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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Walk Away From Money - Dave Chappelle

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and I just want to tell you I'm the first person in my family to not go to college.

And as the president has told you I've done outstanding in spite of that

but one thing I didn't want to say one thing today just made me think about for

all the things that I've done I'm most renowned for what I didn't do. I've made

decisions in my career that a lot of people have called insane. In 2004 had 50

million dollar deal on the table and in a crisis of conscience flips the table

over and walked away went to South Africa everyone said I was running away

from the money that is not true in fact I still want that money the idea that I

wanted to just share with you guys is the idea that sometimes you do what you

think is best

whether anybody understand it or not. I heard a story about my father where

someone told me he used to do statistics for a company in DC the company did

statistics for started doing business with the South African government .so he

quit his job. it's caused a lot of problems between his him and his wife

it's hard for a man when he can't provide for his family the way he wants

and he suffered through it and a generation later when I had my crisis of

conscience I was able to go to a free South Africa and get away from the heat.

This idea that what you do in your lifetime informs the generations that

comes after is was something I keep thinking about. something that it's so

much bigger than just ourselves. and today I'm standing in front of you guys

and I know you guys know you're bored but I see family of mine in the front

row that I some who I've never met and I just realized how how old all of us are

connected my great-grandfather built something

more substantial than buildings he built a community and he built more

importantly than a community he built a way

you know so I'm very grateful very grateful hello police

I have something I like you staying over like so this is what black people talk

I just want I just want I just want you guys remember you know that right now

there's this thing with where ethics aren't what they used to be this idea

that people are trying to replace the ideas of good and bad with better or

worse and that is incorrect you got keep your ethics intact because good and bad

is a compass that helps you find a way in a person that only does was better or

worse is the easiest type of person to control they are a mouse in a maze that

just finds the cheese but the one who knows about good and bad will realize

that he's in a maze so that being said I just hope that all of you guys transcend

whatever you see as your obstacles and that you live outstanding lives and that

you stay connected to your communities because you have so much power there and

that you grow your communities and you diverse fire communities and that you

don't let anybody anybody tell you you can't or to be afraid it's okay to be

afraid because you can't be brave or courageous without fear the idea of

being courageous is that even though you're scared you just do the right

thing anyway so in 2004 I walked away from 50 million dollars and in November

I made a deal for 60 million dollars so

although I am NOT the most famous comedian of my time I would like to know

what their great grandfather's did I'm very proud today

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