Practice English Speaking&Listening with: De eerste keer | LEKKER DAN #6

Difficulty: 0

Wake up! Can't be late for your first interview.

It's not till ten.

You look fancy.

Me? Well, thank you.

Are you going to an afternoon soiree or something?

I'll put on something else


And she saw the whole thing.

Ah Milo, I'm so sorry for you. - Maybe you just need some me-time.

Hold on. - Focus on yourself for a while.

I didn't know you were into guys?

Oh, someone proposed the date and I thought: why not?

Why not? - Yes, why not?

Shouldn't you people be working? Or do I just pay you for drinking coffee?

Milo, son, we need to talk.

Now? - Now.


In my office.

Goddamnit! This is not a side walk!

Freaking tourists.

What do you want, son?

I see you drifting and drifting and you've got so much potential.

I know that.

You're so special. You've got talent!

For what?

I know, we're going to involve you in our local stores.

Get you in the field, that is exactly what you need.

Dude. - No, stop. Shit.

Why don't you start by thinking about what you don't want.


Do you also have sex with men?

And how does that work, exactly?

Hi, I'm here to interview for PR assistant at Funks and..., to wash my hands.

You can take a seat over there, we're running late.

The bathrooms are to your left. - Okay.

Are they all here for the interview?

Yes, so plenty of time to really scrub those fingernails.

Hi Marijn, you got in early.

Yeah, you really get around I hear.

Good to see you all. We're going to divide some new cases.

Greenpeace will go to Eva...

...and then I need a consultant on the Overlinge case...

On it! - No, I'm on it.

Seems to me Marijn is busy enough. - Why? I know this case.

You know everyone's cases nowadays, don't you?

Excuse me, mister stripey suit?

You might find a case in that left pocket of yours that you can cry over.

Ouch Marijn. - What?

Should I get punished because I'm working extra for Stegener?

If you start talking like her, yes, you should.

Nico, it's yours. Now, let's go over the targets this month:

20k for Nico, 35k for Eva, 40k for Thomas on the merger...

and Marijn, 300k on our project.

Oh look: Emma Stegener Lois...'ve travelled all the way down to our floor?

Tiring isn't it, to always call me by my entire name.

Marijn, do you... - Miss Stegener Lois, Thomas Shark.

I see that - Wonderful work on the oil refineries.

You really need to explain the concept of your environmental department... your employees, Erik. Marijn?

We still have to go over everything for our first hearing.

I'm needed here a little longer. Can we do it later?

No. We're going to lunch. Ten minutes.

Okay. Are you going to wait here?

God no. I wouldn't be caught dead here.

So close to the ground and surrounded by plants.

Exactly, before you know it I'm breathing real oxygen...

...instead of filtered airconditioning. - Ew, gross.


They won't notice it - No?

Of course they will, but who cares. Hi, I'm Tess.

Sweaty hands. Are you nervous? - Yeah, it's my first time.

Oh really? You'll get the hang of it soon enough.

Or I'll get this job?

Haha yeah, sure.

Oh, no of course, who knows.

Tess Meijer? - Yup.

God damnit. I'm only doing this to receive those unemployment benefits.

Good luck, I hope you get the job.


I mean there has to be something for me, right? Do I look okay?

Okay, come on. Out of here. Go!

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