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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Let's Learn English! Topic: Struggles and Problems

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this English lesson on struggles so you

might be wondering exactly what this

lesson is about I gave it the title or

the topic struggles because each of us

has things that we struggle with on a

daily basis because we are humans there

are challenges in our lives

there are problems in our lives that we

struggle with so let me just check the

audio here sounds like everything's

working great so struggles can be

serious struggles can be somewhat less

serious struggles can be something that

you yourself struggle with or it can be

something that someone does to you so

we're going to look at a number of

different struggles some of them I think

will make you laugh because you probably

have that struggle yourself but some of

them are a lot more serious some of them

might make you sad to think about but

the world is full of people and one of

the things that makes us human is that

we have struggles in life we have things

that that make our days challenging

sometimes so anyways let's do this

English lesson on struggles by the way

I'm Bob the Canadian if you're new here

welcome to this lesson if you're one of

the many people who are always here I

just want to say a big hi to all of you

lots of you in the chat it was nice to

say hi to you before the livestream

started this morning but let's get

started and start to talk about

struggles so the first oh one last thing

so there's two ways to describe

struggles and you'll need to listen to

which one I use sometimes you struggle

with something and sometimes you suffer

from something okay and I can't give you

an exact reason or why we use that

little difference in phrase when we

mention things but some things you will

use struggle with

we'll say oh I struggle with this and

other things you will say I suffer from

so I suffer from this so we'll go

through these and you can kind of listen

for those two phrases as we go along but

let's talk about let's do in a little

English lesson on the struggles of life

so the first one is a very light-hearted

one and one that I find kind of funny

some people struggle with getting up on

time so some people set their alarm

clock this is a pretty old alarm clock

by the way but they struggle with

getting up on time sometimes people go

to bed way too late every night and then

the next morning they struggle with

getting out of bed they struggle with

getting up on time maybe they hit the

snooze button too many times on an alarm

clock when you hit the snooze button it

turns the alarm off but then seven or

ten minutes later it goes off again so

some people struggle with getting up on

time I sometimes struggle with getting

up on time it's not very common

I'm usually someone who gets up fairly

quickly but in the winter I struggle

with getting up on time because the

house is cold and sometimes it's nice

just to stay in bed with all the

blankets on where it's nice and warm so

that is our first one some people

struggle with getting up on time for

those of you just joining us we are

doing a little English lesson on the

topic of struggles things that people

struggle with everyday I'm related to

the struggle of getting up on time some

people struggle with being on time some

people are always late so you probably

you are either a person who struggles

with this or you probably know someone

who struggles with this I I don't mean

to sound too proud I am a very timely

person I I'm rarely late for things I

like to be on time but

I dunno I won't mention any names but I

do know some people who struggle with

being on time and you could also say

they struggle with being late so that

would be the same thing where if they

need to be at work at 8 o'clock they

usually come in at 8:05 if they need to

be somewhere at a certain time they're

usually always late I'm smiling because

I know someone really well who struggles

with being on time but again I won't

mention any names

I'm sure some of you struggle with being

on time so that's our first - some

people struggle with getting up on time

and then related to that they might be

the same kind of person who struggles

with being on time so just a heads up

this is an english lesson on struggles

if you have questions Todd will be

posting the link for you in the chat you

can ask the question via the forum there

again I will only be at answering

questions related to the topic of

struggles so I might skip your question

but anyways welcome to the 300 people

who are watching let's do a couple more

and then I will answer some questions

some people struggle with nervousness so

for them they are always maybe a little

bit afraid of going places where there

are large crowds

maybe they struggle with nervousness

when they need to speak up front or in

front of a crowd

maybe they struggle with nervousness

because they have a new job so when

you're nervous you're just always

worried about the thing that you have to

do so for me I am nervous today because

I have to make sure all of the students

in my school get one slice of pizza

later today I had to take care of that

we are having a bit of a party this

afternoon so my job is to make sure that

the pizza from the pizza place comes on

time and is paid for and is handed out

in an or

fashion so I'm a little nervous about

that I don't generally struggle with

nervousness though as on the whole I'm

usually a fairly confident person unless

I'm doing something completely new then

I do struggle with it a bit hey some

people struggle with money particularly

they struggle with managing their money

so they might not know how to save money

when they go shopping they might always

spend too much money this would be the

kind of person that might always be

asking to borrow money from you but in

English we would say that some people

struggle with money let's see here

Ranade says she's not going to ask any

questions today that's that's okay we're

gonna ask away

but thank you so much for being here to

learn some new vocabulary so people do

struggle with money sometimes people get

their paycheck and they very quickly

spend their entire paycheck so that is

not a nice situation to be in if the

opposite of having the opposite of

struggling with money would be to be

really good with money that's how we

would describe the opposite but some

people just can't stop spending money

hey let me jump over to some questions I

see that they're piling up so deep let's

see here

deep change I have trouble saying deep

dgn she says how do I deal with people

who judge and talk bad about others so

as hard as this is you just need to

ignore them but it can be a challenge if

the people who talk that way are in your

own family or they're good friends so I

really feel for you d chance because

that's that is a struggle some people go

through life and I'll talk about it a

little bit later where other people talk

about them in a bad way and it's not

enjoyable the simple solution is find

new friends but that's not that simple

is it let's see here

let's see gaga has the next question

Gaga's says you have experienced many

things in life I guess yes I am a

student and I am really under pressure

with everything not only my studies I am

worried about my future in my future

career so this is the advice I always

give just look at what you absolutely

have to get done today and get that done

and think about a few things if you have

extra time today that you could do that

will make tomorrow better but I think

it's actually healthy to be worried a

little bit about your future and to feel

a bit of pressure as long as it's not

overwhelming and as always I recommend

that you have a balance in life so do

some exercise do some deep shann she has

been recommending I do some meditation I

haven't started that yet but I will but

there are things that can help you a

little bit Henry from Taiwan hi teacher

Bob hi Henry what's the difference

between polite dilemma and predicament

so a plight is is takes place over a

longer period of time you know you know

my plight might be that I don't have

enough time in my day so that's a

long-term problem a dilemma is a single

problem and a predicament is a single

problem so my dilemma today is that let

me see what is my dilemma today dilemma

today was getting to work at a

predicament though is usually something

that happens to you okay so if I drove

my car off the road I would be that

would not be a good predicament so

hopefully that made sense let me do a

couple more here and then we'll continue

with the lesson

so long from France says so long that's

a nice name hello Bob I have sent you a

postcard last summer I hope you have

received it yes thank you very much for

that no question for the moment thank

you for all of the time you've invested

that's how I would say that so you are

very very welcome thank you so much for

watching I'm just noticing on my screen

I kind of glowing a little bit

don't know if I set the lights up

different today

let's see here this is not okay next one

is from Syed and then we'll go back to

the lesson Saeed says which one is

better to use he's struggling with a

disease or he struggles with a disease

so here's a here's where we have those

two phrases usually you suffer from a

disease although that's not 100% true

you could say he's struggling with

cancer or he's suffering from cancer

maybe you can use both in that situation

but both of your sentences are

technically correct he's struggling with

a disease or he struggles with a disease

you can use both those would work some

people struggle with overeating this is

a very North American problem in North

America people tend to eat too much and

it's kind of a funny thing to struggle

with but I have an understanding of this

I try really hard to eat healthy but

sometimes I overeat

I don't overeat to the point where I'm

getting to be a very large man I'm a

fairly normal-sized person mostly

because I exercise and what's

interesting about this is we have people

in the world who struggle with


but we also have people in the world who

don't have enough food so it's a very

it's very unfair this is something I

think that bothers me about North

America the fact that we have a lot of

people who over eat but then we have

people in the world other parts of the

world that don't have enough food so

some people struggle with over eating I

was just gonna say there was a question

that went by Oh Jason Jay and the chat

said what is the temperature in Canada I

think it's minus one this morning

Celsius so again hello to everyone in

the chat hello to the 437 people

watching we are just getting started on

an English lesson about the struggles of

life we've looked at a few so far and I

will happily admit whichever struggles I

suffer from

or things that I struggle with but

welcome hello Sean from free 99 has just

jumped in the chat and let's let's keep

going here by the way do you like my

fancy my fancy mug this morning I

thought this was a nice mug it has a

bird on the one side I'm just gonna

clear my throat for a second sorry for

the noise there we go hey some people

struggle with social media and in

particular they struggle with maybe a

little bit of an addiction to social

media so we have things like Instagram

and Facebook and YouTube and snapchat

and tick tock there are all kinds of

different social media apps or social

media platforms and some people struggle

with putting it down so they have their

phone and they're always looking at

their phone so in the world we have

people who struggle with maybe I think I

could call it a social media addiction

so they struggle with social media we

also have I'm not sure if you if your

culture drinks alcohol or not but we

have people who suffer from or struggle

with so they suffer from alcoholism but

they struggle with alcohol so alcoholism

is when you can't control how much

alcohol you drink so we have people in

the world who struggle with alcohol and

then notice the difference in phrasing

they suffer from alcoholism so this is a

pretty straightforward one to explain we

have things like beer and wine and


these are alcoholic beverages they are

either brewed or distilled and there are

people in the world who struggle with

the amount of alcohol that they consume

I know that there are a lot of other

things in the world as well that that

can cause addictions but one of the

things that people struggle with is

alcohol so you can see how we are kind

of excuse me bridging the gap here one

thing people struggle with is sleeping

in that's a pretty light

kind of a funny one right you kind of

laugh at someone who sleeps in but when

someone suffers from alcoholism when

someone struggles with alcohol its it

can be a difficult situation especially

if it is a family member it's hard to

know how to help them

so people struggle with alcohol that's

not a very nice sound is it so sorry I'm

coughing away on camera here I really

have no choice I I suffer from a bit of

a sore throat do you see how I use the

English phrase there some people suffer

from drug use they suffer from they

struggle with controlling an addiction

to drugs and so you will have people

that possibly that you know who maybe

they work all day and they use a lot of

their money to buy illegal drugs in

English we say people do drugs so when

we're referring to bad drugs we would

say that people you know do drugs like

oh did you hear about cousin Joey he's

he's into drugs or he's doing drugs this

is a tough one too because it is an

addiction and I think you are familiar

with the word addiction when you're

addicted to something you you yourself

have trouble controlling how much you

use that that item or that substance so

drugs are another thing that people

sometimes struggle with this is I think

a societal problem that means that all

of society has to do something to help

regulate or control or help people who

struggle with drugs I'll do one more and

then we'll jump back to the questions

some people suffer from in particular

low self-esteem so self esteem is how

you feel about yourself okay so if you

if you like yourself a lot if you are a

Content and happy person

we would say that you have good

self-esteem but if you feel bad about

yourself if you are someone who

you always think negative thoughts about

yourself we would say that you struggle

with low self-esteem this is a

challenging one I think we all excuse me

at some point in life struggle with low

self-esteem it's not a pleasant thing to

struggle with some people go through

long periods of time where they suffer

from low self-esteem and that can lead

to I'm so I'm really sorry that is not a

nice sound for you to all hear but

sometimes after long periods of having

low self-esteem you can sink into


so depression there's a lot of different

forms of depression depression is when

you just don't have a positive outlook

on life you feel down a lot it's

difficult for me to describe I have I

know people who have been depressed so

you can suffer from a light depression

or you can have a more serious form of

depression but when you suffer from

depression so that's a suffer from you

suffer from depression you just don't

have a lot of energy or a desire to be

out and about in the world and it's a

very challenging thing to suffer from I

know some of you in the comments have

mentioned that's that you suffer a bit

from depression it's always good to seek

out medical help to see a doctor if

you're suffering from real depression so

that's another that's that's a big

struggle that's a very serious struggle

in life let me see here let me jump over

to the questions I have been letting

them build up Oddo let's see here next

question is from whom what's the

difference between struggle and effort

so when I struggle with something it

means that every day I have to work at

it and it's hard for me okay

but effort is when you

you put in the work to overcome

something so I put a lot of effort into

making all of these handouts making all

of these papers okay so I don't struggle

with it I work hard at it I put a lot of

effort into making those it's actually

not that much work but by the way let's

see here I'm going to skip the questions

that are not on topic so if I don't ask

to answer your questions save it for

tomorrow night there will be a live

lesson tomorrow night where any question

is okay - and Young says what do you

usually do to get rid of nervousness so

if there is something I am nervous to do

I try to do it a lot I know it sounds

difficult but for instance when I first

started teaching it was hard for me to

talk in front of the class but I just

did it a lot I made it the first thing I

did every day before I would give the

students work to do I would make sure

that I would stand and talk in front of

the class so that I could eventually

overcome my nervousness so that's what I

would do let's see here this is from

Demetrio from the Ukraine says hi Bob I

struggled to get to school on time

so by physics teacher who lived nearby

and whom I raced once we got off the bus

I might have been late if his lesson was

first so we have students here too who

struggle to get to school on time it is

can be a challenge to get to work on

time or to get to school on time

certainly racing someone off the bus

might motivate you to actually get there

on time let's see next question is from

Solange hi again can I say I have a lot

of struggles yes absolutely you could

say you know my day is hard I have a lot

of struggles in life I would add the in

life part but you can definitely say

that you could say I have a lot of

struggles I have I struggle with getting

up on time I struggle with getting to

work on time

I struggle with money you could say all

of those things let's see here gonna

jump through the questions that aren't

on topic sorry about that

lolly lolly has the next question what's

the difference between hurdle and

obstacle they are pretty much the same

thing a hurdle is actually something

that a runner jumps over if you watch

races at the Olympics they have hurdles

so we use the same word to describe a

problem in our day you know there's a I

have to get over a few hurdles today

those would be little problems you could

also say I've there's a few obstacles in

my way today that would work as well so

I said I would say you could use both

let me clean up my questions here and

then we'll get back to the lesson

Pavlo says can people struggle both

mentally and physically yes absolutely

so you can have like a met something

that's mental or spirits will struggle

but you can also have a physical

struggle where you've maybe have a

broken arm or something like that okay

another thing people struggle with is

loss so in English when we say that

someone is struggling with loss it means

someone they know or someone in their

family has died okay so this is this

might be one that you're not familiar

with but you know years ago my dad

passed away I think I was thirty years

old my dad passed away he was only 56

years old and so my brothers and sisters

and my mom we struggled with loss so we

struggled with the loss of my dad but in

a general sense you can say that you

know she she lost her husband

you know she struggled with loss or she

is struggling with loss right now you

could also say that someone is

struggling with grief I forgot to add

that word but that's how you would talk

about someone who is just incredibly sad

because someone they know has died and

it doesn't have to be recent it could be

that that person

died recently but it can also be some

person that died a year or two ago or

more people it takes a different amount

of time for different people when

they're struggling with loss so some

people we're back to things that can be

addicting some people struggle with

smoking you know they want to quit

smoking but because the nicotine is

addictive they have trouble and they

struggle with smoking some people just

like smoking and they don't think they

are struggling with it but some people

do struggle with I think more quitting

smoking it's difficult for some people

to quit smoking 529 people watching

that's a lot anyways we're about halfway

through a lesson on struggles I'm trying

to explain the things that all of us at

one time or another have either

struggled with or we know someone who

has I'm Bob the Canadian if you're new

here you should click that red subscribe

button down there because then you'll

know when I make new videos and before

we continue the lesson don't forget to

watch this lesson or parts of it again

tomorrow to help reinforce what you are

hearing some people struggle with

finding a partner so as you go through

life it's nice to find someone to marry

but it can be a struggle too in English

we would say you need to get out there

okay so you need to go out in public you

need to go to places where people are

meeting socially or you need to be

introduced to someone but there are many

people in life who really would love to

have a partner they would love to be

married they would love to have a

boyfriend or girlfriend but they

struggle with finding a partner mom so I

hope all of you as you go through life

find a way or find a place where you can

meet someone we would say in English the

love of your life

so hopefully you find the love of your

life that's how we describe the person

who we have been I guess looking for all

our lives and we finally meet them Jen

by the way is the love of my life so

some people struggle with finding a

partner and because of that I'm gonna

jump ahead here they might struggle with

loneliness okay it is a big world with a

lot of people in it but it can still be

a world where people struggle with

loneliness when you are lonely obviously

you are all alone you would love to have

more friends you would love to maybe

have a partner a romantic partner but

some people struggle with loneliness so

here is my challenge to all 542 of you

today go out today and be kind to

everyone say hi to everyone there are

people that you probably know who

struggle with loneliness who are just

kind of go through their day and their

weekend and maybe they don't have

someone so seek these people out and be

kind to them and be nice to them so

that's my challenge to you today and if

you are someone who is lonely if you

suffer from loneliness or struggle with

loneliness you can say that one both

ways I hope today someone is kind to you

I hope that you find someone to talk to

this next one is kind of a funny one and

I suffer from this in English some

people struggle with having a big mouth

now that doesn't mean that your mouth is

big in English if we say someone has a

big mouth it means sometimes they talk

before they think or they talk a lot

okay so it doesn't mean that your mouth

is big but if I say my uncle has such a

big mouth

it means that he'll just say anything

he's always talking I have this problem

sometimes sometimes I think I'm right

and I just say it without thinking about

how it might make someone feel so some

people struggle with having a big mouth

I'm definitely

one of those people let me just jump

back and check some questions for a sec

Hardy front I'm laughing at myself now

that's good no it's good to laugh at

yourself as well

Hardy from China says how do you deal

with spending so much so I have too much

time on social media I'm struggling with

it now I think here's a good thing to do

if you turn off your notifications set

your phone so it doesn't beep or buzz

when you get a new notification and then

when you go home put your phone

somewhere for a few hours and just don't

just get don't leave it in your pocket

okay when it's in your pocket and it

goes Bing or buzzes that's one of the

ways that you can get kind of addicted

to social media so turn the phone off

turn the notifications off put the phone


that's that's what I would recommend

that you do let's see here

next question from Syed can struggle be

used instead of fight especially in a

physical fight yes so two people can

they can have a struggle where they're

actually kind of wrestling with each

other or they can be fighting where

they're actually punching each other but

struggle I think is used a little more

the way I'm using it this morning we

don't often use it to describe a

physical fight although it would be

correct okay you could say that you know

the two the two kids were struggling on

the floor with each other so there we go

let's see heute Seth says sir I hope my

question will be light and cool on you

do you meet with people who support

football and they're usually complaining

about how the team played without so I

think what you're saying here is some

people struggle with having to work with

people or they know people who don't

support the same team as them I hope I'm

answering your question correctly

Youssef some people have to struggle

with people who talk about sports all

the time that's that's sometimes

something that we hear so xalapa Solange

says can we use the noun fight so

usually when we're talking about the

kinds of things I'm struggling I'm

talking about we use struggle you know

struggle with or suffer from but you

could use fight in some of the

situations not all of them but you could

in some of them for sure

okay some people struggle with anger or

they struggle with having a bad temper

so when you have a bad temper you get

angry really easily so if it's that

Semyon says I can't turn off my phone

because I watch me but yeah that's true

sorry to make all these videos and make

it hard for you to put down your phones

but some people struggle with anger you

probably know someone who is gets angry

really easily and some people struggle

with that some people are overworked so

you might have a job where you just

struggle because you are overworked you

work 10 11 12 16 hours a day and that is

a challenge too that is something that

some people struggle with maybe you have

two jobs maybe you work one job and then

you go home and have some some food to

eat and you go and work another job so

you struggle with being overworked so

and then to go along with that you might

be struggling because struggling with

you might be struggling with being

underpaid so you might be overworked and

underpaid that is not a nice situation

to be in

so this can lead to you having struggles

with money so if you're underpaid and

you don't have enough money you might

struggle with being underpaid it's not a

nice situation I hope today your boss

gives you a raise could you imagine if

everyone watching this life English

lesson when they were done and the next

time you went to work your boss and

you're getting a raise

excellent work we love your all the work

you do you're getting a raise okay

that'd be kind of cool with

I just want to say hi again to all the

563 people watching that is awesome some

people struggle with hunger so we looked

at the fact that some people struggle

with overeating so they live in

countries where there's lots of food but

there are also many countries in the

world where people struggle with hunger

so that that that really makes me sad I

I feel like in the world we live in with

all of the wealth and technology around

the world there should be no more hunger

so I I do what I can in terms of

donating money to causes in the world

that reduce world hunger but some people

on a daily basis struggle with hunger

they don't know where their next meal is

coming from or they don't have enough

food every day so I hope for some of you

out there who are watching I hope that

you have the food that you need for

today I know some of you have mentioned

or messaged me to say that you live in

countries or you live in places where it

is a struggle to find food every day so

I really really hope that all of you out

there are able to find the food that you

need today so and if you are someone who

has wealth and has money I strongly

encourage you to find a way to help

people around the world who are

struggling with hunger or even in your

own cities okay so do that today if you

can some people struggle with bullies

people bully them when you are bullied

it means someone is bothering you or

bugging you every day or repeatedly it

might be in person or it might be online

bullying happens more in schools but it

can also happen to adults when someone

bullies you when you suffer from where

you struggle with bullying it means that

every day there is one or two people who

are just not kind to you I am NOT

someone who has patience for

bullies I I do not like people that

bully other people it bothers me a lot

when that happens so hopefully none of

you are bullies if you are bully

stop it and hopefully none of you are

being bullied hopefully no one is

bullying you hopefully you have a nice

day at school or work today and that

doesn't happen it can also happen from

family members you may have a brother or

sister or even a parent who is just mean

all the time so hopefully that isn't

happening to you hopefully you are not

struggling with that on a daily basis

let me jump back to the questions let's

see here we'll do a few questions and

then we'll get back to the lesson I

think I just click the wrong thing here

we go Fabio from Italy says hi Bob hi

Fabio what's the difference between

struggle and strive are the

interchangeable thanks a lot

not exactly so when you struggle with

something it's like every day it's

something that you have to think about

and work through when you strive for

something it means you're working

towards it so you strive towards a goal

so if your goal is to be a really good

athlete you might practice every day and

eat really healthy because you are

striving towards the goal of being an

athlete so when you strive you think

about that thing all the time and you do

what you need to do to get ahead let's

see here next question is from agile

sorry if there's students yelling in the

background I guess that makes you

realize I'm actually a teacher when I'm

in a classroom and you can hear students

yelling in the hall I think they just

finished their basketball or volleyball

practice there were a couple practices

in the gym this morning a gel says hi

Bob hi Jill I've been struggling

learning English for many years can you

give advice to people who like me

struggle are struggling with learning

languages thank you you just have to

keep working at it if you can I say this

a lot you know read write listen speak

and learn vocabulary every day let me

repeat that read something in English

every day write something in English

they listen to English everyday speak

English everyday even if it's just out

loud by yourself and learn some new

vocabulary that's the that's the best

and hire a tutor if you can afford a

tutor that is a very helpful thing to do

so probably true papi chulo hi papi

welcome and bob what's the difference

between trouble and problem so when you

have trouble it's kind of a general term

you know I have trouble with my car but

when you say that you have a problem

it's very specific okay so you could say

I just have trouble with my car all the

time that could mean the tires go flat

and the engine doesn't work right but if

you say I have a problem with my car it

would mean that you have a specific

thing wrong with it although now that I

say that you could say I'm always having

problems with my car you could

PluralEyes it in that sense if you're

always having trouble or you're always

having problems they mean the same thing

okay hopefully you caught the difference

there Simoni ruby arrows says hi from

Parana in brazil thank you for your help

with my English I have a problem I

struggle with shyness yes I think that's

actually my next one people struggle

with being shy so let's talk about that

when you are shy it's you're nervous to

talk to other people when you're shy or

you struggle with shyness you want to

just be by yourself or with people you

know the only thing I can say if you're

shy is you just have to slowly work your

way into social situations where you can

become more comfortable I'm a firm

believer in if you repeat the things

that you find challenging if you repeat

the things that are hard for you to do

in life eventually you do get used to it

as human beings we adapt okay so we

slowly become better at things so

hopefully you are able to do that

let's see here trying to find just a few

more questions let's see here Demetrio

says there was a question in the chat

how to describe someone who is not

accepted by the community can they be

called an outcast yes so sometimes

people struggle with fitting in people

struggle with fitting in so fitting in

means that you are accepted by the group

of people around you so some people do

struggle with fitting in to a group and

if you don't fit in we would say that

you could be you could be called an

outcast it's a pretty strong term we

would normally in English say you know

that person has is having trouble

fitting in or they're struggling to fit

in that would be a good way to describe

it maybe some people in the chat have

some recommendations for how to overcome

shyness I was very shy as a child and

I'm still somewhat shy as a person you

might find that hard to believe because

I'm always doing videos but this is

easier for me in a way because I'm just

in a classroom I know there's 500 people

watching 600 people watching that's a

little crazy but if I was to talk in

front of 600 people in a room in a

stadium I would probably be quite

nervous and a little bit shy so let's do

a couple more questions I get to go

backwards Mao says I am struggling with

everyday household chores

I think everyone struggles with that

mouth I struggle with keeping our house

clean and doing the dishes every day

let's see here let's see Luke has the

next question

Luke says hi Bob your channel really

deserves 1 million thumbs up thank you

very much you guys can give me a thumbs

up if you want could I say deep instead

upset when I have struggles so you could

have deep struggles yeah I think you

could say that you know when we use deep

it's just what we call a quantifier it's


it it defines how much of something so

you could say I have deep struggles with

addiction okay I have deep struggles

that would certainly work for sure let's

see here

Leo Chen says this is a great question

from Taiwan hi Bob are there other words

for expression similar to struggle with

but with different degrees of

seriousness I think you there could be

you know I think you've heard me say a

few times you know I have a problem with

you could say that as well

Oh lolly lolly has given me a super chat

thank u so much lolly lolly that is very

very generous of you no need to do that

but I do appreciate it and I do use the

money in a good way I use it to pay for

Internet on the part anyways yes I think

you could say you know I have problems

with I struggle with

I have trouble avoiding so you could say

I have trouble avoiding cigarettes that

would be another way to say it but let's

talk about the last one which is

something that I really feel like the

world would be a better place some

people struggle with racism or they

suffer from racism maybe in the

workplace maybe at your job I printed

out this where it says stop racism so

just to review racism is when people

hate other people or people dislike

other people because they are from a

different country because their skin is

a different color I am someone who some

day I hope there is no racism in the

world I know that there are so many

different beautiful people in the world

I truly believe that we are all just

created beautifully that we are

beautiful people and I really hope that

some day as the world matures and as we

get to know each other better that we

can eliminate racism completely that we

can not be concerned about how someone

looks when we think about them so I'm

gonna take this moment just to ask all

605 of you to just be kind to everyone

that you know regardless of where

they're from regardless of their skin

color let's all do our part to stop

racism in the world it is a challenging

thing I think for the world to work on

and to eliminate but I think if we if we

work hard we can get rid of racism

someday I just like everybody so that's

that's how I go through my day I just

like everybody um

English Danny has left a super chat as

well thank you so much English Danny

that is very very kind of you that is a

generous amount as well so thank you but

let's end on that note

let's all work today to be kind to be

generous to stop things like racism if

you can help people in your city or town

or country or the world who are

suffering from hunger let's work on that

I think that this is a good start just

600 people learning a little bit of

English so that we all know each other a

bit better anyways I'm Bob the Canadian

thank you so much for watching I'm going

to wrap this up remember don't forget to

click that subscribe button if you're

new here thumbs up are always welcome do

come back tomorrow there will be

subtitles on this video come back

tomorrow and re-watch the parts where

you had trouble understanding with the

subtitles on that's just a great thing

to do this was good I hope that of all

the things we went through all of the

struggles in life if you are suffering

from or struggling with any of the

things I mentioned I just hope for you

and wish for you to have a good day that

you can find a way to be free of that

struggle whether it's something as

simple as getting up late every morning

or whether it's more serious where you

suffer from low self-esteem or you

struggle with depression I hope you find

people who are kind I hope that you find

a path to feeling better or to overcome

that struggle or what you are suffering

from anyways Bob the Canadian have a

really really good weekend I'm going to

press the red button now and that will

be the end by the way live stream

tomorrow night at 7 p.m.

Standard Time come and ask any questions

you want and I will try to answer them

thank you very much have a really good


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