create something special,

and attract opportunities that are aligned

with what I believe in, you know?

So I, London Real took me really through that process,

through the amazing information

that the guests had to share.

And I started to make certain changes in my life, you know,

to get back in, in rituals, and just kind of like,

creating my life again to be the,

to be the artist I am today.

To be the person I am today.

And I feel like through, through this process,

I was already really prepared for the Business Accelerator.

I also believe there was,

there's a reason for me that I was doing it right now.

The whole year I was kind of travelling, you know,

and being out and about and doing things, amazing things,

and then, you know, it turned out

that literally the last two months of the year,

three months, I will be in London,

I'm not doing any other projects that I have lined up,

and you launched the course again.

So it's very much aligned, it's very much, okay,

this is what you need to be doing right now.

Also is, kind of, stop, stop finding excuses

to not take it to the next level, because you're ready.

I'm ready to take it to the next level, and I feel like,

the course was just, yeah, it was an,

another proof that I am ready.

Does that make sense?

- Mm-hm.

You are ready.

What are you gonna do in the next six months?

What does CalmQuality look like, say, by June?

- By June.

(laughs) - Yeah, what're you doing?

- Well CalmQuality, it's definitely still the process

of really getting it out to a wider audience,

much like for you, London Real is,

CalmQuality is my take on having an impact,

and having a positive impact on the world.

So, I believe very much in this process, that it is,

it starts with you, it starts with me.

I want to share this approach to people

that they need to understand,

if they want to have changes in their life,

they need to start looking inside,

stop looking outside all the time, start looking inside.

In the next six months, definitely I will be focusing

on sharing it to a wider audience.

Let people know what CalmQuality is about.

I want to, I want to collaborate also

with different artists, different movement artists,

different creatives, who understand

and who are interested in that approach,

in that holistic approach to artistry.

You know, I want to develop my course now,

is like the first time, right?

And there's so much work for me to do on this course, even.

I want to improve, you know,

and the feedback that I get from the people on my course,

I will improve all of my, all of what I'm offering,

I'm definitely coming down to creating my prime product,

understanding what it is

that people even want more of from me.

And yeah, just, continue to be on,

to be on that pace that we are on right now,

I really want to keep it up.

It goes so quick that we fall back into, into oh, you know,

I'll do it tomorrow, oh, I have, I have more time left.

The accountability dock on the course

that we had with you was, was,

I wanna create my own accountability dock for myself,

to stay on point to get things done,

to take CalmQuality to the next level,

to where it needs to go, and, there's so many ideas I have

for products, you know, not only online,

definitely online, yes, but also in-person events, you know,

that we can talk about retreats,

we can talk about intensives.

I can focus on the CalmQuality approach just for dancers.

What does that mean, how do you bring the quality

in your movement, in your performance, really to shine?

How can you connect to that?

I can talk about people who have nothing to do with dance,

who are not even, they don't perform, and I can,

I can do a retreat for them, how do you,

how do you connect deeper within yourself,

how do you understand what it is really,

that you really want in your life?

How can be you, how can you be authentic?

How can you calm down and stop being like, (snaps)

I need to do this, I need to follow that,

I need to go there, but the listen to yourself,

to listen inwards to understand what it is.

So, I'm talking so much.

(both laughing)

The life events, you know, it's continue the journey online,

create more, or better content online,

collaborations, I mean, I told you that as well,

I'm interested in doing public speaking about CalmQuality,

also to help understand, what is that spirit,

what is that approach of CalmQuality?

So I think that will be something

I really want to get into as well.

- [Brian] That's a serious six-month plan.

- Hey. (laughs)

- To someone who's not sure

if they wanna take the Business Accelerator,

they're thinkin' about it,

and don't know if it's worth the time

or worth the investment, what would you tell 'em?

- Yeah.

The first thing I would say, like of course,

if you're already thinking about it, do it, okay?

But then, I would take it a step back and be like,

really think, is it the right moment for you?

Without being like, oh no, I have better things to do

or I have, something else might come up, to find excuses,

but to look inside and be like okay,

I'm ready for this next step, so let me do it.

Let me take on this challenge and get things done.

And just do it, you know?

I believe, if you go, of course you say,

you can not have a specific idea of what your business is,

you know, and, you offer all the tools

to get through the course with no idea,

to have a successful business, but I also think like,

take some time to understand what it is

that you want to create in this world, you know?

What is it, how do you want to impact?

What do you have to share, to help,

and to serve other people

in whatever way you feel like is right?

But connect, and then know your intention

to go into the course,

even if you don't have the specific idea,

but know your intention.

And you'll be fine.

You have everything that you need offered

from you and, pew.

(both laughing)

- Any final thoughts, Paleta?

- Any final thoughts.

- Yes.

- Well,

I'm just, I'm very, very grateful,

I feel very grateful for the course,

I feel grateful for the people I met on the course,

I cherish the experience, it's not been,

it's not been easy. (laughs)

But, I'm just, yeah, I feel, I feel,

I feel content also within myself at the moment.

I feel content with what I do, with where I'm taking things,

where I'm pushing myself, so I feel, I feel good,

and if you are gonna say your last words,

then I'm gonna say mine as well beforehand.

Yeah, in the spirit of what I do, I wanna encourage people.

Practise your calm, and execute your quality.

- I like that.

Well good, well you got 12 months

while we're watching to make it all happen,

so I'm expecting big things from you, even bigger.

And, congratulations on the execution, and,

and you know, winning the gold within the gold.


And, it's just great to see you put it down

and make it happen,

because I know even in week two or three,

you were struggling with, what's my product,

what's my product and, that's a natural, you know,

process you go through, and you figured it out.

At least you've done something and now we can learn from it,

so, I always did expect big things from you,

and it's nice to see you realise them, so,

thanks for being on the course.

And, - Thank you so much.

- I look forward to the future of CalmQuality.

- Me too.

- All right, as you know, we say it's about the journey,

so, I wish you well on yours, and make us proud.

- I will, definitely.

Thank you.

(chill electronic music)

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