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Amazon. Well, Amazon has recently been in the news for some of its antitrust hearings and

the challenges that the business faces from a regulatory perspective. Amazon has also been in

the news for the massive value that its created, especially in light of COVID 19. When people

couldnt go into or didnt choose to go into hard retail stores, Amazon delivered more product than

ever to especially the U.S. consumers. And what were looking at today is how Amazon is

transforming its hiring policies. First of all, Amazon is one of the first big tech companies to

throw out the old 2019 playbook when it comes to hiring in 2020. Some of their initial adjustment

early in 2019 involved making changes to who they were hiring from and how many people they were

hiring. For many organizations, many MBA programs in particular, Amazon became one of their top

hiring candidates. And so if you were interested in going into the tech field, Amazon all of

the sudden was your number one choice for many organizations. However, in this last year in 2020,

Amazon has reversed some of their initial policies of building strong relationships with core target

schools, tossed out the playbook, shredded it entirely and said hey, we want to reinvent the

wheel. And so Amazon, with a slow start in the spring with questionability about its online

programs and its summer internships has gone full steam ahead into hiring aggressively at

the MBA level, but doing it in a very different way. What are the two changes? Amazon and many

other companies, such as Facebook and Google, have followed suit, have changed their plans

for who they will hire, where they will hire from, and when they will hire. Let me walk through each

one of those. First of all, who will they hire. Amazon is now more broad than ever about who would

be a great candidate for the role at Amazon. One of the core things that is incredibly consistent

is they are looking for strong analytical abilities. But this opens the door to different

masters programs, not just MBA programs, but masters programs including Masters in engineering,

Masters in business analytics, Masters in finance. So Amazon has thrown open the door for who theyre

hiring. Theyve said that theyre open to people with degrees and advanced degrees of all different

sorts, provided you have one common theme, and thats analytics. The second thing is where they

are hiring. Amazon, for the last number of years, has built legacy relationships with a couple of

core target schools, namely tier 1 target schools where theyve gotten most of their hiring done.

But with a combination of a much larger need for talent because of the growth of Amazon,

as well as its focus on the virtual hiring, Amazon has done a complete playbook change by focusing

rather than on a couple of core target schools, throwing out the list of target schools and saying

all are welcome, all should please apply. Amazons using the systems that its built up internally

to manage a major influx of candidates from other schools. So if youre at a tier 1 school, it just

got a little bit more competitive for you. Youre not any longer given a front row seat into the

Amazon hiring line. If instead youre at a level 2 or a level 3 school, and you havent had Amazon

on campus before, congratulations. Now Amazon is absolutely a target firm for you. Third. When are

they hiring? Amazon said hey, why do we even need to wait for students to be back in the classroom

and back on campus. We can find them now. So they throw open their doors to hiring on August 15,

earlier than many organizations had before. And because of those early start dates and the early

interview dates, people are scrambling this year. Organizations such as career services offices

have to get their students ready faster and make sure that they know about Amazon opportunities.

Amazon isnt necessarily streamlining on campus. Theres a different process in addition that

students need to be informed about. And students need to be ready to get into the

mix earlier because when the spots are full, the spots are full. Now one good thing about Amazon

is that historically they have done a second round of hiring in the spring of every year,

and we expect next year to be no different. In fact, if Amazons demand continues to increase,

their demand for talent will increase accordingly and so they will still need to hire people

even if they fill all the anticipated slots this year should their growth continue. If you

are interested in applying to Amazon, Facebook, Google or any of the other tech usual suspects,

we would love to help. At Management Consulted we offer world-class edits as well as great

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