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I have been at my children's place for 6 months

How are they?

Thank you, Muoi

They are all good

OMG, you know that I was alone so that I was so bored

My children go to work in the morning, so I have to stay at home alone

Don't dare to go anywhere

I also don't know the ways there And don't know to drive car

I also don't know their language

I just heard they said bla bla

So I couldn't talk to anyone

I was so bored and asked them so much, then they let me go home

Poor you

OMG, it's similar to the life in jail

It was like imprision

Like in the prison, right?

Drink tea, please

You should sometimes visit your child like that



Have you heard anything from your mom?

She's good



OMG, you are unlucky

If you came earlier, you could meet Ut


She has just left for her mother's place

So unlucky

I tell you that

I came back from abroad

I give you a box of ginseng to improve your health

The other one I will ask Hoa to bring to her mom

You're always bringing gifts for us

Just use it, don't be shy

Remember to bring to your mom

Thank you, Mr.Ba


When you're free, I want to invite you to visit my mom

That's a good idea


Remember to tell you if you go there

Yes, I remember

She is clever

Drink tea, please


Drink it


When was you home?

I came home when you were praying

Do you have a break?

I have a break for a week to review for the exam

How is great grandmother?

Yes, she and sister Hoa are good

She misses you so much

She said that when you were free, came to her place

I don't want to go anywhere now

She also sent you a gift, let me take it for you


Hai, why are you here?

I want to ask that is Ut home?

She came home at noon

How do you know she came home?

I went there to pick her up, but sister Hoa said she just went home


So waste time

Poor you

Why didn't you tell her first?

I promised to pick her up, Mrs.Tu

Is she home now?

She has just gone to the Committee to do her business

She must be home now, or go inside to wait for her

No, thanks. Let me go there

Okay you go there

Yes, I go now

Why didn't you tell me when you went home?

I went home suddenly, so I didn't want to bother you

It's not annoyed

I tell you this, but you don't be sad

Just tell me

I know your love for me

But we can't be a couple

Why not?

I remember you also love me

Why don't you say that i have a crush on you?

It is

So why can't we be a couple?

Now, it is different

But to me, you are not different

No, I have thought throughly

We can't

Forget me

Ut Huong

Let me take you home

Let me walk

You go home first

What's wrong with you?

I'm okay

I just want you to forget me and let me focus on my studying

But anyway, let me take you home

I want to walk alone, you go home first



I'm home

Come to eat lunch

So delicious

Why don't you wait me to cook for you?

I went to the garden and saw the spinach is delicious, so I took them to cook soup

So delicious, I haven't eaten spinach for a long time

Let's eat

We have plenty of them

Did you meet Hai Hien?

Brother Hien?

No, I didn't met him

Why didn't you call him first? He wasted his time to go there


I don't want

Why not?

Because I just want to focus on my study

But if you love him, it still doesn't affect to your study

But I don't want that

I think he's good to us as well as you

I know but how about his family?

What do you mean?

I think they don't forget the time when I was in the city

Who said that?

It's not important

I think they're right

I made a big mistake, so no one can sympathize for me

But you can make your life better again

That's why I want to give up everything

Let's eat

Yes, mom

Enjoy your meal

What are you doing?

Do you want to try thrilling feelings?

No, it's for teenager

So now you have to take care for your family, right?

Dream it yourself

Why I have to dream?

That's my requirement

Hate you


I have to bite you

I'm driving, don't kid me

I surrender

Today, I have few customers

How much do you have?

6 bowls left

It's just a few

Why not?

I just have only one bowl left you you in this time before

If we can't sell them, bring it home for mom and us to eat

I can't do my business if I am like you

It's over


We have guests

Hello, brother and sister

Take a seat, please

Hello, Mr and Mrs owner

I haven't been the owner, it's her

You just wait to announce the reason, right?


Sister Ut


Give me a small bowl and brother "chicken" a special one

Wait me a second

So delicious

Do you eat more?

No, I'm full

Can I eat more?

Do you have more?


One bowl left

Give me one more small bowl

Why you eat so "little"?

You see that, she doesn't eat speacial bowl but eats 2 small bowls

It's one and a half the special bowl

Because you don't eat 2 special bowls

How is your business?

I tell you and sister Ut that

We have profit

Really? How much?

It's better than farming work

So happy

Your business is getting better

As my calculation, it's right

don't mention it

It's sure

Now the farming work is hard because the prices are not stable

Even the food in the market is cost higher but we do not dare to rise the "banh canh" price

We are afraid that they do not eat

You're weird

Brother Hai

When were you home?

I have been home for 3 days

Why are you home?

I have a week break to review for the exam

I come home to review and visit mom

Okay, I also want to call you back

What's wrong?

Is mom home?

She goes to the market

Tell me what's wrong


Wait mom to come home, then I'll talk later

Brother, tell me


OMG, it's scary

Have you just arrived home?


Is my brother home?

Did he tell you he would be back?

I told him to go home

For what?

I want to tell you something

Tell what?

Is dad in the garden?

No, he's at the pubs

Is he drinking again?

Mr.Tam came here, then they went to the pubs to discuss something

My dad and Mr.Tam are awesome, nobody hates each other

Hate what?

About brother and sister Hai

How can?

It's not their fault

It's the children's business, not involves to the parents

Go inside



I said that for you to cheer with my family

So happy

We are fully responsible to raise them until they get married, right?

That's right

It's like our ancients

I feel sorry about Lanh and Truc

Don't talk about them anymore

That's their fate

But our friendship will never end


If we were unlucky, we might not drink with each other like that

That's right

We are friend from when we were young

back then the coconut only cost 3 Dong

When we swam in the river or picked guava


There's just a little


There's just a little left but I still give you

You have a good speech, so you'll get an award

This is an award, right?


it's a lie

only the uneducated would tell lie

We are educated one

I'll take this

For our friendship

For strong friendship



But Mr.Tam


Your lyrics seem to be not involve to my song

Not involve?


But it's still good

Mom, dad



Have you just arrived home?


Hello sister

How are you?

When you went for a re-examination, why didn't you come to my place?

I came home immediately, I can't leave there long time

Are parents home?

They went to the feast at Hamlet 3, they may come home early

Take the bike inside

Carry the stuffs for me

Okay let me

Let's go


I want to discuss with you

What's up?

I want to ask you

About me and Ba Yen

Brother, have you decided with Ba Yen?

That's right

Have you thought carefully?

I told you before

I have thought carefully

I will marry her

I can't live without her

About that thing, I consider it as her accident

Did she tell you about that?

First, she thought I didn't know

She tried to avoid me

Then when I asked her

She still refused

She said she couldn't

Finally, she told me the truth and refused me

When I said I knew everything

And I accepted it

She agreed

Now, what do you want?

I want you to accept me and Ba Yen

Mom, brother

I told you that sister Ba Yen had the women's disease

But it's not

It's the disease of the century

What's that?

She has HIV



She told me everything

She is just at the early stage

Now they can control her disease

Mom, I just want to say that

Let him decide

I decided


If you have decided

That is your fate

So we make the engagement party

If not, how could you have a wife?


I invite brother and sister come here

To say with you that

I and brother Hai have agreed with each other

I want to tell you first, then his family will come to talk with you

That means you are in love, right?


Last week, he confessed to me

If so, we don't prevent it

Did you tell him that you has an illness?

I thought he didn't know

He followed me all the time

I found a way to refuse him

I was worried for him, not because I didn't love him

So why did you accept him?

Because he loves me so much

I told him the truth about my illness

He knew it long time ago

And accepted it

If so, it's okay

Why are you crying?

But what's your illness?

Why we don't know anything?

What's your illness?


Just women's illness

Now, I can't hide you anymore

Why are you so serious? Tell me

What's wrong?

You must keep calm and consider it as Yen's accident

When Yen was tricked, she accidentally had HIV


My daughter

OMG, poor you

But luckily, she is just at the early stage

It can be cured and controlled

Did the doctor say that, Yen?

Is it true?


We knew everything before

But we hid because we didn't want you to be worried

Now, she's better

Moreover, she will get married

I'm her brother, so I have to tell you

I'm just afraid of Tu's family doesn't accept

If they know, they may..

Let brother Hai handle it

I didn't hide him anything

I told him already

I think it's okay

But I think it's empty

No, it's good

When I get married, I will ask for lots of possesty

You may be alone

There have many guys follow me, but I don't accept them

Have you finished?

You see is it okay?

Okay, I think it's good

It's just the introduce party

But I ask you this

Both families have met each other for many years, now introduce what?

That's our ancestors' custom

You see that, when it's her turn, she will ask for many rituals

So I don't get married

Now, how can we bring it?

Now, I take you to their gate first

Then I take Ut and offering tray later

Do you leave me at their gate like that?

Just a second, we're fast

We must go now to be in time


Please let Hai put the offering to the altar

Yes, please

Help him


Come here everyone

Drink tea and eat cookies

Today, I come here

To ask for your permission to let them get married

I see Yen as my daughter from now on

I hope you see Hai as your son

We are in-law now

I hope they are happy


Come here

They are my children

You look for a good day for them to get married

Now I want to invite you to have meals with us



Talk politely

You have to stand up

I stand all the time


Take a seat, please

Sit down, please

Come here



Brother Muoi

Long time no see you

You work in the police office, not the tourist destination that I come all the time

But why are you here?

I tell you this

Ut and I will hold a wedding party

But you know that

Our conditions are hard

I think we just make a tray of rice for our ancestors, is it okay?

It's okay

If we're poor, we can do that

Can I then register my marriage?

Of course

Even you don't organize anything, just go to the Committee to register


OMG, I think that we have to organize the wedding

It's not true

That's good

I make a tray of rice and invite close friends

Am I in there?

Of course yes

Am I important?

Yes, very important

You think that I couldn't meet Ut without your help

And without Ut, there's not the tray in the afternoon

Remember to come to my place

Okay, I'll come

I'll wait for you

You promise that

I'll leave now

Good morning, Mr president

Take a seat


What do you sign?

No, I don't have anything to sign


When were you here?

I nod and say hello but you didn't see me

I'm busy with the documents

Tell me why are you here?

Nothing's important

So why are you here?

I invite you to come to my wedding party in the afternoon

What? In the afternoon?



Give me

Give what?

Your wedding invitation

Let me know which the restaurant to come

We don't have invitation because we just invite few people

We organize at home

You must have invitation for people to know the time or place

I have ordered, but I just ordered 4 invitations so they didn't do


I just invite 4 people in my family


But who?

The woman's family has my wife and her mom

My family has only me

And the guests are you and Mr.Nghia

Just only that?


Because we are poor, so we just make a tray for our ancestors, then we invite some guests to come

That's okay

I'll come


You throw a party at home, do you?

My house

No, Ut's house

No, we just have one house

Ut "tai lanh" 's house, right?


Okay, I'll come


Your presence adds solemnity to my family

Thank you very much

Because you make my party more important

Stop it, I know

I'll come

I leave now

Thank you

One, two, three, four

Five, six

Six pairs of chopsticks

Can incense sticks burn?


They haven't come, so just slow down

They can come right now

I'm so nervous


Is there anything else?

I think yes

Which dishes?


How can't our ancestors eat without rice?

I forgot



It's done

Okay, you bow in front of the altar

Now what?

Bow to your grandparents and ancestors

Pray first

Pray what?

Pray for them that you can get married

Mom, pray for me

Let me help you

Today is a good day

Today is a good day

I have a tray

Give me to the husband's house

I have a tray to give me to the husband's house

But I stay in my house

Not go to the husband's house

That means getting married


But he comes to our house

Just pray

Pray what?

Just pray

It's done

Okay, sit here

You're so happy today

You are so cute when you tie your hair like that

You make me shy

You two pray

Bow in front of the altar

It's time

I can pray everything, right?


I hope you bless us to be happy all the time

Is it okay?

Our family are appreciate when there have president, represents for the man's family

The commune police chief, represents for the woman's family

And aunt Nam

We are really appreciate

Thank you very much and enjoy your meals

And cheer for both of them

Take a seat, please

Sit down

Please let me take picture for bride and groom


Stand here

Drink water, please

OMG, hug each other

Two, three

Long time no go home, it's different

We are different, too

Different what?

Before, we are alone, but now we are getting married

Forget it, I ask you something

Where do we go first? Come home or anywhere?

Don't go anywhere

Go to Ut's store, I'm hungry

I hate you

So why you hug me like that?

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