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what's up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing

it to you on a Sunday baby how's everybody doing I hope you're doing well

as some of you all know and I'm sure you're shocked that I have a koi problem

and I am here at the South Carolina Simpsonville koi show and I am tickled

to death to be showing you I got to fixing lenses that offer they're tickled

to death to be showing you all around here I've had a great show but you know

what you don't know and what I don't know is a lot about koi I'm learning at

a great pace and I'm and I'm figuring it out however when you don't know

something you got to find someone who knows what's up I think I found such a

person his name is Jason Guevara hello Jason say what's up fish

what's up fish tank people I had to find a guy that was sharp knowledgeable he's

going to he's been coming in first of all he's been very busy running around

so I had to like pin him down so thank you for your time oh he's going to give

us a tour around some of the great fish that we have here today and some of the

history of koi this is going to be a long video this is going to be a real

fun video Jason please take away introduce the fish tank people and the

koi people of who you are okay well go ahead my name is Jason Guevara I've

been doing coin my whole life my dad was one of the founders in very first quake

club in America and that was back in 60s really yeah the very first question

America is 1972 and I was there the first coin dealer grant Fujita who

brought coid to the US lived on our street we had a little weed patch that

basically one day became into a little cement pond and sure enough we started

putting koi watts from the Philippines so he knew about that in some of the

history he taught me about koi there was only ten original members of that club

there's only three that are living Wow including my dad who's turning

eighty-nine Wow happy birthday early yeah that's awesome but he started being

this so I have been doing koi now for about 46 years okay a lot of people

don't know that we exist and how it all started was you buy a fish goldfish or

clay and you have an aquarium or a small pond and you just don't know how to take

care of them something happens these are your wet pets these are fish that will

become part of your family so you know we like to try to take care

of them and and make sure that they're healthy and well wonderful but let me

tell you the history of koi ah we're going to go down to the fish now I'm

going to have you talk close because we got some screaming children I got kids

myself okay it happens so the you're talking to a history major I mean bring

it man let's get deep okay you're gonna love this so this fish right here

this is blue and orange this is the original koi it's called in a soggy si

GI and what happened back in Japan in in the fields of Niigata

which is mostly under snow for about four months a year Wow the what the snow

melts and it forms these natural water ponds that they would be rice farmers

okay and they didn't have much in the line of protein they do you have

beep and chickens and everything else so what they did was they got small koi

which were just brown koi right and they would just grow them over the summer in

the little natural water ponds fresh water and during the winter they would

take them out and salt them keep them on ice and that was the food source sir and

what you were tried what year is this you had not got 1800 okay okay so early

back in the 1800's this was going on and there were some koi like this asagi that

you see it's blue and you see the orange on the side yeah well some of these were

were formed and you see how the red starts coming up from the bottom of

Addison Ali well what happened was as the red started coming up on the top

they people kept amassed their pets okay and they would take this into their

house and they have like a little mud pit that basically they kind of you know

take their hand on the water to aerate it really that's how I mean it was like

they didn't have big filters and Sharaf like we or waterfalls like we have but

basically these were their pets okay they would bring them they'd get bigger

and one day they found in like an all-white fish they bred this fish with

they found one that was mostly red up on top okay read them to form the red and

white it's called a Kohaku nice so that's the parent fish that started it

all and then out of that eventually they were like a single step like our grand

champion which I'll show you today sure and then eventually they went to two

steps three steps like this has three little red dots on it and so this fish

called a Kohaku okay so this is the turn of the century and they actresses 1800

1900 1900 okay so what they did was they went the people that have this beautiful

Kohaku all right went to the Emperor where they have these Zen this is it

bring it so then when they went to the Zen gardens they awarded the Emperor for

your water gardens a koi Wow these were known

as you know for health for good luck and you see these coy socks actually look up

there okay ten when you're born you might get a blue one or a pink one

really so you know if we have balloons for Babs a little Japan lead course on

that's awesome so we have all kinds of coy socks you know represent strength

power elegance good luck harmony and that's where this all

started now this family that gave them the

Kohaku right just imagine here you're the Emperor you

give that family running water food for life and take care of them basically

they hit the lottery okay so they were well taken care of so that encouraged

people to be new ones so let's go to the next generation

okay I did not know that the emperor took good care of the people that

brought him great fish that seems like a pretty good thing all around okay so

we're at the next generation here the next generation was remember we had the

red and whites those white Kohaku's okay now you see these red white with black

dots I do they're like stepping stones right so if you let's look look right

over here

imagine taking a red and white fish and crossbreeding it with this white with

black dots this is called a Beco okay it's got like the black stepping stones

and you get a taisho sanke so these are some piece okay white with the black top

gotcha and so that was the next toy show camper

okay so I show was the Emperor that's guy next Emperor okay and then from

there what they wanted to do the next generation of breeding they wanted to

add some black bands that went all the way whole body now the interesting thing

is the red and white fish are a white fish okay with Redwood lockdown got it

the black and white fish is a black fish okay we're it's the it's just that one

to share it with Sri a guy Hiro is the white in Japanese Hiro means white and

it seriously trans transparence the translucent so you actually seat down to

the black okay so that's what that means okay so imagine if you look at there's

there's the sign for the show yeah that's a short and per show up that was

the Emperor show and brochure oh man so we nice from Kohaku to song key to show

up okay so this has been through generations and you can see the

the elegance has changed from one step to Tuesday absolutely you see how the

bands have been there's all kinds of different varieties if you're not you've

never heard of different Kuyper aya tees you know it's almost like dogs like if

you you know there's all kinds of different varieties dogs we have all

different kinds of varieties here I got a I got to keep keep rolling so water

plus we've got these so come over here does it get any better than this folks

so check this out we just went over some of the history

there we want we talking about sake I need people to see the size of this this

is a Haas can right this is a this is a monster fish like this is not a look

like I hope the camera is doing this fish justice because it's it's huge so

please continue I didn't mean interrupt oh no please

so you can see here different sizes so the smaller ones are probably one year

olds and this fish is a three year old oh yeah majority growth is in the first

three four years and this fish here is actually our reserve champion today ah

basically the second best fish in the entire second best fish in the entire

show and it's it's an amazing fish and why is this so as a judge things that

we're looking for is we want like the exam garden we want the balance that you

see okay I got this fish not only is it elegant in its motion but you see the

three red steps yes they're very balanced on each side this particular

variety we're looking at the how white the white is okay and we're looking and

you can see the glistening shine on the side that's called Matson auskey give

that that glistening Duncan listening it's not AG in ring this particular one

is called Monsanto's begin but this variety needs requirement of three black

box you need one on the shoulder one in the middle and one in the back Wow so

does it have the three yeah yeah so it had at least one yes okay

at least one in all three if it only had black at the back variety wise it would

be you know I'm not not you would not do that okay

so we're looking for the balance there we've got the three Reds you've got a

balance in the white we've got the dots that are balanced so that is exactly

okay and now judging what we also look at is

we look at the quality of each of the paint coats okay so if you're looking at

the red how I'd like to explain this is if you have say a red enamel plate and

you put red jello on top of it when you're looking through you see

almost three-dimensional layers right and judging wise we're looking at the

quality of the Bene which is the red okay and we're seeing how deep the

colors are because every fish is a little bit different nice we're looking

at the white which is like I'm a painter you look at the background the can

bigger so the canvas is really bright white which is a hair the red and the

black pop okay so that's a requirement so this fish has all the requirements a

little bit bigger it probably would be the Grand Champion at this got it but

now let's let's go back to a couple of the others here

let's go to the other side bring it we can look at some of these a long way

yeah along the way here we saw this table well okay and you know they're not

just what is the please talked about the yellow this is a lemon pile walkie so

basically they come in different colors there are some that are green yellow

blue orange red black gold metallics non metallics this is a metallic yellow and

white so you see a whole different variety as the as a go she's be next to

it this here that the red looks like is floating on top of the fish right it's

not even a now that's cool and so that's something that we look we look at the

color this is a different type of red that we just saw on our sake it is it's

a different vibrance that you see so we look at the reticulation you see how the

scales get our kind of scallops so we want to see everything uniform so when

we're judging we're looking at balance uniformity sure we look at body first we

look at body first five hours which is confirmation because if the fish does

does not have a good shake it's kind of hard to hold it gotcha everything else

we don't want likes big muscles on top and skinny the legs I got you want

balance now women always have better body some men it's true and if you truly

for a men oh there's our man art right there oh so so basically art started

this point problem for me so when when fish are young it's hard to tell their

because they haven't hit puberty yet right but when they when they become a

little bit older we start seeing their shapes so we can judge them on shapes

oh yeah the skin quality also I could look at a human and look at their skin

and say you got a good complexion a bad complexion

sure I can actually as a judge I am a certified judge with a kja the American

Court Judge Association I'm a certified judge with a

see a American quit club in America and I will be a local certified judge with

zna which is an international affiliation and we're going to talk

about all those at the end about people can find out more these let's keep them


again lots of fun I mean just great great action learning the time seeing a

bunch of great fish

actually let's go right here okay you just saw that large squishy key yeah

right that big large one which was the larger grid was just floating by the way

that's Dustin's fish right there I bought that oh there we go

yeah yeah so I just just had one Helens my Holly I had it come with me and and

but you see the fish next to it sure that's the same type fish as we just saw

you can see how the red just kind of floats and we're waiting for the

reticulation the the netting to guy in like the other one had gotcha so that's

a future fish okay but let's come over here

some fish just look good weave when they're small some fish just look good

even when they're small and that fish is the red and light that's a Kohaku right

this fish is poppin today this was a young champion which is basically size

twelve to two cylinder 12 oh no twelve to sixteen is young

champion yeah above twelve okay that's also one an arts fish too so I'm gonna

give shoutouts art so that's the young champion the Kohaku nice so things that

we look at is remember we look at the background which would be the white sure

and this fish is bright white you can see that gloss that glow uh-huh look at

the red to see how well balanced the red is okay because it's like if I paint I'm

not as balanced as when my daughter paint sure but this fish here when you

see it the front spot to the middle to the back all of the reds are the same

okay now what about the way that this this fish because what I love about koi

is they're all different what is the judging on this with the fact that it

has I can get it out of that glare the little like I want say jaggedness but

the way that it like the way that the pattern is kind of sliding on there yeah

yeah so the back an edge well let me show you this okay okay so if this is a

scale right this is the head okay the tail got it okay this is the scale this

is a white scale this is a Redskin okay as it covers up you can where the

fingers are when they when you're young you should see through the light and see

a little bit of pink okay right now on the back side I have a red scale on top

of a white scale and if it's full of paint it looks scalloped okay and that's

the goal that's what we're that's the goal you want a nice sharp edge on the

back which tells me how good the red is and on the front if you see lots of pink

like there's lots of white on top the whites not strong enough to cover it and

never will I got you so this fish today I wish this was mine not this year I

know the girl that bought it well if you look at the front you see the little bit

of the blur on the front I'll not say the second patch but it's very uniform

on both sides that's what you're looking for you see the little shiny gloss on

the Left cam on the right-hand side yeah that's a little guanine which is a

little amino acid in the skin which tells me there's good skin quality okay

but it's good to have a nice gloss and shine so this is a very very high

quality Kohaku night now when this fish gets bigger here we go here we go ha ha

take a look I mean there's just something relaxing I stared at these

guys for a good long time by myself just cause you know they come up here they

want to eat this is our grand champion of the day this is a beautiful example

of the old style pattern see the single red yeah so now we've got two steps

three steps four and five but she has a body she has to shape that we want she

has the elegance in here look at the little chubby cheeks love it I love it

so this fish says hello I'm the queen oh man I'm the boss was

there it was it even close with this I mean come married that second now not at

all okay just this fish stood out and said I am

the boss now just because you're big doesn't mean you know you have all that

you have all that now this is of that variety right look Kohaku's now if it

had three steps it would be even like that one yeah imagine that little bat

fit that little showed with this yeah to make it 30 inches Wow

because they get big they get wide right so let's talk about big come over here

we're going too big you thought that oh I just love the way that fish comes up

and says hello to me like Annie's just got there she has the Grace and the okay

so watch out for your camera this one will eat your camera even this is a hoss

yes so basically when we have an egg on the single colored Vogue I mean single

color single color look how Gore this fish is actually you see the skin

around the scales it's that big we call that hooker in well that's a good thing

that's a good thing that's the elegance of the tissue around the skin it's just

got even bigger than its scales Wow and this is the champion of this is the

Jumbo champion jumbo champions Wow now we see the Kohaku next to it

sure you can see the elegance so the five steps on here now this fish didn't

win like the other one because it doesn't quite have the same body right

put those colors on the big body gameover gameover wooow but that's kind

of a nice introduction about what we look oh man and some of the history of

koi you know and where we're going alright and and then where where she

people go to get what are some good online resources where people go to find

more about all the various organizations that you're involved in please name-drop

let people know where to go check some stuff out to get more information

well the first thing is I'm actually the president of Zn a Zen Nippon the rink

eyes ena okay Carolina I live in North Carolina so

Diana Carolina we have a membership we're going to do internet meetings so

you can live anywhere in the nation I'm all over go to meeting with you guys on

the right and so we're going to do the go to meeting since first Tuesday of

every month at 7:30 okay all you have to do is you can just message me on

facebook on zna carolina i'll link on that Facebook page and Rob that's the

easiest thing the organization's ene America you can look at that that talks

about you know the organization does any fun drink I organization there's a lot

of local quick clubs in everyone's area but the American coin judge Association

yeah can go online a kja org check that out okay and you can learn a little bit

about the BIOS on all of us judges okay there's about twenty second out and then

of course you know Dustin's completely hooked on coin a house you can check out

the videos linked up at views and watch the whole evolution of the poison that I

have Jason thank you a million for giving me the time the knowledge that

the history like I'm losing here I hope you all enjoyed that if you like what

I'm doing scribe everybody have a fabulous

freaking week drop me a comment on what you think about this video and tank on

writer thank you

The Description of Koi Champions. How to look for winning koi, Expensive Koi