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Welcome back everyone it's Charlie this is going to be my new Batman video Warner

Brothers just dropped a whole bunch of details we also have news about what's

going on in the larger Batman universe and their future plans for the trilogy

itself and some of the really big characters so we'll break it down if

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know what you want them to do with the sequels so starting with number 5 if you

didn't see the news recently the rap reported that because of the

overwhelming success of the Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix made over a billion

dollars secretly behind the scenes DC movies were planning to do a new more

comic book accurate version of the Bane character in his own DC Black Label

movie obviously it wouldn't be Tom Hardy's version of Bane it'd be a

completely different actor they didn't say who was going to direct it or write

it or which actor it was going to be dave bautista was supposed to be in

James Gunn's Suicide Squad 2 movie but had to decline because of scheduling

problems then later said he would love to play the new version of Bane inside

Robert Pattinson Strohl gee that's why you've been seeing all that fan art of

him as Bane he definitely looks like he could pull the part off comic book Bane

even if they didn't use special effects to make him look 8 feet tall when he's

tripping out on the venom serum if you're really going to go for a comic-book

accurate Bane but apparently since that news broke a little while ago DC decided

not to do the full blown Bane solo movie treatment DC Black Label mostly because

there are a billion more famous Batman villains to do DC black label movies

about as you would expect why wouldn't they go with their bigger

more popular characters first this all makes sense in a second though because

number for the follow-up on that Bane report is that DC isn't going to do the

Bane movie also because they decided to shuffle a new version of Bane into the

Robert Pattinson trilogy in one of the sequels but just to be clear Bane is not

in the new Batman movie that's coming out next year neither is the Joker

character and even though the Joker movie made over a billion dollars and

changed the way you think about the Joker character you think DC's first

thought would be to cross him over with the Batman trilogy the director of The

Joker movie Todd Phillips was asked about this throughout last year during

the Joker press to her and his answer was always that he made the Joker movie

with the specific intent that it was his own thing off in his own universe and

that was part of the reason why Warner Brothers

let him do it rated R Robert Pattinson was just cast as Batman I know this is a

totally different movie but but do you see those two worlds merging together

anytime soon no and even though the Joker ending

scene has a clear Batman origin moment from the comics if you're taking Todd

Phillips at his word when they were filming this he wasn't thinking to

himself this is Robert Pattinson 'he's Batman being born right here in this

moment if you really start to pick it apart too there are some age difference

issues between Joaquin Phoenix's Joker and Robert Pattinson Batman the Joker

should usually only be no more than 10 to 15 years older than Batman in Joaquin

Phoenix is in his 50s even with D aging technology the Joker movie was supposed

to take place in the early 80s so it's just too much of a stretch and I'm not

on board with the theory that his Joker inspired the real comic book Joker that

you see fighting Batman in all the Batman comics I still think that he is

meant to be the Joker so number 3 right now Matt Reeves has said that he doesn't

introduce a new version of the Joker during the first Batman movie but they

will do him at some point during the sequels he will come up he's just too

big of a character to completely swerve on during this new trilogy most likely

with another actor and most likely after any potential Joker sequel movie Todd

Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix's most recent statements about doing a Joker

sequel are more along the lines of we're not in any rush to do it but maybe we'll

do it someday which means if it does happen it's probably going to be bare

minimum four years before we see it probably longer the more interesting

thing though within Warner Brothers is their interest in replicating the

success of the Joker with other solo movies for Batman villains the big

Batman villains so number two there was also a recent report that Warner

Brothers intended to use Robert Pattinson s new Batman trilogy to set up

potential spin-offs for the bigger villain characters and there are some

recent actor comments that corroborate this in the first new Batman movie next

year we know we're getting the Penguins the Riddler Catwoman and carmine Falcone

it should go without saying even if you Stan carmine Falcone as a character

they're probably not going to give him a solo movie but Colin Farrell who's

playing the penguin recently said that he doesn't have much to do in this first

new Batman movie but he does get to have a lot of fun with his scenes can we

say that you're playing the penguin in the Batman movie yeah he just did yeah

yeah yeah

you a bull's-eye in the daredevil movie and I thought you were fantastic in that

I really I really liked that and now you're playing all demographic

thank you this cat no I don't know I'm a I'm not being facetious but but the

penguin it surprises me that you are the penguin cuz usually the penguin is a

short fat person yeah I have some time to eat well you actually put a don't

know I'm still in the process of talking to Matt Reeves who's the director who

wrote the script I wrote a really like really beautiful dark moving script

really gorgeous you get the whole thing already yeah yeah with a chain and you

know around my arm and cryogenically frozen script it's all very right hush

but it's a really beautiful script that he wrote he has a real love for it Matt

so we're still in the process of just finishing designing the the aesthetic

Robert Pattinson is Batman and Patterson's bottomland Jeffrey Wright

Danno is the Riddler yeah Jeffrey writes in there zoe kravitz is

that woman yeah yeah really cool I love the daredevil bull's eye shout out

during that interview the other funny thing too you have to remember is that

both he now and Ben Affleck wound up in the daredevil movie and then in Batman

movies but that along with the statements that he's made since then

while they were actually working on the film sort of corroborate the idea that

Warner Brothers is thinking about doing a DC black label movie at some point in

the future with his penguin character why would you cast someone as big as

Colin Farrell and Pam all that money for such a huge event film the Batman movies

then barely use him in any scenes probably because they want to lock him

down for future Batman movie spin-off universe plans but would we even call a

Batman Cinematic Universe that existed by itself self-contained the bat verse I

don't know just post your best theory about what you would call that in the

comments but it's the same deal with the Riddler the Catwoman

two-face once they debut a new version of two-faced in the Batman movies

because number one there's also a new rumor that says they're trying to get

Matthew McConaughey as their new to face in the Batman sequels that doesn't mean

that they're going to get him and he'll sign a contract but it gives you an idea

for how big they're going with their casting

aaron eckhart did a great job with his version of two-face in the dark night

but I wouldn't exactly call him a huge ælis actor he was mostly a supporting

role to Heath Ledger's Joker in that movie one of the biggest complaints to

about superhero movies both Marvel and DC all around is if they really do a

good job at developing all of their villain characters especially films that

have multiple villains in them the Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix basically

solved that problem so you see all these big Batman villains show up in the new

Robert Pattinson Batman trilogy but you get the deep character study with each

of them in their potential solo movies depending on how everything works out

and if things are successful if we're talking about which order they would do

those solo movies and I'd rather see the Riddler or the penguin movie first then

do the other one and then once they cast their a new version of two-face do his

solo movie then after whatever the last rubber pattinson Batman movie winds up

being then you do your Catwoman solo movie because if you didn't see recently

the writer of the Batman movie effectively confirmed that the movie is

based on the long Halloween comic book story maybe not exactly like the comic

book story but definitely inspired by it in there a couple sequel stories to the

long Halloween there's Batman and dark victory which they could use as the plot

for the sequel to the Robert Pattinson Batman movie then there's the Haunted

Knight and there's also a story called Catwoman when in Rome which takes place

concurrently with one of those other stories they could always use that is

the story for the Catwoman solo movie though but you get the idea Warner

Brothers seems like it's trying to construct a new cinematic universe

through this new Batman trilogy which i think is kind of funny so just to be

clear Robert Pattinson --zz Batman isn't meant to be connected to Justice League

or be a prequel to Ben Affleck's Batman we do have the flash movie coming up

they're doing a version of flashpoint if they want to use that to connect him to

Justice League if they really do want to bring everything together for Justice

League 2 or whatever that sequel winds up being they could always use a

flashpoint explanation but I think we're so far away from a Justice League sequel

that it doesn't really matter but we have the Snyder cut coming up but that's

not meant to be a sequel to the first Justice League it's meant to replace the

original Justice League movie I've already done a bunch of Justice League

Snyder cut videos so I'll link those at the end of this but that's all

completely separate from what's going on with the

Batman movies and Robert Pattinson so there was some confusion about what's

going on with Ben Affleck coming back to do Schneider cut stuff that's mostly to

do additional voiceover dialogue he's not fully coming back as Batman but if

we get any other news about what's going on with the Batman movie of course I'll

do a new video everyone is heading back into production in a couple months this

summer so we should start to get more news about it pretty soon everyone click

here for that Justice League Snyder cut teaser trailer and click here for my new

spider-man 3 in venom 2 video thank you so much for watching everyone stay safe

I'll see you guys tonight!

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