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I'm definitely gonna rule the world.

You're amazing!

I want to sing,

dance and act.

But I need a lot more practice

if I want to become the next superstar.

Every pop star had to start somewhere.

(cheering and applause)

KRISTIE: Tonight on Raising Asia...

Asia is not on her "A" game,

and I'm really concerned about this.

You need to tell me why

you're having this problem.

Well, first of all, you're talking.

ERIK: What happens when you're nine and you're competing

against-- with everyone that is amazing, too?

I don't want to see the strain

between you and Shawn.

You and Asia

are constantly yelling,

and Bella and Shawn don't even want to be there.

She's afraid that people are going to...

destroy her daughter.

I've had enough of you guys.

Mom, you raised a bitch.


♪ ♪


SHAWN: It's clear that Kristie's very stressed out,

and she pretty much stopped eating.

So I'm gonna feed her today.

Hopefully she'll get more relaxed

before I take off for my trip.

Are you making me breakfast?

Yeah, I'm-I'm making everybody's.


When you land, do you go straight to the venue?

Or do you go... Where do you go?

I land and I got a lunch meeting at, um, 12:00.

We could've went. We could've went today.

No, it would've been way too tight 'cause I'm not gonna be available.

What would you do?

So we have

a full two days before you come back in.


Well, hold down the fort.

Shawn's like the glue that stabilizes this household,

and, without him here, I do feel the pressure.

Managing these two girls,

it's a full-time job.

Bella, I'll miss you.


What about for Papa Ray?

With the forehead now?


Okay, you're not even eating your food.


I'm not hungry.


Okay, I got to get out.

You got everything?

I used to be a professional bodybuilder for 14 years.

I love seeing the world, I love meeting my fans.

Kristie relies on me to take more of an active role

with Bella, and, when I'm not here, Kristie has

to fill two roles instead of just one.



Love you!

♪ ♪


Come and eat, please. 'Cause we have things to do.

Asia's manager Billy has set up a huge performance

for Asia in three months.

We need her as ready as possible prior to this event.

So even though Asia does not have a performance this week,

she needs to keep up on her training, her flexibility

and make sure that she has all her stuff done for school.

So, we had a very stressful two weeks,

but this week we have a break on performances.


Do you think me and Bella

can go to the park today?

There's just not time for a day off.

We don't get your schoolwork done,

we can't go out to L.A.

and do what we need out there.

Maybe Nana can fly in.

When my mom comes in to help with Asia and Bella,

it's hard because she sometimes does not stick to my rules.

So eat up.

Bella's already eaten. Is she just...

playing upstairs?

You never know what Bella's doing. (chuckles)

♪ ♪

BELLA: Mama.

KRISTIE: I'll be right there.


Show me how fast you go.

Slow down. Don't go in the street.

BELLA: Asia can't do stuff with me

because she's always dancing.

♪ ♪

(phone rings)


How's Vegas?

It's good. I'm finally on my lunch break.


Where's Bella? Can I say hi?

Yeah, say hi. Here, talk. Here, talk.

Hi, Daddy!

ASIA: Sometimes I'm jealous of Bella.

She has the easy life.

Me, I have

the hard life because I work hard for it.

♪ ♪


Hey. You made it.

And on time.

I forgot I had to meet my sister this week,

and I can't miss this because...

I don't want to have that held over my head

that I'm missing family time.

This is cute. How did you find this place?

I expected you

to get here with Asia.

Oh, my gosh.

Like, when do I have time?

GINA: I'm Kristie's sister, and I think Kristie is

stretching herself thin, and this is really gonna affect

the family in the long run.

The whole idea is for you to get out

'cause you've been so stressed.

I can

only do so much.

Like, I'm trying to do everything.

You know what,

maybe one time you need to let Shawn take her

to her... Don't give that look. He's her father.

Oh, no. That's been discussed. He doesn't want

to sit in a dance studio ever

and sit there for the...

hours that I sit there.

He needs

to go at least one time because, you know what...

Well, then you can ask him to go.

I-I went. I will.

Because he complains to me

and, you know what, I don't know what to say.

I call Kristie the Nazi dance mom 'cause she...

just wants to control

not only Asia but everyone.

Kristie, you-you're digging your ditch.

No, I... No. You guys...

You don't...

No, you don't see it.

It's hard. I-I can't...

I feel like I can't do everything.

You need to relax. Like I said,

you're gonna give yourself a heart attack.

KRISTIE: My sister

is just more emotional than me.

I don't know where

she got this emotional gene.

You and Asia are constantly yelling,

and Bella and Shawn don't even want to be there.

The bottom line is, Kristie,

we-we need to call Mom.

KRISTIE: You can't sit here

and take that long to do four problems.

You need to tell me why you're having this problem.

Well, first of all, you're talking.

BOTH: ♪ What would I do? ♪

What would I do? ♪

Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Wait.

What are you doing?

♪ ♪

Where's Gina?

No, we'll see Gina tomorrow.

But we got things to do tonight, okay?

I thought today would be nice to get away to have drinks

with my sister, and now I feel more stressed.

We made a dance for you. Look it. Ready?

Oh, yeah.

BOTH: ♪ What would I do? What would

I do? ♪

Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Wait.

What are you doing?

ASIA: We're doing a dance for you.

Am I supposed to hear that song?

Oh. Never mind.

Asia, you know better than that.

This is unacceptable.

You don't do music unless she's with Billy or myself.

She's not supposed to sing that song.

Can I explain to you what happened just so you understand?

I know she was playing, but don't ask her to sing.

There's a copyright on that song.

You guys don't have it yet, so she can't do it.

That's why we won't film anymore by herself.

Maybe Gina's right. With Shawn gone,

I might need some help. I need

to bring in my mom.

(seagulls cawing)

Now it's time

for Asia and I to get things done.

Because she doesn't have a performance,

she needs to be on her training, and she needs to be

practicing her vocals every day.

Hello, Billy.

Hey, hey, hey!

BILLY: I manage Asia,

and I also coach her--

vocals and in acting.

(singing scales to piano recording): ♪ Ma, ma, ma, ma

Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma. ♪

Guess what.

You're gonna come over here.

You know why?


'Cause you keep looking in the mirror.


Look at me. Pay attention.


Mirror, mirror on the wall,

who's the cutest of them all?

Look at my ugly face.

So, I've written a song for Asia,

and I want her to perform it for her mom and dad,

uh, by the end of the week.

And, hopefully, have that song

to the big, big final show that

I want her to sing at Universal.

Everything that we're doing

are her stepping-stones to that big show.


Ma, ma

Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma

(sings high note): ♪ Ma. ♪

What was that?

That was weird.

No. It's 'cause you're not focusing.

You jumped an octave.

There is no doubt in my mind

that Asia is an exceptional, extraordinary talent.

Timing is everything, and she's hot right now,

so we need to capitalize on the heat that she does have

in the industry, but we have a long ways to go before she is

that A-list entertainer.


Ma, ma

Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma

Ma. ♪


That a girl.


KRISTIE: I know, you like it?

ASIA: Molly-- she's one of my dance coaches.

She helps me a lot.


Stop moving. Hold it.


Oh. Ow!

Wow. This is really bad today.

I know.

Yeah, that's what happens when she's off.

Mom, it doesn't help me. It hurts more.

Well, this is why you have to stretch at home.

I'm sorry that I don't have time.

You don't want to stretch at home. You have

to stretch at home, too.

That's not true.

I want to. I'm so busy.

Dance, dance, dance every day.

Sing, sing, sing every day.

My schedule's just

B-U-S-Y. Busy.


ASIA: Yeah?

Go get your school work.

Mom, this one's hard.

It's six time eight.


What's six times five?

I'm not sure so sure about this...

Mommy-teaching-me thing.

Six times five is...

is 30.

Okay. Six times six.

Six times six is...

One, two, three, four, five, six.

You need to get your flash cards.

You should be beyond making tallies.

My phone has a calculator, Mom.

I don't need math.

You can't sit here and take that long to do four problems.

You need to tell me why you're having this problem.

Well, first of all, you're talking.

And second of all,

I... Mom, I need to use my fingers.


One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Listen to me.

When you're taking the test...

Yeah. that how you're gonna look?


On your fingers?


KRISTIE: We starting homeschooling Asia this year.

The positive about homeschooling

is that she does have a flexible schedule,

but her and I as

student and teacher-- it's not happening.

Because I'm taking the time out

every day... Oh.

I'm not playing.



Nana Vicky arrives. Yay!

My job has been the girls since birth.

Well, I think it's Asia.

Five and six and seven, eight. And one. Look, two.

Is that the strongest you can give?

(doorbell rings)

Yay. She's early.



Guess who I brought.


Nana! Nana!

Nana Vicky arrives. Yay!

Oh. Yay!

I'm excited because Asia's gonna be busy,

and Bella has Nana, her playmate,

until Shawn gets back.

Nana's here.

BELLA: I love to hang out

with Nana Vicky.

I'm not sure how long

you can stay, but the last two weeks have been

really crazy.

VICKY: Okay.

Well, I'm here to help, you know. Don't want

to see you get stressed out.

Kristie's high-strung. She always has been.

So you don't

do any... any fun things other than run back and forth to L.A.?

Um, I've been...

That's a no. No. No.

I've been doing

nothing, except...

I've been trying...

Okay, it's "no." I understand.

My job has been the girls since birth.

Well, I think it's Asia.

Kristie has tunnel vision when it comes to...

Asia's... career.

She needs to relax a little bit

and let go of the strings a little bit.

So what time do you get home at night?

I mean, do you get any sleep?

Are you still...?


I'll sleep when I'm in the grave.

KRISTIE: The goal we have for Asia is to definitely be well-rounded,

and so right now we are headed to hip-hop lessons.

We need to get her back in her conditioning and her training

and do the things she needs to stay on her game.

ERIK: Slide, one. Jump,

two. Three. Four.

Do it again. It's a little sloppy.

ASIA: I've known Erik for

probably like a year.

Seven, jump, eight. Do it again.

ASIA: He's my hip-hop teacher.

He's really tough on me,

but he's the best.

Five, six, seven, eight.

And a one, two. Ha, ha, ha.

And five, six and seven.

Jump, scratch. Hut, three.

And five and six and seven, eight.

And roll. And roll, turn.

And five and six and seven, eight.

And one. Look, two.

Four, five, six, seven, eight.

One. All right.

Is that the strongest you can give?

You've given up

a lot to be this amazing eight-year-old,

this amazing six-year-old, this amazing seven-year-old.

What happens when you're nine, and you're competing

against-- with everyone that is amazing, too?

You got to preserve your training to stay on top.

ASIA: Every word that Erik said today--

I took it to heart,

and I believe

that I should be phenomenal at every age, because if

you're just phenomenal at one age-- eight--

no one's gonna remember you.

KRISTIE: Daddy'll be here soon.

SHAWN: Hey, hey!





You all done?

(Asia giggles)

My daddy. (giggles)

SHAWN: There's nothing better than that feeling

of coming home to a family.

That's what I look forward to most.

Now I got to get down to the brass tacks.

I got the e-mail finally.

KRISTIE: Uh-huh.

I finally got the contract from Billy,

so I can clearly understand

what role Billy has to play in Asia's career.

There's agreement you're the manager.

I don't know if you're managing her acting,

I don't know if you're just managing the singing.

Because I haven't gotten anything in writing.

I haven't seen anything.

Well, then, you need to talk

to your wife, 'cause we have a contract.

Well, I need to see it.

Well, then,

you need to talk to her.

This is not an actual

binding contract.

That's what I was trying

to explain to you is that what I signed--

it's protecting Asia, not Billy.

That's basically what I got, but I didn't get that initially.

I'm thinking it's a manager agreement.

I'm boxed out, she's locked in.


And we're jacked.

I've pretty much

left Asia's career in Kristie's hands.

She's chosen to work with Billy.

But I also have to make sure

that my daughter's taken care of,

and Kristie needs to know that I can also be in control.

ASIA: One day, we just need

to do nothing and, like, maybe on, like, a Saturday.

SHAWN: Listen, I'm gonna be there for some of your rehearsals.

You're not going to the recording studio with me

by yourself, right?


ASIA: I'd rather have my mom

at the recording studio,

because she knows a little more than Dad.

Like, when I mean a little more, I mean a lot more.

With the music-- there's normally meetings in the music.

What I'm saying...

Like, the vocals--

I totally... You can take her whenever she wants.

Are you telling me there's something

that I can't take her to?

VICKY: Kristie is working really hard

for Asia, and Asia wants to do it,

so Kristie wants it done right.

It's a lot of work, and she feels

that she's the only one that can do it.

But she needs to share some of the responsibility with Shawn,

and that's what I'm hoping will happen.

I'm saying that I would like to be in the meeting

so we're on the same page

when we go...

I get it. When there's a meeting,

I think we both should be there.

So, normally, the recording--

when we go to the recording school--

there's a meeting.

Oh, that's fine.

So, I'm just trying to tell you the schedule.

I'm new to this, but I'm gonna work my way in.


Kristie needs to step aside

and let me take over a little bit.

She's been overworked and stressed out for months.

Now it's time for me to step in,

so I put my career on the backburner

so I can make sure Asia's career takes off.

Oh, oh-oh-oh, oh, ooh

Ah, uh, ah... ♪

Look 'em right in the middle of their nose right here.

This is what's been bugging me.

(voice breaking): You know, I don't want to see the strain

between you and Shawn.


I've had enough of you guys.

Mom, you raised a bitch.

SHAWN: Today we're going into the studio

to hear a song that Asia's manager Billy wrote for her.

In the next couple of months, we're trying to move towards

a major concert. This is laying

the groundwork. We're gonna find out if this'll work for us.

So keep chasing those rainbows

And follow your stars

Don't let them tell you

That you won't make it this far... ♪

I don't know if Asia's a good singer.

There's a light within you

I have one wish

For you

That all of your... ♪

Asia can sing this much.

Oh, oh-oh, ah. ♪

Oh, yes! So good!


BILLY: Asia is a star

to be born.

We have a long road.

Writing songs for her-- very difficult.

She's eight.

You can't sing about love.

She's eight. Let's keep that real.

SHAWN: Asia?

Here's what you do.

If you can't look them in the eye,

you look 'em right in the middle of their nose right here.

Yeah. And sometimes when you focus

on it and you get nervous, just look at their nose.

It's the same spot, or their forehead, okay?

ASIA: My dad has no clue

what singing is.

He listens to Michael Jackson

stuff, and he tries to sing.

Ooh, not really good for your ears.

SHAWN: They're all gonna be strangers when you get in that room.

They're all your friends. That's-- they're there for you.

It's no different

to what you do all the time onstage.

I'm not sure how I'm feeling about this--

Shawn's giving his opinion.

I've been doing this since she was two.

I just want Shawn to trust me that I know what I'm doing.


take those notes.

We're gonna work on that.

We're gonna go over the dialogue like an actor would.

SHAWN: Listen, we're on the clock.

Let's get this down, Asia.

Ah, nice to have lunch finally, huh?

I know, and I've always wanted to come here.

KRISTIE: I'm really excited that

I'm having this time with my mom and Gina at lunch today.

I'm just praying I have a tear-free lunch

without 20 questions, and

I'm just hoping to have a cocktail at this point.

I'll put my phone here, but I won't touch it


Okay. police is sitting across from me.

That's right.

So we're not... We're gonna keep it over there.


I know you see me stressed,

but I know you've seen the process

since Asia was two...

VICKY: Right.

...what I do with her.

No. Let me... This-this is

what's been bugging me, you know.

(voice breaking): I don't want to see the strain

between you and Shawn.

But we talk.

I feel like I'm adopted.

I mean, we talked about it.

There is a strain right now.

But look at me. Me and Shawn are both strong.

Okay, I don't know

where you guys got to be so emotional,

and I just got... I got spit out not being emotional.



You used to be.

I did?



GINA: Now, you just put up this

strong, like, persona, and...

Let me use this term. You might not like it, but, you know,

if I didn't know you...


...and I was just sitting across the table,

I would think you were like

an ice queen.

KRISTIE: I'm not an ice queen.

I'm just not emotional.


You need to relax a little and just take...

You know, you need to go away...

Give me the girls because I'll have fun with her.

Yeah, I do. Yeah, I do, but you know what?

It's easy to say when you don't...

when you're not with a kid 24 hours.

It's easy to say. Okay, Gina, Gina.

That's what I'm saying.

But give me the kids. Give me the kids.

Listen to me. No, listen to me.

No, no, hold on. No, let me...

No, listen, because you guys have taken it somewhere...

No. Kristie, stop.

Okay, I want to hear what Gina... I want to hear...

Okay, I've had enough of you guys.


Oh, my Lord have mercy.

Where... where did that come from?

Mom, you raised a bitch.

KRISTIE: At the end of the day,

I'm raising Asia,

and no one's gonna change that.

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I want to go back, back... ♪

I like that.

That's a smash hit right there.

ANTHONY: Asia's manager thinks

Asia should go the more traditional route.

I disagree.

Sometimes you say Billy's a coach.

And then I don't know if he's a manager.

He wants me to meet Chris Brown's manager. No, Anthony.


We're very happy with Billy.

This is Tina.

You can tell that the production is someone that's fairly new.

The song is crap.

KRISTIE: Anthony crossed the line.

There might not be an Anthony Burrell.

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