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The following video includes helpful segments on trap placement,

trap assembly, accessories, customer support

and more. Turn up your volume and enjoy the instructional video.

Welcome to the Mosquito Magnet family.

We know the right weather conditions create the ideal environment for you to

enjoy the outdoor.

Being able to enjoy it with your family and friends is the greatest reward,

however, we know that mosquitoes and other insects

are a plague that can invade your yard and make it impossible to enjoy the


but why do they choose us?

When we breath, we exhale a gas called carbon dioxide.

The combination of carbon dioxide, the warmth of our breath

and the scent of our skin creates an irresistible lure

that attracts mosquitos and other biting insects within a two hundred-foot

range. This is why we have developed Mosquito Magnet,

a revolutionary product designed to mimic a human

to attract and kill biting insects. The Mosquito Magnet is

odorless and silent. For optimal catch rate,

run your trap 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The first step is trap placement and it is critical to your trap's performance.

We must determine the direction of the wind and then place the Mosquito Magnet

up wind. The breeze helps to distribute the carbon dioxide, an attractant,

across the breeding grounds. The Mosquito Magnet should be placed at least 30

to 40 feet away

from outdoor living areas. If possible,

place the Mosquito Magnet in a shaded area and avoid obstacles that prevent

airflow, such as bushes and fences. The Mosquito Magnet will run in

all-weather, however, your trap should be kept away from

other water sources such as sprinklers and hoses. To assure that you have found the

correct locale for your trap,


here you will find a trap placement guide

that allows you to simulate the unique environment in your yard.

Now, it is time to assemble your Mosquito Magnet.

There are 3 different models, each designed for your specific needs.

There are 3 quick and easy steps to assembling your trap:

first, we need to assemble the base of your Mosquito Magnet,

then place the support pole into the cavity in the base.

Next, place the power head onto the poll. Press down firmly with two hands to


For your convenience, your power head comes with a bug bag

already installed.

place the base of the propane tank into the molded cradle

of your Mosquito Magnet making sure the propane tank is fully closed.

Attach the propane regulator hose to the propane tank.

Secure tightly by hand. Depending on which Mosquito Magnet model you have


will depend on your power source. For the Patriot,

plug the power connector into the slot located on the back

of the power head. For the Independence, install 4

'C' size batteries. These will last you all season.

And for the Executive you must charge your reusable battery,

then install. One charge lasts all season.

After connecting to the appropriate power source, we need to turn the propane


by slowly turning the valve counterclockwise.

Now it's time to start your Mosquito Magnet with a single touch

the unit starts and begins working immediately.

With the Mosquito Magnet's patented counterflow technology

the mosquitoes are drawn into the bug bag where they are trapped,

and die within 24 hours. Along with these biting pests, any diseases that they may


are also trapped. By becoming part of the Mosquito Magnet family,

you are backed by 360-degree support

from our dedicated customer care line to our certified service centers.

The customer care line is your first line of defense

for any question or concern. To keep your trap running at peak efficiency,

use Mosquito Magnet accessories. By using a Mosquito Magnet attractant,

you can increase your catch rate up to 10 times.

There are memories created in your home every day,

let Mosquito Magnet help you enjoy them.

Mosquito Magnet. Taking back neighborhoods

1-yard at a time.

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