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GORINTAKU [Mehandhi]

-Has Mr.Rayudu come? -It's time for him to come!

Why are you in such a hurry? For the time is up for the function?

There is enough time Ieft for the function...

But I am in a hurry Iooking for the Auspicious time to see such a great man!

As soon as I Ianded onto this pIace,

I heard about his goodness and greatness!

I am witnessing it now!

-Greetings Sir! -Greetings!


-Greetings Madam! -Greetings!

-Greetings Madam! -Greetings!

Greetings Dear!

You shouId bIess us and not greet us!

PIease bIess us!

May you Iive Iong!

May you prosper for 100 years!

May you be bIessed with good chiIdren!

-May you prosper with pIeasure! -May you... -Stop Madam!

You pIease don't bIess madam!

You are not bIessed with ChiIdren... You are a woman of Barrenness!

I guess it's not good to bIess ''May you be bIessed with good chiIdren''.

Mother! Do you have sense at aII? Do you know what you are taIking?

Our Sir and Madam are Iike God in this ViIIage...

How did your mouth permit to utter such words at them?

PIease bIess us Madam!

What Janaki? You are sitting in Dark...

Hey...Are you worried about what she had said?

What she had said is true, isn't it?

Every mother wishes for their chiIdren's safety...

I am not worried for I was said that I am ''a woman of Barrenness''

I am worried that I am unabIe to give you a Heir!

Your heredity shouId not end here because of me...

-So.... -So!



You get married again!

Janaki! You are thinking wrong...

You being born somewhere....

Leaving aII your reIations...

You have stepped into this Home with a Divine Bond!

Even the Lord Brahma doesn't carry the Rights to break this Bond!


If I re-marry kiIIing my souI for ChiIdren...

It wouId mean I am dead as a Human being!

Forgive me!

I wiII never taIk so!

I wiII never....

-I wiII never taIk Iike this... -ControI yourseIf!

Rayudu! Mr.Sastri has come for you!

-Greetings! -Greetings!

-Be seated... -No probIem!

-I want to discuss a smaII thing with you... - TeII me!

You treat the viIIage peopIe Iike your own chiIdren...

But you were made chiIdIess by God!

As I couId not beIieve...

I have seen your Horoscope getting through Mr.Raghavaiah!

Since the Kujan stays at the second pIace from Lagnam...

the pregnancy has got deIayed!

If the Remedy is done for the probIem you'II certainIy be bIessed with chiIdren!

What a Good News you said Mr.Sastri!

AIong with this Good News... there Iies a Bad News too!

What is that?

Horoscope says that your parents die at the ChiIdren's chiIdhood stage!

That's it, isn't it? No matter how we wouId be...

My Janaki wouId attain Motherhood, right? Enough!

The name ''Woman of Barrenness'' wouId be struck off, right?

That's enough!

But..... -Don't say anything more Mr.Sastri!

Any Human may Iive maximum for 100 years...

Cannot Iive for 1000 years! But Heredity!

If there is one Heir for every Generation...

It Iives for many Centuries!

We are ready even to die for our Heredity to Iive!

Oh graceful lord Shiva oF Arunachal.. Hail Shiva!

Lord Shiva who knows the taste of pregnancy... Hail Shiva!

Show mercy towards us... giving us a Son!

Bless us with love!

Kindly eliminate the problems of all planets... Lord Shiva!

Shiva! Oh Lord.... Shiva! Oh Lord...

Kindly offer us the boon of being called ''Mother''

The lord who enjoys seeing the play oF lnfant Ganapathi and Kumaraswamy!

Shiva Shiva Shankara....Hara Hara Deva!

Have the shower of Milk and Honey and do not test us my merciful Lord!

Give us the boon...oh God!

Give us the boon of getting conceived!

Your graceful sight that has the power of Mother's love and Father's affection!

The lamp of Heir has reached home and got prosperity...Oh God!

Oh God who hears the prayers of everyone and offers boon...

Oh Lord who gives the mental and physical power!

My life has been fulfilled.... it's dedicated to you!

Brother! Look at there...

Father! Father! A Iamb...



-Hey....Be carefuI! - ChiIdren! Be carefuI...

Be carefuI...Hey!

Yes...Is it fine?

It's poor Iamb, isn't it uncIe?

-Father! Father! - Mother!

Brother! Brother!

AIas! AIas!

Father! Father!

What a mishap taken pIace!

Mother! Mother!

Nothing happens dear!

We have had a vow that we wouId come to God if you were born...

Father! Father!

We are going to God now to fuIfiII the Vow!

Father! Father!

Look after your sister carefuIIy Ashok!

-Father! -Mother!


Brother and sister Iike you shouId ever be seen in the worId!



Father! Father!

-Brother! -Lakshmi.

What dear? What happened? Why are you crying?

I Iike Mehandi, don't I brother?

When I was coming from Subbaraju grove, a thorn pricked into my Ieg!

Where? Let me see!

AIas! It's bIeeding...

You ever don't go out for Mehandi...okay?

If so...we have to pIant the Mehandi herb at our home itseIf!

Brother! What is the festivaI tomorrow?

You are appIying Mehandi for me...

Your birthday feast, right?

GirIs appIy Mehandi for every festivaI!

Your birthday is the biggest festivaI at our home!

That's why I am appIying Mehandi!

If shouId appIy Mehandi for my every birthday!

Okay...I appIy without faiI!

Music S.A.Rajkumar.

Lakshmi! Lakshmi! Lakshmi!

-Subbu brother! Have you seen Lakshmi... - No I haven't!

-SeethaIu! Was Lakshmi seen? -No!

-Hey...What happened? - UncIe! Lakshmi is not seen...

Is Lakshmi not seen?

Where has she gone?

Hey! Lakshmi...

Yes dear! Where has she gone?

After is her birthday too!

That's why I get more tensed, UncIe!

Thief! WiII you make fun with me? Wait...I wiII tune you!

-Run...Run! -Lakshmi! Stop...

-Don't get caught...Don't get caught! - Lakshmi! Stop...

You both are my GoIden chiIdren!

Today is not onIy our dear's birthday... but aIso Rakhi festivaI!

It means the festivaI of Brother and Sister!

Tie this Rakhi to your brother hoping his safety!

-Greetings Sir! -Go ahead!

We have to utter truth...

Your sister is a Goddess!

Our viIIage is Iucky for such a goddess was born in this Iand!

-Stop fIattering and come to the point! - So it be!

Yesterday! I was getting my work done in the fieId...

What happened then was...

-Hey Koti! -Sir...

After that work get compIeted... go to the grove and fix Effigy! -Okay Sir!

Sister! My Cigarette doesn't smoke...

Not Iike that! Putting Iike this...

shouId smoke Iike this!

As I Iit here... why does the smoke come there?

Who is there at the Heap of Hay?


Hey Koti!

Somebody Iit the Hay and fIeeing.... catch them!

Hey...Hey! Who is that?

Stop...Stop I say!

That's what happened...

What about your matter?

Yesterday evening...what happened was...

Go sister! Rock the fIoor...

AIas! My Pots... My pots have been broken!

AIas! My pots... My GoId has been damaged...

AIas! My pots.... My pots have been Iost!

WiII you make fun with me?

What bad time has come for you?

My pots have been broken into pieces...

That's what happened!

Why have they come here?

UnfortunateIy...for compIaining to my brother?

Sorry! I wiII come again and offer aarti to you...

Brother! Aarti...


Me too...

Brother! I give aarti for them too...

Okay...give them!

Take aarti!

Have you Ieaked the matter?

If you do so.... I won't fire your Hay this time!

I fire your famiIy!

-Brother! -TeII me Honey!

They aIso have more devotion...Iike me!

Yes Sir!

What about you?

I have understood madam!

Don't describe eIaborateIy and Iet me get BP!

-Sister! -What brother?

They have come to coIIect the donation for Vinayaka Chaturdi!

You give Rs.10,000/- by your hand! UncIe!

Give honey! You know the amount to be given for each one, don't you?

-What does it mean? -That is it honey!

You know very weII the amount to be given for each God, don't you?

-Give Iike that! -I don't know what it is....

UncIe seems to have known very weII about me these days!

Lord Vinayaka!


Son of Parvati!

Brother of Kumaraswamy!

What man?

Hasn't the AIcohoI got down yet what you had Iast night?

Praying to Vinayaka Coming to Anjaneya tempIe...

Oh! My dear Crack...

Did you think that this Tsunami Subbu doesn't know anything?

No difference between him and he...

As he had a TaiI backside in this incarnation....

he had a Trunk front side in that incarnation!

That's the difference.... Shut up and pray!

Lord Vinayak.....No! Anjaneya...

I won't wish for more...

A quarter for every period and two pieces of Mango pickIes as side dish!

That's enough my Lord! That's enough...

Hey Sinner!

WiII you tease a girI in TempIe?

Before Tsunami Subbu?

Hey...don't hit! Don't hit! Stop! Stop!

Madam! You don't understand...

He wouId first stroke you Iike this....

If you kept caIm... he wouId coiI you Iike this!

After that...if you stiII kept caIm,

he wouId kiss Iike this!

If my Husband strokes me... what is the itch for you?

-Are you the wife of him? - EIse...Am I your wife?

Hit him...Hit him!

-Okay...Okay! - Hit him...Hit him!

Don't hit me there...


You are right hitting me....

-I accept it...You Ieave! - What to accept?

It's enough...he may die! Come on... offer Aarti!

Leave away!

This pain won't get reIieved unIess I shower with a bucket of Hot water!

Hey! Who is pIucking the fruits in the Grove?



Brother! A Snake has bitten Lakshmi...

Snake bite?

Shivaji! Go and bring the Doctor...Go!

Hey...Are you dare enough to bite my sister?

-UncIe! -Yes!

No snake shouId be aIive in this ViIIage...

Let aII the AnthiIIs be dug out!

No brother! No fauIt from that...

I have not seen! Leave it brother!

No honey! It shouId not be Ieft...

PIease Ieave it for my sake!

She is out of danger...

But...It's a dangerous poison!

It spreads into the brain whiIe sIeeping...

So...You shouId take care of your Sister not to Iet her sIeep throughout the night!

Okay Doctor!

Sir! You wiII take care of every one's difficuIty in the ViIIage...

How wouId we get sIeep if your sister gets difficuIty?

Everyone in the viIIage together take care of Sister not to Iet her sIeep!

Yes Sir! We take care...

Come to give us the Boon... Lord Shiva!

To enjoy at my sister's smile!

lt should rain flower...



lt should be celebrated tonight with dance!

Nandheeswar has to come and dance...

lt should dance coming out with smile!

Tonight should become 'Shiv Ratri' For the whole town!

At the time of Sunrise... Boon rays should shower!

You are the only God! Come to rescue us...

Ascend the Silver mountain getting your heart melted!

Let the bells make sound in Temple!

For the Aarti given by sister... For the Prayer done by all!

You bless in the sight oF sister's grace!

As Poison extracted From Milk ocean...

You have drunk to rescue the world!

The King Cobra which has wild poison...

has been made as a garland around your neck!

l trust in you.... l stand before you!

l ask For Boon.... l ask to save my sister!

Have the occasion of having butter and milk showered on you!

The word powerful Shankar should get proved today!

Show mercy coming towards us!

Brother is the Lord Shiva!

My life is with you!

The golden Sun is my brother... my brother!

All Gods l worship are my brother!

Brother! My cIassmate Nandhini... Rescue!

HeIIo! PoIice Station?

Finish him!

-Hey move...move! - Take away this RascaI!

Hey! Get Iast...

TeII me now...

Who are they? Why have they faIIen after you?

He is my Brother-In-Law!

-Your Brother-In-Law? -Yes!

Six months my father expired...

My sister has taken to her home since I was aIone!

She thought of arranging for good aIIiance and get me married!

I wish to braid your hair with FIowers!

If the aIIiance seen you was fixed...

I wouId pIait fIower braid... wearing SiIk saree...

We wouId get you married with drum beats and fIying coIors!

-Okay? -You go sister!

What dear? What happened to the thing you gone for?

What have the Groom side peopIe said?

They asked you to have this Sweet!

Sister-In-Law! You aIso have this...

As you made mouth sweet... it means you brought sweet news!

Yes! A very sweet news...

-They asked for 5 Lakhs dowry! - Five Lakhs?

Where shaII we bring from?

We cannot bring, can we? So...I have come to one concIusion!

What is it?

It's said...''If no Husband sets, Sister's Husband is the Root''

So...I shaII marry your sister!

What dear? Is sweet bitter?

UnabIe to be swaIIowed?

As I am your wife aIive here.... how wouId you get re-married?

Shit! Don't I know about it?

That's why I have mixed poison in the sweet you ate!

Within a short whiIe... you wouId go to Heaven!

I wouId go to the Marriage haII!



Come, Iet's go to hospitaI.


He made the PoIice beIieve getting a fake certificate from Doctor

that my sister died of Heart attack!

He made the viIIage peopIe beIieve that my sister's Iast wish was to marry me!

Now as he was trying to marry me with compuIsion, I have come fIeeing!

ControI...ControI Nandhini! Don't worry...

If he comes to know that our Ashok has rescued you...

your brother-in-Iaw shaII not come to this area at aII!

-You don't fear! -Brother!

It's not safe for Nandhini to stay aIone in this situation!

If she is given any Job in our factory... she stays in the Quarters itseIf!

Let it be done so!

Is Tsunami Subbu waiting for Bus?

I report to C.M and get the Transport Minister transferred!

Then...Then...this area comes to know who this Tsunami Subbu is!

I wiII do it!

-Brother! Are you waiting for Bus? -No! I am waiting for AirpIane...

Come on Brother! I am going towards that side...

Get onto back...Iet's move!

I don't know who you are...go! go!

I know very weII about you brother!

Who is Ieft saying that they don't know Tsunami Subbu in this area?

I am your Fan brother!

I don't want this CycIe unIess you come...

You come come!


We both appear same coIor...

Though we were not born for the same mother.. what a good coIor you got!

-I'II come brother. Take the CycIe! - Come brother! -Take it. -You come!

What CycIe is this? Dances Iike Snake...

My hip wouId be damaged before I reach...

Oh God! Why are you shaking Iike this?

Take the hands off...get up!

Dashing my wife with CycIe... wiII you faII upon too?

I was saved as I feII upon... eIse I wouId have died!

What have you spoken?


You Ieave...

Be carefuI!

Hey....I wiII hit you!

How many shots have you bIown aIong with VuIgar words?

Where is my Fan?

Come on dear...Come on!

What man? Is there any reIation between you and me? No brother!

-Have I asked you to drop me by your CycIe? - No brother!

Then...Why have you got me hit taking by your CycIe?

Nothing brother!

I wanted to Iearn riding CycIe... I have Iearnt!

I wanted to Iearn riding by carrying Iuggage.... I have taken you back!

Does this Tsunami Subbu Iook Iike a Luggage for you?

No....Iet's compromise!

Take away!

If you approach...Hey!

Go away...

Oh God!

I have to shower with 3 buckets of Hot water and have 3 Quarters going home...

No...No...Don't throw the stone!

In Ramakrishna Theatre...

Everyday four shows starting from today...

Our popuIar actor N.T.Rama Rao acts in...

I wiII teII the second haIf...

Let's gore...sister!

Come and watch...

Be happy watching that...

Generous and Mighty KARNA!

Directed by Young Hero Nagarjuna...

Produced by Victory Venkatesh!

Why is it stopped?

FaIIen into the Mud...sister!

-Let me get down! -You be seated...sister!

We wiII push, won't we?

You sit inside...sister! We wouId take care...


Push buddies...Push!

Hey...Push it!



You move can't!

Why does it bear this much weight?

The box of Generous and Mighty KARNA Iies!

Brother's fiIm! That's why it weighs so...


Thank you!

WiII you make me push sitting inside Iike a BuffaIo?

Are you a Iame woman?

Can't you push yourseIf getting down?

Yes! I am reaIIy a Iame woman...

I am sorry! I am extremeIy sorry...

I have said so without the knowIedge that you were Iame!

No probIem!

Why are you Iooking at me so brother?

Why are you getting scared so sister-in-Iaw?

What happened brother?

TeII me what has happened...

I am wondering what has happened to you aII...

Nothing happened to us.... something happened to you!

What happened to me?

It's said, ''WhiIe gone for free cIothes, the possessed cIothes were off'

I can't say by my mouth!

Hey Bujji! You teII me what has happened...

your Pants have forgotten to wear you...UncIe!

How wouId pants be wearing me?

I have to wear pants, don't I?

Hey...As you have forgotten to wear pants, it means you have faIIen in Iove!

Who is that girI?

Lakshmi! You make your brother appIy Mehandi now...

After going to your Husband's home getting married, how wouId you make him do so?

Not onIy to Husband's home... wherever I go in this worId...

I wouId come and get it appIied by my brother on my birthday!

If brother doesn't appIy Mehandi for me... If I don't tie Rakhi for my brother...

that wouId be my Iast birthday!

What words are they?

Such days wouId not! Just for fun...

Such words shouId not come from your mouth even for fun! Okay?

The relationship of Brother and Sister!

lt's the bond of every birth!

This is the birthday of the Moon!

lt's the enjoyment of Crore stars!

The arts of brother has become the rainbow in Palm...

The Festival of Celebration!

The Festival at our home!

The Moon has blossomed like this...

As same as my sister's smile!

The heaven has directly enlighten on our House!

The drops of love has drizzled...

That's the sight of my brother...

The eyes got wet as l smiled with pleasure!

l am with you like the eyelid For your eyes...

l am always with you like the life to your heart!

That's why l am not there without you!

Offer me the boon to become your sister in every birth...

Let God's words come through my mouth... ''May you live Forever''

You have taught me many steps like Father...

On the way of flowers without paining the Heel!

You spoon-feed small mouthfuls oF food like mother...

You are the goddess blossomed in this house!

Henceforth, the word 'Brother is my Chanting word!

Sister...your birthday is the celebration of Love!

Our house is the love tower of Temple!

No wealth can balance with the smile of my sister!

The sense of your feet is the grace of God.... Mother is in the position of God!



On account of Sister's birthday, you do something good to the viIIage every year!

You buiIt HospitaI...

You buiIt SchooI...

You have dug out a WeII now!

Very happy!

We wouId have to go so Iong to get drinking water so far...

Digging this have made our difficuIty overcome!

May you Iive with prosperity for 100 years!

Oh God! PIease rescue me...

Oh God! Rescue me...

Rape and Kidnap before Tsunami Subbu?

We are going on urgent work, move aside.

for me too...

What man? Do you three peopIe kidnap a poor girI?

Listen to what we say!

Tsunami Subbu!

Why do you punish me for I have rescued you?

As we are going to HospitaI for deIivery...

Do you hit my Husband and Brothers?

Who wouId take me to HospitaI now? Dead feIIow!

Okay! I accept...

If it is deIayed...deIivery may take pIace here itseIf brother-in-Iaw!

-If you are seen anywhere around here... -Okay...Okay! -Move...

Heavy pains...I have to have 2 quarters today!

Okay sister....bye brother-in-Iaw!

Okay honey...okay!

Name the chiId with my name if you deIiver a maIe chiId...

Oh! Incarnation of Buddha...

Oh! You?

Are you fine?

Why wouId I come to TempIe if I was fine?

I wouId have gone to some Cinema or sight-seeing!

Excuse me! Stop a whiIe...

What Sir?

When I saw you Iast time... Ieft Ieg was missing!

How wouId the right Ieg be missing now?

-Nothing come front side! - Okay!

It is your right!

Your right Ieg is at my Ieft side!

Come behind me...

-Now, your right Ieg is at my right side itseIf! - Are you cIear?

Yes it is true...

I must have seen from front side that day!

I have seen from backside today!

That is the confusion!

That's why...we have to Iook front and back sometimes!

-HeIIo! HeIIo! -What?

Looking front and back is not Iike this...

I don't know why it is....

The God has done injustice for you!

What has he done?

Giving such inteIIigence and beauty...

It's injustice for not have given a Ieg, isn't it?

Hurray! How couId you hit with one Ieg?

If practice is done.... anything can be achieved!

I don't know...

Oh God! What an injustice you have done! have two Iegs!

You....WiII you cheat me?

I wouId Iike to taIk something personaI with you!

PersonaI matters shouIdn't be discussed in TempIe!

Where then?

Leave my hand first...!

As I heId her hand... why has she Ieft me Iike this?

HeIIo...Incarnation of Buddha!

We shaII meet at our fieId on the NeIapaI road...Bye!


What are you saying? Do you Iove me?


-Then...whom wiII you marry? - I marry!

In case you couId not marry me...

I never marry throughout my Iife!

You have gone too depth...

Don't spoiI your souI saying Love and affair!

Don't you Iike me?

However I Iike you....

If my brother says any objection.... I don't marry you!

What is that?

My brother knows better than me what I want!

Since the cIothes I wear.... TiII the Husband I marry!

AII the seIections wouId be done by my brother!

But...Love and Marriage are totaIIy personaI!

Since my brother is my Iife.... I won't have any personaIs!

Being so...If your brother asks you to marry a Lame or a BIind guy,

wiII you marry?

I wiII certainIy marry!

Nothing is important for me other than my brother's happiness!


Seeing your face which is Iike the incarnation of Buddha...

I pretended as if I was Iame to just tease you!

If being joviaI with you is my mistake...

that wouId be the first mistake I did without my brother's knowIedge!

This mistake wouId never again take pIace!

-Not Iike that! - PIease...

If you want to taIk anything.... taIk to my brother! Okay?

Have you seen?

Though she has desire...she says she wouId marry onIy if I Iike!

It's my responsibiIity as a brother to get her married with the guy she Iikes!

We have to find out immediateIy what type of guy he is....

and what sort of famiIy it is!

If so...I wiII ask that guy if they are good or not!

-You have torn.... -Why?

-If you ask any stupid in the worId... he says he is a good stupid! -How then?

That's why...we are going as servants to his home!

We wiII be with them and know their attitude...

Having these many servants at your home... how couId you be a servant?

Any rich peopIe issues wouId be reveaIed out by the servants, right?

Whatever it is....I don't accept if you become a servant!'s just for our sister's sake, isn't it?


I don't know if she is Iucky to have been born as your sister...

or you are Iucky to have been born as her brother...

But I am Iucky to have been a servant in your famiIy!

Shut up! Come on...

TeII me!

You have buiIt quarters for your workers.. you give Bonus for every festivaI!

I am earning by dint of workers' hard work....

I am spending the profit among them! That's aII...

Do understand why I am saying...

It's our Ieast responsibiIity to spend that much for the peopIe who work for us!

Ofcourse! But...our factory workers aIso demand for the same thing seeing you!

What's wrong in this? If it's given so... we have to cIose our factory!

So...It's good to change your procedure in the issue of workers!

-Are you threatening? - I caution you!


-Hey stop it... -What man? - Brother! Look there...

-AIas! What is this? What happened? - Nothing sister-in-Iaw!

Why do you say nothing?

As the Head Band is seen outside...

-When I was coming on road.... -When coming...has accident taken pIace?

That's why you wouId be asked not to drive...

You shouId have taken the driver with you, right?

It's not accident sister-in-Iaw!

When I was coming back from the Office...

-Rowdies have come and attacked my way! - Rowdies?

Let their hands be broken.... Iet them be destructed!

Excuse me! AIready their Hands and Legs have been broken...

Brother! They have come at the right time and rescued me...

-Thank you very much! -Greetings sir!

You have rescued the Iife of our IoveIy brother-in-Iaw!

We cannot pay you back whatever we do in response!

If you can offer any job....

Brother! They have come to town for job...

I have brought them to here thinking they wouId work at our home itseIf!

You have done a good job!

Good peopIe ever do good deeds! go and reIax!

-Go and reIax...go! - Come on!

Brother! House is big...

We have settIed easiIy at this Home...

-If we start our work... -I was aIso thinking Iike that!

Sweeping work or Washing work?

The work we have come for...

Have you seen brother?

How they take care though he is not their own brother?

-Not own brother? -Yes brother!

They aII are cousins... the house servant said!


What dear? Why are you stirring without eating?

The Junior sir might have faIIen in Iove!

If you reveaI the name... the work gets compIeted!

As he hesitates to say...that girI might not suit our IeveI!

Does she beIong to a poor famiIy?

However poor famiIy she may beIong to...

If our guy Iikes....she becomes daughter-in-Iaw in this home!

In case she beIongs to a famiIy weaIthier than ours...

NevertheIess...she becomes daughter-in-Iaw in this home!

Since our guy feII in Iove....

We famiIy together go and faII at their feet and fix this aIIiance!

We want our brother-in-Iaw to be happy!

Why do you stiII think after aII this? ReveaI who the girI is!

Hey...I am asking you for the Iast time! TeII me respectfuIIy...

EIse...I give divorce to your sister-in-Iaw!

Like the saying...''Subbu's marriage Ieads to Venki's death''

Your marriage has Ied to my death... TeII me who that girI is!

What to say Sister-in-Iaw?

That girI has not given her consent yet!

So...Doesn't that girI Iike you?

She seems to be Iiking me....

But...taIks as if she doesn't Iike me!

For everything....she says, ''My brother's choice. My brother's choice''

Sir...There shouId be fear and devotion towards brother, right?

What to be there?

Who is her brother to object her wish?

-What is who? Her brother... - Hey...What is to me whoever it is?

Does her brother have Horns? WiII he gore?

Look sir!

Go straightIy to her brother and ask you wouId marry his sister...

Oh! He may hit me...

He smashes normaIIy...

-But...He doesn't if my brother says! - What is it?

That is....

-Whatever comes out from my brother's mouth shaII happen... -That's it!

So....We shaII go and ask her brother then!

Why do you deIay tiII tomorrow?

Today is very auspicious day...

Start immediateIy and ask her brother.... change the BeteI nuts!

-Our guy has managed very weII without our knowIedge... -Yes! Yes!

-Wow! House is very beautifuI, isn't it? -Yes! Yes!

He has come with the FamiIy pack!


-Brother! She is Lakshmi... - Greetings!

She Iooks Iike Goddess MahaIakshmi!

-Lakshmi! My brothers.... My sisters-in-Iaw! -Greetings!

PIease be seated!

CaII your brother!

Brother! Brother!

Greetings! Greetings! Be seated!

What sir? You are staring at so.... Be seated! Be seated!

Is our house servant the owner of this house?

What is servant? He is my brother...

What he said is true...honey!

Brother has seen whiIe he and you were taIking...

To find out what type of peopIe they are where you step in...

Your brother has gone there as a servant!

What is this brother?

An Emperor Iike you... as a servant!

Though I am an Emperor....I am a brother to this sister, right?

For a sister...Joining as a servant in our home,

you have wiped the fIoor and poIished shoes....

We are unabIe to beIieve!

In these peopIe try to avoid the femaIe chiIdren,

Your sister is reaIIy Iucky to have a brother Iike you!

She is not my Iife!

Sister who vaIues the words of brother...

Brother who assures his Iife for sister...

We are reaIIy Iucky to have found such an aIIiance!

Why is the deIay then?

-What if you interchange the BeteI nuts? -Yes!

My UncIe is the eIderIy man in our famiIy, Iet's change the beteI nuts by his hands!

I don't Iike this!

What is this honey?

I have done aII these since you have wished, right?

So...Are you in hurry in getting me married and sending out?

Not hurry dear.... it's my responsibiIity!

GirIs shouId get married and sent to Mother-in-Iaw's house one day, right?

Though our parents were aIive... they wouId have done the same, right?

If they were here...not onIy to me, they wouId have got you married too!

Let your marriage get compIeted first!

My marriage takes pIace onIy if your marriage issue gets settIed!

TeII me when you wouId get married...

I wiII get it done...

As I Iook after you with Iove... So shouId my wife do!

When I get such a girI... I wiII definiteIy get married!

In case such girI not found?

I never get married!

What is this brother?

You aIways think of me and my happiness...

Don't you ever think of yourseIf?

Don't I wish that my brother shouId be happy?

If you don't get married for your Iife time because of me...

How worry it wouId be for me?

Though they had known that they wouId die if chiIdren were born...

Parents have given us birth!


To deveIop our heredity...

Isn't it your responsibiIity to fuIfiII their desire?

If you don't want marriage.... I don't want too!

Let us remain as Brother and Sister for our Iife time!

Okay dear! Your choice...

I wiII marry a girI whoever you ask me to marry!


What do you say?

Do you Iike to marry my brother?

Without knowing your brother's wish...

I have come taIking with my brother!

TeII me about your wish...

What dear?

ControI dear...controI yourseIf!

Leaving aII the reIation... going to Mother-in-Iaw's house!

This worry comes out from Happiness.. not from difficuIty!

As I got my sister married to the guy she wished....

Do you know how happy I am?

What eIse is deficient for you?

House takes after Indira Bhavan....

Husband takes after GoId...

Cousins who treat you as their own sister...

WhateIse wouId you want other than this?

I want brother...

I can't go Ieaving!

Don't weep honey...Don't weep!

Where do you go Ieaving me?

We are not separated because of this marriage...

Two famiIies have been mingIed!

I can't bear if I see tears into your eyes!

OnIy if you are happy... I can be happy here! Okay? Move.

When sister gets married and goes to Mother-in-law's house...

Tears shed From brother's eyes!

The journey without movement...

This relation has been enthralled...

lt has stood there being stopped and stopped!

ls this the way oF exchanging?

Your brother who stood like God and brought you up...

has become wet as he kept thinking oF you!

The love and affection that touch the Sky...

have shed tears to accompany you!

Being healthy and peace at your place...

Sister! You live For 100 years with prosperity!

Brother's blessings are the divine power...

May you live long! May you live happily! May you live with good wealth!

What is this dear?

TeIIing such brave words to your sister... you are worried now!

Thinking that sister may get worried if he sheds tears...

He controIIed the weep and spreading out aIone now!

As you sent Lakshmi as daughter-in-Iaw to a rich famiIy....

you shouId feeI happy.... not worried!


Come in brother-in-Iaw!

-Have you feIt sick about your sister? - No sick...

I have come to visit aII of you!

Your eyes say what your souI is...

Don't get any tension about your sister... She is very happy!

She mingIed very weII with everyone here!

You have a Iook at there once!

-A bit... -Enough...Enough!

-Brother! Bajjis are very deIicious, aren't they? -Yes...

-Enough... -Have a bit!

Look who has come!


-Brother! How Iong did it take since you came? -Just now!

I have come to see my sister! I have seen the daughter-in-Iaw of this house!

We are very happy to have received such a daughter-in-Iaw!

As it's said, ''As you sow so you reap''

We aII are very Iucky to have got such a good cousin!

Because of them....My Ioss of sisters have been!

I am very happy!

It's common for a girI to be happy in her parentaI home...'s reaIIy your Iuck to be simiIar happy in Mother-in-Iaw's home too!


I know that your sister can't stay without seeing you...

That's why I have arranged your photo here!

Thank you Akash!

It's my sister's Iuck to have got a Husband with good understanding!

Wow! Our Nandhini's house is very big...

Nandhu! Nandhu!

Nandhini! Where are you?

Who is that?

Who are you?

Who are you?

-You are my Nandhini, right? -Yes...

Wow! How oIder you have grown!

You were to this size at your chiIdhood stage!

Anyone wouId be to this size onIy at their chiIdhood stage!

Won't be to your size!

You have said weII...

By the are!

You...fooI Iady!

It's me....Kantham! Surya Kantham! Haven't you recognized?

Your father's maternaI uncIe's second wife's sister-in-Iaw's daughter!

That is...I am reIated as Aunt to you!

Very cIose reIative!

Something....Cucumber soup! None is Ieft for me...

I have come here to spend my Iast Iife!

What do you say daughter-in-Iaw?

That is....I am....

-How am I.... -What do you stiII think Nandhini?

She wiII be here assisting you as an eIderIy woman!

Take her inside!

My dear...May you Iive safeIy for 100 years!

-Come on Aunt! -Come on dear!

Let's go!

You got a Husband who takes after GoId...

You have a Iuck somewhere!

Hey Sarva Rayudu!

I never sIeep untiI I destroy your Heredity!

-Brother-in-Iaw! Are you fine? -I am fine brother-in-Iaw!

How is my Lakshmi? -She is fine!

A good news for you.... You are going to become UncIe!


Does it mean my Lakshmi is going to attain Motherhood?


-CongratuIations! -Thank you brother-in-Iaw!


Brother! BIess me...

Brother! Why does the Moon stay above us?

Once God asked me if my sister was beautifuI or the Moon beautifuI...

I said my sister was beautifuI then!

Since God got angry then... He brought a common baIance!

He made you sit this side and the Moon that side...

The Moon has gone up weightIessIy before your beauty!

-You have come down! -Wow! It's good...It's good!

What are you staring at brother?

My sister who had asked innocentIy why the Moon stays above us has weII grown!

A smaII chiId for this smaII sister!

-The House is very beautifuI... -Our brother-in-Iaw's seIection!

-Whose name the house is registered? -My brother-in-Iaw's name!

If so...Don't you have your own House or Nest for yourseIves!

Everything wouId be there...

So, you've faIIen at the shadow of brother-in-Iaw without any hope, right?

What to do?

As it's said, If medicine appIied for others tongue..

..possessed tongue wouId get removed

Because of the Ioss in Business, we have soId aII our Properties!

Since they are his uncIe's sons, Akash has given jobs for our Husbands at his factory

and Iet aII of us be here...

You are fine today...

If your brother-in-Iaw has a chiId....

you and your chiIdren wouId be burden for him!

No...Our brother-in-Iaw is not such a guy!

Everyone is good untiI the reaI face is shown out!

What's to me in this?


-I have caIIed for you... -Why?

-To take revenge... -Upon whom?

Upon our enemy's famiIy!

As he came to know that 10 peopIe died of Fake Arrack...

Sarva Rayudu has Iet us away from the ViIIage!

We have started preparing Arrack from neighbour viIIage

and send to Sarva Rayudu's viIIage!

Sarva Rayudu has come to know that issue!

Like that... Sarva Rayudu becoming the reason for my Husband's death,

he made me orphan!

Inspite of knowing that Sarva Rayudu died.. my revenge was not fuIfiIIed!

As I was Iooking for the opportunity....

I came to know that you had enemity with that famiIy!

If we both mingIe the hands....

we can destroy the famiIy of Sarva Rayudu!

That's what I want...

TeII me what I shouId do!

Tiny dear...SmaII dear! Look here...Look at UncIe!

Their Grand mother's name is kept for the eIdest daughter!

we have kept their Grand father's name for the second chiId!

Have you thought which name to be kept for this chiId?

What is there to think? I keep my Sister-in-Iaw's name!


What honey? Lie down...Lie down!


AIas! What happened Sister-in-Iaw? What happened?

What a good news you said sister-in-Iaw!

-Brother-in-Iaw! Congrats... - Sister-in-Iaw!

From house is your parentaI home!

Pregnancy function wiII be done at my house itseIf!

First deIivery too.... Is it okay brother?

Since there is no mother for Nandhini...

As you say you become her mother.... am very happy!

Brother! -What honey?

In this Auspicious situation.... you have to give me a word!

Ask me...

If you are bIessed with femaIe chiId...

you shouId get her married with my son!

Okay Honey!

Not enough saying just okay... Discuss with your wife and say!

Your house is my ParentaI home...

If it becomes mother-in-Iaw's home for my daughter....

whateIse is required other than that...Lakshmi?

There is celebration in the garden of Love...

The whole villagers have come voluntarily!

Our house is the parental home For Sister-in-law!

lf naughty sister-in-law becomes mother...

Today...our house is filled with Joy and pleasure!

Every word heard From our mouth becomes Song!

Let's celebrate the Function For our beautiful angel...

Jasmine flowers are fixed in braid and applied henna to the Feet!

Prayer will be done For delivering a cute baby!

Saying who is the Jasmine flower that owns all Food...

The Moon has gone upset!

This bud has sprouted at my sister's house where love is shared!

gets good name as daughter-in-law!

Will you give me the word that you won't go beyond the word?

Whoelse is there For me to give word?

The auspicious time oF knotting our love and affection...

l have asked God when the time would be!

Your house is the place where wealth and health stay together!

May you live For 100 years with pleasure!

lf this pair becomes mine.... why is this wealth?

Your Blessings are enough For me!

Sister-in-law! You come walking like this...

Tell me how you do then?

Because of our virtue done sometime ago...

Our dream came true at this moment!

Our relation lasts Forever!



What happened sister-in-Iaw?

ControI yourseIf! Nothing happens...


I am very sorry!

ChiId died in stomach itseIf!

ChiId has to be taken out by operation!

Not onIy that... the Ovary has been badIy infected!

The Ovary shouId be removed immediateIy!


If you grow desire for chiIdren... it's dangerous for mother's Iife!

No probIem though we don't have chiIdren... I want my wife!

Okay! I wiII make arrangements!


None shouId know this matter!

EspeciaIIy to Lakshmi!

As soon as Nandhini's pregnancy reveaIed...

Lakshmi feIt more happy than others!

She dreamt many things about the future baby!

If she comes to know the truth that Nandhini never gets conceived...

Lakshmi can't bear at aII... UncIe!

Stop Lakshmi!

If he comes to know that you have known this issue,

your brother feeIs more worried!

It's good to pretend as if you did not know!

I have mixed the powder you gave me in miIk and made her get aborted!

I aIso made an operation as you said and removed the Ovary!

You have this!


Why is it happening Iike this?

I think I don't have Iuck to attain motherhood!

No... No! What words are they?

You wiII definiteIy attain Motherhood...

You wiII hoId the sweet baby and spoon-feed her


Nandhu! Have juice... - No Aunt! I don't feeI Iike having...

How if you say so... Nandhini? Have it!

You can move to factory...

If you are engaged in work... Pain gets reIieved!

Take care Nandhini!

Have it dear!

Not simpIy sitting with sorrow...

Have you just thought why it is happening so?

I doubt...

Thinking he might Iose his Iove towards her chiIdren...

Your Husband's sister might have made you get aborted!

EIse... Due to the Iove towards his sister's chiIdren!

your Husband might have made you get aborted!

No... No! Why wouId they make me get so?

Because... as they are not Iike aII sisters and brothers!

Don't taIk meaningIessIy...

The reason for I have become daughter-in-Iaw in this house is Lakshmi!

As soon as his sister said... without any objection,

He has made me the queen of this house!

It's sin to suspect such peopIe...

You fooIish Iady...

If hopeIess girI becomes daughter-in-Iaw to this house...

she wouId keep caIm... that's their pIan!

Shut up your mouth...

It seems the more you grow, the more jeaIous mind you get!

That's why you think badIy about good peopIe aIso!

I don't know what it is...

I said what I feIt since it's said, ''Assess from the root''

What is to me?

What is this Lakshmi?

If you keep thinking without having food and sIeep...

How bad your heaIth wouId become!

As I think of brother.... I can't have food!

Why has God punished my brother who wouId never harm others?

IncIuding our reIation....

I thought of joining further reIation through chiIdren's marriage...

The God's eviI eye must have faIIen...

That Iuck is Iost in this birth!

I don't even have the opportunity to share sorrows with my brother!

We have to be boId enough in such situations... Lakshmi!

You are here to comfort me...

But... brother hides such a pain in his heart and struggIing!


I wiII go to my brother taking ChiIdren!

If our chiIdren stay at his sight...

Brother wouId forget his pain at Ieast a bit!

Okay Lakshmi!

But your brother shouId not find the tears.. your eyes and the pain in your heart! Okay?

I cannot Iive without my Paru...

I wiII die having this poison!

Tongue is getting dry without AIcohoI...

How wouId it be if I soId a buffaIo and went to Bar?

What is this? Are you aIso having AIcohoI now a days?

I smeII Whisky!

Hey...who is that?

Why is Tsunami Subbu coming at this time?

-Hey...what is that? -Nothing brother!

-What is behind you? -Nothing brother!

Brother! Brother!

What is nothing?

Hurray! Whisky...

-That is Poison... brother! -Poison?

This body is fiIIed with poison...

You have grown having MiIk since chiIdhood...

I have grown having this poison!

Brother! Brother! It's poison... brother!



What is this? It's irritating here... Is it oId stock?

No... It's new stock brother!

Is it irritating here... brother?

Is it irritating heaviIy here... brother? -Yes brother!

-Is it roIIing here... brother? -Yes!

It wiII be... brother!

-That was reaIIy poison... brother! -I wiII punch you if say it's poison!

My Parvati's marriage is going on there...

As I was unabIe to bear... when I tried to have poison mixing with whisky...

MeanwhiIe... You have snatched and drunk saying 'Whisky...Whisky'.

Hey cuIprit!

May your funeraI take pIace! May your work get finished!

May you die!

When I was about to have the Poison... you shouId have pushed it, right?

It's not formaI... brother!

WiII you scoId me by having my poison... brother?

You are counting the rods of intoxicated house... brother!

It shouId not be... brother! It shouId not be....



I have come... -Have you come...Parvati?

Yes Deva... - My Parvati has!

Paru... -Hey... -Deva! Parvati! -Deva!

Hey...Save me! Rescue me!

-Have you come Paru? -I have come...

-Have you come Paru? -Yes!

Hey... pIease take me to HospitaI! -One minute! We are discussing, right?

Have you come from the Marriage aItar for me... Paru?- Yes Deva!


one thing Paru!

This God is the reason for I am aIive... Paru!

This God has drunk the poison which I supposed to have...

Yes...We have to get bIessings of this God!

Bend down... Paru! - Hey.... -Brother!

Are BIessings required at this situation?

I faII at your feet...pIease take me to HospitaI! -No brother...

Our peopIe are chasing us... We have to fIee now!

We put your name to our chiId who comes in future!

Take me to HospitaI...

Brother! PIease Ieave me... -Take me to HospitaI!

I bow at you... -Move Paru!We Ieave.. forgive us brother! God...God!

You have confirmed that I wouId die, haven't you?

Where is HeII? Where is Heaven?

Have I not died yet?

Poison is aIso made dupIicate...

Oh God! I shouId not have aIcohoI throughout my Iife time!

It's been wrong... God!

Sir... You do some good thing every year in the name of your sister!

It wouId be good if Goddess tempIe was buiIt!

As you said... we wouId definiteIy buiId the Goddess tempIe!

I wiII phone Lakshmi and ask her to come immediateIy...

Let's make her do the Land Prayer!

Good thought dear! This program wouId take pIace with pIeasure!

UncIe! You have to take care of aII the arrangements! Leave it to me...

There you Iook... Lakshmi has come by the way!

You Iive for 100 years... Lakshmi! Come on...Come on!



-How are you? -How are you brother?

We are fine... honey!


What Aunty?

Look there!

What honey? Hasn't brother-in-Iaw come?

He is busy with his office!

Lakshmi has come! -Yes... it's Lakshmi!

This Lakshmi steaIs as much as she can...

What is to me?

We Ieave sir... -Greetings! You Ieave...

UncIe! You immediateIy go and Iook after the Land Prayer... -Okay!

Come on...Come on!

How are you? -I am fine!

It's enough Aunty... -No probIem! Have it dear...

-Who has prepared the Curry? -Why? Is saIt Iess?

-Is it more spicy? -Nothing Iike that.... who has prepared?

-I have prepared... -That's the matter!

If the same BrinjaI curry prepared by my sister...

it wouId have been dissoIved Iike butter, right?

Sister-in-Iaw has aIso prepared weII... brother!

But... the taste is different if you prepare!

The cooking taste differs from hand to hand!

-Whatever it is sister is Sister, isn't it? -That is it, isn't it?

Once upon a time... there was a King!

The King had seven sons...

Those seven sons went to forest and brought seven Fishes!

-Stop uncIe! -What dear?

Since they went to forest... they wouId bring Deer or Stag!

How wouId they bring Fishes? - Yes dear!

Why have I not got this doubt at aII?

UncIe! Aunt has come... -Aunt has come!

Stories are enough now... go and sIeep!

No... I Iie down at my uncIe!

WouId you Iie down at your uncIe?

It's been Iate... send the ChiIdren!

Nandhini! They say they wouId sIeep here, don't they? -Then... me?

Don't you have space in this big house to sIeep?

You can Iie down anywhere, can't you?

Where has our story come upto?

It seems you understand what your vaIue is in this House...

Have you Iistened to when I said?

Though I don't have Husband and Kiss... I had experience, right?

What is to me?

What brother? You asked us to come...

We are trying for the Ioan for buiIding HospitaI for the workers, right?

Sate said he wouId give whatever amount we require...

You first go and get One Crore rupees!

Here is the Note!

It wouId be good if you think of HospitaI issue once!

You have toId me many times about that...

I have thought... Let's buiId HospitaI!

ShouId you do such a thing for workers by getting Ioan?

We have to....

We have to... but there shouId be some Iimit in that!

You aIso have Iimits...

I Iisten to what you say personaIIy since you are eIders...

In the office issues... you have to Iisten to what I say!

I have many important works... you pIease Ieave the pIace!

Not that brother... for workers!

WiII you pIease get out?

He said 'get out from the office' today...

What's guarantee that he may not say 'get out from the house' tomorrow...

If he said so... it meant we have faIIen on streets!

Kantham Aunt keeps saying that we wouId reach..

..this situation one day and to be carefuI!

It's good if we take care now itseIf!

Why don't you taIk sister?

As it's said, ''If the Husband of weeping girI comes, my Husband comes too''

If your probIem gets soIved... my probIem wiII aIso get soIved, right?

WiII definiteIy get soIved!

Greetings to aII!

Who are you?

As we are dying with tension.... what is that Iaughter Iike Lord Krishna?

Look! Wherever the probIem Iies, there Iies Jeevi!

Wherever this Jeevi Iies, there Iies not probIem!

You can say a bit meaningfuIIy, can't you?

Listen to what I say carefuIIy...

Akash asked us to bring this JPR company fiIe to sign!

Here it is!

ExactIy when he signs... I wiII phone him!

When he taIks with me over phone.. without his knowIedge,

You get his signature on these Stamp papers and bIank cheques, okay?

-Is it okay? -okay!

Okay sir... I wiII send! Thank you...

Brother! Is JPR agreement ready? -Yes!

It's ready... If you mark your signature....

TeII me brother!

-Bye! -I wiII send this fiIe...

-To JPR... -Okay!

Hurray! CongratuIations...

Sir... start Prayer through a compIete woman!

Nandhu! You go and start Prayer by your hand. -Why shouId I? -Go. Go dear!

Stop madam!

You don't have chiIdren...

It's not good to do Prayer by those hands...

-Lakshmi! You go and do Prayer... -Brother! That is...

-You have to do the Prayer! Go... -Go! Go!

Isn't it enough to have got insuIted? you are stiII standing! Let's move!

He dug out a WeII before this...

He buiIds a TempIe for this birthday!

You get to know at Ieast by now...

Your Husband wants his sister and her chiIdren!

The Prayer which shouId be done by you has been done by her...

Have you understood now?

The whoIe viIIage understood weII that how much regard your Husband pays you!

TeII me cIearIy what the amount sacked by each is! -I wiII teII you!

Akash has written a note to Sate for One Crore rupees!

We have made him sign on another note and got 3 crore rupees Ioan on his name!

TotaIIy 4 crore rupees!

Then... you!

He has given the signed cheque to give Naidu, right?

I have drawn aII the amount from Bank with that cheque!

-Dear... you? -Don't get tensed!

I have made him sign on the power of attorney papers and soId the factory!

Five Crore rupees!

The signatures he marked have changed our fates!

I am the reason for changing your fates! Have you forgotten me?

Why wouId we forget you... Jeevi?

That's why we have registered 10 acres of Iand on your name! Check it out...

It's caIIed ''Aunt's property is given for charity by Son-in-Iaw''

Have it... Have it!

Before your brother comes to know this....

AII of you get out of the house with some Iame reasons!



We are Ieaving in the evening! -Why so earIy?

Yes brother-in-Iaw! I have some urgent work...

What is this? It seems you have just come and Ieft...

You can stay for four more days, can't you brother-in-Iaw? What dear?

WouId you give me a Car then?

What is car? I wiII give you the House besides the car...


Have you heard?

Mother! Mother! UncIe says he gives me Car and House...

I won't come... I wiII stay with uncIe himseIf!

Lakshmi! As brother-in-Iaw says he has work... you Ieave!

I wiII have the chiIdren with me and send Iater... -Okay brother!

-WiII you stay? -Why are you aIso Iike that?

If chiIdren Iike to stay... ask Lakshmi aIso to stay with!

EIse... send the chiIdren with Lakshmi!

It's not good to separate mother and chiIdren!

If chiIdren get up at midnight and weep for mother....

TeII me what we can do!

No probIem if smaII chiIdren stay away from father...

ShouId not stay even a day away from mother!

For you who think weII about mother and chiIdren...

God has done injustice by making Barren woman...Nandhini!

Sister-in-Iaw! You are the Goddess...

You've a great heart for you think not to..

..separate mother & chiIdren at any situation!

It's not onIy my Iuck to have sister-in-Iaw Iike you, my chiIdren's Iuck too!

You brother and sister are the root cause for my Abortion, aren't you?

I won't sIeep untiI I separate you!

Though you sIeep... I won't Iet you sIeep!

UncIe! What have you brought for us?

Hey... I have brought chocoIates for you!

It's with Aunt... go and coIIect them! -Okay uncIe!

Lakshmi! Give them chocoIates! -Okay... -Go! Go!

This is Naidu speaking!

Greetings Naidu! You received the Cheque, didn't you?

Why shouId I phone you if the cheque received?

You said you wouId send the cheque a week ago....

You have not sent yet!

Your mobiIe was switched off when I caIIed...

When I made a caII to office, they said you had gone out of station!

-ReaIIy... -Are you acting?

No sir! I have reaIIy Ieft for my Mother-in-Iaw's pIace...

You Ieave for America if not to Mother-in-Iaw's pIace...

You have to settIe the amount as said, right?

I have written and given the cheque to my brother, haven't I?

That's unnecessary for me...

I have to receive the cheque within one hour...

EIse... I wiII proceed IegaIIy!


Why have you shouted Iike that? What happened?

Hasn't the cheque been sent to Naidu?

What is Naidu? What is cheque?

Why do you say 'What'?

I wrote a cheque for 70 Iakhs before I Ieft out of station, didn't I?

Have you given me? No...

How do you say 'NO'?

Brother! You were aIso there then, right?

I was there... but I don't remember Iike giving cheque!

Don't you remember? -We remember if it's given, don't we?

Does it mean I Iie as if I have given without issuance?

EIse... Is he Iying?

He says so...

Brother-in-Iaw guesses that you have taken the amount!

What are these words sister? His opinion is not that...

It's obviousIy known that whose opinion is what here!

As it's said, ''The wage is same for working hard or working cooI''

You have made our Husbands Thieves!

For we have been in this house beIieving you.. You have done a right thing!

Why do you stay stiII Iike that?

Isn't the insuIt enough? ShouId they send you out by neck?

Let's not stay in this house for even a second!

Brother-in-Iaw! What is this?

He has taIked something with tension... you eIders!

If he had respect towards eIders... wouId he taIk Iike that?

He said we had 70 Iakhs today.... he says 70 crore tomorrow!

We can Iive by begging AIms if we don't have money...

We can't Iive by being scoIded Iike this!

Let's move... shit! -Let's move!

Sister! Don't move.... Brother-in-Iaw!

What are you Iooking at dear?

You go and stop them!


We shouId never step into this house again!

Don't say so sister!

Anusha! Sravani! Sravan! Come on...

Such an insuIt by words? -Sister! Sister!

ShouId not stay even a second!

Brother-in-Iaw! Listen to what I say...

We don't have necessity to stay here getting words...

Don't go!

Daddy! -Mummy! -Dear! Dear!

They are Ieaving... stop them!

This pIan is okay!


Have this 20 Lakhs and handover to the TempIe contractor... -okay?

TeII him the rest 20 Lakhs wiII be paid after..

..the compIetion of the TempIe work! -okay!

Have you seen? Have you seen?

How he spends Iakhs of rupees!

Has he ever spent Iike this for wife?

-Acharya has phoned from Siripuram... -okay!

Goddess IdoI is ready! If we go and bring...

UncIe! You go to Siripuram aIong with Sastri...

I come straightIy to Siripuram drawing amount from Bank... -Okay!

ShaII we make a move?

He says he draws stiII more money from Bank!

Like wise... before the compIetion of TempIe, stiII 25 Lakhs wouId be...

If it goes so... OnIy bowI remains at your chiIdren's paIm in future!

What is to me?

Don't say so Aunt! You give me some idea...

What shouId I do now?

You trap your husband with your beauty...

You make him faII after you at his Ieisure saying Nandhu! Nandhu!

Reign... Reign... Reign yourself!

Reign and conquer...

l spread my beauty beFore you...

l Fall after you getting some kind oF sensation!

lt has to turn evening For Romance...

Things won't be good at all in the afternoon!

Alas! Don't get tensed.... have to wait For sometime!

l will bring Jasmine flower while coming to you!

l am the flower creeper...

You are the Honey Bee!

You have to steal...come on!

As the two gets shared... and enjoys being Fed!

Lay the bed at Fort!

Why don't you come as l desired?

Why is your late as l get mood?

My body is very hot...

Your touch gives me delight...

As l am going on work... what's your problem?

l will come and Fulfill your desires...

Why do you get me tensed Falling against my legs?

You can check my patience at your leisure!

Reign... Reign... Reign myself!

l reign and conquer...

You are Sugar...

l am the beauty!

Come on... let's mingle with each other!

You are the mighty Hero...

l am the tender sweet...

You pinch with your nail!

Come towards me avoiding Ego...

Have to dance so as to be read...

The temptation has raised to the peak...

Don't say any lame excuses...

Though l say 'No'... why do you eat my brain?

You are forcing me though l refuse... what happened today?

Why are you stubborn in getting me choked?

Leave me For this time as you are my cute sweety!

You have hugged not your Husband... but the PiIIar!

Where is he?

He has Ieft Iong back... God has to save you!

There you see.... Ashok has come by the way!

Greetings Sir! -Greetings!

There is the IdoI!

Goddess IdoI is very beautifuI... -Yes!

It's very artfuI too...

Any stone turns artfuI if Acharya's hands start curving...

It's your affection!

IdoI poIishing wouId get compIeted within a short whiIe...

You can take as soon as it's finished! -Okay!

What dear? What happened?

I don't know uncIe...

Get ready quickIy and go to Brother!

Excuse me!

Mr.Akash! We are seizing this house!

What is aII this?

Your husband took 4 crore rupees from Sate by putting this house under Ioan!

I have taken onIy one crore from Sate!

But... it shows 4 crores!

The signatures are yours, aren't they?

Giving the power of attorney to your brothers.. soId the factory and other properties,

As sate came to know this... he fiIed a case against you in Court!

Court order is to seize the house!

What are the signatures for 4 Crores? What is the power of attorney?

What has actuaIIy happened?

We have been deceived...

We have totaIIy been deceived by my brothers... Lakshmi!

Mr.Akash! GoId... SiIver... Cash in this house.. MovabIes and ImmovabIes!

Nothing shouId go out of the house!

This is the Court Order!

Mr.Akash! Though we caIcuIate the House and the House hoId things...

You have stiII 3 crores baIance Ieft!

One more thing! Your cheque of 70 Lakhs to Naidu has been bounced!

We have the arrest warrant against you regarding that...

-501 -Yes sir!

KindIy don't arrest him!

I caII my brother immediateIy and settIe aII the baIance amount Ieft!

Sorry madam! We have to do our duty...

-ConstabIe! -Yes sir!

One minute!

I pray you...Our honor gets Iost if you arrest...

I wiII caII and ask my brother to come here now!

Sorry! No use whatever you do now...

Pay 3 crores in the Court and get your Husband reIeased!

Sister-in-Iaw! I am Lakshmi speaking...

-Who is that? -Lakshmi! - Lakshmi?

Yes Lakshmi! TeII me...

I have to taIk with my brother immediateIy pIease give the receiver to brother!

Brother is not at home! He has just gone to Siripuram...

If so... I phone to his mobiIe!

AIas! He has forgotten the mobiIe at home itseIf...

AIas! How to do now?

Why are you taIking with tension? What happened Lakshmi?

God has done very injustice to me sister-in-Iaw!

Our brothers-in-Iaw deceived us and took aII the properties!

Since Money Ienders fiIed a case... Court has seized the house!

He was arrested!

My chiIdren and I have faIIen on streets...

He wiII not come out unIess 3 crore rupees paid by this evening!

In this situation...

None can save us except my brother... sister-in-Iaw!

AIas! How difficuIty you faced...Lakshmi!

WouId you pIease pass the message to brother.. soon as he comes and send him to here?

I wiII definiteIy send him... Lakshmi! You be boId...

AIas! She has pIotted for 3 crores...

What if it is how many crores?

Do we teII this matter to him or what?

She wiII keep waiting there...

Nothing wouId have happened to Lakshmi, right?

Aarti was put off due to the wind bIown...

Why do you think of it so?

Nothing uncIe!

I am mentaIIy not feeIing weII!

I wiII phone my sister once and taIk to her...

Akash mobiIe is switched off.... none attends the phone at home...uncIe!

How wouId sister stay at her house?

Today is her birthday, isn't it? She wiII have reached our house by now!

-Make a caII to our house... -That's right!

Have...Have it I say!

HeIIo Nandhini! Has sister come?

-Not yet come! -Not come yet?

Nandhini! I find bad signs everywhere since I came here...

I am tensed if anything happened to sister!

Nothing happens dear... you don't get tensed!

They wiII come within a short whiIe!

I wiII make her caII you as soon as they come...okay?

They have not come to our House.... nor stay at their house!

Where might they have gone? -That's what I don't understand...

My souI says that sister is under troubIe!

I go to their town immediateIy...

You reach our viIIage taking the IdoI... -okay!

As your Husband gets tensed for his sister not came...

I have some doubt! - What is it?

He may go straightIy to her house to know why she hasn't come...


If he goes there... the matter gets reveaIed!

Three crores wouId go off! - WiII I Iet it go off?

Though I don't have Crores and PIots... I had experience, right?

Your Husband has to be brought here urgentIy!

HeIIo! Has sister come?

They have not come.... but Nandhini has Heart attack here!

Heart attack? -Yes!

You said some bad signs were being faced, right?

She has Heart attack as she couIdn't bear your tension!

Take her immediateIy to HospitaI!

Don't get tensed... I made a caII to the Doctor!

She wants to taIk with you... TaIk with him...

HeIIo! -Nandhini!

Dear! I had Heart attack suddenIy... I am struggIing!

I fear I may die before seeing you...

Come immediateIy...

You don't get tensed Nandhini! I come immediateIy...

My Sweety!


Whom is the Rakhi for?

Today is Rakhi festivaI, isn't it?

I have bought to tie to your uncIe!

How is she doctor?

Nothing to worry!

BP raised a bit...I have give Medicines!

She wiII be aIright! I Ieave... -okay!

How is it now?

Dear! I fear a Iot...

Don't go anywhere Ieaving me aIone for even a second!

Okay... okay Nandhini! You don't worry!

Lie down without thinking anything! Lie down!


Dear! You sitdown, I wiII attend to!

Attend quickIy... it might be Lakshmi!

-HeIIo! -HeIIo Aunty!

Is it Lakshmi?

Wrong number!

It's a wrong number!

Wrong number?

However we shouId not Iet him go to his sister today!

Why hasn't Lakshmi come?

She has not even phoned!

Aunty! -What?

Has Lakshmi phoned by any chance? - No... She hasn't!

How wiII you make a caII now?

Not attending the caII...


-Have this Tiffin! - I don't want Lakshmi!

You Iived Iike a queen in your parentaI home!

I have brought you and our chiIdren to streets!

By seeing you Iike this... I feeI why I am aIive!

Don't taIk Iike that!

God aIways tests the good peopIe...

How if you taIk so who has to comfort us?

Look at our chiIdren... how worried they are!

Have it at Ieast for their sake... Have it!

You aIso have it... We've had daddy! You have it...

No probIem! Have it...

You have it daddy!

-Dear! I go to my brother and come back. - No Lakshmi!

It's good if your brother doesn't come to know this matter!

If he comes to know...I don't know what he thinks of me!

He doesn't think anything...

There is no fauIt in what had happened, right?

If I am under any difficuIty... Whom wouId I share except my brother?

Who wouId rescue except my brother? - Okay! Go carefuIIy...

He has gone though I said Heart attack...

Is sister more than me?

Look here!

Why are the gates seaIed?

Court has seized this house!

There is heavy Ioan against this house....

the house owner was arrested and taken to PoIice station!

His poor wife with worn cIothes has gone out with chiIdren!

His brothers deceived him by bringing him under debts and sacked aII the properties!


Leave our Husbands respectfuIIy...

Hey...What injustice has my sister done to you?

Why have you made her famiIy faII in streets?

you.... - No...Don't kiII us!

There is no fauIt from our side in what has happened!

He is the one who has done aII this!

The reason for aII these is Surya Kantham!

Whatever you say...

As you have done injustice to my sister... I don't spare anyone!

PIease uncIe! Don't kiII my parents.... we pray you uncIe!

I Ieave you by seeing their faces...

You have to go to PoIice station and confess....

..Akash shouId be reIeased before evening!

EIse.... -okay!

Sister! Fruits... -Wow!

AIas! AIas! AIas!

A nice jar has been broken...

You stupid... Go! Go!


ControI! ControI yourseIves! Mother! She has beaten...


Oh! You? I thought it's a beggar!

Is it how to bring up the chiIdren? No shame at aII...

As is the mother... so are the chiIdren! Look at her appearance...

Situations have come so... sister-in-Iaw!

He is at PoIice station now!

He might have done injustice for anyone eIse... experiencing now!

What shaII we do for that?

Don't you know what type of guy he is?

He wiII not come out unIess 3 crores paid...

Informing this matter to brother. -Three crores! So, you have come for AIms..

My Husband has given many things for you and your chiIdren so far...

Do you want to sweep out the rest?

AIas! Not Iike that sister-in-Iaw...

-My situation... -What is your situation?

You have stepped into that house...

You brought your husband under debts and get imprisoned!

What to make us now stepping into our house?

What words are they sister-in-Iaw?

Does any girI wish for the destruction of ParentaI home?

My brother has to Iive for 100 years!

The Iamp of my ParentaI home shouId be gIowing!

Why have you come to here then?

Nandhu! I wiII taIk with her, won't I?

Look! As soon as a girI's marriage is done...

Sad or Joy...

Death or Life...

Everything shouId take pIace in Mother-in-Iaw's home!

Having three chiIdren after marriage...

If you stiII bring a huge Iist for parentaI home saying brother and probIems..

What wouId happen to your brother's famiIy?

Their famiIy is on the track for a few days...

You don't coIIapse it by keeping Oven into it!

I can't even dream about the harm to my brother!

The happiness of my brother and sister-in-Iaw is my happiness!

If it is true...go back on the way you have come!

Not onIy that...

You shouId not teII your brother about 3 crores to be paid to the Court!

Okay sister-in-Iaw! I don't say...

Today is my birthday... Rakhi festivaI!

As soon as brother comes... I just tie Rakhi and Ieave! -Why?

WiII you die if you don't tie Rakhi?

UntiI now since my chiIdhood stage... I have never Ieft tying Rakhi to brother!

Henceforth stay without tying it!

The more far away you and your brother,

the cIoser your brother and sister-in-Iaw wiII be!

Mother! Mother! We feeI hungry...

Why do you stiII stand? Go...

I Ieave... sister-in-Iaw!

ChiIdren say they are hungry...

Give some food to them...sister-in-Iaw!

We Ieave as soon as they eat!

Don't show sympathy for chiIdren...

She pIans to stay here untiI her brother comes by asking food!

First you get rid of this nasty one!

Hey... I am teIIing you respectfuIIy!

You Ieave aIong with your chiIdren before your brother comes!

I Ieave... sister-in-Iaw! Give some food to my chiIdren...

No food... No Iime stone! Move...


Move... -Sister-in-Iaw!


Hey...I am finaIIy teIIing you...

If you meet your brother...

If you inform him about your difficuIties...

It's sworn as if your brother died!

Why do you stand though I said these many things?

Are you a human being?

Dog birth! She doesn't understand if we teII in words... Move...


AIas! Lakshmi madam! What is this?

How many peopIe were fed by your hands?

As it was so...

Are you begging for your chiIdren by those hands as they are hungry?

ActuaIIy...troubIes started to this house since that granny stepped in!

Lakshmi madam! Let's go to our house...

I wiII give food! Come on honey...

Come on sweety! I am here for you...



Is it hot?

My Sweety!

ShaII I feed you dear?

Eat to your heart's content!

What is this madam? What? Don't you want me to Iive with Husband?

You have brought her to here!

What Iady?

No matter though your Husband was imprisoned...

No matter though your brother died...

Do you and your chiIdren require food to eat?

As chiIdren were hungry... I have brought them to here!

Why shouId you have Love towards the chiIdren where as we don't have?

Were they born for you?

EIse... Have you set her up after chiIdren deIivered?

Hey... you!

You Iie down as a dog at our house...

Do you raise your hand up onto my Aunt?

It's true madam!

I shouId not raise my hand up onto the Iady who uttered vuIgar words...

Her mother...I wiII cut her into pieces!


Leave her... -No madam!

This type of nasty woman shouId be...

If you don't Ieave.... I swear upon myseIf!

Leave her!

I Ieave you both seeing that Goddess' face.... EIse...


We don't want food or anything eIse... Iet's go mother!

Let's go dears!

WhiIe eating food... why has Aunt kicked with Ieg... mother?

Kuil in Desert...where is your song?

You are left as a lamp in Storm now!

The tears surrounded like an ocean...

What would you become like a paper boat?

Brother is our guy...

Sister-in-law is not ours!

Though hands get in touch... the relation is magic!

None is related to anyone...

Why is the desire to become closer then?

When difficulties are Faced... coming beFore like Father!

where is the brother who looks after me like mother?

ln a tiny trouble...

To the parental home...

lt's been crime coming to my parental home... and sent out!

lt's the manner oF parental home without brother!

l guessed l would give my Son... and get the relation!

The relation has been cut off by today!

BeFore the children...

She has kicked the plate and blood relation with leg!

Brother who would welcome sister and wipe tears...

ls this curse For such a brother and sister like us?

As there is none For me.... in the hard heart!

lf the fire sparks...

Being away From brother...

Won't it live like a hopeless bird?


Mother! Mother! I feeI giddy...


AIas! Honey! What happened?

-Brother! Get up... -Hey...Open your eyes!

-Brother! Get up... - What shaII I do?

Bujji! HoId her...

Honey! Open your eyes... Open your eyes...dear!

Drink some water!



-Honey! - Mother! I am hungry...

Mother! I am hungry too...

Nandhu! Your husband seems to have come!

Lakshmi! Lakshmi! Lakshmi!

Has Lakshmi come?

Yes, she has...

She has not come to our home or for us...

We have gone to bring her to here as we knew she was in Shivaji's House!

ChiIdren were pIaying outside...

Shivaji and your sister were engaged in enjoyment inside!


Are you bIaming against this HoIy bIood?


Havoc incident has taken pIace.... Forgive me!

What happened?

When our sister who was in troubIe came to our house...

They have sent her out by hoIding neck!

As chiIdren were hungry....when I took them to my home and feeding them,

They have kicked the food by their Iegs!

If any girI is in troubIe, she doesn't remember God...

She remembers her ParentaI home!

My sister has come to her parentaI home hoping her troubIes wouId get Iast!

As you have tortured and sent out such a sister. Are you Human Beings?

Apart from not giving a mouthfuI of food for chiIdren who were hungry...

You have kicked their food whiIe eating... Are you a Woman?


Why have you grown such a grudge towards my sister?

What injustice has she done for you?

She brought you a job in our factory as you were hopeIess...was it wrong?

She made you a Queen to this house without thinking of Status...was it wrong?

The food you eat....the cIothes you wear... the Iife you Iive...

Everything...Everything has been given as AIms for you!

Not AIms....Punishment!

since I was poor and wouId be caIm whatever you do!

Your sister made me daughter-in-Iaw to this house!

Though you give her Lakhs of rupees... thinking I wouId not raise my voice,

your sister made me a Queen to this house!

Shut up your mouth!

PeopIe Iike you who Iook for bad in good can never know the greatness of others!

You have to know it...

Sister is not the onIy Iife.... Wife is the part of Iife,

Not enough if sister onIy has chiIdren....

we shouId aIso have chiIdren.... you shouId know that!

I know...I know everything!

I know the reason for your Abortion and the eIimination of Ovary is your Aunt!

I know she has stepped into this house to destroy our famiIy...

-Me? Why wouId I do so? - Don't taIk!

Do you know why I Ieave you though you have betrayed us?

With the respect since you are a woman and as oIder as my mother...

If you keep Iistening to such gossips... you wiII have to weep for your Iife time!

Do you know one thing?

I don't know if every guy who Ioves his wife wouId Iove his sister...

But...every guy who Ioves his sister wouId certainIy Iove his wife!

Do you know why it is?

As he wishes how happy his sister shouId be in her Mother-in-Iaw's house...

So he wishes that the wife shouId be happy here!

The Iove that you made distant to my sister wiII never reach you at aII!

The property and status that unabIe to soIve the probIems of my sister...

I don't want.... I don't want anything!

I don't stay a second, even a second in the house where my sister was sent out!

If anything happens to my sister...

I wiII kiII you!

Sweety Nandhu!

Mother! Let's go to father...

Yes mother! We feeI very hungry...

Father gives food if we go to him!

Why do you show Love towards chiIdren where as we don't?

Are they born for you?

If you and your brother meets.... if you reveaI about your troubIes,

It's sworn as if your brother died!

Mother! Speak mother....speak!

-Let's go to father.... -Yes mother! -FeeIing very hungry...

Okay...we shaII Ieave!

Father stays very far from here...

There is grand father's house nearby!

If we go there...we wiII be fed to our heart's content!

None wouId hit us there, right mother?

None is there who hits or scoIds...

If so...Iet's go mother!

Mother! It's not house....It's weII!

Grand father's house is underneath the weII...

If we reach there....we wiII no Ionger have troubIes!

-If so...I go first! -I go first...

-No...I go first! -No...I go first!

Then....wiII you go Ieaving me?

If so...We shaII aII go together, mother!


Look! Look what has happened...


Lakshmi! Lakshmi! Get up...

Get up...It's me...your brother has come!

Get up...taIk with me!

Lakshmi! TaIk with me...

No...Lakshmi has passed away Ieaving us!

No uncIe....Lakshmi doesn't Ieave for anywhere!

She doesn't Ieave for anywhere!

WiII sister go anywhere Ieaving brother? She won't!

Lakshmi! Get up...Get up...Get up!

Bujji! Bujji! Honey! Your uncIe has come!

It's me! Your uncIe has come...get up!

Get up...Bujji! Get up...

I wiII feed you to your heart's content... get up!


wherever I go in this worId...

I wouId come and get Mehandi appIied by my brother on my birthday!

If brother doesn't appIy Mehandi for me....

If I don't tie Rakhi for my brother... that wouId be my Iast birthday!

You have forgotten that I wiII be aIive onIy if you are aIive, haven't you?


Brother! Brother!

AIas! Brother...


The relationship oF Brother and Sister!

lt's the bond oF every birth!

This is the birthday oF young Sister!

lt's the moment to reach Crore stars!

As long as the Sky and the Land exist...

You live For a long time!

l swear on Henna...

l swear on Henna...





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