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When you're when we're under the fight-or-flight nervous system

we have to get a super rush of energy and the brain

has to become super alert we have to become super vigilant because

there's an emergency we're now in high gear now you have

three levels of beta you have low level beta

right now you and I pretty much are in low level beta if I said to you listen

I'm going to test you on all this material and if you don't pass the test

you can't leave tonight you may move into a little mid-range

beta well high range beta is like twice as high as mid-range beta and that's

when you're freaked out when you're scared when

you're angry when you're frustrated and in high range beta it's like driving

your sports car in first gear and the brain begins to break down and

the patterns that you see on EEG readings become very

incoherent yeah so in high beta you believe that the outer world is more

real than the inner world and in high beta your brain is

running a loop and you're overly analyzing your problems and the analysis

is causing the emotions to be reinforced and when you begin to

realize that in order for you to change your brain has to move from

beta to alpha and in alpha the inner world starts to become more real than

the outer world if you're addicted to those emotions

no new information can come into the nervous system

that is not equal to the emotion and that's

why when people get in this state they get lost

because they can't hear it because it's not a time to learn

it's not a time for new information it's time to react and survive

so when the emotions get highly addictive and the brain moves in this

pattern people are trying to force the outcome

and use the ego to change their life now moving into meditative states is moving

into those alpha states where the you begin to eliminate the information

from the external environment when you begin to slip back into alpha

your thinking brain quiets way down now people do this all the time they

don't know they do it when you're driving down the road

in your car and all of a sudden you're driving and all of a sudden you

-somewhere just above delta- you're well you're transiting out and you're

thinking about something and you're not aware of your body you don't

see the road or the environment you lost track of you lost track of time

your brain moved from beta to alpha we could say that in that moment

the inner world became more real than the other world the imaginary world

became more real than the external world now if you're in high beta that never

happens -right- because the brain doesn't pause

enough to store information you know knowledge is the precurse

precursor to experience the more knowledge you have you're more prepared

for the experience and i think that when you

go to these conferences and this is why i kind of stopped doing a lot of the

conferences and keynotes because it's philosophy

until you initiate that philosophy -yes- yeah

until you initiate it and practice it does it become truth or wisdom

so if people need to write that stuff down and ideo motor wise

create some circuits in their brain and that's how they pay attention

then go for it but don't sit there and analyze the information

and take the information and ask this simple question

How can i use this in my life? now once you start applying it

you just went from the philosopher to the initiate

and if you can reproduce an experience based on the knowledge you learn over

and over again now you're beginning to master that

knowledge yes you go from knowing or all the way to

knowingness you know to knowing to knowingness and when you

get to that point of knowing this where you

know that you know or you know how but you've done it so many times you

don't even know how you know how it's now innate in you it's who you are

and that's where we need to go as a culture we need to

all of a sudden break from these philosophical

arguments i mean that's why we're doing the workshops because we're

all about really you know it's a time in history not just to learn

information it's a time in history really

to learn how to use that information -absolutely-

if you took one hour of your day and retreated from your life truly

shut off your cell phone chuck powered down the computer

you got up at five in the morning whatever times good for you

before your day when your brain is already in alpha and the brain chemistry

is just right to dream and you sat down and you said

what is the greatest ideal of myself that i want to present to the world

today and you sat there and you changed your

state of being until you worked until you were that

person you would have to forget about the

people in your life the things that you have to do the

things you own the places you have to go at different times and all

the experiences in your life that reaffirm your identity

now this is what uh

uh a change in coherence looks like in the brain if you look on the left side

this person has a lot of chatter going on in their brain their brain is working

way too hard they're thinking about everything

they're analyzing their life within the emotions that they're memorized

the brain is in a high arousal state after one meditation

we see a normal healthy brain so you got two parts of the brain two halves of the

brain communicating that is a level of wholeness where the

person is literally viewing their life from a different mind now constantine's

work allows us to measure the field around the body but then the

uh the different energy centers i don't like to call them chakras but i call

them energy centers because they're literally hormone centers that carry

nerve plexuses or minds with them their levels of consciousness

so you can measure the person's level of chakra balance based on

their size of expression healthiness robustness

and then the way we measure whether they're working properly is whether

they're aligned or we move them off so the weaker or more imbalanced they are

the more we move them off with the more they move off so we do

have meditation at the beginning of every day to bless

every one of these centers with new information at the end of

one meditation you have to get into your autonomic nervous system if you get

beyond your analytical mind you have to enter into

the subconscious system to make the change

here's a person whose energy is way off after one meditation

their energy is more aligned and you can see some of those

energy centers actually enlarged right take a look at this person

they're doing pretty good but after the meditation they're doing really well

look at the size of those energy centers compared pre and post you can see look

at that they're just more more robust they're more filled they're

more they're more heightened and this person's going to have a good

day yeah so uh so that was a great way for us to

measure like in other words you can't change

these systems with your conscious mind as you as consciousness falls out of the

neocortex you move deeper into the autonomic nervous system

you know that fight-or-flight parasympathetic

nervous system that autonomic automatic nervous system that causes you to

salivate when you see the chocolate cake well if you're changing the program now

you're changing it in the autonomic nervous system you won't salivate any

longer because you changed it there this is bliss in the brain you can see

right around the third level third row down there second one

over from the left you see a brain that's

bright red that is energy making its way to the

brain this is being in the moment you can see

a person very hypo coherent in the first slide and then in the second slide

the brain is way more organized and more balanced

now this woman had an amazing amazing experience we were watching her

brain patterns during this event and she was pretty much started her

event in a certain level her meditation went we were watching it

during the event and during the meditation i want you to see

what full-out ecstasy looks like in the brain

see how red that is that is energy that's kundalini

this woman was sobbing she was in so much joy and she wasn't doing it it was

happening to her it was energy all of that energy is as

the body of the mind is moving back to the brain

this person was in the state of absolute bliss state of absolute ecstasy

this is a person with a traumatic brain injury all that blue means it's

hypocoherent he's struggling in the light bulbs at 10

watts instead of 50 yards after four days of meditation normal

brain normal brain he's wheelchair bound at

the end of this event he stood up traumatic brain injury same guy look at

how blue it is and all those different segments in other words he's

not his brain is not getting enough energy

this is a normal brain after four days this is a person

when you have parkinson's disease the brain is working way too hard it's hyper

coherent the person has very very a lot of

difficulty thinking clearly the brain is way out of balance after uh

four days of meditation this is a normal brain her tremors went away

in this particular mechanism this particular graph

the red in this situation is measuring what's called coherence

so the redder it is in this slide means the more

hyper coherent the more uh static is going on in the brain

so the other brain scan the other the quantitative measurement that we use

is standard deviations of of temperature so

here's the here's the other measurement so look how blue the brain is here which

means there's not a lot of activity going on

yes that is a normal brain right there this person without any drugs without

any surgery without anything and her belief in herself changed her

state of being

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