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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: RAP MUSIC IS NOT "COOL"

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here's a controversial sought

what if rap music

isn't cool after all

I know what you're thinking

rap music is school

but I'm here to tell you that's not correct

why isn't cool


wrapping is not really a scale

anyone can rap when you think about it

wrapping is only a part of

after I should say


the with rhymes in it

in a small child can do this

what's that you say

it's hard to wrap

well let me prove you wrong

when rappers don't plan there at that time

it's not as free style route

I mean do that now

i'll think of a random top that

and they do freestyle rap on it

the first

the thing I thought of was towels

so now do freestyle rap on tiles

I use it I love them in the back

if I don't my mother will have around she wants me to be dry as of blood

then I could see it

onto the around

without getting that rug or wet will she be please tell you that you that

tell me on gray

and that on dry

and hi will

feel just about sky-high because it's nice to leaves you know I'm other when it comes

to treating people that is no of their

the mother was the one who gave you bet

and don't see a snake to our sector or have lots of merit

because I know it's not picked to say

that the best thing and the year it is mother's day

that's just an example I think you'll on all day long rapping in wrapping

so the next time

someone tells you that route to school

prove them wrong

but since you have free style rap

right in front of them

they may

change their minds

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