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This is a long distance train. We have 15 long distance trains that we run in the country,

it means anything over essentially 750 miles. There is an emerging youth movement and generally

a passion at Amtrak for what we do. We manage it internally, we operate the network but

you guys and the crowds you have following you, your followers, your folling can really

take that message forward to the outside. Our generation, there is a lot of talk about

being the me generation or the do nothing generation. Everybody has seen the articles.

The thing we see about what we do and that you guys are experiencing here, this can be

one of those things that we take and we run with.That we make our impact on the United

States for the rest of our lives is growing this intercity rail network.

Interviewer: we are going to have tacos in El Paso.

Rachel: I heard about these!

We are in El Paso getting burritos!

Oh yah baby, I am so excited about this right now! Authentic El Paso burritos. I've got

to here and we have an extra 20 for the train. It is going to be amazing!

There is no better way to experience travel than by doing it. So, I think train travel

is sort of a bit of a lost art. I think it was an amazing thing to do years ago and still

a very amazing thing to do now. What Amtrak is trying to do now with the new generation

of high-speed rail and new technologies and solutions is great.

So I think, like I said, I think there is the ability for you to be in and around your

surroundings. When you are in a plane you can't enjoy the scenery. There is no scenery.

You are sitting there, it is like you are in a bus in the sky and your closed off in

a tunnel. That is why people are in their own little world.

Honestly I don't know if the view is inspiring or distracting because it is so beautiful.

Um, but on this trip I am really, really enjoying the views. I think that is one of the more

unique things that I am seeing.

There is this observation car where you just feel like you are floating. We just saw behind

us, all these solar panels go by. Right? We are in the middle of nowhere, you can see

the views behind me. Amazing! You just want to soak it all up.

Subconsciously it triggers different parts of your brain to work because I have felt

different and more inspired while I have been here.

The technology, really that is environmentally clean, it is much cleaner to move people on

trains. You can ride trains and trains have a great future in this country.

This has been my ride right here for one year.

What is your favorite Amtrak train?

This one right here, this is my favorite one.

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