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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Make Your Own Infused Olive Oil|DIY|Rosemary and Peppercorn Medley Infused Olive Oil

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Okay y'all.

It is a gloomy and a windy day today.

I think today, the high is like 55 degrees.

And while I have a whole bunch of stuff to do outside, today, we're going to take it

inside and we are going to make rosemary peppercorn medley infused olive oil.

So, let's go ahead and let's get started.

Speaker 1: Hi, everyone.

Today, we are about to make something that is so good, and so flavorful and that can

be used on so many different things.

Speaker 1: First of all, if you are new to this channel, thank you so much for stopping


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Speaker 1: Today we are going to clip this rosemary, and I actually have two.

If you guys looked at the intro video, the one rosemary plant that I was holding, this

is actually what it has grown to now.

Speaker 1: Now I'm keeping these in the pots, because let me tell you a quick story before

we go inside.

This little area may be very familiar to you, but I actually, a few years ago, had six rosemary

plants that I got for $1, y'all.

$1, and I put them all over there, where my little girl is now.

Speaker 1: They grew, they were beautiful.

I loved them.

I couldn't give them away enough.

I was growing so much rosemary, but a lot of people that I know, they don't eat rosemary

a lot, so they just grew to be big bushes.

Speaker 1: What happened was, we had to get some work on the fence done and the guy that

was doing the work, he had to do some digging.

Y'all, he uncovered six snakes.

I told y'all, I can do a lot of stuff, but I'm just not where I need to be at with snakes.

Speaker 1: You know what I did?

I pulled each and every last one of those up, and I was like uh-uh (negative), because

I just can't do snakes right now.

Speaker 1: I have these in the pot, and so, we're cutting them today to make some infused


But it's definitely going to be like double-duty, because when I cut them it's going to encourage

new growth, it's going to encourage them to branch out and be bushier.

Speaker 1: Now I know I can't keep them in this pot for too long, they'll have to be


Maybe I might do it later on this year, because they are getting big.

Every few years you definitely need to pot up, to kind of give the plant room to go.

But I'll worry about that later.

Speaker 1: Right now, we are going to cut some rosemary, and we are going to take it


Let's go ahead, and we'll do that real quick, and then I'll meet you back in the kitchen.

Speaker 1: Okay, so we got our rosemary here and I intentionally clipped a little bit more,

because what I want to do is take some of the rosemary here and put it whole in our

bottle right here.

This is just a simple bottle from the Dollar Tree, but I want to put a little bit of rosemary

and the rainbow peppercorns as garnish, once we get through infusing our olive oil.

Speaker 1: I'll tell y'all a quick story.

rosemary is one of those herbs, while growing up, that we didn't cook with.

As a matter of fact, I was introduced to rosemary while my husband was stationed in Naples,


For those of you who don't know, we are retired military, and Naples, Italy was one of our

duty station.

I absolutely loved every minute of it, and I was really upset when we had to leave.

I tried to get my husband to extend so bad, but that is a whole nother story.

Speaker 1: Anyway, we would often go to restaurants, because they had a lot of family-owned restaurants


This particular restaurant, there were several rosemary bushes.

This guy, he was so proud of that rosemary.

Before we actually sat down and ate, because we would eat outside, like al fresco, he took

us to one of the rosemary bush, and he was proud.

Speaker 1: Y'all know how I love plants, so I'm putting my hands through it, feeling it,

smell it.

Still had not tasted rosemary before.

Now, in Italy you have a lot of different courses.

I don't know what course we were on at that time, but when they brought out the rosemary

and garlic potatoes, y'all... y'all know how I like to talk.

Speaker 1: I told the guy, "Whoever just cooked that, please tell them to come out here, because

we need to talk.

We need to talk serious.

And he did.

He brought the person out and we conversated about the recipe, y'all.

It was so good.

It was one of those moments.

Speaker 1: Y'all have to comment below.

Have you ever taste something so good, where you just close your eyes, you just close them,

and you just say, "Mm.

Mm, mm, mm."?

That was one of those moments.

Until this day, I cook rosemary and garlic potatoes because they are so good.

They are that good.

Speaker 1: But that is not what we're making today y'all.

We are making rosemary and pepper corn medley infused olive oil.

But this olive right here, y'all, is going to have so many uses, and I'll just give you

a few.

You can use this to make a salad dressing.

You can use this as a dip sauce for your bread.

If you like lamb, you can put that on your lamb.

Speaker 1: I mean, it's just so much you could use this for.

But here is the thing that I want to tell you guys before we get started, because we're

actually going to get started tomorrow.

I'm just prepping right now.

Speaker 1: If you don't hear anything else that I say, just hear this.

When you are making an infused oil with an herb, or with anything, please, please, please

make sure that, like in this case, once you wash your herbs, make sure they are all the

way dry.

I'm talking 200% dry.

Speaker 1: Because you don't want to introduce any bacteria from it being wet, and you're

introducing that water to the olive oil.

It's not the oil but it's the water like you.

You don't want a nasty growth, is basically what I'm saying.

Speaker 1: What I'm going to do, is I'm still going to wash these herbs.

I know I just picked them, but sometimes we got all kinds of animals in our backyard.

So, I'm going to wash them and I'm going to lay them flat, and I'll definitely put up

a picture, and I'm just going to pat them dry.

Speaker 1: But I think overnight I'm going to let them air dry, because I want to make

sure they are 200% dry.

Because, this is what I want you to know.

This is also a great hostess gift.

If you're going to visit someone and you don't know what to bring them, make some of this

oil, because it just has so many uses, but you don't want to get anybody sick either.

Speaker 1: If you don't take anything else from this video, take that from me.

Make sure that all of your herbs are dry.

They're 100, they're 200, they're 300% dry, before you even infuse them.

Speaker 1: That's what I'm going to do now.

I'm going to wash everything, and lay everything flat to dry.

I mean, I'll try to drive as much as I can by patting it dry, but I'm just going to let

it air dry overnight, and like I said, I'll show you a picture and we'll be back to do

the actual infusion.

Speaker 1: I really wish somebody could invent smell-a-vision, seriously.

It smells so good in here.

What I've done is, this is just a standard sheet pan.

I've washed the rosemary real good, laid it down on the towel.

And see, I'm still looking at water spots.

But I'll try to demonstrate it with one hand.

Speaker 1: I have another tea towel, y'all, that I'm just putting over here like this,

and I'm just really patting this dry.

I'll do this really good, until I think it's dry.

But then, like I said, I'm also going to just... even if you don't let it sit overnight...

we'll see, based on the time.

But just let it sit for some hours, and just air dry it.

Speaker 1: If, you can see the water is absorbing.

Let it stay on this sheet, and then we'll come back and we're going to get to infusing,


Because, this is going to be so good.

This is going to be so good and it's going to smell so good.

Speaker 1: It is the very next day and our rosemary has dried overnight.

It is nice and dry.

I made sure of that.

All you need now, just depending on how much you're going to make, we're just going to

make this one batch today.

But if you want to make several batches and make sure you give it away to your family

and friends to taste, then you will need a bigger pot.

Speaker 1: But the thing that I did last night also, is I went ahead and washed and dry my

pot and my measuring cup and let it finish air drying.

Every single thing is dry.

We're starting off with everything dry, no water anywhere.

Speaker 1: Then ,all you have to do is, I'm going to put about a tablespoon of the rainbow

peppercorns in here.

And then this bottle is 21 ounces, I think.

I put 20 ounces of oil in there, maybe a little bit less because I'm also going to use some

of this extra rosemary and put it in there.

Not only as decoration, but also so that it can continue to infuse while it is in the

refrigerator, y'all.

Speaker 1: Y'all see how easy this is?

It is super easy.

Basically, all we have to do now, is we're going to warm our oil up on the stove.

You're not going to get it to where it's boiling, you're just going to get it nice and warm.

You're going to turn the heat off, and you're going to let it infuse.

Speaker 1: Now at this point, this is where you're going to have to freestyle, because

everybody's taste bud is different.

What I may think is strong you might like, so the time is going to vary.

I'll start off at about, letting it infuse for 10 minutes.

Then I'll come back, and I'll check it and see how everything is.

Because I do like that strong rosemary flavor.

Speaker 1: You may just want it to infuse for five minutes, just to give it just a hint

of rosemary.

It's all going to depend on your taste, and how strong you want this infused oil.

Then, after you get the taste that you want, that is when you're just going to let it continue

to cool to room temperature, and then you're going to bottle it up.

Speaker 1: What I'm going to do now is go ahead, pour my oil in and let that warm.

Then we'll put our rosemary.

And like I said, I'll probably put a tablespoon of peppercorns in there, because I'm also

going to put a little bit more in the bottle.

Let me go ahead and do that now, and then I'll come back.

Speaker 1: Here's a really quick tip.

Before you put the rosemary into the warm olive oil, go in and agitate the rosemary,

just to get the oils to come to the surface.

I'm doing it with one hand, but what I'm going to do, is take both hands in just a second,

and I'm just going to agitate it just a little bit.

Just to get those oils to come to the surface, so that they can infuse a little bit better

into the oil.

Speaker 1: Okay, y'all.

I just wanted to show you real quick, while my oil is continuing to warm up on the stove.

I went ahead, and I had to cut in half some of the rosemary sprigs because they were too

long, they were coming out the bottle.

Speaker 1: But I just went ahead and cut the rosemary and put that in the bottle, and then

also I put the peppercorns in there, y'all.

I just think it's so pretty already.

Just imagine what it is going to taste like once we are all done.

Speaker 1: But, so now, I'm just warming up my oil and getting that warm.

I went ahead... these are my sprigs, four sprigs,, that I'm going to use in the rosemary


Because like I said, I'm only making one batch, and then I'm going to use a tablespoon of

the rainbow peppercorns.

Speaker 1: I wanted to show you real quick, I got my oil nice and warm.

All I'm going to do now, is I'm going to take the sprigs, and I'm actually going to have

to cut those in half too, because they're a little bit too long for this pot.

Hold on just a second, y'all.

They're a little bit too long for the pot, so I'm just going to take it and cut it in

half, and I'm just going to let them start infusing.

Speaker 1: But, quick story, and then I'm going to put the rosemary in there.

I love the smell of olive oil.

While we were staying in Italy, I would go on a lot of trips to where they actually had

the olive trees.

We would pick them, we would take them back to where they would press them out with the

olive oil press, and then you can see the process of it done.

Speaker 1: There're all different types of olive oil, so just whichever kind you like.

Just make sure it's actually olive oil, because a lot of them have different blends where

they're just mixing different oils.

But just the smell of this olive oil smells so good.

It actually has like a fruity smell to it.

Speaker 1: But, anyway, so I can stop talking, y'all.

I'm about to put this in here, put the peppercorns in there, and I'll let you see and we're just

going to wait.

Speaker 1: Okay, so now, the oil is infusing.

I moved it off of the heat and put it on a totally different eye.

I'm just going to check after a few minutes, just to see if it is a nice flavor.

Because, remember y'all, some more infusion is going to happen because I put rosemary

and olive oil sprigs in there also.

Speaker 1: Once you get the flavor that you are looking for, go ahead and take the rosemary

and the peppercorns out of the oil, so that then it can just cool off until you're ready

to bottle it.

Speaker 1: Now, what I'll do, is I'll get a whole separate container, and I have a strainer

that has a filter on it.

I'm just going to pour the oil through that, and so all I have left is the rosemary and

the peppercorns.

Then I'll wait till it's totally cooled off at room temperature, and I'll come back and

we'll show you the final product.

Speaker 1: Okay, y'all.

And just like that, we have our infused oil all done.

What I did while I was waiting for it to cool, is I made a little neat and thrifty label

for it.

You can do this in Microsoft Word.

But we got our label, and it is all ready to go.

Speaker 1: Like I said, you can give this to your family and your friends or you can

use this for yourself.

It's perfect for salad dressings and dipping sauces, but it just has so much flavor packed

into this.

Speaker 1: As always, thank you all so much for watching this video and I hope you share

this video with your family and your friends.

I definitely hope you make this infused oil, and don't just limit yourself to rosemary.

You can use so many different herbs, and flavor your oils.

Just remember the principles of making sure those herbs are dry.

Speaker 1: So, y'all, if you're not a subscriber, we would absolutely love to have you as a


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Again, thank you all so, so much for watching this video, and until the next video, bye-bye.

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