Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mass Effect 2: Great Moments Part 1

Difficulty: 0

the body hold on going to be a one of my

its working tonight

modernizing strength at the destruction of class went on

exchange trash box preceptor preaching requests for crunch and one for shepherd


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replied i don't know

misuse them


let me make this perfectly clear

this is not acceptable

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saint putt

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soviet missile rate and that's a really

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we don't have time for this

dot com

help me in the house

placed on the spot

in the dark

we'll replace me next

ninety u_n_ order moreno


consider this my resignation

they give up western state refund everything servers has done for you


expressed coach

your tools

innovative food

requested with chilis

the answer i was looking for

was about abortion

it should be much appreciated

how good was your life

nice in everything is going well up here

good for now

fractured my phone on mute but i think i made my point

what is that these people will do what they find out the forest got cut

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you know like deadline

messages and christian schools

mentions fashion

nice is everything going well up here

presented my argument over personalization of workspace

servers regulations are clarence darrow

personalization does not include grease on my brief statements

it's just mentality what is your name is like a dream sequence

you guys all right



don't worry the stupid pro idolatry

my family is safe

is there anything i should know

you have unread messages at private terminal

operative lasso would like to see you at the station on the crew that

up until i would like to see you over in the armor

there is a season news that the firings eyes maybe you should speak with him

down in the main battleroom

terrence is very distraught after receiving a message maybe you could

check in again on engineering

morning would like to speak with you over the political left

jack would like to see you in jennifers hiding hole in the engineering dept

then would like to see you down on life support on the crude

samara would like to see you in observation on the crew that grunt seems

very anxious facing down in the cargo hold you might want to check in on him

i_c_m_ everything is going well up here

not seven

very funny eden real original stop it

the system manual control mister morrow

high courts

devil scared us after the crash who never really accepted newscast reporters

overbilled intercourse

started eating themselves into american controls on the deck

and i couldn't get to the v_ chip

just awful

we know which images u


the marching band parade


garfield you always had

an excited for her and on

this program a_b_c_

you're worth it

she wouldn't you

the lead in the weeks ahead


hi there


you've got nothing to be sorry about

maybe he left a message

finds that dates

soon scene

medicine disappeared

miners which works out what he needs

cantors who responded so much and since word starts with assault and battery

system too much soldier was born was ruled it was an accidental david has

invited me over the world

then there was a

home really i am

shipping it out in the front lines




the usmle

daddy was reacting primary drive in engineering

extremely cold suggestion unchecked said she was amazing



all styles will be killed

what about the group they're going to have

collectors to fend


we'll see you in the world

the white house controls



has passed a nineteen mt truman feet swift

into the worst come to pass

who are you

are you doing that here

on with the citadel health and safety we've had reports history carries around vermin

you can't be serious engineer kid

if i didn't have arthritis i wouldn't be here

this year there was a

there's a keeper ever modest

colloquial k


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