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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "Can we copystrike pewdiepie?" // Twitch Drama #1

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I really must contribute my poo poo in the loo, so may you all excuse me for one moment.

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Apparently, I have been pissing people off left and right lately


What did you do- what did I do?

A few days ago, I did a video where I tested out an eye tracker.

Basically, you could see where I'm looking at on this screen

So I asked people to send me videos of what I should look at

And of course people send me Twitch boobie streamers

And I very jokingly just said it out randomly in the video "Stupid twitch thots!"

"Stupid...twitch thots."

It's a pretty hardcore stuff.

I definitely understand why people can see that in a very, very negative way

Well, as it turns out, a streamer name Alinity

had a few things to say or do about it, rather

Pewdiepie: This is so annoying

Stupid...twitch thots.

I just feel like they- they win over me, okay

and they're not gonna win over me

Stupid twitch thots. No.

Alinity: Se- seriously? You said that?

I'm gonna copy strike this guy

Just for that word

Gonna copy strike him


Can we copy strike Pewdiepie's latest video?

Like, right now?

He called us Twitch thots

Pewdiepie: Now, I did see this very soon after it- it happened on the stream

Uh, my intention is never to upset people with videos.

I, uh, I just thought it was easier to just cut her out

But before we were able to do that,

The video did in fact, yes, get copy STRIKED

Swing and a miss he struck it out

To me, uh, thot is such a memeable word

that it doesn't necessarily have any negative connotation with it

I definitely didn't mean it in a negative way

It's just a joking word,

but I do want to apologize to Alinity and be clear

It was never meant to hurt or upset anyone.

Alinity had a big problem with me using this word

Just like everyone else that watched it.

We're devastated

Streamer: Yeah, honestly the fact that I was in his video

(*Get ready*)

is crazy!

Now, we weren't sure if it was, uh,

Alinity that actually did the COPY STRIKE

Swing and a miss he struck it out

Or if it was just some random claim

'Cause I get those all the time anyway

But the day after,

she made a follow-up to this,

where she sort of boasted about

"Yeah, it was me guys"

Now, again

I can't show the clip but- and I don't recommend anyone to watch it

Because it's probably the most unlikable clip I've seen of anyone ever

She sits with a bowl of spaghetti,

smacking away going

*eating noise*

"Yeah, I wasn't not heading out"

And then, you couldn't get more stereotypical than this.

This is legitimately the transcription

*Reading text*

(*Good money*)

Good- good money copy striking people

Alinity, the most likable genius of all time


Of course, admits publicly

to, uh, abusing copyright law and basically,

it's an illegal act that could hold up in a court of law

My videos are 100% protected by fair use

They have- they stand on their own feet.

They had my own commentary

They work a lot of times as reviews often

It's me reacting to content, but it's me adding my own commentary giving criticism reacting to it

It's transformative work that would hold up in court law or at the very least

We've seen it. Hold up in a court of law is similar to H3H3 who had the lawsuit with another

Youtuber that didn't like what they said so they took it to court by copy copy striking

Which is very similar to what happened here to him to a much less full extent where

She didn't like what I said. So she wanted to take down my video or at least claim the good money for it now

I'm used to dealing with this sort of stuff. There's opportunistic people all the time

I've lost revenue out of videos because of the background track that was a parody of someone else's track long

So a lot of things happens all the time

I've had literally two two second screen clip getting claiming all the revenue of the video without saying what caused it and

This just shows to me how how easy it is to abuse YouTube fair use law justice and to see someone boast about it

so publicly and arrogantly uhh

It's so gross. So basically collab DRM the company that strike my video. They need license videos for a limiting

So at lenity has approved of them to do this essentially and that's why they took the revenue off of my video

Imagine if if I did something really bad and everyone reacted to it I could then

strike back by claiming all the revenue from this video and essentially

Censoring all those videos if I don't like what someone says about me I can claim that video and that's such a toxic

environment that it would just ruin YouTube. So to see people abuse it this so lightly

It's very dangerous and very harmful

I and I'm glad this whole thing is brought to light

Even though I do feel bad for Alinity because she clearly doesn't know how to handle this situation

Now this whole thing blew up on reddit it got a lot of upvotes. A lot of people probably pressured her

So she issued a statement now, I didn't think she could become more unlikable, but turns out I was wrong

I wasn't even gonna bring up this whole thing until I read this statement. This is so dumb

The reason I reacted the way I did is because frankly I am so frustrated and tired of the rampant sexism in online

communities. That definitely seemed like that was the case

I thought it was because of the good money. You were making from striking videos. Hmm. I take issue with someone like Felix

Degrading and minimizing women to what is largely a very young audience

Your audience is 12 year olds hoping to see some cleavage. Are you kidding me? *Shots Fired*

How delusional do you have to be to project this sort of statement?

That kind of nonsense spills over and ends up on my streamer where I end up being harassed for six hours

You brought this whole situation upon yourself and no one else.

She then proceeds to blame collab for the whole thing saying everything collab does is

without my knowing and I will state that I'm honestly upset that they claimed on videos that are clearly

transformative works

Can we copystrike Pewdiepie?

I am so upset at Collab for claiming this video

But can we copystrike Pewdiepie?

Did not want this to happen and I'm sorry it did. What did you want then?

She talks about this video called Alinity dancing compilation

Which is the collection of me playing the just dance game a game that I enjoy but the videos

Intended purpose has nothing to do with the game that I like and it's simply an objectifying video

How can they objectify me? I don't understand. I'm just playing a game

I'm just playing a game that I really enjoy explain. I just wanna play this Just Dance game.

Why do people objectify? I don't understand it

I don't understand why

She then deleted this statement

I assume it didn't get the reaction that she was hoping for

And then finally she went on PhillyD to talk about this whole ordeal

That what I meant is like the only thing I know about the how that word is that they pay me

So essentially because she felt powerless

White knight PhillyD over here

Congratulations, she was powerless. I just know that they pay me. That's all I care about

I don't understand how Collabdrm works, but can we copystrike Pewdiepie?

I don't understand how I'm getting paid

But can we copystrike Pewdiepie, by the way?

She didn't know she just didn't know cus she was being a bombarded by people to feel powerful

she said I can do that and at that point she explained a

Situation where Collab was really only supposed to claim videos where where there wasn't anything transformative as she trusts the company

She trusted the company

Poor woman

This is this is a story about abuse from a company taking advantage of Alinity

Can we copyright Pewdiepie? Ok, Collabdrm is a very big company. They must know the law. Everything must be fine

I trust it and I guess this is the way it works

That's why it seems like this incredibly unfortunate situation where she has this. How did this happen? It's so unfortunate

so because she doesn't want to feel like a victim she she puffs up her chest she acts like

Anything else is saying to me that despite her having a contract she is going to try to get out of it

So she no longer works with Collab. How noble she's basically saying that she'd never actually told the Collabdrm

to strike my channel and Collabdrm themself confirm that this is true that they just striked my video because

They work with Alinity

they didn't strike it because

Alinity told them and I find this information to be completely redundant because she she said I'm gonna claim the video the video got

Claimed and then finally she took credit for it getting the video claimed then because everyone fired back at her suddenly

The story is different suddenly its Collabs fault. Again. Finally Alinity I'm sorry for calling you a twitch thot

I will definitely be careful with what but using that word in the future

But you need to stop blaming other people. Stop blaming Collabdrm stop paying some sort of sexism narrative

stop blaming me and

Admit that you what you did was wrong. It's really not that hard

I know what it's like to be under fire by the internet. I've never had to use any of these excuses

Have you heard of the Barbra Streisand effect?

There's a woman try to sue a photographer for taking a picture over her house

The photographer didn't know that it was her house

Just like I didn't know what the hell you were and by suing this photographer. You may see what I'm going here

Everyone find out this picture of the house, which was the opposite of what she wanted

Yes I was probably wrong for calling you a twitch thot but you brought this whole situation upon yourself and no one else

This brings me to the second and more important part of this whole thing. Honestly, I don't care about Alinity this whole thing

The hypocrisy around the whole situation. Is just laughable and fun for me to ridicule

For the more serious meat and bone of the video Collabdrm the company that did strike the channel

I'm I'm more than familiar with them and I understand their business and I understand what they're trying to do if they own

Licence for videos and they want to claim ownership for that

I don't have a problem with that, but it seems to me more often than not they don't take fair use in in mind

Alinity reacted to my video just like I reacted to her

Why can you why can they claim all the revenue for my video for that?

For a 4 second clip they admitted afterwards that it was a human error, but it really wasn't this happens all the time

I've had like I said

I had two second audio scream get claiming all the revenue of the video which has nothing to do with the video

I've had seen just one image appearing for a few second

claiming all the revenue from the video the way fair use and the copy strike system works right now

is that if company claims your video you can appeal it but it's basically up to that company to then say yes or no

And of course, they're gonna abuse that power. Of course, they they hold too much power at this point

And I'm glad this whole thing was brought up. So hopefully these companies can be more responsible in the future

The final thing is like I said, I understand if you want to license your content

but if you truly care about protecting your content

You would at least say what it is your licensing

If you go to Collabdrm's website, they say receive the claim. My video is fair use

Why did you claim it? None of this is true

And if you go on can you give me the exact time of my infringement seems fair right?

If my video got claimed I at least get to know why it got claimed but no our job is to help creators

Control their content not to help infringers avoid claims. I'm a creator.

You're not helping anyone

You're just taking revenue

this is a perfect example of these patent companies that abuse patent laws to claim revenue instead of just

Protecting the product is the exact same thing happening

But with video content and since YouTube doesn't want to go in between of it

These companies abuse this power and this is one of the case which led to this whole ordeal Alinity knew

She had this power and that's why it became so transparent in this case

I think

YouTube should really ought to make it so that you have to say what part of the video got claimed or at least give an

option to

Mute that video if it's a just an image appearing on the screen just make the screen black at least give us that option

this video will 100% be monetized if there hits 50 thousand likes I'm Gloria Borger

And you're watching and you just been phill'd in

*Pew News music outro*


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