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This is a part two follow up from a previous video

I made called "The Hero of Parnast"

We catch back up to my Dungeons & Dragons game where the party met up to go off on their next adventure

I'm willing to go anywhere as long as we're not going to Parnast. Swear to god

I just want to be as far away from that place as humanly possible

Choo, choo all aboard

What crazy adventures await them around the next corner, where will they be going next?

Parnast that they're going to Parnast. Thank you for answering my call. We've been having some problems in town

It seems like there's been someone sabotaging our defense efforts. Can you investigate and figure out who's been causing all the trouble?

It's Wallace. Oh

He seems unlikely. After all, he is the hero of Parnast

I don't know why he would be involved with this but Wow, you've figured it out already

Nope, but he should be in jail

I'm just interested in looking for the actual culprit. Is there a way we can arrest both of them?

So the group take up the case and set out on their mission

Okay, we have two things we need to do. One is to get someone in prison, and the other is to screw over Wallace.

So I think we need to have a plan that incorporates

Both of these goals. Are you suggesting that we


Wallace? What? No..


I'm not saying that what I am saying is that we

Place our own evidence that would lead the investigations to concluding that Wallace was with the one who did the crime. Okay? Yes. Yes

I'm saying we frame Wallace. Along with the party was a new player who hadn't played the previous adventure

So he had no idea who Wallace was and why the group hated him just so much

strangely enough

A lot of the evidence was actually pointing towards Wallace there were some shears that were used in a crime which Wallace owned

Several items that were sabotage with breaks were ones that the young carpenter was supposed to have repaired. Oh gosh golly

You guys it's great to be working with you guys again and trying to get to the bottom of this mystery. Oh, yeah. Yeah

We're really excited that you could be a part of this investigation Wallace. I think you're going to really really like the

Conclusion coming to you


sure am! As they investigate what the group discover is that

Ironically while they wanted to get Wallace in prison

It turns out that the actual villain out there was also laying clues to frame the poor Wallace

But who in the world could have a grudge against little Wallace the other than the entire party? Hmm

Well, following the evidence it comes out to one conclusion

Seems like a pretty open-and-shut case to me

Wait, but we found out he's been framed don't you want to track down the real criminal?

I said it seems like a pretty


Case to me. Oh, yeah, he's right the story is

progressing down a particular route and I mean maybe maybe we shouldn't get involved and let an

Outcome happen and let a situation take his [cough] natural course. The new player was still a little confused

It sounds like you guys have a grudge or something against this wallace guy

Look, we're supposed to be tracking down the actual villain. So that's what we're gonna do

Yeah, but if we do that that will exonerate


Later on in the adventure little Wallace received a note from an anonymous source

It seems like he had a secret admirer of some kind. Hey Wallace. You're really cute

I like you and you're totally awesome and definitely net completely useless

Hey, could you come out to this random part of the woods for no reason in particular?

It is totally not a trap signed your secret admirer

So he went off to find out who this admirer was, but when the note had said it was not a trap

It was a deception

when the party arrived they heard a [muffled sounds]

A nefarious villain had tied Wallace up threatening to hurt the hostage. What to do?And so, faced with the moral dilemma

The players racked their brains wondering wondering how can we save the poor little Wallace?

I'm honestly just surprised this scenario happened twice in a row. Don't come any closer or else little Wallace is going to get hurt

What's your move?

[muffled scream]

In the fight wallets got tied up in the webs and they got set on fire by the accident. At least

I'm pretty sure as an accident. You guys rescued me

Unfortunately, if you guys came out here to rescue me, huh? Then that means you guys really do...

Oh god Wallace

If you don't stop talking

I will reach down your throat rip out your own intestines and then strangle you with them just to get you to

Shut up. So the villain was going to try and set the Tavern on fire and frame Wallace for it

Yeah, and I would have gotten away with it, too

If it wasn't for you meddling kids and your stupid

Giant flying snake and that bear wizard and it's psychic Raven with a third eye growing out of its forehead

And the twin pair of mephits dressed up in baby's clothes

You guys have a lot of pets, don't you?

Great now that we've arrested the actual villain we don't get to get Wallace in prison

Oh wait, we could still set the tavern on fire and frame Wallace! What, you guys can't..? Yes!

I mean, I don't like Wallace you guys don't like Wallace. Maybe we'll work something out here. Whoa, whoa, whoa

Sorry, I can't let you guys do that

Even though I I guess I have to be the stick in the mud, lawful good here. Oh, yeah, we're all awful good here

Yep, me too

Look what we're doing is justice. It's fair

Sometimes to make a point you need to burn down a tavern and some people die.

Oh my god you guys


Really don't like Wallace. I don't even think I've seen a villain hated this much

What did he do to you? Did he like kill your families or something?

Worse. Oh

Oh, oh my god

Okay, fine. I guess we won't frame him

Yeah, we have some other business to take care of, but we don't want Wallace to be anywhere near us

So we'll kick him out of the group send him back to town with a bear in the villain tied up. Wait

No, we have to stop him like why we've made a horrible mistake. We can't let that happen

Back at Parnast the town's folks. See someone emerge from the forest. Is that? No!

It's little Wallace riding atop

His war bear dragging behind him is the villain. It appears as if he went into the forest all alone

Took down the culprit and tamed a wild bear

Truly, is there anyone else could match the young Wallace's heroism his bravery his cunning his might? And so the townsfolk

Gathered around lifted him up saying praise to the little Wallace! Praise to the hero of Parnast!

Who is the real villain here I wonder


[chanting] Wallace! Wallace! Wallace!

Stop it! Stop praising him! He's not cool!

He fell for a trap! I got the letter right here!

He's not cool, I tell you! We did all the work! We deserve a statue!

Why does he get two statues?

[chanting continues] Wallace! Wallace!

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