Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BUYING MY DAUGHTER EVERYTHING SHE TOUCHES with GOOGLY EYES ON! | Emily and Evelyn

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(happy music)

- Hey guys.

So we're going to be doing a shopping challenge.

The Buy Your Sister Whatever She Touches.

But this time we're going to make three changes.

- Three.

- So the first change is that the dart board

is going to pick all the stores

that we are going to go to.

The second change is that we're

not going to be spending our allowance.

Our dad is.

- [Dad] What?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- [Dad] I never agreed to this.

- Well we spent all our allowance.

- Yeah.

- I was left with no allowance left.

I just spent it all on her.

- [Dad] Well that's your problem.

You're supposed to budget.

That's why it's called an allowance.

Oh wait a minute.

What was the third thing?

You said there was three things.

- We're not going to be blindfolded.

- [Dad] What?

- Yeah.

- [Dad] But there's no challenge then.

It's too easy.

- Shopping challenge.

- [Dad] There's no challenge there.

You know what?

I'll be right back.

- I don't need challenges.

- [Dad] I'll be right back.


There you go.

- What?

- These again?

- [Dad] Yeah. Those again.

And I changed them this time.

You know what I did?

- [Emily] What?

- What's wrong with these?

Everything's blurry.


- [Dad] You know what it is?

I put the extra strong lenses in so you really

you can't see anything.

- I can see the shape of stuff.

- [Dad] Yeah, that's about it.

- What?

I can see the colors of things

and the shapes.

Daddy it's just like being blindfolded.

Everything is so big and close.

- [Dad] Ha! Good.

It's not supposed to be easy.

It's gonna be a challenge and I made it harder for you.

That's the thickest lens.

This is going to work perfect for me.

So now you won't be draining my credit card.

- Pooh.

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- [Dad] So anyway, what stores do you pick

for this challenge?

Which I'm going to control.

- Nah!


- [Dad] Gucci!

- [Girls] Yes.

- I like their purses.

- I want to go to Justice.

- [Dad] No way. Not again!

You guys just went there

and you bought like half the store.

- Well I can buy the other half.

- [Dad] What else you got there Emily?

- Oh just the Apple store.

- [Dad] The fruit and vegetable?

- No where have you been?

The Apple store.

- I'm going to get a friend for Mango.

- [Girls] Yay!

- [Dad] What do you mean a friend for Mango?

A chew toy?

- No ways, she needs like another dog.

- What?

- [Dad] Another dog?

- Yeah.

- I wanna go to Abercrombie

'cause we haven't been there in a while.

- Speaking of cute, H&M always has cute things.

- Lush, because their bath bombs are cool.

- And the next store is--

- [Dad] No, no, no, no.

You wait there a second.

I need to make some changes to this board.

You guys are too controlling everything.

And I'm not down with that.

Because I got to pay for it right?

- Yeah but I want a new puppy.

- [Dad] No. Let's make some changes.

First of all with Gucci.

That's way too big a space.

- [Emily] No!

- [Dad] No, no, no.

It's way too easy.

It needs to go

right there.

- [Emily] Oh no!

- I mean, I have been on it before.

- [Dad] Yeah, but it's way too difficult.

You know what I'm going to put over there?

How about good old Walgreens?

Ha, ha!

- Aah!

- Gucci is so much better.

Why would you do that?

- [Dad] Well you land on it then.

And it's not the right time

for Mango to have a friend.

- [Emily] No!

- [Dad] You guys could play with her more

and take her down to the dog park.

I'm going to take Petco and put it

right there.

- [Girls] I mean, no!

- That's kind of an easy spot to hit.

- [Dad] Well, let's see.

- [Emily] Not really.

- [Dad] And I'm going to replace Petco

with Dollar Tree!

- What! Oh but Petco is where the pets go.

- Yeah.

- [Dad] Well they can wait.

- Okay so we're gonna do rock, paper, scissors

to see who goes first.

- Rock.





- [Dad] Okay. You guys are gonna have five rounds each.

Now. If you hit the black border

or the white background, you lose a turn.

- Ah.

- [Dad] Good luck Emily.

(suspenseful music)

- [Dad] Ha, ha!

- No!

Oh man.

Did I miss?

- [Dad] You missed.

- No I didn't.

- [Dad] Yeah, you did.

Evelyn, your turn.

Good luck!

- Okay.

- [Dad] Ha, ha, ha!

I'm loving these glasses right now.

You guys are missing everything.

- This is a lot harder than I thought.

- [Dad] That's right, those glasses are perfect.

And I'm loving it.

'cause my wallet is getting fatter

and you guys can't hit the target

with those glasses on.

Good luck Emily.

Gonna need it.

- No.

- [Dad] Oh no!

- [Emily] What did I get?

- [Dad] Ah. Did that actually make it?

- [Emily] Yeah it did.

- [Dad] Ah man!

- We're going to Justice daddy.

- [Dad] Ah, it looked like a little Walgreens.

Are you sure?

- No, it didn't.

It's clearly on Justice.

- [Dad] Agh. You just got lucky.

- You need glasses.

(quirky music)

- [Mom] Are you grabbing things randomly

or are you actually ...

- I'm trying to see the color.

- [Mom] Color of things, okay.

And so you're going for a color.

What color?

- Overall color.


- [Mom] Anything else?

(quirky music)

Do you actually see them?

- I saw.

This is a top.

And this one's purple.


- [Woman] These are awesome.

- What is she grabbing?

- Mine.

- She's picking up the most random things.


- I have four more tries and also four more stores to go to.

- [Dad] Wow! That was a big, big, big nothing.

You ended up in the Bahamas or something.

Ha ha!

- Oh man!

I aimed for Gucci.

I was so close.

- [Dad] Not close enough.

Alright Emily.

This is your third go.

- Okay.

I'm shooting for Abercrombie.

What did I hit?

I hit Lush!

And I hit it

- [Dad] Oh man - Like in the middle!

- [Dad] What a good shot.

Good for you.

- Yeah. I told you this wasn't going

to be that hard.

I tried to push that up but okay.

(quirky music)

That smells good.

I see colors.

- [Dad] What do you really want to hit

on that board, Evelyn?

- Gucci.

- [Dad] Ha, ha, ha.

The way you're throwing today,

you're going to be getting absolutely nothing

at this point.

But good luck.

My wallet's loving it.

- No I'm just gonna go to Justice.

- [Dad] Oh man!

- What did I get?

What did I get?


I'm going to Abercrombie.


See. I'm gonna spend lots of your money.

- [Dad] Ah.

(quirky music)

Just before you throw that dart,

what stores did we hit so far?

- Lush and Justice?

- [Dad] Ah man, you're doing good.

- Oh I know.

- [Dad] What are you aiming for now?

- Apple.

- [Dad] Oh no.


- [Emily] Did I get it?

- [Dad] No.

Man, but you were in the right area for sure.

- Ah.

- [Dad] Look, it's about the width

of an apple that you missed.

Ha, ha!

Evelyn what are you aiming for?

- I wanna new pet!

- [Dad] Ha, ha, ha.

You're not gonna hit that.

Ha, ha!

- [Evelyn] What did I get? - [Dad] Good shot!

- [Evelyn] Did I get it?

- [Dad] No.

You got nothing.

But man, you were close.

- I don't like these glasses.

This is so hard.


- [Dad] That's the idea.

Otherwise it will be too easy.

- No. It'll be too fun.

- [Dad] Ha, ha, ha.

- I'm really happy with what I got so far.

So it's my last turn

and I'm going to try for Gucci

but to be honest guys,

I don't know if I'm going to hit it.

- [Dad] Yeah, well. Good luck.

I doubt it.


- [Emily] Did I get it?


- [Dad] Good try Emily.

Not quite.

Ha, ha, ha.

Gucci baby, another day.

But not today.

This is your final round Evelyn.

- And I'm going to hit something good.

- [Dad] Like what?

- The Petco.


- [Dad] Uh huh.

Good luck.

- You said, uh huh.

- [Dad] I said, good luck.

- You said uh huh.

- [Dad] Wow!

- [Evelyn] What did I get?

What did I get?

- [Dad] You got Walgreens.

- Come on!

At least I landed on a store daddy.

- [Dad] Yeah you did.

(quirky music)

- Looks like I'm getting this.

- [Mom] What are these?

- Um.

- [Mom] They're air fresheners.

- Oh these are so colorful.

Are they toys?

- [Mom] Sure, they are.

- Think.

- What is she getting?

- What?

- Evelyn, touch these.

Touch these.

- What's that?

It's fluffy.

- Looks like you're buying it.

- What else is here.

It smells really good.

- [Mom] What are you finding?

- What's this?

It's flat.

Feels like ...

- [Mom] Toothpicks.

- Gum?

- [Mom] Toothpicks.

- Gum?

- [Mom] Maybe.

- Oh yeah.

- [Mom] Are you done yet?

- No.

I want ...

Something chocolate.

Looks like I'm getting this.

- [Mom] What is it?

- Okay guys so we just got back from the last store.

Now we are going to see what we actually bought.

- Yeah.

- We could kind of see like the shape of things

and the color of things

but like, we don't exactly know.

- It was boring.

- Yeah it was like really boring.

- There was like rainbow around some things.

- It's kind of awkward but we're actually going to see.

So I'm going to start.

I wanted to do Justice first 'cause I got

two really, really big bags.

- [Evelyn] Yeah you're lucky.

- And I see the cutest little Husky.

- It's not little.

- It's not little actually.

Yeah like look at the size of its cute little paws.

And look at the size of its cute big body.

It's so cute and it's like really pretty colors

and it's eyes.

And I actually grabbed two of those giant plushies

so Evelyn can have this one 'cause I like the dog better.

- Thank you. Yay!

So cute.

It is a sheep

holding a rainbow.

- I got overalls.

I got some sort of overalls.

- She loves overalls.

- Yeah, that's why I wear overalls

in like almost every video

'cause they're so comfortable.

Yeah and I don't want to borrow yours.

These ones are actually really cute

and I don't have them yet.

So that's good.

- Are they the right size?

- He can wear them for now.


I got two tops.

I got a purple one with cats.

- So cute.

- And then I got

this one is drinking a mint frappuccino.

- I love the cats on this one.

- I like this one more to be honest.

And then this one.

- I love the cats on this one.

- Yeah. They're so cute.

I like most of them.

And then, is there anything else in this one?


Then there is another one.

- Yeah.

- Oh!

Oh, it's a fat llama squishy!

If you guys don't know

I'm a moji squishy hoarder.

I love these moji squishies.

I have like a giant collection of them.

- Yeah.

- They're just my favorite squishies.

I like them more than normal squishies.

- I like them too.

- And even if they're more plain

I love the feeling of them.

So I got this one, it's so cute.

Oh, I got a little Mango.

I got a dog.

Yay, now I have two more.

So adorable.

I like that one, it looks like egg yolk.

- With the red piece of bile.

- Okay and then ...

I got pink watermelon body mist.


So that is my stuff from Justice.

- And the first store I went to was Abercrombie.

So I saw like gray and stuff and like blue.


So I got a cute romper.

It has this bow, which I really really like.

And I also like the colors together.

It's pretty, pretty.

And then.

And then

I got.


Another romper.


- It has like the skirt over thing.

- Skirt. I don't like shorts.

- Yeah.

- So I got another romper.

This one is short.

And then.


I got a cool shirt.

I remember that Emily had a shirt like this

and I actually wanted it, so yeah.

Last one.

- By the way guys

the reason why it's our sizes

is 'cause before we checked out our mom

made sure it's actually our sizes

so we don't get something too big.

- Another romper!

I got another romper.

- No actually.

It's a dress.

- Oh yes, it's a dress.

So I got a dress

and it's like really cool

and it has this thing

that's really pretty.

So the next store

was Lush and I was just going crazy

because like most of their bath bombs

are really good.

- Yeah.

- So I didn't really care which one I got.

I bought colorful ones.

- Yeah and there's some cool shapes.

- Yeah and then my basket was getting pretty heavy.

- There's like a crown in the store and it was so cool.

- Alright. So the first one, I got a lot of them.

Like the whole bag is full.

Oh, this one smells so good.

Oh, I love these ones.

I like the ones that are white

'cause some of them when they're darker

they like color your hands

which is kind of annoying

but it's worth it because they're so good.

- Yeah.

- [Mom] Once you guys got a blue one

and then you were looking like a Smurf.

- Yeah.

Next one, that one smells so good.

- This one was really good actually.

- Wow! Look at this one.

It's like a cloud.

- It's the blue is like the sky

and then the white is the clouds.

- Yeah.

It's cool.

This smells kinda weird but I don't really care

about the smell because it doesn't make you smell.

So like it's fine.

Okay the next one.

Cool! I got two strawberries.

Wow and it has like cream almost inside.

It's so cool.

I got two of them.

- The cream is dry.

- Yeah, it's like supposed to be like

strawberries and cream I guess.

Okay, this one.

Wow! Look at this one.

The water's gonna be like rainbow.

- It's gonna mix.

- Yeah, it's probably gonna mix but I think

it will turn pretty 'cause these colors are really pretty.

- Yeah, like when you dip it in, that will be so pretty.

- Yeah.

Okay this one.

Ooh, what's this?

- Something.

- It smells.

I recognize the smell.

That smell.

I recognize the smell and I'm like

I really recognize the smell.

- It smells like the store.

It smells like Lush.

- Yeah, it smells like Lush but ...

Wow, this one's so cool.

It's like a cat.

- It is?

- Yeah, look.

- Oh.

- Smells sweet. - It looks like shells.

How much is there?

- There's two more left.

Oh, a pear one.

Look how cool this one is.

Okay the last one.


It's a butterfly.

- And it's blue and cool.

- Ooh this smells so good.

It's my favorite scent so far.

Ah, it looks so pretty too.

That one's cool.

- Show them.

- Yeah I did.

Oh that was the back.

I'm really happy with all the ones I got.

I love every single thing I got.

- So my second, last store was Walgreens.

And I got a trash bag?

I don't remember getting a trash bag.

- You thought it was some sort of game

or toy or something.

- Oh yeah.

I thought it was like Jenga or something.

- Yeah.

- And I got gum.

- Why it has ice cream on it?

- It's chocolate chip gum.

- Yummy.

- I actually want to chew it.

Oh, that's so cute.

What's that?


- I put these in your hand.

These are the things I put in your hands.

- So.

I got.

You can have this one.

- Yeah, 'cause I put them in your hands, so.

- Yeah.

I got these pastel cuties.

- [Emily] And these are the ones I am going to keep.

- I knew I smelled chocolate.

I got Crunch.

Okay and then.

That's what these were.

I got Shopkins.

Cool and it's like series ten

and series ten has like all the other series

so yay, I'm really happy.

I got Tasty Snacks and also Pantry Selection.

- So this challenge was really fun.

I'm happy with both of the stores that I got.

I mean I wish I got like Gucci or Petco

or something but like--

- Walgreens actually turned out to be kind of good.

I'm sad for this.

- My favorite things was the overalls.

I'm just kidding.

My favorite thing was this.

And I also love the bath bombs--

- This is my favorite thing.

- That you actually bought.

I got that for you basically.

- Then I bought.

- The clothes?

- Was these.

The rompers and the dress.

- The glasses made it like really really hard.

It was like almost impossible to see

what we were actually doing.

- Yeah. I wouldn't have picked the trash bags.

- Yeah, I mean I'm really happy

with all the things I got.

Like all the things I got.

So don't forget to watch more of our challenges

and thanks for watching.

- See you next time.

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- Bye!

- Overalls are cool!