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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [ENG/INDO SUB] Knowing Bros - Ep. 137: Astro Cha Eun-woo & Actress Im Soo-hyang

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Why aren't they here yet?

(Why is Ho Dong alone in the class?)

They are so rude.

You should come on time.

Why are you here so early today?

You should come on time.

- No way. - Why are you here so early?

You should be on time when you become famous.

Why are you here so early today?

What's happening today?

Let's not forget our original intentions.

I was like this from the beginning.

I ate so much today that my tummy is about to blow up.

- Where is Soo Geun? - What did you eat?

- What? - Soo Geun.

- I am here. - Gosh. You startled me.


Did you guys eat samgyetang?

Kyung Hoon's fans sent us samgyetang.

- That's right. - Tell us about it.

I told them.

Since we have so many staff here,

I chose one person.

I told my fans not to buy it for Ho Dong.

- I told them not to get him any. - But he had 4 bowls of samgyetang.

Who had lobsters?

- Lobsters? - Did we have lobsters too?

Only I had them.

(His fans gave him lobsters too.)

Thank you so much.

- Gosh. - I enjoyed the food.

I am sure you guys would want to eat it if I told you what I had.

- What did you eat? - I had something else too.

I had fans' love...

that no one can have.

- Fans' love. - I brought it here.

- Did you get it delivered? - Yes.

I have it here.

"Hello. I am a big fan of Knowing Brothers."

"I am in the last year of my high school years."

She is a female student.

"I wondered what I could give you all..."

"as presents."

"I remembered that I was sad when I didn't have a badge."

"So I wanted to make you badges as presents."

"I drew pictures of everyone..."

"with the episodes that I liked."

"I was happy that I could spend my exhausting days with the show."

"Let's go!"

"Kim Min Young from Jagok-dong.".

- From where? - Jagok-dong.

- I should go on "Dining Together". - She's so thoughtful.

What badge is this?

They are so cute.

It says "A" on my badge. What does this mean?

Is she saying I should be an A-class?

She probably sighs every time she sees you on the show.

- Probably that's what she means. - No. It can't be.

It says "Love Doctor" on my badge.

- Love Doctor. - Love Doctor.

I guess our show is quite popular.

I am doing a host of a dating show.



- What are you going to do? - He's an opposite example.

- He still is a teacher. - He is.

To repay our fans' love,

we should try...

our best today.

We should make them happy and laugh today.

- We should. - We shouldn't get tired.

We shouldn't get tired.



- Hello. - Hello.

- It's Lim Soo Hyang. - Soo Hyang.

I saw her last time. She is here again.

- She is here. - I am here again.

- I missed you guys, so I came back. - Lim Soo Hyang.

- Look who is here. - Don't I look prettier than before?

- What's wrong with her? - What?

Your personality has changed.

- What happened to you? - She is funny.

Eun Woo is prettier.

I thought I was prettier.

- He is so pretty. - He is prettier.

- He is. - He looks much better in person.

- You look better in person. - How have you been, Kyung Hoon?

- Jang Hoon? - Is she talking about me?

Didn't you say you like Soo Hyang when she was here the last time?

I didn't say I liked her. She said she liked me.

You should tell us where you guys are from.

Let them introduce themselves first.

- Shall we introduce ourselves? - Okay.

We heal everyone with our perfect faces.

I am the handsome, Cha Eun Woo.

I am in "My ID is Gangnam Beauty". I am Lim Soo Hyang.


- Nice to meet you all. - Eun Woo.

You can call yourself as a handsome guy in other places,

but you shouldn't say that when you are here.

- We also have a handsome guy. - We already have one.

- Guess who it is. - Do you know who it is?

People say they can recognize his face...

from 1km away.

Does that mean his face is 1km big?

- That's right. - That's why we call him that.

Eun Woo is the most handsome person in the world.

Doesn't he look similar to Kyung Hoon?

He does.

- He is more handsome. - They lookalike.

Kyung Hoon used to be...

How old are you, Eun Woo?

I am 22 years old.

Kyung Hoon looked really handsome when he was your age.

Eun Woo looks like when Kyung Hoon was 22 years old.

That's not important right now.

You are missing something here.

- Do you all know what it is? - What is it?

What did Soo Hyang say when she entered the classroom?

"How have you been, Kyung Hoon?"

She chose me.

(That's the important part.)

- That's right. - We should ask her why.

- Why did you choose me? - Why did you choose him?

- Kyung Hoon. - Are you shy? You are blushing.

- Why are you blushing? - She is blushing now.

I am just nervous right now.

- I became nervous here. - It's your second time to be here.

Why did you choose Kyung Hoon specifically?

I spent good time with you guys last time.

- So... - We shouldn't ask her like that.

- We should ask her like this. - How?

I am a professional in love.

I used to do a dating show too.

- Fun Saturdays, hottest night. - Fun Saturdays, hottest night.

Do you love Kyung Hoon, Soo Hyang?

Do I love him?

- That was the right question. - He used to ask such questions.

You are so straightforward.

Can't you help but love him?

- Have you been watching him? - Do I love him?

- I've been watching him. - He is so straightforward.

Don't you like him?

- That's not it. - I am dating her from today.

- What? - Do you love her?

- What? - Do you love her?

- It's going to be recorded. - You shouldn't ask me that way.

I said I am dating her from today.

- Okay. - It means so much.

When I was here the last time,

- Hee Chul called me afterwards. - Did he call you?

- Hee Chul said... - I remember it now.

I think he thought me and Kyung Hoon look good together.

- That's right. - "What do you think of him?"

- He asked me like that. - I did.

So what did you say to him?

So you are saying Hee Chul called you, right?

It means Hee Chul had feelings for you too.

If Kyung Hoon asked Hee Chul to ask you the question, it's cool.

If he asked you with no reason, it means he has feelings for you.

Gosh. Really, Hee Chul?

No. Hee Chul has feelings for Kyung Hoon. That's why.

(They are fighting over Kyung Hoon.)

- Do you get it now? - Why do you think...

I have feelings for you?

- You must be joking. - You shouldn't misunderstand.

- Are you okay? - He doesn't like her.

You should call me directly.

I hate it when you two are looking at each other fondly.

- How dare you. - Gosh.

I want to ask you this, Soo Hyang.

It's been two years.

- She was here two years ago. - I was here.

- And... - She danced like...

- She danced like a zombie. - a zombie.

- That's right. - Afterwards...

have you and Kyung Hoon met in person?

- That's... - You should ask both of us.

- What? - You should ask me too.

- So he is asking her now. - Okay.

- Ask us again. - Have you two met afterwards?

- In 1, 2, 3. - In 1, 2, 3.

- No. - Yes.

- What? - What?

Have you met her in person afterwards?

I don't care anymore.

I saw her in my dream.

(He is straightforward.)

When Hee Chul asked me like that,

I told him that we should have a meal together or something.

- That's right. - That's what I said.

But I realized that Kyung Hoon showed his love to many women.

- He was doing that on purpose. - I was trying to make you jealous.

Are you sure you had lobsters today? I think you had too much love today.

What's wrong with him today?

Which female guest did you most feel jealous of?

She mentioned someone earlier.

- Who? - I didn't watch every episode,

but he was hitting on Sol Bi too.

He was hitting on many women.

- That's right. - Sol Bi is the problem.

(He is joking.)

Everyone said the same thing.

I should...

Sol Bi will beat you up one day.

I should avoid her.

The love triangle is getting serious today.

Eun Woo, Hee Chul, and Kyung Hoon.

- You should sing "Sweet Dream". - You shouldn't like Kyung Hoon.

- Why not? - Do you like Kyung Hoon too?

(He stands up.)

Do you have feelings for him too?

- What's going on? - Why does everyone like him?

Tell me, Eun Woo. Why can't she like me?

Kyung Hoon is quite cute.

- What? - What?

- What are you talking about? - He is cute.

As I am in the same drama with Soo Hyang,

- we are dating in the drama. - We are a couple.

- He is my boyfriend. - As I am her boyfriend,

you should be careful of men like Kyung Hoon.

- Really? - You shouldn't meet him.

They are doing a drama together.

- "My ID Is Gangnam Beauty". - That's right.

- Do you know the drama? - They are dating in the drama.

- Are you two the same age in it? - Yes.

You guys have a big age difference in real life, right?

- She is seven years older than him. - That's right.

You know her age too.

In the drama, I was born in 1999.

- Really? - How old are you then?

- Really? - She looks young.

- Born in 1999. - She is a freshman.

Soo Hyang, don't you have problems when working together?

So before we started drama,

I tried my best to look younger.

How did you do that?

I got rid of my wrinkles from a clinic.

I also started doing a meditation and tried to think of good things.

Do you look younger when you think about good things?

You do get younger from thinking about good things.

That's why I told you you have aged in a nice way.

I think you thought about good things a lot.

- You are shining. - Since you don't get stressed,

- you look younger. - That's why he looks younger now.

- But... - The drama...

Has the drama started already?

- They are promoting it these days. - It hasn't started yet.

- It airs on July 27. - They are filming...

What should we be focused on when we watch the drama?

You should tell us...

- what we should... - You should watch Eun Woo's face.

- Oh, Eun Woo's face. - Yes.

He is taken aback.

I was asking you seriously.

- He was asking you seriously. - I was...

- So... - Then...


we will tell you...

what the drama is about.

There are 16 episodes in total.

Just tell me about the last episode.

- No. - That would be good.

We don't know it either.

Don't you two get married in the end?

We don't get married. We are 20-year olds in the drama.

We will tell you what the drama is about.

- Okay. - Listen up.


- What is this? - Please play the music.

- Music? - What's going on?

Isn't it Psy's song?

(This song sounds familiar.)

What are they doing?

("New Face" of Psy)

I thought they were going to tell us about the drama.

(They were going to tell them about the drama, but they're dancing.)

(They are dancing their best.)

I don't know what's going on, but it sure is exciting.

What has this got to do with the drama?

New face?

- Why were they dancing? - What was that all about?

- It was so random. - It's about plastic surgeries.

Is Psy part of the drama too?

I think the drama is about...

a girl who gets a new face after plastic surgeries.

That's right. The song is called "New Face".

The main character changed her face with plastic surgeries.

And it shows her inner growth.

- Soo Hyang's face will change. - That's right.

Things will happen after she gets the new face.

- You danced so well, Soo Hyang. - She did.

- You danced so well. - I practiced two months for this.

- Two months? - Hey.

- Two months? - Did you practice that long?

- Yes. - Why?

I dance this in the first episode.

So this is a big spoiler.

You dance in the drama.

My dance will be shown from start to end.

(They showed one of the scenes as a trailer.)

- My goodness. - She practiced so hard.

I practiced so hard for this.

It will be funny if Ji Hyeon and Ri Na appear in the drama.

- Goodness. - You should...

You should stop making fun of them.

They will choke when they watch this episode.

We like a family. So we talk about everything.

But they didn't really talk about you with other people.

How is Ji Hyeon?

She is well. She is married now.

Does she come to you in 15 minutes when you call her?

She takes 40 minutes.

- Why? - She comes from Yongin.

- He just tells everything. - I saw Ri Na...

- on many different shows. - She appears a lot these days.

I haven't seen Ji Hyeon for a long time.

- Actually... - It will take more than 40 minutes.

Soo Hyang is the main character in the drama.

If the male character looked uglier,

she could shine more.

But Eun Woo is...

- so handsome. - That's right.

He has such a small face with broad shoulders. He is tall too.

He is handsome and pretty.

I feel threatened.

That's right. They should have casted someone who is less tall.

I don't like directors of dramas.

Short people won't be happy.

- Byung Man should be casted. - But still...

Why do you mention about Byung Man now?

You should be in the drama, not him.

Jang Hoon is too tall for the drama.

(One day a giant will be casted as a main character in the drama.)

Eun Woo. What is the advantage...

of being handsome? Do you get more food from people?

This happened once.

When I went to a restaurant,

I wanted to have all kinds of food.

I was hesitating and the owner of the restaurant...

just gave me other food for free.

- She gave me free food. - It happens to us too.

But we pay for everything.

I got the food for free.

- Did you pay for just one dish? - What did you eat?

I had galbijjim and spicy bulgogi.

I guess many girls hit on Eun Woo.

- That's right. - He probably is tired of that.

When last did you date someone, Eun Woo?

I dated when I was in 10th grade.

- That's all. - Your talent is...

being handsome.

Why are you wasting your talent?

When I was younger,

I was a model student.

I listened to my parents well.

They told me not to date anyone until I get into a university.

So I kept my promise.

You listened to your parents well.

Eun Woo is very smart. He was in "The Challenge of Golden Bell".

- "The Challenge of Golden Bell"? - What?

- "The Challenge of Golden Bell"? - We understood what you meant.

- "The Golden Bell Challenge". - We all understood what he said.

He was on that show once.

And he went up to question number 37.

He didn't win the challenge though.

- It is hard to do that though. - You should have won.

- That's right. - You should have.

- That's right. - What did you want to become?

I wanted to become so many things actually.

I wanted to be a teacher, a judge, and a public prosecutor.

- A public prosecutor. - I wanted to become a doctor too.

If you became a judge or a public prosecutor,

you probably met some of us in the courtroom.

(We should live honestly.)

No. He is too young.

- The verdicts could be different. - He probably went to law school.

He probably went to a law school by now.

You are funny.

Kyung Hoon should never be a judge.

You would say, "I like the defendant."

- He would say it randomly. - Right.

- He wouldn't be working properly. - That's right.

How well did you study?

I was the third.

- In the class? - In the whole school?

In the whole school.

- In the whole school? - When you were in high school?

Eun Woo was a good student.

But Soo Hyang also studied in overseas.

- She did. - She did.

- Really? - I am like a failure.

- Were you in overseas? - Did you run away abroad?

No. I am a failure who studied at a young age.

- I didn't run away there. - Where did you study?

I was in US.

- How old were you then? - I am so bad at English though.

- I went there when I was 14. - You were in middle school then.

A week before I went to US,

I was casted by someone on the streets.

So I went to drama classes.

I realized the fun of acting.

But I had to go to US a week later.

I told my mom that I don't want to go to US.

A year later,

I came back to Korea without telling my mom.

- Did you come back? - I wanted to become an actress.

It was a good decision.

I should have listened to my mom though.

If I stayed a little longer, I could have learnt English.

- So... - You are successful now.

Since then you developed your acting skills,

- and you are good at it. - That's right.

- Really? - People love your acting.

You won't speak in English in the dramas anyway.

A lot.

- Gosh. - Really?

I heard that you started learning English.

- Yes. - Where do you take your classes?

Is it Ho Dong's School?





What is she talking about?

- Is she all right? - What is she saying?

Yanolja isn't the right place to learn English.

It's an application for searching motels.

- Yanolja? - Where is Yanolja?

Does she learn English at motels then?

Yanolja is...

You learn it very secretly, don't you?

She could book motels.

- Right. That's it. - She got the two mixed up.

Yes. It's Yanadoo.

By the way, which drama was it?

- "Blow Breeze"? - Yes.

You are good at speaking in North Korean accent.

I played a North Korean twice.

A North Korean defector.

In "Iris 2", I played a killer from North Korea.

I played another North Korean in "Blow Breeze".

Then can you swear like a North Korean?

- Swear like a North Korean? - How do they swear?

Is it like, "slave's child"?

Hee Chul.

I will change the order of your ribs in a revolutionizing way.

She's good.

(That was scary.)

- That's terrifying. - It sounds scary.

- The order of the ribs? - The order of the ribs.

I will change the order of your ribs in a revolutionizing way.

- Soo Hyang, this is... - Did the writer write that?

- I made it up. - Isn't that Gangwon Province?

That's Gangwon Province accent.

I get it mixed up with Gangwon Province accent.

By the way, did you just improvise that?

- Yes, I improvised it. - How?

I heard it from somewhere.

- Like the word "revolutionary"? - Right. "Revolutionary".

- You were very good. - Gangwon extends to North Korea.

- That's right. - And about Eun Woo,

I know that Eun Woo is very good at doing a background check.

- Eun Woo is? - He checks the background...

of the people who he works with.

- Before coming onto the show? - Yes.

- Why do you do that, Eun Woo? - Are you a detective?

I need to know something about you to say things.

Before coming here, I...

Did you do the background check of all of us?

I did. Will you read it, Sang Min?

I love the color of his backpack.

- Pink is men's color. - Yes.

- He's really tall. - It would look good on Hee Chul.

He looks so different when he's there and when he's here.

- You have nice smiley eyes. - He's got lovely smiley eyes.

He investigated us...

like an inspector.

Please read it calmly.

Kang Ho Dong.

He's the 27th generation of Parksagong Clan of Jiju Kang Family.

How did he know that?

He's known for pushing the shoot until he gets everything he wants.

- That's true. - He's like the boss who forces...

his staffs to work overtime.

- He's precisely right. - He's precise.

He's often introduced as the bad guy from "Star King".

But Ho Dong actually never kills or dulls guests' unique character.

(Oh, dear!)

On "Knee Drop Guru", he forces the guests when necessary.

But he is great at boosting the moral of the guests...

when it's necessary so that they can tell their stories.

(His conclusion is that he's a great host.)

"Knee Drop Guru" was a very aggressive talk show.

If you don't look closely, you don't realize that I am actually kind.

- But he saw through it. - Yes.

- He did. - There are more explanations here.

(I applaud your judgment of character.)

- Next is Soo Geun. - Soo Geun.

Soo Geun was born in February 10, 1975. He's the 2nd son.

He's 164.7cm tall.

He's 62kg.

Soo Geun got his name...

from the man Lee Soo Geun, who was put to death for...

- spy fabrication incident of 1969. - That's right.

- Is it true? - Yes.

- What are you talking about? - He was the spy.

- My father did that. - He took a spy's name?

- He... - Call your father.

- Call your father. - Let's talk to him.

- In 1974, - It's a spy's name?

that man stirred up the entire country.

- Honestly, - Yes.

I am more suspicious of this story than the story about...

you wearing straw shoes and using cloth to carry books.

- It's very strange. - He wanted me to become famous.

He went to register my birth,

but he didn't have a name in mind.

My first name was supposed to start with "Soo".

Our names have the same Chinese characters.

Usually you don't use the character "Soo" that means "life".

Most choose the character "Soo" that means "brilliant".

But just like that spy's name, my father chose that character.

But was that man declared innocent?

After a long time, it turned out he was actually innocent.

His father is very unusual.

It's better to live as "Lee Baby" like me, without a proper name.

- Your name was "Baby". - I didn't have a name.

You can talk to my father about this anytime.

- You didn't make it up, did you? - My father is...

not a call center. He's going to get a lot of calls for this.

Kyung Hoon is next.

He was born in October 6, 1984.

He's the 32nd generation of Yeoheung Min Family.

How does he know that?

I didn't know that I was the 32nd generation.

You look excited.

(It sounds like his family is a family with a lot of fun.)

- Your family enjoys having fun. - My goodness.

- This is inappropriate. - Your family looks fun.

- It's "Yeoheung". - It means it's fun.

- It means you like having fun. - Isn't it a good thing?

Recently, Min Family came together. You better be careful.

Lee Family is even bigger in number.

Do you want Jeonju Lee Family to come together?

No, it means his family enjoys relaxation and fun things.

How dare you talk about number of their family in front of me?

- Kim Family is the biggest. - Right.

When people mimic Kyung Hoon's singing,

they sing the part "Your memory" like this.

But when Kyung Hoon sings it live, he doesn't vibrate his voice.

- Really? I don't get it. - Really?

He means you sing it like this.

- When people mimic you, they go... - When they mimic you...

- Your memory - Your memory

People do that, but you don't actually do that.

Right. I didn't sing like that for the album.

I think Kyung Hoon vibrates his voice when his voice is...

- in bad shape. - That's the last sentence.

When his voice is in good shape...

(Your memory)

(Our past love)

He sings without the vibration.

- Right. - Usually...

(He mimics Kyung Hoon.)

(Our past love)

- Stop it. Stop it. - He does that.

- Good thing you became an actor. - Stop it.

- Like that. - We enjoyed it.

- Why... - It was good.

He had a good point.

What Eun Woo found out is...

not the stuff you easily find on the internet.

- Right. - He's like a private detective.

I'm surprised that he found out where my name came from.

- Give Soo Geun your papers. - Enrollment form.

Hurry up and bring it.

Here you go, buddy.

Suddenly, I...

- He's handsome. - He's very handsome.

- Where did Soo Hyang go? - I am here.

He's very handsome.

Their names are Im Soo Hyang and Cha Eun Woo.

Let's see who they want as their seat mate.

Soo Hyang wants Kyung Hoon.

(She wants to sit next to Kyung Hoon.)

The reason is that she wants to know how Kyung Hoon really feels.

That's what she really said.

- Tell her how you feel. - His ears turned red again.

Your ears. Your ears.

Let's boil some water for ramyeon using that heat.

(They look hot enough to boil water.)

She wants to be your seat mate to know your true feelings.

- Really? - Do you mean it?

- Do I mean it? - Yes.

What if I tell you?


- What will you do if I tell you? - My goodness.

(He is playing a game with her.)

- It's intense. - You're not backing down, are you?

- It's hot. - Hee Chul seems bothered.

You can't sit next to Kyung Hoon.

Kyung Hoon isn't bad.

- Eun Woo keeps disturbing us. - He's no good for you.

Eun Woo wants to sit next to Ho Dong.

What does this mean? "I want to be your victim."

You want to be Ho Dong's victim.

He doesn't have any story to share.

So he wants to be a victim.

I love trying new things.

- So I want to try it. - Try and experience it.

I am honored.

Anyway, both of them...

want to really play hard today.

- We will support you. - What are their resolutions?

Soo Hyang returned here after 100 episodes.

- She wants to have more fun. - After 100 episodes.

She was on Episode 37. And this is Episode 137.

- I came back after 100 episodes. - This is meaningful.

We have a special connection.

Eun Woo wants to have fun so that he can come back after another 100.

It's nice to see you again.

Let's check your strengths.

I don't know if they have the same strength.

"Pants genius". Is this Eun Woo's strength?

What is this?

- I wrote "Pants genius". - Pants?

You have played this game with Gyeongree before.

- We have. - We have.

I thought I could easily win.

I want to do an upgraded version and try it with my pants.

No, let's just say that you won.

- No, I want us to fight. - I am good at taking them off.

- But putting them on is hard. - You have to wear the pants...

You have to wear the pants like this without using your hands.

- I will divide you into teams. - You divided us into teams?

Since I am genius at it,

you will be divided into two teams and have a preliminary game.

- All right. - You'll fight with the winners.

I will compete against the winner of each team.

- Okay. - Each team has one girl.

- There's Soo Hyang and Hee Chul. - What?

You bad girl.

I will change the order of your ribs in a revolutionizing way.

(She's good.)

- Look. - It stuck to her.

"I'll change the order of your rips in a revolutionizing way."

It sounds terrifying, doesn't it?

Let's begin with Team 1. We need 1 more.

- Eun Woo. - Put down the pants as you want.

It doesn't matter how you put it down.

Really? Can I do this, Ho Dong?

- All right. - Do whatever you want.

I will do this then.

It doesn't matter what you do. You can only use your legs.

Is it okay to lie down?

- You can do anything. - Everything is fine.

- Ready. - Soo Hyang has never done this.

- I've never done this. - Ready and start.

- You have to hurry. - Some are wearing shoes.

- Soo Hyang is hopeless. - Look.

It's not easy.

(It rips.)

- Goodness. - What is that sound?

Something sounded big.

(He lies down.)

- If you... - Kyung Hoon.

If you use your hands, you fail.

Kyung Hoon.


(With the twist dance technique, Kyung Hoon leads the game.)


(Soo Hyang doesn't want to lose.)

- Soo Hyang. - Soo Hyang is good.

- Soo Hyang is good. - Soo Hyang wins.

- From here. - It was revolutionary.

- He's done. - Kyung Hoon passes too.

- Kyung Hoon passes. - Kyung Hoon is so happy.

- All right. - I think this method is good.

- Team 2. - Team 2.

Sang Min, Soo Geun, and Hee Chul are in Team Two.


That's it.

(All three of them lie down.)

It's going to rip.

This is...

- It's harder than it looks. - This is really tough.

You have to put one foot at the time.

Look at Soo Geun.

Soo Geun is good.


- My gosh. - How can I beat him?

What is this? What's up with these pants?

- What's that? - It won't go up.

- How can I... - It won't go up.

- How can I pull this up? - You can't.

(Sang Min moves across the floor.)

(He's doing his floor-sweeping move.)

- My goodness. - Here.

- Use that. - Flip it.

(He tries to pull up the elastic using the chair leg.)

That's a great idea.

But it looks embarrassing.

Sang Min, that's a good idea.

Soo Geun's idea.

Give him a chair.

This is...

- Wait. - You might sit on it. Be careful.

- Sang Min, here. - Sang Min. You got one.

- That's it. - The pants are twisted.

- That's it. - It's working.

(Is Soo Geun about to win?)

Soo Geun did it.

(It's still stuck on his bottom.)

(Meanwhile, Sang Min is...)

(He succeeds to hook the pants on the leg.)

Sang Min won.

- My gosh. - It's folded inwards.

Sang Min and Soo Geun can play.

- Yes. Soo Geun can play too. - Only one person made it.

Only 1 person from Team 2 made it.

- He does whatever he likes. - Only Sang Min made it.

This is the final round.

- I am going to report you. - This is the final round.

Eun Woo, Sang Min, Soo Hyang, and Kyung Hoon have made it.

- It's really tough. - It's tough to pull it up.

Eun Woo, do you have a know-how?

Me? I tend to move a lot.

Soo Hyang is very competitive.

- Do you have a secret? - This means she wants to win.

Come to the center, Soo Hyang.

Ready and go.

(The final round begins.)

It began.

Great, Kyung Hoon.

If you overdo it, the pants will get rolled.

- They will get rolled. - You are right.

- I have to be gentle. - It will get rolled.

One by one.

- Soo Hyang did it. - She did it.

What are you, Soo Hyang?

- You have to pull it up more. - What should I use?


- Don't do this. - Don't do it.

(Don't use that chair.)

Can't I?

How can you...

(Pants genius showcases a fancy technique.)

What is that?

Look at that.

- Eun Woo. - Soo Hyang is nearly there.

- Kyung Hoon. - Soo Hyang is almost done.

(It's nip and tuck.)

- Kyung Hoon, here. - Kyung Hoon.

Kyung Hoon, use this.

Bend down and use this.

- Look at that. - Soo Hyang.

- Look. - We will have one male winner.

- Kyung Hoon. - It gets rolled.

Kyung Hoon.

Kyung Hoon is done.

- The front. - What?

Soo Hyang wins the pants wearing game.

Kyung Hoon is the male winner.

Congratulations on joining our school.

(Welcome, Soo Hyang and Eun Woo.)

What did you do?

(Brother School)

- Shall we get to know them? - We should.

- Should I begin? - Let's see if Eun Woo's question...

- is as amazing as his face. - We already know about Eun Woo.

Soo Hyang, are you happy to sit next to Kyung Hoon?

I am sorry, Eun Woo. But I feel very uncomfortable here.

Now that they are sitting together, they are behaving very awkwardly.

- Really? - Yes.

Kyung Hoon is not going to say a word this period.

But she's so close to me.

She's facing the front, so I can't see her.

(She moves back.)

I can't see her.

(She lays her eyes...)

(on her.)


(His brain stops working.)

- Wait. - Eun Woo, interfere.

Isn't she your love interest in the drama?

- No. - Okay.

Give the question, Eun Woo.

- You can't do that. - Here's the first question.

He's handsome.

Earlier this year, an unforgettable incident...

happened to my team, Astro.

It happened because of our manager. What happened?

One of the members got sick and got hospitalized.

So their manager filled in for him. He wore a hat and performed.

- No. - People liked him more.

- The fans liked him more. - The fans went...

"I don't care about Eun Woo."

- "We love the manager." - No.

- Your manager drives, doesn't he? - He does.

Because you had a tight schedule and you were busy,

he didn't have time to use the restroom.

He was trying to...

No. It's boring.

That made me feel so good.

- Someone had to say it. - He's brave.

Nobody got to do it.

Jang Hoon bears grudges.

- It will last forever. - He bears grudges.

Did you do that by mistake?

His grudge lasts as long as the time you travel from Seoul to Busan.

Well done, Eun Woo. Do whatever you want to do.

It's something to do with Astro's manager.

I think it's something that happened in their house.

- I think... - Manager. Yes.

the manager brought his girlfriend home.

And he told you guys to leave.

No. No.

- Do I deserve to be hit for this? - You insulted our manager.

- All right. - He told you to go play games.

That didn't happen even in the '90s.

I will give you the first hint.

It happened when we were on the way to US tour.

He packed everything...

except for his own passport.



- He took the passport and... - US tour?

We were on the way.

- You were on the way to the US. - You were on the way to the US?

He booked a business class seat just for himself.

No. Our manager is not someone like that.

They were going to the US, but he took them to Gimpo.

Can't you fly out from there?

- Gimpo Airport... - That's a good approach.

- Right? - They have international flights.

- They do. - But not the flights to the US.

- Not the flights to the US. - That's not it.

You should've gone to Terminal 2 of Incheon Airport,

but he took you to Sangbong Intercity Bus Terminal.

(He cracks up.)


Soo Geun's approach was very good.

Yes. It's something like that.

He took them to a wrong place.

You were going to the US.

But he got euros instead of dollars.

- No. - Do you find it funny?

My manager doesn't make such a mistake.

He is smiling like an angel. That's an angelic smile.

(I bear grudges, but I am in love my own jokes.)

- This is... - He's generous to himself.

- He is. - Yes.

- I want you... - Euros.

- to get the name right. - It's the airport then.

It's something to do with an airport.

Instead of taking you to Incheon International Airport,

he took you to Seoul Station.

No, don't go to the train station.

- Did he take you to Daehangno? - He took you to the port.

- What is the name of the port? - Incheon Port...

International Passenger Terminal.

- You had to go to the airport... - Port of Incheon.

- You went to port of Incheon. - Be precise.

- Incheon. - To the ferry terminal.

You had to go to Incheon International Airport...

- to go to the US. - Right.

- But your manager... - Yes.

- Hurry up. - He doesn't know well.

So... Incheon...


He failed. You had to go to the Incheon International Airport,

but he took you to Port of Incheon.

You got it. Soo Hyang got it right.

- He took you to Port of Incheon. - Where?

Port of Incheon.

I said, "Port of Incheon".

You said the ferry terminal.

He said "Port of Incheon". But you said, "Be precise."

- It took too long. - He pressed Ho Dong.

He was too wordy.

He said "Port of Incheon". But when he got pressed,

- Is that it? - he changed his answer.

- I got intimidated. - What exactly happened?

I will explain exactly what happened.

We had to go to the Incheon International Airport,

but he took us to Port of Incheon.

(He took them to Port of Incheon.)

He took you to the port instead of the airport.

Who is he?

- He's our manager. - He's really funny.

As soon as he got in the car, he must've typed it fast.

- I see. - Did you catch the plane?

- We almost missed it. - Right?

I will explain what happened.

Earlier this year, we went on a US tour for two weeks.

Since we were going to the US, we wanted to look good.

So we went to the salon and then headed out.

- That's really tough. - We left the salon and headed out.

We were in the car. It was about time to arrive,

but we weren't there yet.

The manager suddenly got a call.

"I think we will arrive soon. I think I took the wrong way."

He got the call from the team leader.

"I am sorry. We will be there soon."

He hung up the phone and told us this. He's from Daegu.

"Guys. I am sorry."

"We should go to the Incheon International Airport."

"But I made a mistake and typed Port of Incheon."

"So we ended up coming to the Port of Incheon."

(It's such a ridiculous thing to happen.)

We couldn't believe it.

- That's scary. - We asked him to hurry.

- But it was quite far. - It is quite far.

So we drove for another 40 minutes.

We got all our hair and makeup done, but there were no reporters.

And it was about time to board. So we barely managed to catch it.

Has he never been to Incheon International Airport?

- It's like this. - Port of Incheon...

- has boats and sea. - We could see the sea.

- And... - When you type "Incheon",

there's Incheon Airport and Port of Incheon.

He's from the other area, so it's understandable.

Is he still there?

- It's easy to choose a wrong one. - He's not with us anymore.

Is he not with you anymore?

Did he quit because of that incident?

He didn't quit because of that.

- There must've been other reasons. - There were many reasons.

- That happened. - That's so mean.

That was just one mistake. Why make him quit his job?

- That's not why he quit. - He felt guilty.

- But... - Did you fire him yourself?

I guess Hee Chul sacks his manager whenever something happens.


Hee Chul's previous managers...

have filed complaints against him...

at National Human Rights Commission of Korea.

- In the '90s, that happened a lot. - It happened a lot in the past.

- It happened a lot. - There was no GPS then.

The manager of a singer had a lot of tasks.

For the singer to perform, you needed a reel tape.

It was a tape that looked like a film tape.

The manager had to hand it to the producer to roll it.

Then the singer could perform.

When you're new, you don't know it, and nobody tells you this.

On his first day, this guy asked me.

"Who should I take it to?"

"Take it to the producer."

"You take it to him."

- He said that to the singer? - He said that to me.

He must've been old.

He was old. And he used to belong to another world.

He used to be in another profession, but he decided to change.

- And live a good life. - He wanted to live a new life.

Those people used to become managers.

When he got tired while driving,

he said, "Who among you can drive?"


He would sleep in the back.

I will tell you another thing. In the past, the managers...

- It's a real testimonial. - Yes.

They used to make money fast and go bankrupt fast.

When my manager was earning well, whenever he saw me,

he said, "Sang Min. Use this."

He gave me money.

- Right. They give you money. - A large sum of it?

He gave me checks.

Take 100 dollars. Here.

- Eat whatever you like. - You eat something too.

Come here, you guys. He would do that.

After one year, he appeared again.

"Hey, come here."

Return the money I gave you that time.

He went bankrupt after a year.

"I'm financially struggling a lot."

"I gave you some money back then."

- Really? - Yes. When they saw me, they said,

"You received my money too. Give it back to me now."

Managers back in the days used to do that.

I'll give you the second question.

When I was little, I believed in a kind of superstition...

- because of my grandmother. - Many people have such things.

- What will it be? - I believed in something like this.

"If you lie down right after you eat, you'll become a cow."

- A cow? - Yes. I was told that.

I think I've heard that too, but that's not the correct answer.

- They said we'd become a cow. - Well...

I believed in this.

"You'll be punished if you don't eat up the food."

- You have to eat it after death. - After you die,

- you have to eat it all. - Right.

- I've heard that too. - You only listened to...

what you wanted to hear.

- Among all the things they said. - So...

Because they said you have to eat it after you die,

- you left some on purpose, right? - He liked it.

You were eager to eat it again.

- "If you shake your legs," - "You'll become unlucky"?

- "you'll be a good-for-nothing." - Wrong.

- A good-for-nothing? - A good-for-nothing?

A good-for-nothing? You're wrong.

"If you step on a threshold, you'll get unlucky."

- Right. If you step on a threshold. - Wrong.

Did your grandma live in the city or in the countryside?

- In the countryside. - The countryside?

Where in the countryside?

- Ganghwa Island. - In Incheon?

- Ganghwa Island. - It's close from here.

- Your wife is from there. - Yes, she is.

- Oh, a toilet. - I'm curious.

They had pit toilets...

- in the countryside. - Right.

So she said someone may try to reach you in the toilet at night...

- if you're naughty. - Wrong.

- Something related to a toilet. - I think it may be.

It's something related...

to the air you can feel in the countryside.

- I got it. - Okay.

You can smell cow dung in the countryside.

So your grandma jokingly said,

"Gosh. Eun Woo's poop smells so bad."

It's not correct, but you approached it in the right way.

- Poop? - Poop?

It must be poop.

"If you see a honey wagon in the morning..."

If you see a honey wagon,

- they say you'll get lucky. - Right.

No. According to the superstition,

Jang Hoon would be just over 1m tall now.

Maybe it's related to something smelly or dirty.

1m tall? Then...

He wouldn't be tall now according to that.

Because of the smell of manure...

It's a nice approach. Keep going.

You said, "Grandma, the manure stinks." And she said,

"If you hate that smell, you won't get taller."

It's similar. But try to say it in a different way.

"You will get taller if you smell a lot of manure."

That's correct.

- Is there such superstition? - I haven't heard about it.

- I've never heard about it. - Me neither.

Then I'd be over 2m tall.

I lived next to a cowshed.

- I smelled it every day. - Then Jang Hoon would be...

smaller than Soo Geun.

The gas I pass is strong enough.

Your own gas will be enough...

- to make you 190cm tall. - Exactly.

Give us more details.

The accurate correct answer is...

"As if a tree grows sucking manure,"

"a man gets taller smelling dung."

- She said that. - She made it up.

She may have, but I believed in what she said like superstition.

No wonder, because you were little.

- Why did she say that? - So...

That doesn't make sense.

Those who ran the cowshed had a son.

Because he was too small, he even got growth hormone injections.

Back then, it cost thousands of dollars.

- They must have been rich. - Not every superstition is true.

- But I learned something from it. - I see.

It may be just superstition, and it may not be true,

but if you try to think of good sides of something you hate,

- Positive thinking is nice. - you become positive.

I didn't know that there was such a great lesson in there.

I realized that.

So do you smell dung these days too?

I do when I go to the countryside.

When I smell it, I get to think of my grandma.

Athletes do a certain thing routinely...

- Something like superstition? - like hitting a ball 10 times.

- Is it considered superstition? - It's kind of superstition.

- It is. - Is it?

Did you have superstition you believed too, Ho Dong?

When you were a ssireum athlete?

- Something that made you win. - You wore woman's underwear.

Woman's underwear made you win the games.

No. Why would I wear woman's underwear?

And nothing would have fit me.

But there was such superstition, right?

No, there was not.

- My thighs were 28 inches thick. - It would've been funny.

Do you all believe in superstition?

I have a long hair...

- Some people do. - in my leg.

I never cut it because I think...

it is my guardian angel that protects me.

Is the hair your...

- guardian angel? - How long is it now?

But one day, my makeup artist was worried that I might be embarrassed,

so she cut it without letting me know.

- What happened then? - So I was really upset...

because I felt like my guardian angel was gone.

So I blew up at her for the first time.

"Why did you cut it? It was protecting me."

How did you blow up at her? Is her spine okay?

I changed the orders of her rib bones.

- Nothing happened, right? - Right.

In fact, I had my fortune told once.

- Your fortune? - I did that over the phone.

Do you have any worries these days, Eun Woo?

Why did you have to have your fortune told over the phone?

Because I hope my group Astro will go bigger.

There is an incident I still remember.

We stopped at a rest area on the way to an event.

The six of us were wearing similar outfits...

with our hair done and makeup on.

In that case, people are supposed to say, "They may be celebrities."

But a person passed us and said,

"I thought they were celebrities."

I didn't notice anything wrong at first, but after a moment,

I realized she meant, "I thought they were celebrities..."

"but they are not. What on earth are they?"

- He must have been so upset. - You bet.

- She is mean. - "I thought she was Im Soo Hyang."

- Do they have to... - I've heard that.

say that right in front of the people?

- Maybe she wanted to offend him. - Some people do.

So I thought we should try harder.

It'll be okay. "My ID Is Gangnam Beauty" will do well.

Shall we move on to the next question?

- I have a complex. - A complex?

And that turned out to be of great help in my life.

What is that complex?

And what kind of help was it?

It's a complex that you're too handsome...

and you became a celebrity thanks to that.

Thanks to your small face, you became a singer and actor.

You're wrong.

They said tall people would turn out to be insipid.

You actually liked insipid food and became healthy.

As you have a big bottom, you don't need a cushion.

- What? - I can see...

his lower body looks really strong.

I think it's his bottom. It's related...

- You're bragging, right? - to his bottom.

- He has a fit bottom. - I got it.

His bottom is plump.

- His buttocks are lifted. - He has plump buttocks.

- Please give me the correct answer. - I got it.

I told you. You have big buttocks.

You accidentally fell from the 2nd or 3rd floor,

but thanks to your buttocks, you bounced back.

(He safely fell on his bottom.)

- He has a great cushion. - You bounced like that,

and you were intact when you almost got hurt.

(That joke suits Ho Dong's taste.)

- It's cute. - Isn't it?


It's wrong, but it was a nice approach.

- Really? - A nice approach?

The muscles of his lower body are developed very well.

- I got it. It's what I experienced. - Is it a complex?

Sometimes, we got punished with this position,

and our teacher hit us to discipline us.

Since he has a big bottom, it turned out to be funny like this.

The cane bounced back and hit the teacher, so he fell down.

- No. - Like Shim Hyung Rae did on TV.

- No. - You terribly slipped...

and fell down on ice...

and you almost broke your tailbone,

but you had plump bottom...

and thankfully, your tailbone was protected.

So you still have a tail.

It's quite similar, but it's not my tailbone.

While you were dancing on stage,

there were special effects, and some sparks flew up to your bottom,

but you didn't feel any pain.

You're approaching in the right way indeed.

- Oh, I got it. There are... - Music videos...

many lights hanging on the ceiling while shooting a music video.

A light suddenly fell from the ceiling.

- I got it. - It hit your bottom...

- and bounced back up. - I got it.

- It bounced back up. - Did it go up again?

- You love bouncing too much. - I got it.

- You're wrong. - You fell from a stage set.

You fell from a music video set,

but you fell on your plump bottom and didn't get hurt.

Jang Hoon's answer is the closest.

When you build a stage set,

- what do you need? - Nails?


- The set was installed, - No way.

and you fell from it,

and a nail got stuck in your plump bottom,

but you didn't get hurt.

- It didn't go deep. - It's correct.

- Gosh, a nail got stuck? - A nail?

I didn't say it at first because I thought it's not the correct answer.

- It hurts when a nail gets stuck. - This is what happened.

We were shooting a music video on a set.

It was the last scene where we all jumped from the set.

So we all jumped from there.

It was hard for all the six members to fall at the same time,

so the set wobble and it collapsed.

And a nail got stuck in my buttocks.

- That must have been dangerous. - I said, "Ouch." and got up.

The nail came out right away,

and another member told me I was bleeding.

I said I was okay, but I was bleeding a lot.

So I went to see a doctor with my manager.

The doctor just casually said,

"Because you have plump buttocks,"

"though the nail went quite deep into them,"

"it didn't reach your bones or nerves..."

- "thankfully." - Because of your plump buttocks?

- Yes. - You have plump buttocks, right?

They look a little like those of a duck.

- And... - Can you make sounds of a duck too?


I can't believe you really made that sound.

You may be infected by tetanus if you're pricked by a nail.

- So I got a shot, and that was it. - You should get a shot.

- They usually have to stitch it up. - A tetanus shot?

Yes, that was all.

Do you have a complex about your body too?

I'm the opposite of Eun Woo. I don't have any muscles...

- though I work hard to build them. - You don't?

Ask for Kyung Hoon's help if you want to build muscles.

His nickname is Trainer Min.

- I'm good at it. - Really?

- Show her how to do Pilates. - I have a certificate.

- Really? - Yes.

Kyung Hoon, you can't sit next to Soo Hyang anymore.

- Eun Woo will come here now. - He wanted to sit with Ho Dong.

That's what he said.

- Goodness. - Did you bring the desk?

Eun Woo will sit here.

It was fun, Eun Woo.

- It was fun. - Come this way.

Please start, Soo Hyang.

We'll get it right quickly, Kim Mi Rae.

- It's Kang Mi Rae. - Kang Mi Rae.

I bet you were scolded by your mom a lot too.

I have been scolded to death by my mom.

- Why was I scolded? - What grade were you in?

I was six years old.

- What? six? - You were too young to be scolded.

Were you beaten to death by your mom when you were six?

- You ate your mom's cosmetics. - No.

You picked out all the vegetables from...

- vegetable fried rice she made. - No.

Your mom told you to go to kindergarten, and you said,

"Who do you think you are to tell me to go to kindergarten?"

My goodness.

- So you were beaten to death. - What are you talking about?

You said you were beaten to death.

When someone asked you whether you liked your mom or dad,

you kept saying, "Daddy, daddy."


When you were little, you asked your mom...

to buy you some sweets, but she didn't.

So you said, "You're not my birth mother, right?" And that was why.

- No. - Kids sometimes say that.

Were you a picky eater?

A picky eater? I like food. I was not a picky eater.

- A six-year-old is not usually... - I got it.

Parents hate it when their children fight each other.

- You defied your older brother. - Her brother.

I didn't defy my brother,

but it's about something related to him.

- You poked his eye. - No.

This is a true story. I'm not lying.

I was sharpening my pencil. My sister is much younger than me.

She was still a toddler and was sitting next to me.

The tip of the lead broke and it flew...

into my sisters eye.

I was so surprised and told my dad about it, and he took it out.

After that,

I was beaten to death.

- Were you beaten to death then? - Indeed.

No wonder your sister doesn't like you.

Don't get me wrong.

My sister and I don't get along...

not because I do something wrong to her,

but because she tends to look down on me.

(She looks down on me.)

- It's even sadder. - Gosh.

- Is it... - Last morning...

I recently shot a commercial, so there are some buses...

with my pictures on.

- Yes, I saw that. - Me too.

- Hanskin Cleansing... - My sister...

took a picture of that...

- and sent it to me in the morning. - I saw that.

- What did she say? - "I can't help but cringe."

- That means she likes it. - Right. She likes you.

Jang Hoon made a mistake and he could've felt it was unfair,

- but I deserved the beating. - You did?

When you woke up in the morning,

you realized you wetted the bed.

- You changed the sheet with his. - Right.

(Did she change hers with his clean sheet?)

And you were busted when you were coming out of his room.

No. I'll give you a hint.

I wanted to do whatever my brother did.

- Your brother pees while standing. - Yes.

So you also peed while standing.

- So you wet your pants. - I really did it once.

- Is it something wrong to do? - Because she tried to do...

- whatever he did. - No. I really did something wrong.

How old was he?

- He was a teenager. - A teenager?

Okay. You swore.

You said the swear word your brother said.

It's similar.

- I want more detailed answer. - More detailed?

Not what I said, but how I said.

- In what situation? - To whom.

To the society?

To the society?

- Because you were discontented. - I got it.

You swore at your teacher at your kindergarten.

- No. - When you were eating.

I was at home.

You saw someone walking outside the window and said,

"What are you looking at, you jerk?"

- Is it something like that? - Gosh.

- It's really close. - She says it's close.

You opened the window of your house...

and swore at someone outside the window.

- Correct. - Yes.

You're right, Jang Hoon.

- Didn't I get it right? - What did you say?

- Soo Geun actually swore. - I described it in detail.

Did you live in an apartment or in a house?

- In an apartment. - Then to whom did she swear?

Did you open the balcony door?

- Outside the window? - Yes.

- Did you swear at the sky? - My brother...

and I are 8 to 9 years apart.

Since my brother was a teenager back then,

he learned a few swear words and said them.

I was six, and I quite noticed it was something bad,

but I badly wanted to do it too.

Like the story, "The King Has Donkey's Ears",

I opened the window and shouted, "You jerk!"

That doesn't sound like a voice of a six-year-old.

Maybe a man was walking by and...

(Did you say that to me?)

But then...

- my mom... - Dogs on the street looked at her.

(Did you say that to us?)

My mom was walking down the street...

- and heard that. - She did?

That happens.

- She was so shocked. - She must have been.

- No wonder. - She ran up to our house.

- She did? - But I kept shouting,

- "You jerk!" - Did you keep shouting?

She grabbed me by the collar.

You did that because you didn't know it was that bad as you were little.

Your brother must've been scolded even more.

Yes, he was scolded too.

He used to get scolded many times because of me.

He saved many adult videos...

- in the computer. - I see.

Then I came to my mom and said,

"What are these, Mom?"

You were...

- a terrible sister. - "What are they?"

How did you know they were saved there?

Because I shared the computer with him, I got to see them.

- So I said to Mom, "Mom," - You opened that folder.

"there is something strange. What is this? Who is this girl?"

(Do you know her?)

Gosh, she was cute.

- But you knew everything, right? - Sure she did.

- Let's move on. - Yes.

There was time when a woman in an elevator...

got so perplexed by me.

I'll say the correct answer right away.

You farted silently,

and it stunk so much.

People suddenly blocked their noses,

and you looked at her.

- No, you're wrong. - Then what about this one?

People were right in front of you.

They suddenly criticized...

and talked about you.

They said you were so annoying...

- and turned around to find you. - They saw me?

- And you were standing like this. - That's so sad.

- No. - You said you were Soo Hyang.

No. As soon as the elevator door opened,

she got startled.

I got it. You were wearing a mask...

and a hat, so you looked scary.

Because she thought I was an assailant? No.

She was able to see ghosts,

and saw a baby ghost on your shoulder as soon as the door opened.


It was after you shot a drama.

You were dressed as a ghost,

- and you didn't remove your makeup. - The blood and so on.

You came home right away.

You wanted to take the elevator, the door opened...

(The woman was startled by that look?)

That must be what happened.

- You're right. - He is?

- Already? - He got it perfectly right.

- Anything else? - Did you have blood on your face?

I was covered with blood.

What did you shoot?

It was when I was shooting "Iris 2".

I was a killer then in the drama.

I was tortured with water and electricity in North Korea.

(Say it. I told you to say it.)

(Due to water and electric torture,)

(Soo Hyang was covered with blood.)

Covered with blood,

I casually took the elevator to go home and wash up.

As soon as the door opened,

- the woman in the elevator... - She must've been terrified.

- screamed like this. - What if...

- you were holding a rifle too? - She screamed like this.

- A rifle. - I was totally covered with blood.

- She must've been scared. - I was exhausted.

She sat down...

- and almost cried. - Did you comfort her?

What did you say? "Shut it before I change the order of your rib bones."

"It's okay. I'm not hurt."

"I'm an actress."

- "I'm an actress." - I said that.

I said I was okay.

- "It is makeup." - Then she calmed down. Right.

I've experienced many similar things.

I come down with a facial mask on every morning.

When I have a facial mask early in the morning,

many people get startled too.

Stop doing that, or the apartment price will drop...

because rumor that a ghost appears will spread.

You don't have any muscles,

but how can you play a role of a killer?

I think I just gut it out.

You just gut it out?

- I think your expressions are good. - Right.

- She has perfect eyes for that. - She does.

Body doubles usually substitute for me in full shots,

so bust shots are important.

You do it like this.


- You should glare like this. - Suddenly.

(Eyes complete acting.)

Like this.

This is what is important.

- I'll give you the third question. - Okay.

After I met Eun Woo,

- there was a moment... - After I met Eun Woo

- I thought, - After you met Eun Woo?

- "What's with him?" When was it? - What could it be?

- After you met me? - Yes.

- A drama... - Imagine you're Eun Woo and do it.

- It's something nice, right? - Yes, it is.

Eun Woo doesn't use the honorific to women.

As soon as you guys met, he said,

"You must be Soo Hyang, right?"

(He was bluffing.)

"I've heard a lot about you."

- It's funny. - "I thought you were my girl."

No. He asked me for something.

- What? - What?

- Gosh. - "What's with him?"

It was like a scene from a commercial.

What was it?

- Is it what I said? - Yes.

Like a commercial, he said,

"You look good with your long hair."

No. Do I look good with long hair?

- You look prettier with short hair. - What's with him?

- She's pretty no matter what. - He's like that.

"Soo Hyang."

(The two men are having a war of nerves over her now.)

- Whether it's long or short? - Sure.

- What's with you? - What's with him?

You know he's full of love today.

"Would you like some coffee?"

Goodness. It's similar.

"Please buy me a cup of coffee."

I was buying coffee, so I asked people what they wanted to drink.

You should say it like Eun Woo,

- so I can feel the same thing. - That's...

- impossible for us to do. - It'll be strange.

- If you want to get it right. - Just do it.

- That's what she wants. - Say it like Eun Woo.

"Soo Hyang, I'd like..."

"an iced Americano."

(I'd like iced Americano.)

- Goodness. - Iced Americano?

No. It was not iced Americano.

- You said he has a good voice. - Right.

"I'd like iced macchiato with an extra shot of espresso."

- No. - I got it.

- "What would you like, Eun Woo?" - Why would you add an extra shot...

- Iced macchiato? - to iced macchiato?

- Nice shot. - You don't add an extra shot to it?

- He doesn't know. - It's caramel macchiato.

- Caramel? - I got it.

- Eun Woo, what do you want? - Ssanghwatang.


- Ask me that question. - Eun Woo, what do you want?

I will have what you are having.

- Is it similar? - No.

- I will have what you are having. - Incorrect.

It must be something that isn't on the menu.

The tone of the voice and the look in the eyes matter.

I bet he gave a witty answer. Ask me the question.

The answer itself isn't important.

Eun Woo, what do you want?

Me? Tap water.

(He orders tap water with the profound eyes.)

Iced tap water.

I have an idea.

I want iced Americano.

Do you think he did this?

(It's like a scene from an old commercial.)

- Incorrect. - I want...

- The menu was caffe latte. - Give it a try.

- I bet he was doing something else. - Okay.

- Then she called him. - Eun Woo, what do you want?

I want caffe latte.

(Wiping his mouth)

(I want caffe latte.)

What was that? Did you drool?

(The pride of Team Genius)

He always does that to look handsome.

- Are you wiping the drool? - It makes his chin seem smaller.

This is how you do it.

- You do it like this. - You look cool.

I will do what Sang Min asked me to do.

Eun Woo, what do you want?

(Whiskey, brandy, blue jeans, high heels,)

(Coca-Cola, pizza, and Valentine's Day)

(Is he singing his order?)

- What is that? - You don't know the song.

- No, I don't. - It's "Jazz Cafe" by Shin Hae Chul.

Eun Woo should go ahead and say it.

- We want to get it right! - Really?

- This is fun. - I don't think...

- you will get it. - Why are you so impatient?

- Someone should answer. - I got it.

I bet he did something cute. Ask me the question.

Eun Woo, what do you want?

Caffe latte!

- Wasn't it cute? - That was cute.

I got it.

He is a singer.

(Ho Dong tries again.)

Eun Woo, what do you want?

Caffe latte.

Let's go! Let's go!

He just wants to do this.

It's about time he goes on "New Journey to the West".

He just wants to do that.

Did he approach you first?

We were gathered around.

- Someone wanted caramel macchiato. - I got it.

- Eun Woo, what do you want? - Caffe latte.

Caffe latte.

- It's similar. - Soo Hyang.

Eun Woo, what do you want?

(Ho Dong tries again.)


- Caffe latte! - I got it!

(Did he write the letters on her hand?)

I got it.

- I got it. - That was witty.

Maybe Eun Woo did this with his big butt.

Caffe latte.

I got it!

(He showed off his butt as he ordered coffee.)

That's funny.

Maybe he wrote the words with his butt. Caffe latte.

(Shaking his butt)


- The answer is... - Eun Woo is working hard.

What he said isn't important.

- He said, "I want caffe latte." - The feeling matters.

- The feeling matters. - Caffe latte.

- What did he do? - Let me tell you.

He looked into my eyes and went,

"I want caffe latte."

- He did that. - Did I do that?

- Hold on. - I was taking the orders...

- Wasn't it memorable... - Eun Woo should try it.

- because you are interested in him? - That's not the case.

- Try it. How did you do it? - What do you want?

- What do you want? - I want caffe latte.

You didn't do it like that.

- He did it unconsciously. - I don't know how I did it.

- I don't remember. - This is how he did it.

I want caffe latte.

- You didn't know each other well. - No.

- We had met for the first time... - They had met for the first time.

when he said, "I want caffe latte."

I thought, "Does he always do this? What is this?"

- I thought that. - I don't think...

Eun Woo didn't act any differently. Maybe you read too much...

- into it. - It seems that way.

Kyung Hoon is angry.

- Ask Kyung Hoon the question. - I am not angry.

- Kyung Hoon, give it a try. - Ask him the question.

- Kyung Hoon, what do you want? - I want caramel macchiato.

- I wanted iced Americano. - I want cafe latte.

Cafe latte. How about you, Kyung Hoon?

(How about you, Kyung Hoon?)

Do it. I told you to do it.

- Why can't you do it? - I can't believe him.

- His face turned red. - What is wrong with you?

- Hurry up and do it. - He is cute.

I don't remember how I said it,

but I remember that I hadn't eaten anything that day.

I was excited when you asked me what I would like to drink.

Maybe it was your desperation.

It was like a scene from a commercial.

- I see. - I'll buy you caffe latte.

Is there a time...

your heart fluttered?

My heart fluttered when EL said, "Yeong Cheol, I like you."

(Yeong Cheol and EL had a short skit.)

(I like you.)

(No one has said that to me.)

[VIU Ver] E137 Knowing Brothers "Handsome Couple" "Im Soo Hyang & Cha Eun Woo ASTRO" -♥ Ruo Xi ♥-

(They had to end the skit because Yeong Cheol became excited.)

I almost had a heart attack.

It's understandable.

- Good job. - Good job.

What are we doing in the second period?

- A meeting for a picnic. - Are we going on a picnic?

- Hello. - Shin Dong!

- Hello. - Hello, Shin Dong.

Your uniform changed.

You recognized the change right away.

Your uniform used to be stuffy.

The staff finally gave me...

a sheer uniform!


Shin Dong.

You let your bangs down too much to meet an actress.

I let my bangs down.

You looked shabbier the last time.

The last time I was here,

I wore a plain shirt.

When I mentioned it,

a school uniform company...

- made me a plus-sized shirt. - Really?

- It's the power of the show. - Did they lend it to you?

- Thank you so much. - Is it a gift?

They heard me talk about the shirt.

I have something else to share.

Today, the hat is too small.

If someone can lend me a big hat,

I would appreciate it.

What is this period?

I don't know if we are going on a picnic or not.

- We will go on a picnic someday. - That's right.

Thus. we will study the fun games...

- we can play at a picnic. - Picnic games.

That's why I, the master of picnic games, am here.

Hold on.

A treasure hunt is the flower of a picnic.

It's fun.

You get notebooks at the end.

I hope Jang Hoon would host a treasure hunt.

- He should hide 500,000 dollars. - It would be great.

Why are you giving me such a moderate sum?

Make it 50,000,000 dollars.

I am not that shameless.

Drop the Handkerchief is a good game for a small group of people.

Do people know what it is these days?

Since we have Jang Hoon, it can be Drop the Cash.

(Say what you want to say.)

I will never lose it.

I think it's time to change the game culture.

We should go around the neighborhood...

and ask for a meal.

- It will be unique. - I have a better suggestion.

Why don't we lock ourselves up somewhere...

and try to escape?

I can't believe you.

- Good job. - You are shameless.

The two of them are the same.

I am not joking when I say this.

I want to talk about life with friends...

over a drink.

You want to talk about life.

It's "Unexpected Q".

- "What Shall We Eat Today?" - That show is over.

- There is a game I want to play. - What do you want to play?

I, the class president,

- will give a presentation. - Is he the class president?

We never made you the class president.

There are only a handful of students.

I am the class president.

- I guess he is. - He is the class president.

I bet you will agree with me. Top students like us...

should do a brain exercise.

No one is a top student.

- Brain exercise? - What's that?

- How do we do it? - Follow me.

Rub your chest with one hand...

- How do you do that? - My goodness.

- Try it. - I can't do it.

All recreational instructors can do this.

I can do it. Look at me. I can do it.

I am good at this.

- I got this. - I am good at this.

- My goodness. - I got this.

This is a basic test.

Let's move on to the next one.

The next one is a bit harder.

Hold on. Kyung Hoon, give it a try.

- I can do it. - Give it a try.

- You can't do it. - Pound with your fist.


You are doing it wrong.

Do it on your stomach.

- Don't shake your leg. - It's not prohibited.

(He presses his lips together.)

Don't press your lips together.

We haven't seen him do that in a while.

Kyung Hoon, don't do this.

Do it comfortably.

- Do it comfortably. - Don't press your lips together.

His ears turned red.

You pound with your fist.

Don't hold your breath.

- He got caught. - That part is up to me.

You are showing a lot of your charms today.

You should eat samgyetang every week.

- Give us one more test. - What's the next one?

There is an upgraded test. With one hand,

- draw a triangle. - A circle?

And with the other hand, draw a circle.

This is hard.

(A triangle with one hand and a circle with the other)

(The others follow along.)


I can't do it.

Mine is sort of strange.

- I can't do it. - Try it for us, Eun Woo.

- Try it. - Here's the triangle.

(He's all into it.)

- Amazing. - You're fast.

(Looking impressed)

How does he do that?

I used to do this when I worked at a factory a long time ago.

I'd offer, "I'd do your share of work today too."

"I'll work overtime too."

Extra work would mean big bonuses. It was very good.

Show us then.

- I can't do this. - This is too hard.

- I can't do it. - Try drawing the circle.

Keep at it.

It works if you start with one.

It's harder if you move them in opposite directions.

- Go the same direction. - It's working, right?

- It's working, right? - The pig is over here.

- It's working, right? - Hey, Jang Hoon.

- It's working. - You're messing up more.

- Why are you dancing? - It's like playing basketball.

- Make a circle. - Okay.

- Okay. - Make a circle.

There you go.

- Suddenly, they're squares. - Isn't that how you...

search for a vein of water?

That's for finding underground water.

- It's not working. - There's a technique.

You have to forget about one hand.

You have to keep making circles with one hand unconsciously.

Use the other hand to slowly draw...

- a triangle. - How can you possibly ignore one?

(It is a bit strange, but it somehow works.)

That's amazing.

(He copies him right away.)

Try it Soo Hyang.

- It's working, right? - The timing has to match up.

(Is she successful?)

But what's wrong with your expression?

- What's wrong? - Her hands get further apart.

- I think Soo Geun got it. - Hey, Soo Geun.

You look like another fool.

- I think he got it. - I have it down.

Here's a brain test for our juniors.

It goes pinky on your left hand and thumb on the right hand.

1, 2, 3. And 1, 2, 3.

This test is common.

Try it.

- Here. - 1, 2, 3.

You got it wrong.

(His thumb is out.)

You're not doing it.

- Gosh. This is difficult. - You know this right, Eun Woo?

- See? It doesn't work. - You're right.

Watch. 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2.

Once you master all these movements,

you move on to the beat.

(The final test is the Brother School Beat.)

That's the last.

(The members didn't even know.)

All right. It has been confirmed. You may be all in the same class,

but you're all on different levels.

To assess your individual aptitudes,

we'll be holding a test.

Do you guys know? Clink, clink, clink

Clank, clank, clank

Clink, clank, frying pan game

- You know the game, right? - Shin Dong, four.

Shin Dong

- That's how it's done. - It's easy.

- I can play this game. - Here you go.

- Ho Dong, four. - Ho Dong

- He's good at this. - Ho Dong made this game.

I'm a game-making machine.

- Really? - "X-Man".

How about we play an upgraded version of the frying pan game?

- We'll all switch names. - Amongst ourselves?

- You can't use your own. - That's right.

We'll switch our names, but no one will use their own.

- We'll assume other names. - It'll be the upgraded version.

- This is fun. - Start, Sang Min.

So, I get to choose the name I want, right?

I am ground, time to introduce yourself

I am Yeong Cheol.

I am Hee Chul.

I am Jang Hoon.

I am Soo Hyang.

I am Soo Geun.

I am Eun Woo.

I am Ho Dong.

I am Kyung Hoon.

I am Sang Min.

I am ground, time to play now

Clink, clink, clink, clank, clank, clank

Clink, clank, frying pan game

- Ho Dong, four. - Ho Dong

- Sang Min, four. - Sang Min

Hee Chul, two.

Hee Chul

- Soo Hyang, four. - Soo Hyang

(He missed the beat.)

(Jang Hoon fails.)

- What is going on? - Water gun penalty.

I'm getting it.

- Gosh. What was that? - There's a water gun...

- penalty. - You didn't even notify me.

This punishment was there from the start.

Why didn't you tell me?

- You should've warned me. - Hey, you're a senior.

This is hard.

Clink, clink, clink, clank, clank, clank

- Clink, clank, frying pan game - Start from Jang Hoon.

(Round two)

- Ho Dong, four. - Ho Dong

- Soo Geun, four. - Soo Geun

(Ho Dong passes.)

Ho Dong, one.

Ho Dong

Hee Chul, two.

Hee Chul

Sang Min, three.

Sang Min

Hee Chul, two.

Hee Chul

Kyung Hoon, one.

Kyung Hoon

Yeong Cheol, three.

Yeong Cheol

Gosh. We're all so good.

(Sang Min gets baptized with a water gun.)

That was hard.

- It's stressful. - Hey,

Shin Dong, squirt on their faces up close.

- The face? - The punishment...

should be proper.

Not using your name is fun and novel.

Clink, clink, clink, clank, clank, clank

Clink, clank, frying pan game

Yeong Cheol, two.

Yeong Cheol

- Soo Geun, four. - What's this?

- He called on himself. - So what?

What's going on?

- Is that allowed? - Is that okay?

Well, either way, I definitely made it.

He called on himself.

It passed over so naturally.

Soo Hyang, two.

Soo Hyang

Your beat was off.


(He shoots right into his mouth.)

- Your beat is always off. - Jang Hoon.

This is so...

(Nice catch)

You looked so cool a second ago.

You totally seemed like a basketball player.

- He threw you the towel... - It was a good pass.

It's tough since it's not your own name.

- Now, at this point... - It makes you pause.

Let's switch our names.

- Okay. - Let's switch.

It's a good point to confuse things a bit.

I am Eun Woo.

I am Sang Min.

I am Soo Hyang.

I am Yeong Cheol.

I am Jang Hoon.

I am Ho Dong.

I am Hee Chul.

I am Soo Geun.

I am Kyung Hoon.

(It's the fourth round with a name reshuffle.)

Clink, clank, frying pan game

Clink, clank, frying pan game

Ho Dong, four.


(The penalty is confirmed as she breathes out.)

(They feel a bit bad since her makeup might come off.)

Hold on.

(The members are surprisingly focused today.)

My goodness. My eyelashes will come down.

It's okay.

I'll avoid your eyes.

- I'll shoot now. - You had to have done well.

- Gosh. - I didn't shoot yet.

- All right. Here it goes. - We'll do it instead then.

- Here I go. - Shoot from afar then.

There you go.

(She gets shot on the cheek to protect her eyelashes.)

It was nice and refreshing on the cheek.

- Soo Hyang goes first. - She's up.

(It's the fifth round.)

Frying pan game

Hee Chul, two.

Hee Chul

- Eun Woo, 4. - Eun Hye

- Who's Eun Hye? - Who's that?

(He basks in water from the water gun.)

Why am I so bad at this?

(A sense of shame washes over him.)

Just keep reminding yourself that you're Eun Woo.

I keep telling myself.

Gosh. This is pretty confusing.

- Okay. - Last round?

- Last one. - Okay.

- Last one. - It's the last one.

- Last one. - Loser gets the whole tank.

- Squirted in full. - Okay.

You have to keep pumping until the water is depleted.

- No whining. - Shoot standing here.

- No whining. - Of course.

Clink, clink, clink, clank, clank, clank

Clink, clank, frying pan game

- Sang Min, four. - Sang Min

- Okay. - Ho Dong, three.

Ho Dong

- Soo Hyang, three. - Soo Hyang

Eun Woo, three.

It's because I'm diagnosed with panic disorder.

I really am.


I do have a reason for not being good at it.

- I... - All right.

Why would you mention your illnesses here?

(A torrent of rebuke)

Why do you think I can't play this game?

I collect all my focus.

I keep it in my mind.

Stop it.

Hey, I came all the way here to handle this.

You have to go through it.

Sang Min, you have lost.

- Shoot him. - 1, 2, 3.

Watch his mic.

(He gets an unintentional aqua scalp massage.)

Gosh. There's way too much water in here. Is this okay?

I think this is enough.

Watch your mic.

Bring him some shampoo.

Why am I so bad?

But with all the names switched,

it's seriously harder.

It's so confusing.

You don't use your own name.

So, it keeps making you pause for a second.

When Ho Dong is called, I get jumpy.

- Right. - That's true.

It makes me squirm.

Is there another game?

Of course. I prepared another game.

You never have picnics without this activity.

What do you think?

- A talent show. - A talent show?

- Talent show. - What's necessary for that?

- Show after having lunch. - Tofu.

- Well, singing and dancing. - Music.

Absolutely. All right.

From now on, you will be divided into teams.

You will listen to pop songs from the 90's of my choosing.

After guessing the proper artist and song title,

you will be required to sing the lyrics perfectly.

- So, they're 90's songs? - Yes.

But why the 90's?

I've heard Soo Hyang is great at singing 90's pop songs.

I love 90's pop.

- She was born in 1990. - What artists are there again?

Well, there's Turbo and Lee Jung Hyun.

There's also Kim Hyun Jung.

- Of course. - And UP.

- That's right. - My sea and sky

Is this an individual round?

No, I have divided you into teams.

Team Genius is Soo Hyang, Eun Woo,

Hee Chul, and Kyung Hoon.

In Team Ugly, is Ho Dong, Sang Min,

Jang Hoon, Yeong Cheol, and Soo Geun.

Are we seriously getting sorted based on appearances?

That's taking it too far.


- It's taking it too far. - Seriously.

I didn't actually sort this out, the staff did.

What are you talking about? We're on a picnic.

- Oh, okay. - So, why am I ugly?

Sure, I'm kind of short, but my face isn't ugly.

- How could you... - Okay.

Then we'll change up the team names.

We'll switch it to Team Handsome.

That's a homophone for "Ugly enough to make you mad".

You figured it out perfectly.

- I've heard that a lot. - As expected.

- Okay, then. - Come here.

- Let's trade places. - Okay.

But the other team does look pretty good.


- They're all handsome. - They look good in uniform.

(Looking handsome)

Shin Dong, are there penalties?

The team that fails to answer the question...

I'm not sure if this will be okay.

Sang Min might be at a disadvantage since he got so wet.

You'll be bombed with flour.

(The props have been set up.)

- The team that will die soon. - The team that have years ahead.

This is terrifying.

You can't be scared.

(The balloon keeps expanding.)

(It's filled with flour.)

(Getting filled up)

(They tremble in fear.)

This is our picnic planning game.

Now, here is the first question.

I'll read it aloud.

Reading the lyrics reminds me of poems.

I'll read it like I'm reciting a poem.

"Along with letter"

"I received an armful of flowers"

"Most of all, I loved your heart"

"Contained in the bouquet"

This is the segment.

(What is this?)

It's not a children's song, right?

I'll read it one more time.

- I got it. - Already?

Let's go, Soo Geun.

Country Kko Kko's "Gimme! Gimme!".

(They must sing the lyrics perfectly to win.)

(Along with a letter I received an armful of flowers)

(Most of all, I loved your heart contained in the bouquet)

(Team Handsome's Soo Geun gets it correct.)

(Country Kko Kko's "Gimme! Gimme!")

Soo Geun will probably be very good at this game.

(The brothers are absorbed in the 90s song.)

(Team Attractive: 0, Team Handsome: 1)

- It's a good start. - Soo Geun has...

guessed the 1st answer in 1 go.

Gosh. This is making me a bit uneasy.

This is making me a bit uneasy.

(The balloon begins to expand.)

(It's scarier when it's dangling above your head.)

- Gosh. - There.

It's hard to guess after hearing the lyrics

- You're right. - It's hard.

- Next question. - Team Handsome got a point.

Therefore, Team Genius's balloon gets one step larger.

In continuation,

I'll get straight to the second question.

You have to add a melody to the lyrics in your mind.

In effort to confuse you a bit more,

I shall read it with a Gyeongsang accent.

(It will be read in Gyeongsang accent.)

"What do you expect me to do"

"After coming this far"

"Think about it again"

"You can't do this to me"

(You can't do this to me)

Reading it like that makes me think...

("I Won't Love" automatically replays in their minds.)

That's all that I'm reminded of.

I'll read it for you one more time.

"What do you expect me to do"

"After coming this far"

- I got it. - Ho Dong.

(Does Ho Dong know the answer?)

- You have to say the title. - It's Kim Soo Hee's...

"I'm Yours".

Kim Soo Hee?

What is it?

- What do you expect me to do - Kim Soo Hee's "I'm Yours".

I think it's a Koyote song.

(What was this Koyote song's title again?)

"What do you expect me to do"

That keeps messing me up.

"After coming this far"

It seems like "Pure Love" by Koyote.

- Try humming it. - "Pure Love"?

- "Think about it again" - Koyote's "Pure Love".

Koyote's "Pure Love"?

- That's right. - "Pure Love".

Try singing it.

Gosh. I suddenly can't remember.

- What is it? - I got it.

We'll go after they mess up.

(Hee Chul steps up in frustration.)

(I expect me to be happy)

No, that's not it.

- That's incorrect. - Shin Dong.

- I got it. - Okay.

Go ahead and sing.

What do you expect me to do

(She feels unfair.)

(Soo Geun strikes again.)

Hey DJ, pump this party

(Koyote's "Pure Love")

Everyone, together.

(It's time for everyone to dance.)

I want to beg

And hold onto you

(Being excited)


(They forget about the balloon as they dance.)

(Team Genius: 0, Team Handsome: 2)

(They're completely disheartened.)

What's going on here?

(Team Genius' balloon keeps expanding.)

How scary.

This time...

Kyung Hoon did guess the title and artist.

- Right. - But the lyrics...

Team Genius pretty much handed that one over.

You can't speak up in a hurry.

It'll be good to make sure.

- I couldn't quite grasp the melody. - Nice.

- This is so good. - Soo Geun cannot be beaten.

He's too good.

So, since Team Genius is losing,

I'll give you a slight advantage in consideration.

I'll read this one with a robotic voice.

- You sure prepared a lot of things. - That's good for us.


"The moment I ran into you"

"Was everything to me"

"I couldn't stop"

"I know I must turn around"

- Gosh. - I got it.

- It's Seo Taeji. - It's not.

- We should wait and answer it. - It the answer.

Jo Kwan Woo's "Swamp".

Sing it.

(Jo Kwan Woo's "Swamp")

The moment I ran into you

- I know this song. - Was

- Was everything to me - Was everything to me

I don't know this one at all.

(Jo Kwan Woo's "Swamp")

(Yeong Cheol takes care of the high notes.)

(He's possessed by Kwan Woo.)

You got this.

I know

(Even lip syncing brings emotions.)

He's good.

That was perfect.

(Team Genius: 0, Team Handsome: 3)

(It just might blow up soon.)

- Oh, no. - Time out.

Let's exchange players.

We'll switch Soo Hyang for Soo Geun.

What are you talking about?

- What are you doing? - I'm better