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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Introducing New members of Med student TV

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you're so good

that was really good

you spoke so well during interviews

Hello, I'm Hyelim Jeon, a sophomore at Soonchunhyang University

Why did you apply at Med student TV

During high school, my goal was fixed on entering University

so I worked really hard

but after high school,

I've gotten quite loose

and when I've watched med student TV

even during busy school times

they were filming a lot and living very efficiently

I really wanted to join them and be motivated

and live life to the fullest

what sort of contents are you interested in?

As a med student, I want to show a more realistic side of medical student

I've watched a lot of med student vlogs

they seemed so perfect

but I'm not perfect

if I get tired while studying, I'd just sleep

some I watched would be studying like 16 hours


so I want to show a more realistic view

I'll be posting lots of cool videos so please stay in tune

oh no, I sounded like I was trying to be cute! I'll do it again

no we should use this one

Hello, I'm Jinu, Park, a clinical 3rd year student at Chung-Ang University.

what are your hobbies?

I really like watching movies after exams

also quite like Netflix series

and watch quite a bit of other things

so if an opportunity arises, I'd like to do a review of Netflix series or a movie from a medical student view

Why did you apply at Med student TV?

you only have an opportunity during your six years of medical school

I thought this could be a way of spending my last two years of medical school

to make it more meaningful and useful

and make good memories

This is my first time so I'm quite nervous and wont be my best

but I want to create good videos for our subscribers

Thank you

Hello, My name is Eunjeong, a freshman at Soonchunhyang University.

Why did you apply at Med student TV?

Through this channel,

I received a lot of motivation and vicarious pleasure when I was studying for medical school

I also want to be that sort of person

so I applied

What sort of contents are you interested in?

I want to film vlogs that are fresh like a preclinical student but fierce like a medical student

I'm interested in lots of different areas

I'll work my way through your enquires and things you guys may be interested in

Hello, I'm Ham kyung woo, a 3rd year clinical student at Catholic University.

I'm fluttered to join Med Student TV as part of 2nd generation of creators

in 2020, I want to bring fun, and exciting contents to you guys

med student TB(?) fighting!

oh I said it wrong


Hello, My name is Seunghyun. I am currently a 1st-year clinical student

Why did you apply to Med student TV?

The reason why I've applied

I've personally used to run a channel

it was called Medical student jelleesh

you might be wondering what jelleesh stands for

I'll reveal this next time

it wasn't easy running a personal channel

so I wanted to join a crew-ran channel where I would have the opportunity to meet new people

what sort of contents would you like to do ?

I want to do a national medical school campus tour

because many med students have to move around to different campuses and hospitals

but when people apply, they usually don't know about that.

so I want to summarise it for those students

but also, I want to film my usual day in the life of vlogs

what are your hobbies?

when I'm at home, I watch a lot of American TV series on Netflix

I prefer eating out rather than cooking my own meals

so it might be a tad difficult for me to show you guys a cooking vlog

all done?

okay, it was good~

do I look awkward?

director: not at all

We've got lots of new videos coming to your way with our 2nd generation members! We''d love for you to join us.

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