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>> I took a beautiful sensitive

story and turned it into a

turgent boring movie.


>> Tergent and boring not

exactly the words you would use

to describe Kirk's life.

>> I like green eggs and ham.

>> His legacy extends well

beyond his 80 movies, three

academy award nominations and

that famed chiseled chin.

The son of Russian jewish

immigrants, he was born in

Amsterdam New York in 1916.

He realized acting was his

ticket out of poverty.

He achieved Oscar stardom of a

ruthless prizefighter in


>> Worked like a slave, build

the muscles, build the win.

Beat your brains out and then

the fat bellies with the big

cigars tell you you're still a


I can beat them, you know I can

beat him.

>> Whether it was his Oscar

nominated portrayal of Vincent

van gogh in lust for life.

>> I want nothing but to work.

>> Or as spartacus the gladiator

who leads a slave uprising

against the Roman captors.

>> We can fight everything they

bring against us.

>> As the film's producer, it

was Douglas who nearly single

handedly ended the Mccarthy era

black list by hiring a banned

screenwriter, one of the

so-called Hollywood ten.

>> I'm going to die.

At least let me die with the

only friend I ever had.

>> In 1957, Douglas starred as

the legendary doc holiday in the

gunfight at the ok corral with

one of his friends, Burt


>> I need you.

Don't let me down.


>> Tall in the saddle at home in

uniform, the World War II

veteran was also a presence on


Starring in "One flew over the

cuckoo's nest" he tried

unsuccessfully for a decade to

turn it into a movie role.

Ironically it was his son and

Jack Nicholson who captured

Oscar gold.

>> Dad was in his 50s by then.

His career was in a different


I think he understood that.

Yes, I think that was -- he was

hurt and frustrated.

And I think the only fact was,

that he was a fan of jack

Nicholson and appreciated the

job that he did.

And also the fact that the

picture was very profitable.

>> Douglas finally held the

golden statuette in 1996, when

he received the lifetime

achievement award.

That was five years after he was

severely injured in a helicopter

crash, and the same year a

stroke left him partially

paralyzed and nearly unable to


>> I always have a philosophy

that anything that happens to

you in life, it can always be


>> With support from his wife

Ann and Michael, Joel, Peter and

Eric, Douglas overcame his


>> He's an inspiration for our

elder senior citizens, how

energetic, how prosperous you

can be in the later part of your


>> What a sucker.

>> His grit and determination

would carry him back to film in

1999, co-starring with Dan

aykroyd in diamonds.

>> Live each day as if it were

the last.

>> 2003 brought his proudest

moment when he shared the screen

with Michael and grandson


>> You're a much better father

than I was.

>> But you didn't exactly set

the bar all that high.

>> This is the apex of my


I finally did it.

I acted with my son, and also

with my grandson.


>> A whale of a tale indeed, and

one that is bound to endure in

the hearts of anyone who

appreciates great films and

great acting.

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