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How to paint a bouquet of flowers with watercolors

Materials: Paint, Watercolor paper 160 grs. Round brush 1, 2,4. Two glasses of clean water, palette, masking tape, kitchen paper.

Colors for the rose: Cadmium red, cadmium yellow, crimson red, ocher yellow.

It is important that the mixture has the correct amount of water to create transparency

Here we have the pink base with a touch of peach color

It is advisable to check your tones before applying

Round brush # 2, is a mixture of squirrel hair with synthetic hair

Wet over Dry. I will start by painting a number six and I will paint around a spiral where the curves will sometimes touch each other.

with little paint I will increase the circumference

It is very important to leave some areas of the paper blank, unpainted

I clean my brush and with clean water. I surround the petals touching the pink so that the paint expands

Add the peach color on the banks of the flower

Add a touch of crimson red

I repeat the same

Add clean water

Let the roses touch each other

With my brush clean and with water, I touch the red to soften the tone

Remember to protect the white of the paper

To prepare the green: Sap Green, Emerald Green, Intense Blue

If you realize the color is very diluted with water.

I will paint the stem leaves and branches

Add a touch of green sap

wet on wet

On one side of your light green, add a touch of emerald green, and ultramarine blue.

We will paint blue flowers with a mixture of ultramarine blue

Separately, have an intense blue prepared

it is important that the glaze be very diluted

At the beginning of each petal add a touch of deep blue

Again add a touch of deep blue, but now with less water

Cadmium red and cadmium yellow for the center of the flowers

I will not paint some parts

Cadmium red

Paint with lemon yellow + cadmium yellow, and crimson red to paint the next flower.

Crimson red

Sap green with ultramarine blue

Emerald green

Ultramarine blue

When you add water you create light colors and transparency

Blue intense

To the mixture of red with oranges add sienna

Blue Intense

To the mixture of Blue that I already have, I add a little emerald green

I add sav green

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