Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Noah's April Fool's Day Jokes on his Sisters! SuperHeroKids

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- La la la la


(dramatic music)


It's begun!

Eden, April Fools day is upon us!


- April Fools!

- To positions!

(dramatic music)



Raise the flag!

- (breathing heavily) Raising the flag!


Ha ha!

- Good enough.

(dramatic music)

War paint!

- Ahhhh!

- Ahhhh!

(dramatic music)

- He won't get me again.

Every April 1st, Noah plays some crazy April Fools joke.

- But this time, we're going to defend ourselves.

- [Both] Noah won't get me again.

(dramatic music)

- He's coming.

- Blasters!

(dramatic music)

- (in slow motion) Fire!


(pew pew)

(dramatic music)

(yelling in slow motion)

- [Both] Ahhhhh!

(plop plop)

- (in a sleepy voice) April Fools.

Heh heh.

Water balloon joke.

Got 'em.


- Was that it?!

- That was his April Fools joke?

- Maybe all this was a bit excessive.

- [Noah shouting] A shadow monster!


- Come on!

(both yelling)

(dramatic music)

- [Both] Huh?

- April Fools!

(both screaming)

- Noah, you're in so much trouble!

- I can't believe you would April Fools us like that!

- Oh, come on!

It was just a trick.

- Well you shouldn't lie!

- Okay, fine!

This was the only trick I have planned for the WHOLE DAY.

- You promise?

- Yes, I promise.

- Okay, good.

Come on Eden.


(gasps and huffs)

- Well, at least this joke wasn't as bad as last year's.

I'll never be able to eat mayonnaise the same again.

(shuddering sound)

- I wouldn't let your guard down so easily.

He might so it again.

- [Noah shouting] Guys, a shadow monster, help!

- See, I told you

- Coming to help!

- Eden?! (huffs)

- I'm coming to help!

- Ha ha ha ha.

You fell for the classic wrap trick.

How could you not see that one coming?

- Noah, you said you wouldn't do that again!

- Yeah, how can we trust you if you keep lying?

- Okay, okay, okay.

I'm actually sorry.

I won't do it again.

Double promise.

- Oh yeah?

Let me see your fingers.

Are they crossed?

- Look, no crossed fingers, see?

(gasping and shuddering sounds)


- My fingers may not be crossed,

but my eyes are.

(ominous music and evil cackle)

- (sighs) You know, that really annoys me.

Lying is not okay!

And Noah did it twice in a row.

- Exactly,

and that's why we should set up our own April Fools trick.

- Oh yeah?

I'm listening.

- [Girls shouting] Noah, help!

A villain!


(dramatic music)

- Girls?!

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

- Girls?


- [Girls] April Fools!

Take this!



- Wait, where did he go?

- No!

April Fools on you!

Ha ha!

(both screaming)

- I think we got beat.

- Yeah.

- You can't outdo the April Fools master.

I'm always one step ahead.

(both crying)

- I'm cold.

(evil cackle)


(dramatic music)

(Noah yells)

- Yeah right, Noah.

We know you're just trying to prank us again.

- Guys!

A shadow monster!

For real!

- Sure, sure.

And we're getting attacked by a shadow monster too!


- Guys!

I'm not lying!

I'm serious!

(dramatic music)

- Uh oh!

(Noah yelling)

(zapping sound)

- I think he learned his lesson.

- Yeah, me too.

- Next April Fools,

I'm just doing one trick (panting)

I promise.

- [Both shouting] April Fools!


(upbeat music and whooping)

- [Noah] I got you!

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