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FACE REVEAL! I'm so sad I can't do that anymoreI want to do more face reveals! I just recorded

this whole video without sound, so we're doing it again! Hey guys, it's Sandi! And in today's

tutorial I'm going to be showing you this super cute strawberry manicure that's been

dipped into chocolate! Yeah, that's all you do! You just paint a strawberry on your nail

and then you dip them into chocolate! No, I'm kidding! Don't do that! That would be

crazy! But what's really cool about this manicure is the drizzled chocolate is 3D so it actually

looks like real chocolate! Andit smells like real chocolate! Guys, seriously! It smells

like real chocolate! And I'm going to show you how you can do all of this just by using

nail polish! So stay tuned and I'll show you how I did it! Wait a second! I have something

super exciting to share with you guys before we get into the tutorial! I just launched

my first app for the iPhone and for Android and it's completely free and it has all of

my cutepolish video tutorials on there and it has a recreations page for you guys to

come on and share your recreations with me and with everyone else who has the app and

you guys have already found this app you guys are amazing! You've already found it and have

already been sharing your recreations, which is awesome! And there's a tips and tricks

page so I have some cool DIY tools for you guys, hand positioning tips, how to paint

your nails with your other handthings like that! So I really hope you guys enjoy

this app! If you want to give it a try, you want to check it out, I have the links down

below for you guys! If you download it, let me know what you think of it! And now let's

get back to the tutorial!

And now, back to voice over! Chocolate covered strawberries is one of my favorite treats.

They're so fun to make and super delicious to eat. What's one of your favorite treats?

Let me know in the comments. In today's video I'm going to be showing you how to paint these

sweet little treats on your nails! The drizzle will be 3D and they will smell like actual

chocolate. So, let's begin!

Start off by painting all of your nails with a base coat and then choose a strawberry red

polish to paint your nails with. Red polishes are almost always very opaque so you may be

able to get away with one coat for this design.

Next choose a bright green polish and use a toothpick to draw on some leaves coming

down from your cuticle. Don't think too much about it, just draw a few random triangles

coming down from your cuticle. Then use a stippling motion to fill the leaves. Make

sure the red underneath is fully dry or you will be bringing that colour up from the nail

and mixing it into the leaves.

Now it's time for a bright yellow polish. Use this to add random small dots over the

red for seeds. No need to worry if some dots are a little bigger than others--- it just

makes it look more natural.

It's time for the chocolate! Choose a chocolate brown polish and paint the tip of your nail

with it. The easiest way to do this is by keeping your brush still and slowly turning

your finger to cover the entire tip of the nail.

Give that a couple minutes to dry and then, if you really want the 3d effect to be prominent,

you will want to apply your top coat now. If not, you can do it after and the nails

will definitely dry faster, but the 3d effect will be lessened.

Now it's time for my favorite part--- the white chocolate drizzle. I'm using a special

polish by Color Club that smells like white chocolate when it's dry! If you don't have

this, you can always just opt for regular white polish.

To do the 3D drizzling, you will need to place a small puddle of white polish onto some tinfoil

and allow it to dry for about 15-20 minutes. We want it to become stringy. Keep checking

to see when it's done. It will look REALLY stringy like this when it's ready! Then just

use a toothpick to string the polish over the tip of your nail. I like to push all of

the polish from the puddle over to one side when it's ready to string, I find this really


And that's it! Just give it some time to dry and you will have a super cute mani that's

3D and smells like chocolate!

I really hope you enjoyed today's video! If you did, give it a thumbs up and subscribe

for more nail art videos. And if you give this design a try, then please share your

recreations with me on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #cutepolish! You can also

share them on my new app! Take care and I'll see ya next time :)

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