Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 你可曾知道什么是荷兰水?以前的人使用荷兰水,无泡打粉,不需要烤箱,一样能做浓浓香味口感松软的,古早传统蒸鸡蛋糕 ,Traditional Chinese Steamed Cake

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Good morning

The new year is over

People also come to teach you how to do it after visiting auntie on the eighth day

Traditional steamed chicken cake

Traditional steamed chicken cake called in Hokkien

Teach this traditional steamed chicken cake oh everyone has a headache

Sometimes yes sometimes not

Auntie is also auntie cant do it every time

So when everyone asks me to do it, auntie said

auntie can't do auntie can't do

Because auntie is stuck with water every day

Layer below

It's very hot and angry

But oh

I saw everyone doing it on the eighth day

auntie unwilling

There is no reason why I can't do it, right?

Then auntie just

If you really do it, it's stuck with water. Let me tell you

Finally found the reason

Call to call sister

senang (simple)

ok come

The materials to be prepared are easy

Then auntie also watched Kathrine Kwa

I made it with his recipe

Usually everyone takes him

Kathrine Kwa is Singapore

He is a very good cake chef

Then he published a

Auntie also did not succeed

Two years ago, he went out again, you know?

Auntie has read the comments and some people have succeeded

Some people do not succeed

Finally, what is the reason that auntie really found

ok come

3 eggs

I will repeat again

You must buy fresh eggs

Don't make it if it's not fresh

auntie how do i know the eggs are fresh or not

I'll show you what to do later

The eggs are fresh or not fresh

The basket must be prepared

7 inch basket

ok auntie teach you how to fold

Take one

Cake paper

You will definitely measure it like this, ok

Quartet like this

Then everyone stuffed it like this

It's ugly stuffed

ok, fold it into a square and then fold it in half

ok kill it

And then fold it in half again

The pointy side is killed and then folded in half again

Remember to get it

ok and then fold it in half

aunite, where do I know how much is half and half?

You can fold as many layers as you like

Of course the more the better

ok then

This basket

This way your paper will be folded so beautifully, can you see it?

So you don't have to be over there

Right? Then just put it down like this

It has that beautiful and bright one

Can you see it

Did auntie teach to take a bowl and cover it before?

Then I thought about folding like this

I'm going to teach you a little bit because some people know it

But some people dont know how?

Look beautiful, it's in it

Then you dent it

You don't have to go

Keep stuffing like this, then fold and fold

It's really a lot of work and not beautiful

Did you fold it like this?

Made a fan like this

Beautiful inside fold

Then repair it all here and cut it off

ok cut

Then auntie didn't fold it down

Don't wait for it to be very high

7 inch basket

That water boiled for a long time


This is very important

Let me tell you to hear clearly

The pot must be boiled

Boil it

Before you make a cake, give it heat

Hot hot ok

Heat it up and you tell auntie that I haven't done it yet

It's boiling hot, it doesn't matter you just turn off the fire first

But it must be hot auntie to let you know

Many people come to boil the water just after its done.

I put it down when the water boiled


The whole pot needs to be very hot

ok look how beautiful this basket

All right

3 eggs

Sugar 250g auntie is sweet to death

You can reduce (reduce) can subtract


Don't cut too much

Then flour

You can also use self-raising flour for ordinary flour

Self-raising flour is better

Usually when making that chicken cake

When the egg is beaten

We're only Sieved (sieved), let's go down

auntie, oh, I'm afraid that the water will get stuck below

So I will be Sieved (sieved) once first

Actually you Sieved it once

When I put it again later

If you sieved it, it will be better sieved ok


So there is air in it

Usually many people are not sieved for the first time

auntie sieved

Sure enough, auntie is also very scared, do you know

Wait for the water to be stuck

ok soda No. 100 or 7up white water in short

Where the old people are

The people in the past are so good

There is no baking powder

They all have the ability to steam chicken cakes with soda

You will speak

People used to have soda

Do people in the past have sodas?


What soda

Our name is Dutch water

Yes, Dutch water used to be called Dutch water

F&Ns previous bottle and glass bottle

Then what do we put ice cream soda

People in the past used ice cream soda

ice cream soda water

Dont think no, there was no soda before

Yes~ It used to be Dutch water

The Dutch water used to be very expensive

Then we buy another bottle

Wow, I have that bottle, I still have it

auntie is from antiques

I'm looking for that bottle to show you

Thats cheaper. I dont know how many cents.

But we like to drink ice crem soda

Very luxurious and some drink

Don't drive

You didnt have that gas at the beginning


200ml for soda

Anyway, aerated water will do

There is no colour

ok that's it

For cakes, you can use the larger one or the smaller one

If it's a big one

You have to use your hands

The one with the cake maker

Why is it because the one who beats the cake by hand

You can adjust it yourself


Do you remember how people used to make cakes?

Take a washing bucket

Sitting on the ground like this, holding the bucket like this~

Do you know how to fight like this?

That thing now that people dont have it, its a circle

A wooden stick on top of the iron

The previous people who kept beating it in the air

No one uses that now

I'm going to use the machine to hit it now

ok if it is by hand

You can fight like this

auntie use this one

Because it is fixed (fixed) dead over there

So auntie uses small


You must say auntie i am not young

What if mine is bigger

So there is no way

You have to fight for a long time

Its also more dangerous.

Do not beat the eggs directly

Hit in the bowl

Auntie teaches you how to see that egg is new or not fresh

The fresh eggs are round like this

It's not fresh, it's the whole thing

The egg yolk piak (spread) is ok

Hit one by one like this and watch

I'll call you again

This is not fresh, not very fresh

You see it's not round

What if the auntie is not fresh, just change it

But auntie this

It's ok because auntie bought it the day before yesterday

Talking about doing it and not doing it for a few days


Can't be free every day

No one video with me


I put down 3 eggs

A egg

If you are B egg, don't add half a grain and go down

How to add auntie to half a grain

It's easy for you to punch it out and break it

Then take half ok

Like this


A start

It's coming soon

ok sugar 250

Put auntie in 3 times

ok a start (start)



Look, start is fast

If it means

Yours is a big one

Remember to always adjust the auntie next to it

The smaller one can concentrate on playing

I played for 1 minute


Put another third

I stop (stop) for you to see

Look at its big bubbles

Can you see it


the 3rd time

Unpleasant this


No, its so watery


It's powerful now

I have no strength now

Ah it's miserable


Too old for this machine

To wake it up

Look at it slow, miserable, miserable, my machine is going to break

This machine is too old

Old machine

Oops, everything is enough

Five minutes

The machine is broken and it's fast

Look at my machine


Take a look

I played for 6 minutes

that's not allowed

Not yet


Look at me, I'll bring it up

I dropped it into the powder and disappeared immediately

You like this

Can't wait for me to call again


auntie played for 9 minutes

Hurry up

I now switch back to the slow speed for 1 minute

1 minute slow

It doesn't take 1 minute

Less than 40 seconds


auntie feels unnecessary

Because my range is very small

The people in the past are weak and slow at the end of the beating

Actually its not to eliminate its big bubbles

Make the remaining small bubbles more stable (stable) ok

A little confused (confused) this

Look, it fell down

See if it can be

wait a minute


Oh, you let it fall down

As far as they said, it got a figure of 8.

But auntie still can't hit

I have a problem

But its still ok, at least 8-9 minutes

Use fast speed

Then play at a slow speed for 1 minute


how slow is auntie

Its ok to be slower than the one that was faster before

Anyway, its enough to get rid of its big bubbles

All right

If you are not at ease, call again

No more than 10 minutes

Up to 9

Why can't it exceed 10 minutes

At that time, when you hit the head, the bubbles were eliminated for you to the end


But I am too young


auntie for a bigger one


I want to stir that powder

Actually you can use this one directly

But because this is too big

Auntie didnt move around

It's in a dead seat

I'm afraid it won't be able to beat that egg and beat it

Send it soon

Hit to milky white

Milky white like this

creamy creamy colour (creamy white) like this

It's a little bit in vain

ok then

Just open it to put the flour first, dont put water

3 times

But auntie has been Sieve just now

Sieve again now

Why Sieve has air in it

Then you can mix it easily


Auntie tried to be lazy and thought Sieve a

Just directly

Just put it in 3 times

I think of Sieve, it's easier first

Can't still get stuck

ok, it's still tricky to stir

Don't cross

Don't turn it up like this

Bring it up


Then go in one direction

Because don't make the bubble burst ok

Did you stir up like this?

There are still some powders that have not been evenly mixed

It doesn't matter

Now you can boil soda

Don't go early

After turning on the gas (gas), it will not be finished.

200 Oh

Gently to sorry (sorry)

Pour gently like this, like pour wine like this

Don't let the bubbles disappear, pour gently like this

Don't fall down like this

I don't have eyes to see. I'll tell you first

ok put a little soda down

Stir ~ bring it up like this

Bring it up ok

Then the second fan

Put one-third of the soda

Don't be high, don't give it

ok put 1/3 of the soda

And then brought it up again like this

Don't turn the whole circle oh bring it up like this

ok 3rd fan

You must go in like this, Sieve

Because then it will increase its air inside

And then it's easier to stir

It wont be said to wait in chunks

Can fall directly


I must try to be lazy

I thought of saving work before I Sieve

No sorry (sorry) forgot to put soda

Dont flush soda like this

Don't let the bubbles disappear

It's like this again

Dont do that 45-minute spin

Bring it up like auntie


Don't eliminate its bubbles

In fact, many people can do it sometimes

Sometimes can't do it

Actually in many details

Oh, anyway, youve been wrong many times and youll understand

The most important is this one

Must burn it

You have to boil it until the whole pot is burned.

Oh i forgot to fire

Stop (stop) for a while, first help me temper and give it heat

It won't swell

Not full enough

Then oh auntie tell you first

Some people drive 3 and a half and some people 4 and a half

The key is when you hit the cake just now

If you fill up this one, the more powerful it will open

auntie this oh

Not counted as 9 points full

It is best to be 9 points full


Under shock 2, you can see through that big bubble

It's alright

2~3 times is fine, 3 times

Everything is 3

The water is going to roll

Put down the whole pot that has been burned before and steam

30 minutes to 35 minutes

Big fire or small fire

The fire must be synthesized in one go

35 minutes

auntie repeat (repeat)

35 minutes after the fire, ok

Come and wait

Some people say that doing this is very bantang (taboo)

If bantang is Malaysia

Bantang is very taboo

Don't say bad things when doing it

It will be unsuccessful

I have a friend who said she succeeded every time

Her mother didn't know what to say about her that day

She said that the whole cake was unsuccessful

After that, it has been unsuccessful

So auntie is also a little scared

Hone with uncle, don't talk bad with me

Don't make me feel bad today

Then auntie is going to be put down

Auntie think about it, it's still very bantang (taboo)

Auntie wants to recite the scriptures

You want to be eye-catching for me, I want to tell it

Please send it to me, don't you?

Just kidding

Many people say its bantang, but its not.


Old people used to talk to them

So the final conclusion auntie tells you first

Before steaming

The pot must be boiled to heat it up


Then the eggs must be fresh

When playing, you must play for more than 8 minutes

Just hit it and send it to remember it quickly

Can be picked up

It didn't dissolve so quickly when dripped back

Then it probably doesnt take 1 minute and 40 seconds like this

Use a slow speed to knock out that big bubble ok

Don't open soda early

The other one is

Some people say that I dont open my mouth

Why do some of your open mouths sometimes open 3 and a half

Is related to your steamer

Don't take too big to get just right

It's best to put it in the powder and the paste

9 points full, there is a little bit left

Because when it touches

If it doesn't have it, it will squeeze it

It will burst like a volcano

If it cant, it will squeeze out if it swells

ok must be 9 points full

It's that simple reason

ok just like that, let's wait and wait for 35 minutes

Wait for auntie to show you

auntie if you don't post it


I can't say it like that

If they say they cant say that, just say

If you say it, you will be unlucky

Spit again


Okay, 35 minutes, wait and see

35 minutes

Buy out

Synthesize in one go, be careful when you take it

Don't let the water drop back down

auntie how do i get it

quick worker


Open mouth

Just open 3

But it doesnt matter if there is a little water dripping on it

It will evaporate

ok open 3 sides ok

I'll show it to you


take it out


It's successful, but I don't know it yet

I have to cut it for others

Come and take it out, otherwise it will be damp

I'll cut it to you later

Wait a little bit colder

It must be torn apart, otherwise it will be damp

You see auntie is only open 3 sides

Because it's not full enough

If you install it very full, it will be very powerful.

Tense moment

Auntie cut it to you to see if there is any water jam

Stuck water and died

Auntie cut it and feels that there is no water stuck


very happy

See if there is no stuck water ok

I'll eat it later for you to see



Come to take pictures

I'm so mad I really want to buy that to fight

Wait for you to watch that video (video)

It's too weak for the two of us

You see we are eating

It's delicious, wait for you, that video

I've already eaten the second slice

Enough, look at it

This is really ancient

Old taste, accompany kopi o first class

Just like grandma telling the past, you can only remember

Is it sweet? Everyone talks about 250g of sugar

It's too sweet and there are sodas

I think it's just right

If you add sugar, it wont taste like ancient times

I cant eat the same taste anymore

Not sweet

Sweetness is just right

It's delicious

If you can't finish eating, you can put it in the refrigerator and put the container (container)

Steam it again tomorrow

Okay you keep eating

I have to eat later

I'm afraid you will gain weight, right?

Ivy, this is Ivy

My good friend my sister's good friend

Become my good friend because my sister is abroad

I go to my house all day to run this my mother likes to eat

What is your mother cheese cake (cheese cake)

What tiramisu (Tiramisu)

Chicken cake

I have to eat it every year. Now I rarely sell this outside.

Very few

No, no one seems to sell it

There are

Malay cakes have

With kopi o first class

You kopi king

The scale is just right without sugar and milk

You just didn't see me hit the cake

My machine is weak, you know

Slowly, we two were scared to death

Do you think it's not right?

I'm afraid it's okay

20 years old that machine

I'm going to buy it

Before we

Using that kind of slingshot like this

My mother is like this

You can hit him in the air

Hit all very powerfully

You dont have to be a gym and there are mice

I dont need to do gym if I buy it.

Before we can beat us


Ivy can always eat

But its a pity that auntie doesnt have 4 sides

It's only 3 times

I bought a plane, you can lose that one

ok the most important thing

auntie has already told you

Otherwise auntie will repeat again (repeat)

Important point for you

Take a long breath, dont be ok

There are two every time you scold someone

But its okay because they dont understand

I'm long-winded because

When I saw someone commenting that it was unsuccessful

I know his step (step)

There is that inner pressure

Ah, I have the pressure in my heart

So I am willing to scold me for being long-winded

I want to emphasize, do you know


Stop talking, it's okay, auntie

auntie is old and thick-skinned

The whole body of copper skin and iron bones

ok ok thank you

Come to uncle to try

The Description of 你可曾知道什么是荷兰水?以前的人使用荷兰水,无泡打粉,不需要烤箱,一样能做浓浓香味口感松软的,古早传统蒸鸡蛋糕 ,Traditional Chinese Steamed Cake