Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Diy electric drill powered go kart | DIY卡丁車 | 木工教學 #046

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Hello everyone, this time I made a go-kart

First disassemble the useful parts from the bicycle

Inflate the tires

The brake line group can also be used

The cushion spring of the seat cushion is also retained.

Saw the seat of the seat as the steering wheel axis

After removing the chain shaft, loosen it and adjust the required length

Steering wheel axis trimming

Liuan wood removed from the old work table

Drill the rear axle first

Start making front wheel assembly

Steering wheel production Use L iron and flat iron to drive the front wheel to yaw left and right

Install springs to rebound the throttle and brake

Making an electric drill holder

Use the brake cable and pulley removed to make the throttle system

Making seat cushions and backs

Vibration drill locked gear ready for testing

A Palin group is needed to stabilize the electric drill in front

Lock the steering wheel

Use the bendable and wood core to make the front cover

Daughter wants to make Pikachu, so she sprays yellow paint

Painting time starts, try to let your daughter do it yourself, wife as assistant

Starting a test run Controlling the throttle is a bit difficult for my 5-year-old daughter

It seems that it takes time to practice. You have to prepare a hard hat.

Pikachu success !!

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