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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: clothes clothing

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recently I had a question from a student

regarding the pronunciation of these two

words clothes and clothing the th in

this word can be pronounced with a

voiced sound

and then this s would be a Z clothes but

it's much easier to pronounce this word

like this it sounds like the word

clothes this word has a voiced th sound

in the middle and it sounds like

clothing clothing so the difference in

pronunciation is clothes clothing the

word clothes is always plural these are

my clothes

but the word clothing is a non-count

noun and it's singular your clothing is

and then we can put a word here your

clothing is worn so the subject is

clothing it's a non-count noun and the

verb that matches it is singular here

are some examples for the word clothes

these are my clothes my shirt my pants

my socks my shoes he's got nice clothes

you should try to wear nice clothes to

work again the word clothes don't

pronounce the th just CLO and then

there's a Z sound just like the word

clothes close the door these are my

clothes the word clothing has a voiced

th sound clothing

there are several clothing stores at the

mall men's clothing this is the same

thing as men's clothes women's clothing

this is the same as women's clothes she

wears warm clothing in the winter or

she wears warm clothes in the winter


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