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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 用流利的英语点星巴克

Difficulty: 0

cappuccino cappuccino oh hello i'm

drinking starbucks and i ordered it

myself hey dada how Indian JT now I'm

Michelle Delta dad drew call you mean

you live in starbucks that since I don't

go to you I like your hardware and don't

fail i make what's the OC na na Dori of

my life they make shall sure la

quadrature pension now missing that you

like I Shaban CBS show senior girls

Athenian you should somehow Julian I

should love you really it's just a hot

drink logging into your eyes or cold

drink sigh make one that you been Josh

your love that has a quick tapping the

google nice and offshore watch your

tongue with the empty without tapping

knockouts ha no ice ruge washes shower

bingo back to should easy eyes the idea

now casa da man he baits the sides die

starbucks now chang within 10 set your

sights tall Grande venti taller chitters

yourself a grande jambe vente dabiq

how the same way home to lighten do you

kill the droplet want to see the your

tally sorry no short easier to play your

cafe cha koo koo shing ding look nicey

bingo Celia oh my cell I show is a cafe

back cafes shops in yahoo Ellsbury snap

me cereal decaf hasher regular coffee

tea tobacco quarter cafe me on the

midoriyama yoku Yatta Yatta back home to

a cafe dad calm and I to accompany not

see any Queen City tambien to da hotel

near campaign advantage ha beautiful

what are you big Sheila cafe downtown

yall sell talk comes down to try night

last night oh sure can I have a hot

grinder coffee with vanilla syrup and

two percent milk Tamia will naturally

Sam not here not here she goes away

piegato and see haha Nadia trail sure

your espresso Hood type amor de nada te

doen impunity Sri about poor cappuccino

her flag white

soy yo yo yo yo mocha macchiato caramel

macchiato americano cold brew espresso

frappuccino java chip frappuccino green

tea frappuccino handsome llaman la cui

cui Xia lamento dr. BAE like soy Sally's

what's on yo you babe jus de jambe cafe

can I have a hot grande coffee what are

you being good to make half a 10-9 can I

have a hot grande coffee with milk what

elevate your baby not here can I have

the iced grande latte Sammy and sugar

was have a job baby not here ja ja papa

can I have an iced grande latte with

vanilla syrup what's on ebay jambe

cooker sapient seeming look can I have a

grande java chip frappuccino when the

miata babe job a bing yahoo mail hey

Talan shall be man can I have a iced

grande very various viscous easy on ice

cotton candy talking to dr. li ting taja

eating anti-peace as a team online puma

Yoshi million peony jacqueline de won't

be about Cortana will give you quick get

da Jack come on Roger sure okay what you

see a tall ship in da idea drew

jalapeño is

tribemates from 4pm you chicken I think

idea creative a Porsche counselor Roger

should say exactly what I see you next


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