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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The meticulous art of lace appliqué

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So, Ill remove that one, and that one.

Thats good

The lace appliqués have been done entirely by hand.

The goal is for it to look as if the fabric was just placed

on the model, without having been sewn.

First, I need to isolate the flower in order to refine it,

and then I'll sew it onto the garment to create an encrustation.

I need another small petal for it to be symmetrical.

Im going to try and put this one here.

Its not quite the same.

There you go.

This is a very delicate, artisanal technique.

The flowers overlap.

We need to remove the one thats underneath

so that the one on top really makes us see how fine the piece is.

It gives a certain lightness,

it creates a fluttering effect as it moves.

The dress emerges from the fabric.

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