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[Moaning with pain]


[Moaning continues]

What happened?

Dont worry. I will be fine.

-Have a seat.

-You shouldn't be getting urine infection this consistently,

-just due to the heat wave alone.

-Hmm... Are you married?


-OK. Do you have frequent anal intercourse with your wife?


But we are a... gay couple.



-OK.. But it is irrespective of hetero or homo...

-Due to E.coli bacteria in that section.

-Due to unprotected methods.

-You people understand,right?


-Aren't you staying as tenants at Mr Kirubagaran house?

Yes. -He is my friend.

He doesn't know anything about this.

And need not know as well. Please!

What! He doesn't know?!

That you people are.. homosexuals!

-Hey.. Open the door.

-Everyone knows about you two now.

-They wont even listen to Kirubagaran.Wait, I will go and get my boys.

Hey Ilakkiya... Wake up.

[Banging on the door]

[Banging continues]

Who is banging on the door? What happened?

Damm... Look at what that doctor did!

Come... Come and see...

[Banging continues]

-Hey Assoles... Open the door.

-My home's like a temple, and you two ruined its sanctity.

Every night when you go to bed, with your wife,

didn't you know that your, home's a temple?

Relax dude.

-I will kick your ass, you faggot.

- We are gonna rip off your head, and shit down your throat.

-Hey, shall I break down the door?

-Come out, you Butt Fucks!

No... I dont want to get trashed for no fault of ours.

Let them come. I am going to stab each and everyone of them.

Isn't he the doctors friend? I will start with him.

Maaran, we haven't done anything wrong ,yet.

But what you intend to do now, that's a crime.

Don't do it.

-What are you two doing with the doors locked? Call the Police.

One day, the law itself will protect us.

That day will definitely come.

-Shut up and come out, you cheapskate's.

I cant take this anymore, Ilakkiya.

As a self-defense, I am going to kill someone.

Calm down. Let me talk to them.

Sir, didn't you yourself say that we were nice guys, who always help you out.

-Shut up you filthy animal.

-Hey. Pass me the hammer.I myself will break the lock.

Go... Go and open the door.

Stop freaking out. Relax.

[Breaking the lock]

[Unlocks the Bolt]

[Soulful music playing]

-Drop it. Drop the knife.

No...First you leave. Leave.

-Die you piece of trash... Die.

Die... Die... Die....

If it had happened two days later, Maaran could

have been saved with the help of police itself.

If is the middle word in LIFE.

FUCK Inhumanity!

Miss You Maaran...

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