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Giant choke slam!

>> My god.


>> Wait a minute.

>> What?

>> My God, The Rock.

The Rock.

The Rock is in Philly.

The Rock's at the rumble.

>> Whoa, The Rock laying the SmackDown.

>> The Rock is here.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Taking out Big Show.

[CROSSTALK] Sports entertainer,

Kim king here comes [NOISE].

>> [LAUGH] Get ready

>> The Rock where did he come from.

>> This iis awesome.

>> Whoa whoa whoa [INAUDIBLE].

This is awesome .There were rumours all week long that the rock was in Philly.But

>> We didn't think he'd be here tonight.

>> Right into him with a superman punch.

[NOISE] >> Rock coming to the aid of Roman Reigns.

[NOISE] >> [APPLAUSE] Guys, guys, guys.

>> I don't believe it.

Rusev's in this, Rusev's in this.

>> Spear. >> I'm looking here

Rusev was never eliminated.

Rusev is still in this match.

>> What?

>> Rusev entered at number 15.

>> And looking back on my notes, >> I thought he was gone.

>> No Rusev was never eliminated.

>> Well wait a minute- >> Well now he is.

Roman Reigns is going to WrestleMania.


2000 Royal Rumble Champion The Rock,

and the 2014 Royal Rumble Champion Roman Reigns.

>> Look at this sight.


>> Roman Reigns and The Rock >> Its all about WrestleMania, yeah.

>> Roman Reigns becomes just the 23rd man in histroy to win the Royal Rumble match.

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