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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [SUB] 씻을까? 하면 스스로 목욕하러 들어가는 강아지 (포메 자진 입수)

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Pongki, did you sleep well?

You wanna take a bath?

(Standing up)


Wanna take a bath?

Come to the bathroom if you want to take a bath.

You see? I'll get the water ready!


Wanna take a bath?

Come on in!

Come out when you're done bathing.

I'll help you rinse.


Enjoy your bath alone~

Feels refreshing, right?

Oh, so relaxing! LOL

(Hey, this massage shop is good.)

That was a good bath!

Come out now~

Pongki, bath is over. Come out~

Don't you wanna come out?

(Mom's famous saying) Will you live in there, then?


Alright, Pongki. You can live in there.

You see?

Hey, there's no water anymore.

There's no water anymore. Come out!

(Where did all the water go...)

Where did water go?

All the water's gone!

Okay, let's do it little more LOL

Pongki, you'll do it for five more minutes!



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