Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ? أجيو تشوفو معايا الطيارة اللي طلقت القنبلة الذرية على اليابان ?

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As promised, today's Vlog is about the infamous Enola Gay

Look at the plane landing

Anyway, this is part 2 , I believe there will be part 3

Across from me are 2 major planes

This Jet and the one in the background

I will talk about each one of them when I get downstairs

This is Lockheed SR-71 A Blackbird

This is it

PMD (California) to IAD (Virginia) in 1 hr. 4 min.

Commercial jets spend 5 hrs. Doing the same flight

Most visitors come here for this plane

Look at the engine

Like a flying bullet

Next is space shuttle Discovery

30 yrs. in the sky

Retired in 2011 with odometer reading 240,000,000 km.

39 missions , 5830 earth orbits

Discovery had many roles, like transporting telescope Hubble to space...

Look at the rear how gigantic it is , it looks small from far away

Look at the exhaust pipes

Look and admire the tail of this shuttle

It has tiles on its wings and the tail


I want to show you the plane up there

Here is another view from under

It's called Enola Gay

Left wing

I'm going up one more level and show you

Planes all over like toys

Going up the stairs

There it is

old planes in here

If I'm not mistaken this is the first plane ever

More planes hanging than on the ground

This is the plane this Vlog revolves around

This is the wicked plane for most people

I will show you to what extent people hated this plane

Name: Enola Gay (Boeing B-29)

This is the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan in 1945

Therefore, the most hated plane.

I'm about to show what the museum did to deter people's anger

Especially Japanese

It reminds them how their ancestors died

The museum added this thick glass

People hurled paint to deface the plane

Because of their anger , after many accidents the glass was put

This is the real Enola Gay not a double

Look at the design back then in 1945

Beside me now this kid looks Japanese to me

Going downstairs now

I spotted a couple interesting planes Concorde and FedEx planes

I'm thirsty from talking, I'm going to drink

You can fill your bottle here

Air France Concorde

Planes hanging from the ceiling

I hope they're secured

FedEx first plane ever


Top speed 2179 km/hr

This Vlog is coming to and end

I discussed three major planes

Museum is closing soon , I can hear that in the speakers

Museum closed at 5:30 pm

The Description of ? أجيو تشوفو معايا الطيارة اللي طلقت القنبلة الذرية على اليابان ?