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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 裡應外合!叛變獄警幹掉監獄長,給囚犯發槍,挾持武裝警察當人質!

Difficulty: 0

The time bomb has been coded.

It'll be triggered once we shake them.

It will get people inside hurt.

Shenying Team,

Come to No.5 Zone right now.

Move fast.

Sir, Shenying Team has been in place now.

Now, brief introductions.

Prison warders have been locked.

We'd deal with the bomb tied to the door.


It's been re-coded based on that of the door.

So, we can't crash it in a short time.

Let me go.

I'll be his deputy.

Right, change your dress.

What happened, how's going there?

Nothing serious,

those bad guys have been wiped out.



Come on, open the door.

It's useless.

There's another door behind.

The key is on the head's hands.

You can't open it without the key.

Guys, keep hidden.


can you tell which one is the right one?

Only two wrong choices to a loser.

One is to pick the wrong career.

The other is to cut the wrong line.

Given something inside the bomb,

I thought the yellow one is my favourite.

Tiebao, do it now.

I'll stay with you.

Come on, you're free now.

How does it light again?

Come on, run.

Run, now.

Come on, Yangcan, run now.

Give it to me.

Stay down.

You wanna die, why did you show off?

You'd know you aren't in this suit.

Well, I'm all right now.

Get up.

Are you ok?



He was right.

Sir, your crews did a good job.


Your men did excellent job.

Nothing serious here.

So, here's all on your crews,

I'll take people to deal with other bad guys.

All right, that's a deal.

Go now.

Sir, something is very wrong.

The head has been killed.


No gunshot wound, no blood.

No signs for fighting.

Sir Likovic,

did he have a medical history before?

No, he's always in good health.

Well, it's weird.

Given his status,

he's been murdered.

How did the killer come in?

Here's perfectly safe.

No one can get here.

Only me and the head have the key.

What the hell is going on?

What are you doing?

Report, I have something to tell you.

What's that?

This man,

What are you doing here?

Look, they come to save you now.


Good job.

Open the door.

Obviously, he's been chocked to death.

The killer did it by his tie.

How did the killer come in?

It's watertight.

Nobody can go in and out.

Only me and the head got the key.

So, it doesn't make any sense.


This door was open when I came in.

So, he may be killed by this window.

And he knew the killer well.

No one can be a passerby in this corridor,

so, no one can commit crimes here.

to burst into from the door.

So, as far as he came to the window,

to talk with a guy he knew well,

that guy would take this chance to hold his tie,

to choke him to death.

So, it makes sense.

It was a guy he knew well.

What, you suspected me?

Where's the guy coming to talk to you?


Just hot air, no brass tacks.

Even no outsider can be allowed to get in his office.

How did you know the head killed?

One more question.

Even Yiwan killed his head.

why did he report to you,

that would enable him to turn up.

So, there must be something crucial to him,

he wanted to get it.

Something he didn't get it just now.

The card, I lost it.

What's that?

It will enable us to access the zone of major criminals.

That's it.

He killed the head for getting the card.

He couldn't get it if he didn't get here.

So, he wanted us to give him hand.

Then he took the card away in secret.

That means, the bomb there is a pall of smoke.

to distract us.

All men,

come to the zone of major criminals now.

Yiwan, my buddy.

You came to us.

Open it.

Come on.


How's going there?

Bad guys' goal is the zone of major criminals.


we've got Andongni out of there.

Now, we're leaving the prison.


Let me know ASAP if you get something.

Good luck.

Come to support Andongni.

Huohu, I got a mission now.

You can't leave here.

Langwang is now pinning our enemies desperately.

You can go after knowing our guys got out of the prison.

Now, I'll come to support your guys in prison.

You can't drag me on.

I'll go with you.

If I don't want you to go with me.


Wise up, or,

you'll take your guys to the hell.

Piss off, I don't have much time.

If something goes wrong with my guys,

I'll set accounts with you.

Langwang, where are you?

We're safe, and we're not on enemies' trails.

Got it.

The helicopter.

Guys, keep hidden.

Be careful.

Let us go now.

Sir, Namin, leave me alone.


Don't move, let them go.

Go now.

The Description of 裡應外合!叛變獄警幹掉監獄長,給囚犯發槍,挾持武裝警察當人質!