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We're in Tunisia right now and it is really windy out I've seen it up to 35 knots

right now and we're quarantine on the hard and so we're just hanging out

through this storm so let's go back in time to when I sailed across the

Adriatic Sea from Dubrovnik Croatia to ozoni Greece the sail was 182 nautical

miles and I was very excited to be leaving Croatia because we had spent six

months in Croatia and so we had overstayed our visa we put the dinghy on

the deck because we did not want another incident where we lost the dinghy off

the back we headed out towards Othoni the plan was to turn on the engine and

motor for the first three four hours and then let out the sails and start sailing

the rest of the way but alas because we were breaking the law by leaving without

notifying anybody the Coast Guard came and made us turn around and go back to

Port Gruz 10 miles offshore the police just came and told us we need to

turn around and go to the port because we didn't check out from the country and

apparently you're not allowed to leave the country unless you check out the

reason we didn't check out is because well

well because we've been in the country for six months so that took our starting

point from 10:00 a.m. to now about 5:00 p.m. so it was at least a six hour delay

seven hour delay but in reality it was more like an eight or nine hour delay

because of that hour and a half two hours that it took to regain the

distance away it already covered 300 dollars poorer and we're all set

we paid ticket for trying to leave without checking out that was 1333 Kuna

or like 200 something dollars and then it's 333 Kuna apiece for overstaying

visa but according to them now we have no problem with Croatia we could come

back and have zero issues and now we have been politely told to leave

straight away immediately we ended up actually leaving around

sunset instead of mid-morning the reason we

were planning on leaving in the mid morning was so that while we were

sailing since there was only two of us we would only end up doing one overnight

period and our plan was to do three hour shifts during the day and then two hour

shifts at night in that way we would be able to get through the night of it

easier but now since we are leaving in the evening instead of the mid

we are going to potentially have to do two full nights at sea which is the two

of us so we set out we put up the mainsail and we tried to sail but the

swell was coming from the northwest and it was just a bit too much for the lack

of wind that was around and so we were moving about three knots

rippin and a roaring at a whopping 3... 1.3, 1.5, 1.7, 2.1 knots

the adventure begins when the first thing goes wrong I don't know who said that but it's true

that's when it starts because before that it's just fun I guess I don't know

it's it's it's not a full experience unless there is some sort of difficulty

made it through the night a bit of a rough night last night the wind didn't

show up until around 4:00 a.m. and then it really showed up and it was blowing

around 20 knots and so I put out the Genoa just to start with to see how it

was going and then yep picked up and put out the main in the jib and was able to

sail lots of swell maybe two meters it kind of caddywhompus with the swell and

so that makes it nice and uncomfortable I've been having the joy of being

nauseous anytime I look at a screen whether it's the camera or the phone for

navigation so that's been great also was just getting nauseous setting the sails

that was really great luckily laying down and breathing works it out for me

but yeah it's still not fun though the wind in the swell gets funneled down in

between Albania & Italy in and so by the time we're around Albania the wind

in the swell right behind us and we're sailing wing on a wing which is

fantastic in the most comfortable way to sail

it's about 3 p.m. here on sailing vessel Arianrhod we're about a 130 miles deep

into this sail and we have about 60 miles to go before we get to Greece

right now we're surfing waves at 8 sometimes even 9 knots so if we are able

to keep up that kind of speed then we can get to the island before midnight

which would be amazing considering if we average 5 knots which is what I plan for

then we'll get there at like 5 or 6 a.m. casual point of sail

no more seasickness feel good gonna eat some food haven't eaten all day

according to the maps we were technically sailing over an old

minefield the area is safe for surface travel but it is not safe to anchor

there because it has not all been cleared from mines that were set back in

World War one in World War two this giant red ship was heading straight

towards us more like we're in a minefield right now what is this boat

doing it then that turns out it passed behind us and it was just a ferry so

there was there's no problems when you're out in the beginning of a day and

a half long sail and it's uncomfortable and you're like is it going to be

uncomfortable for this whole sail am I crazy that I'm out here sailing I'm

nauseous I don't actually want to be out here anymore

but then life changes and it goes from being uncomfortable to being the most

magical thing you've ever experienced the movement of the ocean and the fact

that you're on your way to a new country by the power of the wind you're not

burning any fossil fuels you're just sailing its existence pushing you to a

new location and you turn on autopilot and now the boats steering itself until

you're you're getting to a new land which is carried by technology you're

completely dependent on you're not dependent you're completely in flow so

to speak you're completely in rhythm with existence that it is literally the

driving force that is propelling you forward in getting you to where you need

to be into those moments make the uncomfortable moments worth it existence

itself blessing you, I guess. it's about 11:00 p.m. were making away Tara woke me up at

10:00 I slept from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Tara is asleep right now when we have two or three miles left a wake up Tara until

then watch beautiful night good weather the wind all's well on Arianrhod it's

through discomfort that you find your own character and it's through

discomfort that you develop your own character because people think and I

mean I've been guilty of this you think you're capable of things and then you

get put in that situation and you find out whether or not you're capable and

sometimes you're not capable and that's good to know

because you don't want to think that you're cable of something that you're not capable of

and it's also good to know that you are capable of things because

you need to know where your limits are because if you don't then you end up

arrogant and that's a recipe for disaster we have all these fantastic

technologies and all this amazing comfort that our forefathers set up for

us and we end up entitled and think that we did it and it's like no no we didn't

make any of this we just get to enjoy it and so in my mind I think it's important

to go through uncomfortable situations so that you have gratitude for what we


it's intention and an obstacle your intention is to go from one place to

another and then the obstacle is the discomfort in the whole process and it

is the obstacle that creates one the story into the meaning because if there

is no obstacle there is no story and there is no meaning if there is no story

just sailed to Greece

something like 33 hours total 182 miles almost two days since we've been on land

Oh solid ground after such a rocky sail how does it feel? Solid.

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