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- All right, Em,

you ready for your four month update video?

(in cartoon voice) Are you ready?

He's ready folks.

Okay, let's first start with

what we usually start with:

his weight, his height, and his schedule,

like what he's doing.

So he weighs approximately around 18 pounds,

no actually 19 pounds.

19 pounds.

And his height is around

- 28 inches.

- 28 inches, so he's growing, he's a growing baby.

- He grew one inch last month.

- And he weighed, I think like 17 point something pounds.

- Gained a little bit more over a pound.

- Yeah.

- So he's not really getting chunkier anymore,

he's just growing.

- Yeah, I mean he is getting chunky.

- Yeah I think his chunkiness level has been steady.

- Yeah, it's not like drastically,

it's like bam! Where'd that chunkiness come from?

- Yeah. - He's gradually chunky.

(both laughing)

- Important stuff, the chunkiness level.

- Those cheeks are the best.

- Yeah, I feel like those cheeks has been there constant.

- Yes.

- They didn't grow, they didn't get smaller.

- Mm mm.

So his schedule, he wakes up around 8:00-ish in the morning,

and then he feeds still like every three to four hours,

and then his bedtime is between 7:00 and 8:00 PM,

which is really nice.

He just tells us when he wants to go to bed

and he goes to bed.

And most of the time he tries to put himself to sleep

or we try to have him put himself to sleep.


That's kind of what I've been learning

from the Taking Care of Babies classes,

and he's been liking it. - Yeah.

He's been doing really good.

I want him to make sure he understands that,

you know, it's bed time, I can put myself to sleep.

(baby fussing)

So, he's doing really good, he's a great baby.

I mean, it doesn't mean that he doesn't wake up sometimes.

He usually, he gets like what,

seven, six to eight hour stretches, most of the time.

- Yeah.

- But some nights, you know, like he'll wake up,

he's really fussy,

he just wants to be held,

or he just wants my hand on his little face,

or just you know something that,

you know just the presence of us being there.

And you know like sometimes, like today, he took like what,

like an hour nap, all together?

He just does not wanna nap today.

He just wants to play, (baby cooing)

he wants to look at everything.

Yeah, you tell them baby.

- Like right now. - Like right now.

He just wants to, you see how like,

he just wants to do stuff.

But yeah, like it's not,

every day is not that perfect schedule,

but he's a really cool kid that just rolls with it.

Let's just put it that way.

Okay. We're going to start off with his milestones.

These are so fun and really exciting.

So his first one is

- For me, intentional giggling.

- And he first giggled for Andrey.

We were taking a walk and out of nowhere,

he just giggled at Andrey.

He just melts and starts giggling.

That was the sweetest thing ever.

- Think we caught it on camera?

- I did.

- Aw nice. - I caught on camera.

Oh, I can't with you sometimes, Em.

You're just so precious.

[Andrey] - You having a good time? Yeah!

Somebody's having a great time!

Look at you! Wow!

(Milana laughs) - Wow!

(Em giggles) - Oh my goodness!

(Em and Milana giggle) [Andrey] - Yeah

(Em giggles)

(Andrey laughs)

[Milana] (gasping) He's giggling!

[Andrey] That was his first giggle

- How does it make you feel that Emorett giggled for you?

For the first time?

[Andrey] I feel like I'm the funny one.

(Milana laughs)

And I caught it on camera.

[Andrey] That proves it.

- Yeah? (To Em) It's the most incredible thing ever.

- So incredible...

The second one is incredible.

So when I got my hair done,

Andrey obviously was watching him,

and they were sitting on the couch right after feeding,

and he, I don't know if it was intentional rolling

but because of the couch, it's angled,

so he rolled over.

- Yeah.

- But I don't think it was official.

And then like a week after,

we saw him starting to like really roll over.

Like he would go to the one side,

but he wouldn't, he would just stay there on his side,

- On flat surfaces.

- On flat, yes, only on flat surfaces.

- Flat rigid surfaces.

- Yes.

And then several days ago,

he officially rolled over multiple times, at a time

on the flat surface on his little play gym.

So I freaked out, we started taking videos,

and I called my mom right away, Face Timing her

and he rolled over for her.

And then he rolled over again.

So I caught it on camera.

He was so determined.

He got it.

Good job Emorett.

You're so big and strong.

- Strong yeah, - So strong.

(Milana) - Look at this kid!

Rolling over (gasps)

Oh my goodness, you did it!

Em.... Oh my gosh!

Are we stuck now? Do we need to fix you?

Let's fix your little arm

Alright, let's do it again

Let's show Mama how you do it again? What do you think?

You wanna do it again?!

- Come on! You got it! Look at him go.

Come on, you got it.

You got it!

Come on, come on, come on!

Oh, you got it. Yeah! Look at how strong you are!

He's helping himself with his little leg

You got it! You got it. Come on, come on, come on.

Come on! Come on!

(Milana gasps) Good job! Oh my goodness (other language)

Oh my gosh!

Good job!

Alright, so this one's kind of cool.

It's kind of a change in his mental state in a way.

He can just chill with you now.

Before he would be just fussy,

just not really paying attention.

He just like wants like,

- Just walk me. - he wanted,

he wanted to, yeah, just walk him, that's it.

- Mm hmm.

- Now he can just sit down and just

- Chill. - chill.

- Like do exactly what you're doing in a way.

And just stare at whatever we're staring at,

and just contemplate,

(Milana giggling) about life.

- Is that what you do baby boy?

- How great it is.

- Is that what you do? (Andrey chuckling)

You just really think about life.

- God, - What is life?

- How did we get here?

(both laughing)

- So funny.

Why are trees green? (chuckling)

Well that's another thing.

He still is obsessed with nature.

He still loves our walks that we take in the parks.

He just loves looking at things.

And now he's so awake and alert.

He does, usually we're like, "Oh, let's go take a walk,

cause he'll take a nap."

No. (chuckling) He'll just be awake,

and just looking at everything,

especially at trees when they rustle.

It's his favorite thing.

- Yeah. He still loves it, yeah.

- So this next milestone is kind of, it goes hand in hand.

So he needs more attention,

but at the same time he can really play with himself,

on his own without us there.

He can really kind of entertain himself.

I think that's one of the biggest things,

before like you said-- - Playing

by himself. - by himself.

(both laughing) Not with himself.

Play by himself. Wow.

- Some people are going to take it the wrong way.


- If he wakes up from nap time,

he's not going to start screaming for us to pick him up.

He'll just kind of lay there,

look around, play with his little hands,

if they're not swaddled.

Or just literally just look around

and he just looks at everything like right now.

He's just studying everything.

I think that's one of the best things.

And another thing, if he wants to play with us,

he'll let us know if he wants to play with us.

He'll just start smiling, cooing, aaing.

It's the most incredible thing.

What's the next one babe?

You can take this one since it was your decision.

- I don't know, what are we talking about?

- Number five.

- Oh first hair cut.

- Well, it was a trim not a haircut.

- Oh yeah, It was a trim.

- So, we wanted to capture it on camera

because obviously it's his first haircut or first trim,

And honestly we both, like, we talked about it.

I did research on it like,

when should I cut his hair? (baby coughing)

When shouldn't we?

You know, things like--

you okay? (baby fussing)

- And the only thing I found was, you know,

old wives tales saying, don't cut it before one year,

because your baby's hair is gonna grow back ugly.

It's not going to be as thick or blah, blah blah.

And I didn't find any evidence supporting that. (chuckling)

I asked my mom.

None of it is true in a sense that you know,

you believe what you wanna believe,

or it's passed down to you from culture,

or your parents, your grandparents.

We decided we wanted to trim his hair

right here in the back.

Just the bottom piece right here this layer.

Everything else we kept when he was what?

Like a month in, three to four weeks in,

his hair started falling out at the top.

And now it's growing back and it's very light, very blonde.

And he started to get a little Mohawk.


- I love it. - Yeah.

- So we wanted to basically trim the very bottom portion

just to make it all even,

and it looks incredible.

Some people really called us out for hurting our child.

(both chuckling)

I didn't know people are so attached to baby hair.

- Yeah, I know.

I was attached because it's like a,

(baby cooing)

you know it's a milestone.

Like, wow, your baby's

you're already cutting your baby's first haircut?

That's why I wanted to keep the hair.

It wasn't because I was sad to cut his hair.

It was just a reminder that he's growing up you know.

Time is moving.

It's not standing still.

And I just quickly want to,

well we both kind of want to mention

about mommy shaming or just parent shaming.

I think that's one thing that

people really need to speak up against.

And, not even just to us, but everybody around.

There's so much mommy shaming or daddy shaming.

Like you don't do this.

You have to do it this way.

And we want our platform to be a place where

you can share your opinions.

You can be, you know, You can critique in a certain way.

But you also have to understand

the way you write certain things,

because communication in text or just--

- It's hard to communicate--

- if you don't see

- through text. - Yeah.

- Yeah, it's because you have to really think about it,

how to write it.

Cause people on the other side,

they don't see your body language,

they don't see your face.

- Yeah.

- They don't really know how to take it.

And, you know, - And especially if you

don't know the person's personality or character.

- Yeah, we just wanna say that there are some people

that are just straight up nasty,

- Oh yeah.

and most of the time they get blocked

and we just don't even respond to those people.

But then sometimes we're like, well,

we don't know what they meant by this comment.

So we'll respond and ask,

kind of like basically,

- If we can, I mean, - explain yourself.

- Sometimes there's too many comments.

- Yeah.

You can't respond to everybody.

- But, this main thing that I'm trying to say

is mommy shaming.

Like, it's just like that is enough.

Like that's just,

there's more than one way to parent a child.

And everybody has different personalities.

Everybody has different lifestyles.

(baby fussing)

As long as my baby's healthy, happy, loved, taken care of,

that's all that matters at the end of the day.

And just because you're parenting one way,

and I'm parenting one way, doesn't mean one way is right

and one way is wrong.

It's just, that's the best way for your family.

- Yeah. I mean, in general our philosophy is

you know, if you're going to make a comment,

you know try, it doesn't matter criticism or um,

- Opinion (chuckling) - opinion

or even, you know, you're trying to give somebody accolades.

- Yeah.

- It should always be to try to build a person up.

- Yeah instead of ripping them apart,

ripping them to shreds.

- Everybody's just trying to do their best.

That's how I see it.

And just celebrating that, - And we--

- I think that's the best way.

- Let's move on from that.

I just wanted to mention that in this video

since, you know there was a whole,

a whole criticism on his first haircut.

So moving on his next milestone is teething.

Last month he was definitely like,

putting his little fist into his face,

(chuckling) face,

into his mouth,

but this month is just very intentional.

And sometimes I'll even put my knuckle

into his little mouth,

and he'll really just kinda like go at it really hard.

And sometimes even when I'm feeding,

I'll have to like chill him out a little bit.


But so far I only see a little bit of white.

I'm not really actually seeing teeth per se,

but hopefully, maybe we'll stick it out another month

or couple of months before teeth come out.

Like, that's another milestone.

I think it's incredible if he gets teeth,

but the same time like, oh, I want him to stay a little more

like a little baby without any teeth.

You know what I mean?

I'm just, you know it's exciting,

but I want to take in as much of it as I can.


Next thing.

He's finally figured out that we're eating something.

(chuckling) - Yeah.

- Like every time I put something in my mouth,

he's really looking and he's like,

- (giggling) what is that?

- What are you doing?

Why are you putting that in your mouth?

(baby fussing) - (chuckling) Yeah.

- Why am I not getting some of that?

So he's very curious about the food

that we put in our mouths now.

- I wouldn't say just food. (baby cooing)

He just follows like all of our actions of like our hands,

our feet.

If we're moving, he's kind of like, "What are you doing?"

- Yeah.

- He's really good with that right now.

But I think that was all we kind of wanted to mention.

Those big milestones that he's been reaching

or he's excelling at.

Not even excelling just,

he's just growing and you know, it's incredible.

But at the same time you want him to stay little and,

oh, I just, oh my goodness.

Oh, it's the best thing ever.

But yeah.

What are some of your favorite milestones

your baby has hit so far?

What's something that's really unexpected,

or you're like finally.

The giggles was for me, I'm like, "Finally he's giggling."

- The giggling was something , yeah.

- That was, I think that was what I was really waiting for.

And I couldn't wait for it.

Now that it's here I'm like,

"Please giggle for everything that I do."


Even though that doesn't happen.

Mommy's not so funny like daddy.


All right guys, want to say thank you for watching.

Happy four months to all of your babies out there.

We have so many birthday twins.

It's incredible.

- Oh yeah that's awesome. (baby crying)

Okay, okay, okay.

Okay, we're done.

(mimicking baby voice) We're done mommy and daddy.

- We're done.

- We're done. (chuckling)

All right, you guys.

Thank you for watching and we'll see you in the next one very soon.

(baby crying) - Bye.

- Bye.


The Description of Emorett's 4 Month Update & Mommy Shaming