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What a beast!

There you go, bro!

Just in time to test it for us!

Yo! I'm just chilling

and I'm leaving for the airport in 2 hours

... because I'm flying to Cape Town!


Szymon's wife: Will you take our girl out so I can dry my hair?


Tosia, you wanna go outside?

I'm a little sad that I'm leaving

because in Poland winter hasn't even started!

I'm chilling wearing just a jumper now

Having my new sunglasses on...

And the Sun is shining beautifully...

Before leaving, I have to pack this beast as well

But I don't want this strip here, I didn't have another 27,5" tire I have to paint it!

It's so nice

What do you need?

a little faster!

oh, faster!

Allright, the bike is already packed, let's leave for the airport!

A quick visit in Decathlon, because I have to pick up my contest jersey!

It's so cheap to put logos on your contest jersey here, sick!

I've got my jersey, Let's hurry up then!

I'm at the airport and I've just paid for this bike, which weighs 35 kg

I had to empty my bag a bit in front of the lady to make it 32 kg..

It turned out, that you have to pay additional 250 Euro for the bike if you're flying to Cape Town

We've just arrived in Cape Town

My buddy took me to the farm where the Darkest is

There are some other things here as well

... like jumps, flow etc.

It's gonna be a lot to do here during 2 weeks!

I'm with the boys responsible for all the work here

Niko, Klemens

There we go! There we go, buddy!

What a beast!

You arrived just in time to test it for us!

First time at the spot!

This is one of the smallest jumps

but f***, It's huuuuuuuuge!

still so far away, huh?

I'm going to grab a measure to show you how big these jumps are

But i would say that this kicker is about 5m high

huge landing

Can you tell me how much time did you spend on this jump?

Just the landing - a week, I think

With 2 machines and 2 dumper trucks

This is him on the top, look how small he seems to be

this is huge

Now between Nick and Sam there is about 20 meters

I'm so stoked that I'm here

I can't say anything more

I'm just smiling all the time here

Klemens has just measured this jump

The kicker is 6m high, the angle is 59*

14 meters long!

We're at a place where I'm not laughing at all...

Clemens has just measured it

The sharkfin kicker is there

...and the landing is here

And the rollercoaster starts here

because you're going full speed to that jump, which is 30m long

And now I don't know if I'm happy or not

But I'll manage...

That's the longest jump

With a little...mmmmmm

With a little mellow kicker

almost 30 meters long

looks pretty good

from the top it looks scary, but from here it's a bit better

Niko is up there

and the kicker is there

full speed, wutututut


First they scared me that there are so many snakes here, black mambas and all

and now I have to walk through these bushes

We're at at a hip, in the middle of the course

You land the hip here, one more jump there,

and without braking, with full speed, you reach the huuuuuuge step-up that I'm going to show you in a sec

Oh, we're at the step-up

This is the landing

It's small and flat

But in order to land here, you have to ride about 60 kph...

and jump from the 7,5 m high kicker

OMG It's so windy, but it's good, it's the first day

the kicker is there

today is the first day

and FORTUNATELY it is windy

because I haven't ridden my downhill bike since Rampage

...and I wouldn't like to jump such big jumps at first...

I'd rather chill after the flight,

put my bike together without any hurry

and ride something smaller :)

Fortunately, there are many options to ride here!

We're back down here, next to one the last jumps

And it is SICK!

so good, so big

I bet it doesn't look so big on your screen

Allright, I've visited the jumps already

They're sick, the line is unbelievable!

and the view from this garden!

What a spot, sick

Now I'm gonna put my bike together and ride sth smaller

to get prepared for tomorrow's tests on the BIG JUMPS!

The bike is ready!

let's ride



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