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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ELDERS REACT TO RAMMSTEIN (German Metal Band)

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♪ (intense rock music) ♪ - Oh, I like that.

- Ooh. Pyrotechnics.

- Aye, aye, aye.

♪ (ragtime music) ♪

♪ (heavy metal music) ♪

- I like the music so far.

- Oh.

- Whoa!

- Guys, do it in the backseat. There's more room.

- ♪ Du

Du hast

- Must be one of those foreign groups.

- ♪ Du hast mich ♪ - Oh, it's in German.

- That sounds like... German?

- ♪ Du hast mich

- Oh, "Du hast mich."

It means "You have me" in German.

- ♪ Du

Du hast

Du hast mich

Du hast mich! ♪

- He's scary.

- ♪ Du hast mich gefragt

Du hast mich gefragt

Du hast mich gefragt ♪ - ♪ (imitates instrumental) ♪

♪ (dramatic percussion) ♪

- ♪ Willst du, bis... ♪ - It's kind of scary.

- Oh! That looks... oh!

- ♪ ...Tage? ♪

Nein! ♪

- Oh, what a happy, happy song.

- ♪ Nein! ♪

- Okay.


- That's pretty cool, with a guy walking on fire.

- I like rock and roll.

And it's a little past my kind of rock and roll,

but I appreciate it.

- I don't like it.

There was some sort of sex thing going on in the beginning.

Big deal.

- There are nicer things to look at.

That's kinda like borderline evil.

♪ (intense metal music) ♪

- ♪ Alle warten

- (stammers in confusion) - ♪ Auf das Licht

♪ (vocals drowned out by instrumental) ♪

- What is this? This is like Snow White?

- This probably is a heavy metal group.

- Sounds a little like Metallica in a way.

- He's rubbing the apple in kind of a suggestive way.

- That's symbolic of what? I don't know. I can't keep up.

♪ (German singing continues) ♪

- Uh-oh.

- That's not the Snow White I remember.

- This is Snow White for adults.

- I wish I understood what he was saying. That would really help.

- Interesting concept.

Snow White and the Seven Miners?

- I kind of like it, and I kinda...

don't want to see another one.

- I like it, and I like the visuals so far.

'Cause they're appropriately dark rock and roll.

♪ (orchestral accompaniment) ♪ - ♪ Ich singe bis der Tag... ♪

- Heavy metal meets opera or something. (chuckles)

- ♪ ...Firmament

Mein Herz brennt ♪ - Hmm. Medieval.

- Oh, nice. - ♪ Mien Herz brennt

♪ (dramatic metal music) ♪ - Totally unexpected, though,

to have a classical element.

- ♪ ...Firmament

Mein Herz brennt ♪ - Oh!

♪ (dramatic metal music, string accompaniment) ♪

Oh, I like that.

- That's radical.

- (chuckling in disbelief)

- ♪ ...kommen zu euch in der Nacht

- Why all the darkness and the morose?

- They look freakin' evil. They just look evil.

- ♪ (singing in German) ♪

- Scar-y.

- (chuckles)

- I don't know what to say about this. It's weird.

- Is there a message? I'm wondering.

- This is all very bizarre. But...

I'm kind of liking it in some weird, quirky way.

- Oh, give me a break, will ya?

- Ew! I don't want to know.

I don't want to know what he's eating. Ahgh.

- ♪ Mein Herz brennt

- That's wild. I like that one.

- That's totally wild! Oh my goodness.

I've never seen anything like that before.

- If I didn't have to look at 'em, the music's exciting.

- ♪ Mann gegen Mann

- Nudity!


- Oh my! Oh my.

- Wild. That's wild.

- Oh! No! (laughs)

- Oh, wow. (giggling)

- Are you kidding me? (laughs)

The Full Monty.

- ♪ Gleich und Gleich gesellt sich gern

- I ain't-- I'm not even gonna look at it.

- ♪ Ich bin die... ♪

- (disgusted) Oh. (chuckles) I don't know.

- Although they have nice bodies.

- Okay. Where did they come from?

♪ (music intensifying) ♪

- That's a... a tad unusual.

- (chuckling) Must be cold.

♪ (singer screaming) ♪

- That's heavy metaaaaal.

♪ (singer screaming) ♪

- Oh my god.

- Oh!!!

Oh, that was-- I like that!

That was very rock and roll.

I don't mind looking at naked guys.

- I did kinda like the-- you know, their expression.

All that mattered was the music and their feelings

and their instruments.

- I hated it.

What do I need to see a bunch of naked guys playing guitars for?

♪ (low dramatic intro) ♪

- This is live, so it's gonna be very theatrical.

- ♪ Dann musst du es verbrennen

- Oh! "Dann musst du es verbrennen!"

"Then you must burn it!"

- What? What is he holding?

- He got a flamethrower, eh?

- Oh, it's a torch.

♪ (metal crescendos) ♪

- Yes!

(chuckling in amazement) Oh my god.

- Ooh. Pyrotechnics.

- Pyromaniacs they are. I love that fire.

- So visual.

As it must be today.

- Ai-ai-ai.

- They draw a big crowd.

- Look at the amount of people.

Whoever they are, they're huge.

- Yeah. Fire.

- Can we make it more extreme?

Oh yeah! Let's light each other on fire. (chuckles)

- Yeah. Light him on fire.

That's a crowd pleaser.

- These guys are radical.

- Is it real?

- Ohh. Ooh.

No. No, not a fan of that.

- Put out the fire. Whoa.

♪ (insane instrumental) ♪

♪ (stops abruptly) ♪

- I mean, that's a lot of theatrics.

- That's really dangerous, but I think that appeals

to a certain element of the people

who are attracted to this kind of show, this kind of a group.

- ♪ Too short

- Uh-oh. (laughs)

- Ohhh, we've got some BDSM going on.

- Oh, he's good looking.

- ♪ Doesn't matter, one size fits all ♪ - (chuckling) Oh my gosh.

- Oh, guys. Guys!

Ain't looking at it. Not doing this.

- ♪ ...sollte oben sein

Schönes Fräulein, Lust auf mehr

- Oh my god. Oh my god.

- ♪ Schnaps im Kopf, du holde Braut

- It's really a porno. (chuckles)

- Oh, I didn't see that. I didn't see that.

- ♪ Steck Bratwurst in dein Sauerkraut

- (chuckling) God. (laughs)

- ♪ dein Sauerkraut

- (laughs) He got Bratwurst in his Sauerkraut!


- ♪ Be my little bitch! ♪

You've got a pussy

- My goodness. (chuckles)

- ♪ I have a dick, ah

- (displeased) Oh. Oh, come on!

- ♪ ...problem? ♪

Let's do it quick! ♪ - Oh my god.

These were pornos!

- Okay. Heavy metal meets porno.

- I'm liking this better than the all-oiled men.

- ♪ Take me now

Oh, don't you see? ♪

- Oh, golly.

- ♪ ...can't get laid in... ♪

- Oh, dear me. Dear me, dear me.

- ♪ Germany! ♪

- Whoo!

Good clean fun.

- Little pornographic, but I'm not complaining.

I'm not that square yet. I'm...

I can enjoy that.

- I don't know how much over-the-top you can get with that.

That's pretty much max.

- Trash. Garbage. Junk. Stupid.

- The generation now would appreciate it.

But not for me.

- It's not one of my favorite forms of music.

It's way out there.

- Raising my sons Benny and Rafi,

I got to listen to a lot of heavy metal,

because they loved it.

And the truth is, I really didn't.

When you're raising kids, you sit and you listen.

And you try to understand it.

And actually, I got into it with them.

- (FBE) So what did you think of what you just saw?

- I actually really enjoyed it. I mean, I loved the music.

And I loved most of the imagery.

- I've never seen anything like this before.

And I was quite interested in it, and it's an education.

- I enjoy their beat, and I didn't--

I don't know enough German to get all the words,

but I kinda liked the Bratwurst and the Sauerkraut.

That kinda made sense. (chuckles)

- It is definitely a very classic metal kind of sound.

It's-- it's-- it fits right in there.

The German language VERY much lends itself to the heavy metal.

It has-- it has a gritty sound to it.

- I saw some nudity.

I saw some pornography.

Um, maybe they are saying...

"We should have more freedom in this area or something."


- I don't know why they show things like that.

I won't even let my kids watch it if I had younger kids.

- (speaking German)

- (FBE) What does that mean?

- I think it's very lousy.

- (FBE) So this was Rammstein, a German band

originally formed in 1994.

- Oh, I-- oh! Okay. 'Cause I know you--

You all have been asking for that. I like 'em. Thank you.

- (FBE) Rammstein is known for having some of the most

extreme music videos like we showed you here.

And that obviously leads to controversy.

- Oh yeah, I can imagine.

- (FBE) So finally, do you think their videos

fit their type of music? Or is it all just too much for you?

- Well, it certainly apparently fit their kind of music

and obviously has some appeal to somebody, but not to me.

It's too much for me.

- Oh, it definitely fits. It fits. It makes it fun.

- It fits with their music, because

their music is weird, and so are they.

- Yes, I think their videos track perfectly

with the type of music that they play.

It's just back to "Let's eat a bat onstage" Ozzy Osbourne land.

- It really...

doesn't take a lot of talent to do what they're doing.

It's about sex. It's about the provocation.

- That's some of the best of that genre that I've seen.

That was like theatrical quality in a way.

- They're right on the edge, which makes it perfect for me.

You know, when you run stuff on the edge,

you're gonna have some people fall away from you.

But you're gonna have a gathering of people

that really enjoy that edgy part of life.

- Thank you so much for watching another episode of Elders React.

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- Tschüss!

- Hey, everybody. This is our mom.

We're so excited she finally got into an episode.

- Thank you all for watching. - (together) Bye!

♪ (ragtime music) ♪

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